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Jocelyn De Winter

"I would give anything I possess to have my brother restored to me. Anything."

0 · 188 views · located in Eudona

a character in “At a Price”, as played by Imehal




Physical Description:
“I have only ever been complimented on my looks by two men who weren’t my family; the man who was supposed to become my husband and the man who is my husband. I am fortunate that only one of them was lying.”

{Photo found on Photobucket and accredited to ValentinaKallias}

Despite the obvious strains that caring for her brother places upon her, Jocelyn rarely frowns, or smiles for that matter; a stern but easily softened expression. As such, she barely has any frown or smile lines across her heart shaped face, save for a distinctive line of red that travels from the top of her right ear right up to the edge of the respective eye. This sits in stark contrast with her pale blue eyes and certainly against her sugar-blonde hair, which is nearly always wrapped away neatly in a sensible bun low by her neck.

Her height is average for a woman – around 5’6” at a guess – and the way she holds herself suggests pride in her appearance and actions. Jocelyne is by no means a frail-looking woman, though she is a little lean but still has a body strong enough to survive childbirth, if she ever conceives. Her slightly toned form is attributed to the fact that she does not idly waste her waking hours in leisure and relaxation. There is always something to keep her on the move in the household of her absent husband, devoting the rest of her time to either caring for her brother’s still but yet alive body or researching methods to return his life to him.

Her clothing is simple but of well-made material; the due of a middle class wife and very modest in cut, having never been allowed to wear the styles that allowed those of the fairer gender to display more than her brother and later, her husband felt appropriate. Her necklines come right up to the neckline; her sleeves stop at the wrist and hem at her ankles where her ankles and feet were covered by well-worn, sensible boots. Nevertheless, her gowns are always cut favourably – though never clinging – and Jocelyn is a good representation of a model wife in appearance, if not in personality.

“My husband calls me cordial, patient, kind, yet friendless. The reason that I have no friends is because I possess none of the aforementioned traits. It’s kind of him to say so regardless.”

To strangers, guests and the few servants that help her take care of her husband’s household Jocelyne is the pinnacle of politeness and courtesy, but there is often no familiarity in her manner. People who had known her before her brother’s illness struck remember a time where she was more opinionated and relaxed, especially around the young man who everyone had expected her to marry.

Now her life revolves around her husband’s household and keeping her brother’s body cared for, Jocelyne is very much no nonsense around nearly all about her, save perhaps her husband and her brother; not that the latter would know any different. She feels indebted to Kennon for allowing her the peculiar freedom and therefore is relaxed enough in his presence to be herself, which is a strange thing for her to do, since she had lived for many years to provide for others, she has quite forgotten who she was prior to Lewis’s collapsing.

Jocelyne is intelligent, with a dry sense of humour and no patience for fools – or anyone who tries to be anything less than direct and practical. Not that she enjoys confrontation, but she sees little need in dragging something out. Her direct manner has earned her few many friends in a society where tact and subterfuge are the main weapons of choice.

Powers and Abilities:
“You think this is a gift? It’s a damn curse. I’d give it to you if I could.”

This young lady’s magical capabilities are not as petty or diverse as some humans could be, all of her ability being focused into the creation and manipulation of ice, providing that there is at least a little water present for her to begin the process with. However, hers is a particularly potent power and of course has a potent disadvantage to extensive usage.

Every time that Jocelyne uses her ability in a small degree – i.e. to create a small ice slick, freeze the water in a glass or even to create a small ice object – her body temperature drops ever so slightly. Now, for small castings, this isn’t a problem, as her temperature would recover rather quickly from the heat around her in the environment.

Greater expenditure of her magic is more damaging however, whether it be constant, small blasts of power or a few but more consuming ‘spells’, Jocelyne contracts colds and shivers constantly. There has never been an occasion where a greater expenditure of her icy creation has been required and therefore she is tentative to use her powers beyond what she has tested.

Besides close family, her husband and few others no one knows of her ability and the young lady quite likes it that way, for she has seen other’s magic exploited for the greed of others. Although hers serves a mostly practical and defensive role, Jocelyne worries that if someone discovered it, they would try to use her and worse, take her away from the caring of her brother and so, only in privacy and in the direst of situations has she dared to use her power.

Contract Status:
Paired with Skógursson.

Jocelyne is the wife of Kennon De Winter and carer to her brother, Lewis Farrelan.

This does not mean she possesses no functional skills, of course. The young woman is a competent reader, though she has a scribe to write anything more than a simple note for her. Also, she can sew quite ably, as well as cook to an adequate level. Her manners, etiquette lessons and basic skills for her role as wife are all up to par. Prior to her brother’s illness, her parents had expected her to marry her gentleman before his disappearance.

Any Other Information:
Jocelyne and Kennon De Winter are spoken about in hushed whispers amongst the circle they are known in, for their marriage is a strange arrangement; the husband travelling for leisure whilst his wife remains at home, the head of his household and caring for her comatose brother, Lewis.

So begins...

Jocelyn De Winter's Story