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Dorothy Violet Prescott

A frail figure keeps her head down, attempting to make herself as invisible as possible.

0 · 283 views · located in Silver Palace

a character in “At a Price”, as played by Marionette


Age: 14
Role: Human
Physical Description: It’s clear that Dorothy has been cared for, yet she brings to mind the parody of a doll. She is kept neat and impeccably dressed, but no plump, rosy cheeks are to be found here. Instead, there is a haggardness about her that mars the vivacity of her youth. Pale blue eyes are sunken in her wan face. Fine hair the color of dried wheat, straight and unstyled, nearly reaches her shoulders. Her gait is dainty and deliberate. It seems as if one wrong move could cause her to shatter.
Powers and Abilities: Dorothy has a talent for potent healing magic. However, the only way she can heal is by absorbing the problem herself. If the injury or illness is temporary, she will have to ride it out. She does recuperate well, but not in an abnormal fashion; she experiences what she absorbs in full. If she happens to absorb a permanent problem, it will remain permanent – she will be afflicted for life.
Contract Status: Tentatively paired.
Profession: None.
Any Other Info: None for now.


Dorothy is quiet and reposeful. She was raised to uphold the rules of etiquette and to speak only when spoken to. It doesn’t help that her health is often undermined by her special ability, leaving her in no condition to exert herself.

When she does speak, she is pleasant enough; she is a good-natured girl and was taught to remain cheerful under all circumstances. She does her best to keep smiling, but it has become harder and harder as time goes on. Desperation has been brewing deep inside her, trying to break through to the surface. Recently, its time has come, and now she struggles to deal with all that she has repressed. It will be a great challenge to keep those feelings from distilling into a bitter grudge.

Although she’s technically at a marriageable age for Eudonian society, she is still very much an innocent child. She has been carefully shielded from the outside world. At the same time, the private world she has been exposed to has left deep scars.


Dorothy is the daughter of a noble house but one of the lowest rung. Their fortune is not nearly so stunning as others', and only her father is of noble blood - her mother is the daughter of a wealthy merchant. Their name had little infamy attached to it, and they had a place in social circles only because politeness demanded it. That is, until they discovered their young daughter's ability. It didn't win them much, but it certainly didn't hurt to be able to scratch the backs of the illustrious.

A cold?

"Dorothy, dearest."

A toothache?

"Darling, come here."

Anytime one of their acquaintances had a bothersome affliction, it became standard to pay the Prescotts a visit. The things asked of Dorothy began to grow in severity, even to the point of taking on a broken leg. Still, she hung on. She told herself that she was doing a good thing, that her talents were meant to be used, and didn't it make her parents happy?

Then, Dorothy caught the eye of Perry Wakefield. He was a parliament member, a noble, and a personal friend of of the Premier himself. He was also losing his sight to a degenerative eye disease. The progression had just begun, but he was already seeing the effects. If left alone, he knew it would slowly claim his ability to see the world around him. When an associate mentioned the Prescott girl and what she could do, he decided to pay them a visit. He dropped strong hints; by the time he left, his goal was clear to all. At first, Dorothy's parents were uncertain. Sacrificing their daughter's sight was an awfully cruel thing to do, and it might not look very good. What would people think? All the same, they had always maintained that Dorothy did these things of her own will, and she did, after much pressure on their part. Aside from that, Mr. Wakefield had not neglected to make the benefits of knowing him clear: lavish gifts, invitations to his private parties, a good word for Mr. Prescott should he ever run for any kind of office. Mr. Wakefield's word would mean an awful lot. In the end, it proved irresistible. There was no question. As usual, they spoke to Dorothy sweetly, phrased it in the most roundabout of ways, but the message was not obscured: Dorothy would treat Mr. Prescott. Her feeble protests fell on deaf ears. The siren song of prestige filled their heads. Mr. Prescott would visit again in two weeks' time.

This time, Dorothy could not stand it. It was too much. She wanted to run, but she didn't know where to. It seemed all hope was lost; she could not survive on her own. It was then that she discovered how to summon. For several days she made careful plans, tucking away as much money as she could and readying provisions. She would summon her partner, whatever the cost, and she would leave this life behind.

So begins...

Dorothy Violet Prescott's Story