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We are here and we aren't going anywhere. (Mythological Reincarnation Roleplay)

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Character Portrait: Haiku Soa "Am I going mad?"
Character Portrait: Kumiko Takazawa "The best day of your life is today."
Character Portrait: Suijin Aoimura "Mankind has blossomed into something beautiful and intriguing... I fuckin' love it."
Character Portrait: Ivanna "Ivy" Elliot "I warn myself about the abyss, yet I always end up jumping in."
Character Portrait: Gale Pepperman "Why don't we settle this with fists?"
Character Portrait: Chester Andrew Calico "You will not be forgiven for what you've done."
Character Portrait: Castiel Starr "Even if I know I couldn't keep running forever, it's nice once in a while to try."
Character Portrait: Kiyota Mikazuki "The kindness of those who have raised me, or the vengeance for what they've done to our 'mother', which one shall I choose?"