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Jean-Baptiste Montague

A charismatic man of both many fears and talents

0 · 446 views · located in Indri'Enis

a character in “At The Edge of the World”, as played by Kestrel


Physical Characteristics:

Height: 5’6”
Weight: 72kg
Race: Teela
Eye Color: Brown
β€’ Colour: Red
β€’ Length: When loose reaches until halfway his upper back.
β€’ Style: Wild like manes.
β€’ Worn: Casually: Tied in a tail. Formally/Military: Tied in knots and hidden under a hat/helm.
Skin color: Tanned
Shape of Face: Square
Distinguishing features:
β€’ Permanent 9'o clock shadow,
β€’ Thin, colourless lips,
β€’ Prominent forehead with deep-lying eyes,
β€’ Unseen, smooth jaw,
β€’ Roughed up shoulders, arms and hands as well as legs and lower body. As any other Sky Fighter.
β€’ Athletic build, fooling many to think Jean is tall when seen from a distance.
β€’ Slight, recently acquired signs of age on his forehead.
β€’ Light, curved markings following his shoulder blades. Coloured yellow.

How does he/she dress?
β€’ Iconic Ciel necklace.
Rest depends on occasion.
β€’ Thick, fur long-coat composed of various materials.
β€’ Various leather belts and stitches to keep the coat together.
β€’ Thick leather plates tied to viral areas such as the chest, shoulders, knees and elbows.
β€’ Long-sleeved, high-necked, white-when-he-bought-it undershirt.
β€’ Beige, fingerless gloves.
β€’ Long, brown, worn stitched pants.
β€’ High boots, Topped off by fur.
β€’ Captain's hat, decorated by two broken Roc's feathers.
β€’ Refined dark, travelling cape.
β€’ Dark red, satin long-coat.
β€’ White shirt with a high collar, long sleeves.
β€’ Dark blue sleeve- and collarless over-shirt, with fancy buttons.
β€’ Cotton gloves
β€’ Knee-height, leather boots.
β€’ A stainless dark blue pantalon.
β€’ Captain's helm. Recently stripped of its military markings.
β€’ Loose, long-sleeved, v-necked (laced), white over-shirt (cotton-like)
β€’ Tight, long-sleeved, high-necked, black undershirt (thermal)
β€’ Tight, full-length, russet-coloured britches (thermal, strong)
β€’ Fitted, knee-length, 1-inch-heeled, black boots (lacing on outside leg around metal hooks)
β€’ Grey sleeveless breast-plate, (metal)
β€’ Black, sleeveless neck-plate, high-collared, laced across upper ribs (leather)
β€’ Grey shoulder-plates, attached to neck-plate at trapezoids (metal)
β€’ Black back-brace, buckled by two straps at the waist (leather)
β€’ Additional braces to cover the joints. (leather)


Emotional Characteristics

Strengths/Weaknesses: Jovial, determined/Distrustful, closed.
Introvert or Extrovert? Extrovert
How does the character deal with anger? On the surface calmly and self-controlled. Underneath: cropping it up, holding grudges, releasing it subtly, or in full vocally if pushed too far.
With sadness? See above.
With conflict? Verbal and postural intimidation.
With change? With endless questions and attempts to sway things back.
With loss? Denial, trying again until convinced. After which see sadness/anger.
What does the character want out of life? Fill his heart.
What would the character like to change in his/her life? Pick up studies again.
What motivates this character? Chanson, passion for music.
What frightens this character? Everything that poses a threat.
What makes this character happy? Spending time on hobbies, with friends/relatives, being right in general.
Is the character judgmental of others? Highly
Is the character generous or stingy? Struggling in-between
Is the character generally polite or rude? Rude in moderation, with a flair of etiquette.


The roots of the Montague family lay in Mart, however for the past generations one of the branches has found a new home in Ista. Traders by origins and easy to adapt, the Montague family even found itself in small leading functions until eventually one of the sons was made a man of low nobility for his extensive services to the neighbouring lordling. Ever since the family has been expanding itself rapidly, gaining in wealth and control despite not being true-blooded. They are well-versed in the Ista-language, its history, politics and recently they have started to take an interest in its offer of art also. Regardless, the family stays true to their roots as they teach their childeren the Mart-language and customs and thus far all brides have travelled overseas.

Being the second son and fourth child of Γ‰meric Gaston Montague and Cosette Anastasie Montague, Jean has lived in an environment that offered him sufficient possibilities to acquire wealth and pursuit his childhood dreams. In fact, various paths were open for him that were closed for others. And indeed many of his dreams, Jean was encouraged to pursuit, but he what he had in support, he lacked in determination. A shortage in will-power and the security of a comfortable life at home kept him on the ground. In contrast to the underachiever, Jean's older brother Florian quickly grew successful and succeeded in various political functions, following in his father's footsteps. Leonore married the oldest son of a befriended noble family, whereas Marie struggled with an illness that took her life before she reached adulthood. Irene was heavily influenced by Jean's lacklustre attitude and went down the same path her brother had taken.

When Jean his father passed away, Florian took over as the head of the family. Then Jean's room in the family residence became vacant. Although more patient and merciful with his sister Marie, Florian had no sympathy for his adolescent brother and gave him little space to mourn. He subscribed his sibling into the militant guild, who were forced to take in the passion-less youngster due to the Montaque family's political influence.

And hence, transported to a world unknown to the boy, Jean suffered from a slow start, as many others would. But one says that in a positive environment men become more inspired. That strength was and is something that magically compelled Jean and sparked his passion. Although mastering the first steps of his new trade were time and energy-consuming, not to mention painful, once the ball got rolling, Jean quickly grew in ranks. The aforementioned passion as will as his confidence grew immensely over the years and one would hardly believe what such an energetic and fiery man used to be. Endorsed by his, now proud, brother, Jean managed to pick up a couple of academic courses, namely in his greatest of all dreams and joys; music. After a few forceful years of study and a refreshment of knowledge and ability that is to be expected from a nobleman, so this Montague would not make a fool of his heritage.

However, in spite of his great determination, Jean never finished a degree of his Academic study. Nor did he ever return home. No, Jean-Baptiste had glued himself to a girl. Chanson. Chanson is a self-proclaimed orphan that Jean found on the street at the estimated age of nine. when she begged Jean for food, he took her with him for a meal, she never left. In spite of Jean’s efforts to find her origins, that is. But till this very day the girl refuses to give her real name, origins and swears she suffers from amnesia. Chanson heavily rebelled against every attempt to get her a pair of foster parents. As a result the girl is extremely distrustful of strangers. The girl herself, however, had knowledge of certain Tribal magical ability. Something not native to any of Jean'sworldly experience. Although having searched for the origins, scholars find it hard to determine Chanson's heritage due to the messy way sheperforms the rituals. To this very day, Jean searches for the girl's origins.

As a wing commander he also left, picking up odd jobs such as fixing minor technical difficulties and some freelance tutoring in various fields. Although not a generous income when considering he needs to feed an additional mouth and beak, it allowed him to spend more time on his new daughter as well as the quest for her home and history. Jean had been closely watching the recruitment process under his previous wing, however. And strangely, he wasintrigued . Although he would apply as a mere guard, a position not worthy of his status, that was of a non-issue to him. A spark of insanity, most, amongst which myself, would call it, but Jean-Baptiste had the crazy inspiration Chanson came from another world. However, he brought severe conditions with his application. He would bring a giant bird and an eleven-year old girl. Jean is a man that is hard to say no to.

So begins...

Jean-Baptiste Montague's Story