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Subject 253

A failed experiment sent into the world.

0 · 301 views · located in A World of Walls.

a character in “At the Edge of Darkness”, as played by Ikiros


Code Name:Icarus
Subject Number:253
Name:Aeloth Veranis
Most recent Occupation:Circus performer

Appearance: Image

DivisionsBio division
Eagle's sight- Aeloth has the ability to zoom his vision in just like a hawk or falcon, due to the experiments performed on him. This allows him to see things at incredibly far distances(more than a mile under the right circumstances) and he can narrow his pupils for increased focus.
Improved balance- The experiments also gave him balance that any professional dancer or performer would die for. He can balance and move on bars as thin as an inch wide and most any wire and is skilled in moving through crowds and tightly packed areas due to these first two abilities.
Hollow Bones- Finally, his life as an experiment gave him hollowed bones, making him drastically lighter than any human. He can move at greater speeds because of it, and the bones themselves are stronger than natural, though once broken they become incredibly hard to fix if broken. His hollow bones also allow him to jumps over 20 feet into the air before gravity affects him normally again.
Dossier: Aeloth, subject 253 in the bio division, also known as Icarus, was built to be as dangerous a hunter as a bird of prey. His genes were spliced with that of a peregrine falcon in an attempt to give him wings. When he failed, he was given the codename Icarus in reference to him not doing was expected. He was set loose as a failure and he ended up joining the circus due to being an outcast from society. They originally had him as a freakshow, but after he displayed a knack for tightrope walking, he was set on the wire to walk during shows and for advertising purposes.
Demeanor: He's quiet, but only because he hates his past. He loves his job, though he wishes he had worked at the skills he currently has, rather than being just a failed biological experiment that was cast aside due to failure. He enjoys being outside, most preferably in open, grassy areas, but he can bear to be anywhere if asked. He hates being cramped up in small areas, not only because his small wings get cramped, but also because he feels trapped and cut off if stuck.
Knowledge of Self-Defense: The other circus folk he's lived with for the last year or so have taught him how to defend himself in case he were to be attacked while unarmed. He knows basic judo and karate to a higher degree, though he is proficient with throwing knives and shuriken.

So begins...

Subject 253's Story