Chester Andrew Calico

"You will not be forgiven for what you've done."

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Chester Andrew Calico



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Electromagnetism – By charging up his body with electricity(electrocuting himself) he is able to sustain an electrically charged state that allows him to move at extreme speeds as well as increases his reflexes substantially.
Magnetic Pull – by focusing his body’s magnetic pull he is able to pull metal objects to himself or get pulled to them depending on which is more movable. The magnetic force isn’t always acting though and through Chester’s will he is able to scramble the magnetic poles in his body that weaken the pull the way dropping a magnet would.
Pole Control - The magnetic North and South poles in his body are not set and he has the ability to change their location within him whenever he sees fit. However, if the poles ever get too close he risks ripping apart his body.

Hair Color || White
Eye Color || Blue
Height || 5’ 1”
Build || Lean
Scars/Markings || Tiny snake bite scars all over his forearm from tazing himself
Weaponry || Metal yoyos | Tazer


Positive Traits ||
Independent - Despite his young age Chester is not a follower, nor does he have to rely on others. He is very capable on his own and likes the challenge of thinking on his feet.
Smart- From a young age Chester has loved asking questions and learning about the things he did not understand. He is very quick to pick up skills and has a good understanding of the things he reads about.
Accepting of Difference - The unknown has never frightened him and he's embraced the strange and unusual things that have happened to him with open arms.
Loyal - Once Chester has put his trust in you he stays true to what he tells you and does not break the promises he will make. His main loyalty lies with Gaea though and he will never turn his back on her.
Negative Traits ||
Violent - despite being very smart Chester is extremely violent. He knows with his power he is strong and isn't afraid to use it to get what he wants, especially if he feels a person has wronged him. He enjoys inflicting harm on normal humans.
Short-tempered - Chester has little to no patience. You tick him off and he'll let you know about it. When he gets angry he isn't afraid to make a scene and then use his age as an advantage against adults.
Cold-blooded - when worse comes to worst Chester isn't afraid to finish things. He has killed people before and isn't afraid of it. Chester has stopped being able to understand when enough is enough and has gotten a lot of blood on his hands in the past year.
Unstable - Whether it be is poor home life and early childhood, or constantly electrocuting himself in order achieve Electromagnetism, Chester's mind has mentally frayed. He's having reality trouble and keeping his emotions in check recently.
Likes || Cats, sweets, reading non-fiction, nature, the earth
Dislikes || Humanity, vegetables, littering/polluting, dogs
Fears || Losing, dying before saving Gaea, thunder
Strengths || Quick Thinking, Very Fast, Adaptable
Weaknesses || Blinded by Hate, weak combat power, alone


Chester Andrew Calico was born to a fundamentalist christian household. His original name was John Andrew Piper, but after being abandoned he changed it. From his early childhood he was taught the word of god was law and that humanity was full of sin, and to the unlucky passerby that got shuffled into their tent, he was subjected to watching his father preach to the these people and scream at them until, whether they believed or not, agreed to convert. His father enforced upon him that progression was wrong, and that the rapture would cleanse the world of all that was unclean. And eventually, Chester was standing alongside his father, screaming at the poor souls that got dragged into their tent.
When the rapture didn't come, and the day passed as any other Chester, for the first time, started doubting what his family was doing. They traveled and lived in a van, set up shop where ever father deemed, 'In need of cleansing,' and refused to embrace or accept anything that was new or different from what they knew. Slowly Chester began distancing himself from what they were doing, being present physically but not emotionally. His father, of course, noticed this eventually, not that he wasn't participating, but that Chester had been snatching books. Learning about science and history were unneeded and he got beaten and his books burned on multiple occasions. "Why be different when you can be normal?" that was his father's favorite saying.
Chester started getting visions when he was eight. They were vague and mushed up, of things he could have never imagined on his own. What he does remember, however, is that one message was always conveyed, "Save Gaea."
As time went on the visions became more pronounced and detailed. Chester was seeing images of Space and creatures he had even fathomed existed and it blew his mind. He decided that who ever was reaching out to him knew the truths of the world, and started believing in his visions and actively trying to figure out their meanings. It was also around this time when he started welcoming his visions that his power awoke.
It was Chester's power that sent his family over the edge. They didn't know how to cope with it so they beat him instead. It continued to get worse, escalating to the point where he nearly died. However; a zap from a tazer opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for his power. They saw him light up, and Chester being unable to control his new found ability took a few steps and found himself a mile away from the van, alone and out of juice. He contemplated going back, but stopped himself. He was finally free, he wasn't going back to that hell hole,besides he knew they wouldn't come looking for him. They'd probably hide behind some verse that allowed them to ditch their devil child. So he left his name and his family behind him. Chester was ten then.
Two years of being on his own has not been kind to the boy. He's figured out how to survive and how to use his age to his advantage, but he's never found a stable home. He's freeloaded with pitying strangers, but that has been the extent of having a home.
His visions have also become more pronounced and clear. Chester knows that Coeus resides inside of him, that he is the source of his powers and visions, but cannot communicate further than that. He also knows that Coeus wants to save Gaea, who was later revealed to be the Earth, because people are destroying her and Chester was more than happy to help. He doesn't feel a connection to other people, not after the way his family treated him, or how the onlookers gave him pitying stares, but never acted. Chester had no problem with the idea of ending humanity to save something that is inherently good.
That leads us to what he is today. Why he kills without remorse and soaks up all the knowledge he can, Chester is on his own with Coeus and he knows the other Titans are out there somewhere. He has made it his mission to find them an bring about the end of mankind.

|Face Claim|
Killua Zoldyck


So begins...

Chester Andrew Calico's Story


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#, as written by catgirl

Castiel could feel Themis panicking quietly inside him as Rezu opposed Chester, his heartbeat racing with hers. It was going too fast for both their liking. Their siblings were opposing each other directly, they were almost fighting! It was making Themis extremely upset, and it was rather understandable. She was the goddess of common consent and order, and now even her siblings were not united. What has years apart done to their family? The feeling welling inside him was a feeling of heavy despair, to the point where Castiel could almost find his eyes filling with tears. Hey! Don’t embarrass me in public again! He ignored the others temporarily snapping at the being inside him to keep herself under control. Themis was usually cheerful, but her lower moods were more vivid to him, more influencing on his own body. I’m sorry. But my siblings, they’re fighting again. We… We were supposed to be united. We could have all agreed on something… Themis was currently emotionally drained, no doubt about it, but this was not the time for that. Right now he could only see how the conflict turns out.

He tensed up as Adelaide approached Chester with the most unworldly expression he had ever since on a human face. Oh it's looking bad! Castiel this is your chance to escape if you want to. That girl is scary, isn't she? Maybe she just might eat you, who knows? Castiel took a quick step back as the girl's face seemed to contort into something from his worst nightmares. One of hatred and disgust, something that Castiel found terrible yet fascinating at the same time. It was the first time he had seen such a vivid display of emotion, considering the only people he had usually met were business partners of his father that usually had a cool facade much like the one he himself did his best to keep. That facade however, was melting away slowly much to his horror. His mind hurt, his eye throbbing steadily didn’t do much to help matters. The voices outside slowly faded to a buzz as the emotions of doubted waged destruction in his mind.

Themis. Do you want to punish humanity? His simply ignored the others as they rambled on and on about justice and the human race. Those topics never did interest him that much, he knows where he stood with his opinions. Humans were terrible creatures, and he was ashamed to be one of them. Though one cannot say that the Titans were better, and there was no denying his human race, his family and his attachment to them. His eyes were tightly shut for that instant, thoughts reaching out toward the ancient goddess that shared his body. She was a close friend too, she kept him out of danger all his life. Her advice might not be exactly dependable, but she was all he had. What was he to do? He couldn't possibly ask anyone else. I don't know either. My sister needs me, doesn't she? She was so happy when we met, I was happy too. And that boy needs your help too, Castiel. About humankind... Chester is right, you know. You know what they had done to Mother, and you know what they are doing is wrong. You’re not living in ignorance now, Castiel. But! Her voice changed in tone, becoming more optimistic as if she could sense the troubled expression on Castiel's face. I won't blame you no matter what you decide, I'll still do my best to protect you. Maybe I am influencing you, who knows? I'm not as good as mind tricks as you are. Still, take a stand, won't you? Enjoy life! You're still a baby. Chewing thoughtfully on the inside of his cheek, he raised his eyes just in time to catch the finishing lines of Adelaide’s little speech.

“Again touch my family and I’ll kill you. Oh and please leave the circus area. We’ve no intention of hiding shitty brats that think they’re entitled to something because they had shitting lives.” What foul language. Castiel curled his lip in distaste at her words, unused to such vulgarities spewing from her mouth. Heaven knows how bad her full speech would be like. Themis was probably going to quiz him on swear words later, something that he found quite irritating as of late, especially when he had to explain what ‘fucking’ meant later on. He wasn’t looking forward to that. Thankfully, after whatever she had been talking about, she left after the boy who rejected Chester’s initial plan. It would be the best to assume that she had agreed with his opinions and joined his side in defending humankind. The feeling in him now was one of dismay, but yet again he was unsure if that was only on Themis’s end of the spectrum. Well, so much for their little reunion.

He was ready to leave this situation when he heard Chester growl a death threat, and immediately the metal stakes in their vicinity started to shake and lift from the ground. Surely he wasn’t serious. Castiel shot a worried glance at him, but the magnetism soon vanished as quickly as it came. But the next thing he did was produce a tazer, something that made Castiel reconsider the situation once again. “I didn’t mean to almost lose control back there, but Cronus’s vessel it no good.” He could do nothing but nod. He was dying to know just what exactly was going in Chester’s head, but using his powers now was impolite.

“Surely, you won’t leave me, right Cas?”

"I..." Again, that deadly hesitance. He couldn't abandon his family. Both families were his, both sides were a part of him. Castiel wasn't on either side, he was suspended on the fine line of indecision and he hated it. Even Cronos was jointing the humans, out of his own will or not. Chances are, it's not a high chance that the Titans would win this one, destroying the human race. Not to mention that he did have a family to protect. Now he had two, and he needed to choose between them, the mere possibility that he has been running from all his life, from all the visions shown to him, the urging voice of Themis in his head.

"Sure." With a quiet, almost resigned voice, Castiel agreed. It wasn't his life's goal to do this, but for now, he will stick with the side he trusts the most.

The setting changes from earth to New Orleans


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It was when the ugly one started speaking out against Gale's ideals, which she happened to share with Chester, that she noticed her clenched fists were now red. It was when he started defending murderers, when he started defending selfish, cruel, inconsiderate, and greedy human beings that she felt her body stiffen. It was then she tried to wash away the sour taste that held her hostage. But no, it didn't wash away. It only grew with every word Rezu added in order to coddle his gratuitous speech. This... rancid taste spread like ivy, until it tainted her very being with a mix of disgust enmity. Her lips curled into that of a snarl and her attitude darkened. If you looked closely, you could see the unmistakable concentration of anger that eradicated the once ambitious yet energetic spark in her eyes.

Gale was... beyond mad. She was beyond angry beyond outraged, and beyond furious! Her rage combined with that of Crius's could only be described as godly. It was miracle that she wasn't bursting into flames this very instant, though that'd probably be another story if she housed Hyperion. Or at least, she would guess so from the way the wind was picking up. What was a slight breeze had turned into an onslaught of aggressive winds. With every second the wind's intensity grew, and Gale feared that if Rezu's nonsense went on any longer it'd turn into a gale. "How much of your belief and resolution is your own opinion, and how much of it is the Titan's?"


That word stuck in her mind for a while. The wind stop stirring quite violently; now it was more of a rough breeze. Was all he was saying... nonsense? "Ask yourself that."

She did. She asked herself that every day. Was it Crius or Gale? Was it Crius or Gale who was in charge? She even asked herself that on the way here. Her emotions, even the anger she felt now, it was never her own. It always seemed to be mutated, compromised... Gale's mood always seemed to switch with Crius's. Surely it was possible that Gale's opinion switched with his, too, but... no.

"Nonsense!" She growled. Gale lied to herself when she decided she'd said that in order to convince the others. Her opinion was her own! Crius and her agreed, that was all! She spent years of her life looking into humans, trying to reach out to them and being punched in return. She spent those years of her life because she believed in the people around her, she believed in that false kindness! If Crius had some kind... some kind of control over her, then she would've agreed with him immediately, right? Of course. Gale's thoughts were her own, and she--- she knew this. At this point the wind had died down by a lot, as now it was the same small breeze from before. After a deep breath, Gale decided that her anger had seen its worst.

"...on this shitty planet..."
They say it takes but a few words to set Gale off. Whatever possessed Adele to say such a thing, Gale could not imagine. Nor could she imagine the deformities the woman would have when Gale was done with her. Gaea was the primary reason Gale was on the titan's side. Humans were a secondary matter. The world's welfare was what caused Gale to consider the value of humans. The fact that they didn't give a rat's ass about Mother and the creatures inhabiting this planet was what convinced Gale they were better off dead. So when someone insulted Gaea... A titan vessel, no less, Gale started to get... angry. And the nerve! That the woman chose such... ribald words to describe such a beautiful sight! Adelaide had no right to say such boorish things about Gaea! Had she ever seen the beauty of dawn, as its colors painted the sky and blessed the horizon? Had she ever climbed to the highest hills and basked in the sunlight, felt the grass on her feet, and breathed in the fresh air? Of course not; she would never bother. She was blind. She was like all the other humans. She was cold. She was nothing.

The wind was stirring again; but the start was more abrupt this time, and it wasn't going to die down. As the trash walked away, she couldn't help but glance over at Chester and Castiel. The two C's. Her eyes glazed over Chester as he mentioned his mistake in losing control. She took a moment to sort out what happened, as she'd been so caught up in her anger that she wasn't registering the world around her. And nor was she now. As soon as Chester turned to Castiel, Gale turned away. She was still fuming, and she'd rather they not see. No, Gale never liked being angry. Nor did she like showing anger. All it did was support the false statement that she was nothing more than her father. She'd never be her father. No, she lived to oppose people like him. And the people who dared to compare them on any level!

The wind took a violent turn as Gale thrust a strong axe kick toward a nearby crate. The impact generated a loud thud and the slightest bit of relief for the girl in distress. "Well, it's three against two. That's gotta give us some kind of advantage, right?" She mumbled, assuming Castiel was with them due to his lack of leaving. Though something about the apprehension in his stance told her that he wasn't exactly sure about his place in everything. But surely that could be fixed. "Can the both of you fight? Um, actually, nevermind that. Before we do or decide anything we should get somewhere better than this. I can't stand this stupid circus, with all the stupid smoking and humans and..." She cut off her sentence with a sigh.

[OOC] "...Gale feared that if Rezu's nonsense went on any longer, then it'd turn into a gale." <--- I have been dying to use that pun since I first created Gale. The satisfaction is real.


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#, as written by Jynxii
Haiku Sao Image

“Haiku! Look, there it is!” Amanda hung off her arm like a toddler. Not so like a child, her breasts thumped up and down in her excitement as the blonde jiggled and bopped up and down. Haiku flashed her a shy smile, only half listening. Amanda was coming in and out of focus. A vision was pressing past her subconscious. Not now… please… “Come ON, Haiku! Let’s go, let’s go! I want to be one of the first one’s in!” Amanda was dragging her by the arm through their group of classmates, pushing through the mob that had formed just outside the bus doors. Mr. Peterson was giving the ‘buddy system’ speech at the front of the line.

As soon as Amanda allowed her to come to a complete stop, an image flashed across her memory. ’Maybe they just think you’re cute?’ The boy’s voice is unfamiliar, just as unfamiliar as his face. The next is a friendly looking face, equally unfamiliar. A name tag. Garen.

“Meet us back here by then. Alright. Let’s go!” Came Mr. Peterson’s voice from the front, bringing her back into the present, waking world. Blinking, she shakes her head to rid herself of the lingering vision and proceeds forward with her class.

As they stood in line, another vision washed over her. They had never come so close, and so frequently before, and it was leaving her feeling dizzy and nauseous. A man dancing alone in a spotlight. From seemingly nowhere, a woman joins him. She is graceful as any feline, with a body long trained and toned to her art. She meets the male at every turn. Where he is light, she is darkness. Like a shadow, only revealed by the glimmering wave-like effect of her outfit. The vision changes, and suddenly Haiku looks on as though she were the dancer, seeing a flashing light in the crowd. The vision changes, to a tiger prowling behind bars. Her focal point is shifted, putting her inside the beast where she has just a glimpse of the dancer girl, sitting on a crate to the left of the tiger’s cage.

“Ticket please.” Haiku snaps out of her vision in an innocent blink of confusion as her hues rise to meet the nametag that rests at eye-level to her short stature. Garen. Blue eyes travel further up to find a friendly, smiling face. She wordlessly hands over her ticket.
‘My name is Chester Calico.’ The voice sounds like it’s in her ear, causing her to turn just slightly. She’s met with only Amanda’s goofy grin, and a tug to her arm as she is drug further into the circus. The big top loomed in the distance, accented by men on boxes with cones placed to their lips as they called out invite to the next event. A dance act. “So spectacular, you must SEE TO BELIEVE! Come one, COME ALL!” Their voices bellow over the crowd.

In short time, Haiku finds herself sat among the crowd, witnessing a dance she had already seen once before, only this time it was real. Phoebe was fully at attention now. The hum of her siblings coursed through the blood of her unsuspecting host, making Haiku nauseous and Phoebe empowered. It is time. Haiku flinches on instinct, though voices in her mind should be familiar by now. This was is different. Dark. Feminine. Creepy. Before Haiku can open her mouth to ask Amanda about seeing the next show, she suddenly feels cast into darkness. The feeling is something akin to drowning as her vision and other senses abandon her to a numbed state.

She tries to flail her arms, but instead she feels nothing. There is only emptiness where her limbs used to be. Slowly, sound begins to creep in. She hears herself telling Amanda that she needs to go to the bathroom. Panic bubbles inside. Was this a vision? They’ve never felt like this before…


The titaness weaved her way through the crowd, trying her best not to grimace at the awkwardness of her host. She was no more than a child, really, this Haiku. She was nearly all knees and elbows, with long limbs and a nearly-flat chest. More like a child than a young woman of 17. It was one thing to quietly sit back in her adolescent mind, but to walk around in such a frail comparison of what she once was…

She is torn from her thoughts as a vision presses at her temple. Inviting it in, she turns to look without seeing. ‘I said myself. Go on ahead. Don't waste time dallying here if you don't want to be alone. You better start now if you want to find someone before midnight…. Rezu Sonova…. We’re not the only ones here, are we?”

Coming back to ‘herself’, she looks to her left. A girl barrels through the departing crowd—right into a man with a very flustered looking body-guard. A vision of a scrawny, young boy flashes across her thoughts—hand in hand with a taller figure as they departed the tent. The visions were coming faster now, closer together. If she were Haiku, she would be hopelessly confused about what was present-time and what was future. Luckily, she was no mundane teenager.

Just then, the ‘mundane teenager’ managed to rip the uninvited soul out of control. Phoebe is unprepared for the strength of her host and is left reeling when she lands in the back of Haiku’s mind.


When she comes to her senses, she’s just outside of the big top, being pushed in the vague direction of the Bearded Lady’s tent. She manages to stumble out of the flow of human traffic just in time to spew the bagel and orange juice she had that morning into the grass behind a cotton candy stand. A shaky hand moves to the nearest object- a trash can that she just missed. Oops.

Her head throbbed so hard she wondered if her ears would bleed from the pressure therein. “I’m Adelaide by the way but I’ve got Cronos. My name is Chester Calico, I’m twelve, and Coeus resides inside of me. My name is Castiel Starr, and I am in possession of Themis. I’m thirteen. I'm Gale... Pepperman. Gale Pepperman. I've got Crius, and I’m fourteen. Rezu Sonova, twenty-one. Model by profession.”

“STOP!” Her outburst draws the eyes of a family with two small kids eating cotton candy, but she doesn’t notice as she places her shaking hands to her forehead. Her mouth felt impossibly dry, despite being revisited by her breakfast just moments ago. With determined foot steps, she pushed her way through the crowd back to the activity bus. Just her luck, it was locked, but that doesn’t stop her from slinking down to the asphalt by one of the rear tires on the shady side of the bus. Her head was spinning. What’s happening to me?

” "I'm done here. If you share what I think, then feel free to follow after me. But if you don't, then don't bother showing your face until you've changed your mind. Ciao." Another unfamiliar voice whispers against her ear, making her stomach turn over again. She just wanted to go back to her hotel and have a hot cup of tea. Tea sounded lovely. She forced herself to look up, back toward the big top. Amanda would be filing out of the big top with the rest of the masses pretty soon.

‘I will fucking kill you understand?’ came one voice, bitter and feminine. ’I should kill you right now.’ Mumbled, male. ‘Well, it's three against two.’

Tears began to swell in her eyes as she lowered her forehead down to her knees. Phoebe was getting and understanding much more of the vision than her host. The others had met, and already there was a divide. Two of them lost souls, who had allowed their host to sway their alliance. Her host was stronger than anticipated. Much stronger. It could be a problem.

Haiku was puking again, and in her moment of weakness, Phoebe struck again—this time, with more force. Haiku was sent into darkness again, leaving the titaness in full control.


Pulling at the invisible strings of time, Phoebe summoned another vision… she needed to find out how much time had passed between her being out of control and now. "Don't tell me you actually agreed with the shit I was spewing just earlier?" The model-looking male with the acrobat in tow pushed his way through a crowd, focusing his attention on the lovely dancer. He passed by the bearded lady’s stand and looked forward again, to mind that he wasn’t about to hit someone. Perfect.

Picking her host up, she brushed the bits of asphalt from her hands and skirt and made a bee line for the circus once again. She had a little bit of time. If her calculations were correct, the group was just now meeting up to have a go at each other. She didn’t need to find the others. They were already on the right side. These two on the other hand…

She waited patiently by the candy apple stand, borrowed blue eyes scanning the crowd. Right on cue, the pair came storming into view. “….means of survival is even worse." Just as he made to turn his head forward again, Phoebe jolted herself forward- directly into his path. Haiku’s slender 17-year-old body was nothing in comparison to the broad shoulders that Rezu sported. Displaying her best dazed and confused face, Phoebe quickly made to right her host’s form, spewing apologies as Haiku would have. “OH! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was… going…” She trails off as she looks between Rezu’s face and Adelaide’s. “Hey, you’re that dancer from earlier!” Her perfect depiction of Haiku’s innocent chirpy voice made her skin crawl.

“You dance beautifully!” Her voice drops into a lower octave and she straightens herself, shifting before their eyes from a frightened, insecure ginger to a woman beyond the years of her current form. Her eyes darken just slightly with the weight of memories years beyond even her own. “Time has set us free.” Her attention shifts between the two of them, a small, warm smile lifting her features. Despite her anger at them for being so stupid and quick to abandon their mother, they were still her kin... and it had been such a very long… long time.

“Adelaide… keeper of my brother, Cronos.” Her smile grows a little warmer, keeping it’s mirth as she turns it to the tall model at Adel’s side. “Rezu Sonova. I have not seen who you keep of my family.” Her smile fades, replaced by a look of slight confusion. It’s not often she doesn’t know something. “You have had a fight with the others?” Her eyes narrow in question, glancing between the two of them. “What have they done now?” A playful smile lifts the corners of her lips. They were titans, after all… one could not exactly expect them to be… well… behaved.

A light trickle of liquid draws her attention away from them, and to her upper lip, just under her nose. Frowning, she reaches to wipe away the assumed sinus drainage. Damn Haiku and her allerg—upon looking, it is not mucus at all. It’s vibrant and red in color. Blood. She was bleeding. Inside, Haiku was clawing for control, and it was taking a toll. She wipes away the blood against her other fingers and sucks air through her nose to clear the passage from bleeding further. Painting on a smile she playfully gestures around. “Where are my manners? This form is Haiku... I am Phoebe.”


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* = Start of graphic imagery
~~ = end of graphic imagery

Breaking News…

At approximately 9:32 p.m. today in downtown New Orleans what appears to have been a terrorist attack has left many residents in the area shaken and scared. The authorities and first responders on scene are reporting that they had never seen anything like it, the damages ranging from arson to murder… Live at the scene is our New Orleans correspondent Claudia Yeuings- Claudia?

Thanks Janet. I’m here Live in the New Orleans city park where for the last week a foreign circus has taken to performing with seemingly no incident. Today was supposed to be the last day of their New Orleans tour when the unthinkable happened. Now, the authorities here are reporting this as a one man terror attack, possibly armed with explosives from the amount of damage dealt in the amount of the attack lasted. They say it couldn’t have been more than two minutes, and the attacker had already vanished by the time the police and first responders had arrived, but the eye witness accounts of the attack seem a little too farfetched to be true.

I’ve interviewed countless eyewitnesses, and nearly all of their stories report a glowing blue boy to be responsible for all the damage caused. Now, how a glowing child can exist, and cause so much damage and causalty in such a short amount of time is still unclear, but what has reigned crystal clear is the video evidence produced by multiple witnesses at the scene.

What you are seeing on the screen is what appears to be a child, it happens incredibly fast, not more than two seconds, but when the video is slowed down to a frame by frame viewing the distinct shape of a child can be made out in the blue flash. Now whether or not this is even possible will have to be looked into by authorities, but what has been most devastating about this attack is not the loose animals, or arson damage, but the animalistic damage delivered to the performers of the circus troupe. Many are unharmed or with minor injuries, but more than twenty have been severely or gravely injured in the attack, the worst of the injuries were taken by the lead male dancer of the troupe, and the authorities believe that the attack may be race crime and hate driven.—

Ah, hang on, I’m being told that new developments are being made right now. One of our helicopters covering the story has just arrived and is reporting that, as they flew over, the strange scorch markings on the ground aren’t just the random paths the terrorist traveled. We are cutting to the footage now.

What we are looking at appears to be a message, to who we are not really sure, but those marks are an undeniable message reading: UNWORTHY.

This is Claudia Yeunings reporting live from New Orleans, back to you Janet.

With Cas’s confirmation that he would stay loyal to the titan side the dread that had been pooling in his gut began to subside just slightly. Having the first titan vessel he met stay on his side some how made the boy feel monumentally better. Despite only having a few minutes of a head start in their relationship compared to the other vessels it seemed to make a world of difference to Chester, as if they had been friends for years rather than minutes, and he couldn’t keep the big grin off his face when the boy stayed on his side. He was about to voice his approval of the decision when the wind around them seemed to kick up in a sudden flurry.

He turned to see that the other girl, Gale, was still with them too, looking about as angry as he felt. The wind gusted around her powerfully, and even with her back turned to them he could tell she had reacted the same way he had to Adele’s words, she was probably just as appalled as he was by the situation. He was impressed by the demonstration of her power though, as her body moved the wind moved with her, like an extension of her leg as she sent the strong kick into the side of the box, it was beautiful really. Even if he couldn’t see the wind the boy could still feel its change, the pressure that adjusted around them as she moved. Gale would be a powerful ally.

“Well, it's three against two. That's gotta give us some kind of advantage, right?” Chester nodded at her statement, his mind already abuzz with a plan that was a little reckless, but definitely worth it. It was his debut as a titan vessel in this human dominated world, and his chance to demonstrate the power that he and Coeus had collaborated on. He looked up to meet Gale in the eyes as she continued to talk, asking if they had fighting abilities, and he couldn’t keep the smirk off his lips.

“Don’t worry, I can fight. And personally, I doubt those human loving idiots have ever thought of using their powers as weapons so they are probably worthless anyways.” He looked down at the taser in his hand, running a thumb over its smooth surface and turning it over in his palm. The deadly little instrument was the key to one of his most developed abilities. “… And I’ve got a place for us to camp out in, but first I’ve got some business to attend to. Just… don’t freak out, ok?”

Its not that he didn’t trust the two vessels that had sided with him, but he didn’t know the extent of either of their powers yet, or the best way to utilize them in a combat situation and he couldn’t risk getting caught by the humans from a miscalculation. He wanted to hit that bitch where it hurt though, and he wanted to do it as soon as possible.

The boy pushed up the sleeve of his black hoodie, his arm was as pale of the rest of his body, revealing his forearm littered with tiny snakebite scars. They were small circular puncture marks that corresponded perfectly to the cap of his taser. The taser in his hand was police-grade that he had swiped off an unsuspecting cop, over a year ago, and had rigged it to make the voltage it spat near deadly, he had found that was the only way to give him enough juice to activate his ability.

The boy took a deep breath, tensing his left arm as he pressed the button of the taser, the small device zapped to life with a violent pop. He closed his eyes as he slammed the small metal bits into the flesh of his forearm, wincing as the electricity shocked its way through his body. The process never got any less painful as the magnetic poles in his body began to align and vibrate to hold the charge in his body and a few seconds later the entire boy’s body gave off an eerie electrical blue glow.

The taser fell from his hand and the boy exhaled the breath he had been holding. Electromagnetism was an ability that did not come easy, and once he achieved it the power sent an unimaginable burden on his nervous and muscular systems, but the overwhelming power that came from it was undeniably worth it. He looked towards his two allies, his body sending off small static shocks as he moved. His right arm twitched violently, nearly untraceable in speed, as an electrical impulse sent a nerve haywire. He couldn’t keep the smile from growing over his lips though. His white hair stood on jagged ends, the black hoodie unable to contain the now stiff locks and his head twitched towards the Menagerie.

“As soon as I get back get ready to run. Oh, and watch out for tigers.” He paused, his glowing blue eyes traced over his comrades, and he could hear the electricity buzzing inside him. “Things are about to get electric.”

The boy didn’t have time to hesitate over the lame one-liner as his muscles brought him into action. He shot across the lawn and towards the main circus tent, making it to the destination in a matter of seconds, it was getting later so there were fewer pedestrians wandering the attractions, but there were enough to witness him move. He paused only for the briefest moment and people were pulling out phones to get pictures and videos of him. The white haired boy ignored them, stepping into the big top where he began to wreck havoc. The metal of the bleachers pulled up and curled as he raced by them, succeeding in crushing a few unlucky people who had lingered after the show, but they were irrelevant, the boy was aiming for something a bit more personal. People screamed as the metal inside the tent began twisting and mangling itself, drawing the attention of the others still around the circus grounds.

The boy’s destination was a doorway towards the back of the tent where he had seen the performers exiting and entering, and he ignored the flames that caught the loose ropes hanging as he passed them, more damage that he wouldn’t have to personally cause. The boy had a particular face in his mind, the dancer Adele had performed with, surely a casualty of that size would cause her a fair amount of grief. As he shot through the narrow pass the flaps on either side of him lit aflame, and he was confident it would spread into a horrid blaze. He continued his path, having left Castiel and Gale not even ten seconds ago by the time he reached where the performers were staying. Not one of them reacted at first as the glowing boy appeared in the middle of their group. It wasn’t so much they were slow to react, but that Chester’s mind was moving too fast for the rest of them. Every one around him looked as if they were moving in slow motion, easy targets for him to pick apart.

*The boy squatted slightly, bunching the muscles of his quads before he sprang forward at the nearest performer. She was an older looking woman and he didn’t even bother to look back at her reaction as he sliced her arm clean off, the spray of blood barely grazing him as he darted through the crowd. Skipping over some when handing out varying degrees of damage to the rest. The wounds ranged from things as minor as skin grazing abrasions to lethal puncture wounds hit through stomachs and chests. Moving as fast as he was, clearing a hole straight through the bone of an ordinary person was as easy as snapping pencils, he barely had to think about it.

He didn’t stop to think about the damage he was causing until he spotted the familiar face of the male dancer that had been partnered with Adelaide. He briefly considered how unfair it was to him that he was being punished for the woman’s actions and the fact she was the holder of Cronus, but the thought dissipated in milliseconds and to a normal eye no hesitation occurred as the boy plunged his hands into the stomach of the man. The poor man didn’t even have time to realize he had been wounded as the boy dug his hands into the man’s innards. He ripped out the man’s insides with clawed hands and splayed the wound wide as his digestive track fell from his body, a tangled web of intestines fell to the floor to a wet splat. He looked up to meet the man’s terrored expression just as he lunged at the face, digging his thumbs into the sockets of his eyes and listening to the squelch of the eyeballs as they popped under the pressure.

Just as this was happening the man began to scream in pain, his arms aiming for the gaping wound in his abdomen while a mixture of blood and tears began to trickle from his now emptied eye sockets. Chester watched as, in slow motion, the man’s body began to try a regurgitate the contents of his stomach, unaware that there was no more stomach, and the muscles at the base of the esophagus and abdomen began to contract and relax around emptiness.

~~The sight made even Chester a little queasy and the jumped back a few paces to examine the damage he had caused. Adelaide’s partner had been left alive, withering in immense amounts of pain on the ground, and Chester left him that way, hoping Adele would find him alive like that. He took a few quick steps back and shot out of the area and leaving a blackened scorch mark behind him. The trail he was leaving left him with a creative idea as he began scorching the ground around him in large looping lines, jumping every now and again to create breaks in his masterpiece. If he did it right the message would be there, not that Adelaide would have much doubt as to who attacked her circus.

After finishing he set his sights on his last task, the menagerie, where he would take less than a second the rip open and apart all the metal cages the animals were confined in, successfully freeing them in one fallow swoop as he spat himself out the opposite end of the tent, sparks and tiny shots of lightening shooting around him as he looked on to the havoc he had caused. Already animals were escaping the tent, and the noise from within proved hell was beginning to break loose. The fire he had started at the main tent had taken nicely as well, lighting up open yard of the circus and spending strong pulses of heat in every direction. He aimed himself in the direction of Castiel and Gale, using up the last of his stored energy in the few steps it took to return to them.

He couldn’t have been gone for more than two minutes, but when he shot back to them the boy was completely exhausted. Everything hurt immensely now that he wasn’t on the high electromagnetism gave him, and the headache that always accompanied the ability was beginning to bloom nicely. His chest was heaving with an effort to get oxygen back into his system, and he was completely soaked with the blood of the people he had injured. He looked towards the two of them with a weak smile, and continued to pant, sweat beginning to drench his skin as his humanness caught up with him.

“We’ve gotta get out of here, fast.” He panted, forcing himself forward with heavy feet, even taking a few steps proved to be too much for him as he tripped over the unevenness of the ground, barely catching himself as his forearms connected with the ground. Coeus was stirring inside of him, itching at the edges of his mind to keep him conscious, and he was glad for it. The last thing he needed was to pass out in the middle of enemy territory.

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Watch out for tigers and run like hell. Gale could do that. But she could do more than that, too. But nevermind that. If Chester wanted to destroy the circus on his own, that was okay. Did she want to destroy it too? Well, yeah, but she would respect his decisions. He probably had a good reason, right? Yup, probably.

Well if he was going to destroy the circus she'd might as well have a front seat. Nodding, she started making particular motions with her hands. As if on cue, the wind began to whip around her like a mini, invisible tornado. Concentration sunk into her features as she slowly propelled herself into the air, a familiar rush of ecstatic energy flew through her veins. Her hands never stopped moving, tracing invisible circles as she rose higher and higher into the night sky. She didn't fly that far from the ground, the reason being she didn't want to be seen. Instead of soaring high into the sky she didn't go higher than the closest tent's peak. Gale hovered in the darkness, most of her form obscured by the animal tent. The girl watched as a fire erupted, and almost smiled. While one hand kept her afloat, another summoned a strong wind. Her expression evolved into a light-hearted smile as the flames transformed into an inferno.

A warmth spread throughout her body similar to the feeling of sipping a cup of hot chocolate. For a brief moment Gale wondered if she was starting to feel the warmth, happiness, that she'd always longed to have, but after further exploration she decided it was probably just from the heat of the blaze.

Today was the day the titans began the end of humanity... And to think they weren't doing it together. Gale's face twisted into a scowl when thought of the other two, but her expression softened when she remembered that at least a few of the titan vessels had some sense in them. "Castiel, right?"

Her smile had returned when she waved to the boy. "Themis," The titan inside her corrected. Gale couldn't help but roll her eyes. Themis was... mind control, if she recalled correctly. Her smile grew, as mind control would be very useful to have on her side. Though lurking behind the smile was the slightest bit of anticipation as she recalled his hesitation toward the titan side. What if he turned? The thought struck Gale like one would strike their prey. Quickly and silently and more than anything, out of the blue. Having been taken aback by her own thought train, she accidentally dropped a few inches, but smoothly recovered, reassuming her position in the air.

"That's a nice name. Castiel, I mean." She pinched her lips at the comment. It was all she could think to say. Gale was never the conversation starter...

Her eyes locked on the destruction in front of her instead of the person she was attempting to talk to. Was it rude? Maybe, but she'd rather just gaze at the swirls of red and orange. Gale, worst conversation starter and rudest conversationalist. Yikes. She could imagine Crius nodding his head in agreement. A short laugh escaped her lips, loud enough for anyone close to hear.

Gale stared into the blaze for a while, thoughts running wild. Her mind jumped to many different topics, all irrelevant and small. Mostly memories of the past, each one consisting of completely different scenarios which all managed to stick in her head for whatever reason.

It was when Chester came back winded as could be that Gale stopped spinning in the past. Her hands stopped moving immediately, the wind stopped supporting her and she fell to the ground with increasing speed. She pulled off the landing with a kneel, then a small sprint in Chester's direction. The moment she sensed his presence in the wind, the way his breath lingered and his stance staggered, she knew he was on teetering on the edge of consciousness. It was when he tripped after but a few steps that she deduced that he could not run on his own. Not well, at least. Just then, an idea popped into her head. She bent down to help him up, then threw him over her shoulder. "You said you had a place for us to stay." She commented, a sense of urgency sweeping over her. "Where is it?"

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#, as written by catgirl

"I can't fight." Castiel said, a simple answer to the question the girl posed. Better to be safe than sorry, and after all this was something of the truth. Castiel had a weak body susceptible to countless illnesses. He had never done anything too physical before with his recurring problem of asthma, so Castiel highly doubted his ability to fight off enemies. Making them kill themselves was another matter altogether, albeit something he didn't prefer to think about. Really killing people without any sense of remorse was something he might never learn. “Don’t worry, I can fight. And personally, I doubt those human loving idiots have ever thought of using their powers as weapons so they are probably worthless anyways.” Castiel raised an eyebrow at that, though he made no comment. He highly doubted that they would hesitate to use their powers as weapons however. Perhaps not against humans, but Castiel wasn't going to run into battle headfirst without being mentally prepared to be struck in the face by whatever power the latter possessed.

Chester then mentioned having a place for them to stay, along with the fact that he had some 'business' to attend to. Once again, that statement was accepted with nothing but a quiet nod. Either he or Gale is the so called 'leader' of their little trio now, and Castiel's job is only to listen and learn. It was the best way to observe and be underestimated at the same time, a strategy that he usually applied when meeting new people and having to work with them. Only when Chester pulled out the taser did Castiel have second thoughts. His arm was already littered with wounds, perhaps this wasn't the best choice of action for his health. Castiel felt slightly concerned seeing that, but he didn't have a chance to voice it before Chester already plunged it into his arm, his body immediately having a luminescent blue glow around him. Backing away a feel paces, Castiel could hear Themis excitedly squealing in his mind. He had never seen another person use their powers before, so this was completely new for him.

“As soon as I get back get ready to run. Oh, and watch out for tigers. Things are about to get electric." Get ready to run. Castiel wondered how much stamina he'd need, he could barely run a mile without losing his breath quickly. His body was really painfully weak, but perhaps if he let Themis take over it could give him an extra boost... Ironically, the running part was the one he was more concerned about. Tigers don't pose much of a threat to him, Castiel could force them with his mental powers to lie at his feet like domesticated cats. Chester was gone in an instant, once he finished speaking his sentence, leaving Castiel in silence, waiting with the other foriegn girl, Gale.

Who was now using her powers as well, much to Castiel's great interest. Much befitting her name, Gale's powers was one of the wind, and he watched with admiration as she lifted herself up in a whirlwind, fanning the flames with herself hovering a few feet away from the ground. How nice, being able to fly anywhere. Not that I'm not being appreciative of your powers, Themis. He added with a sigh, almost feeling the goddess pout. Themis could be oddly childish at times, yet having the ancient wisdom of a being that had been alive for far more years than humanity existed.

"Castiel, right?" He was temporarily pulled out of his musings by Gale and he waved back with a slight smile. However, before he could ascertain her statement to his name, the girl seemed to drop a few inches, much to Castiel's amusement. She's wondering if you're going to betray them, Castiel. Just so you know. Thank you for the warning. Themis had the ability to probe the minds of others, though Castiel didn't use that strength because it was too intrusive. That and people could have some twisted thoughts at times. Still, he had no real control over how Themis liked to use it. Despite that, the two were a team, without any one of them insistent to take over the other. Themis gave him warnings of thoughts that could be against him, and those are quite useful, especially with the business dealings of his Father. However... Castiel glanced up quickly at the girl in the sky. If she decided that her suspicions were justified, he honestly wouldn't stand much of a chance.

"That's a nice name. Castiel, I mean."
"Thank you for that compliment. My Mother gave it to me." Castiel replied with a nearly distant air of courtesy. He didn't quite notice his attitude, it was a reflex when he was talking to others, since he had never met anyone closer than acquaintances before. But the girl didn't seem to interested in replying, staring into the flames. Not that it bothered him the least, small conversation was hard to make at times. It had already been a few minutes since Chester left, apparently to destroy the circus, perhaps it was a good time to conduct a light probe just to see if Chester needed any help. Gale was still some distance up, so Castiel was sure that she wouldn't see his eye in the cover of darkness. Hopefully. His strange eye had been known to scare people, forcing him to hide it away. Castiel removed the patch covering his eye, and immediately regretted the decision. Screaming, so much screaming. The panicked thoughts and screams of the people caused the boy to double over in shock, the patch falling out of his shaking hands. More thoughts were added to the fray, animals by the looks of it. Not a good situation.

Castiel! Pull yourself together! Themis's voice broke through the sea of thoughts thankfully, and as the hubbub was silenced Castiel picked up his patch and redid the knot tightly. He was able to garner nearly nothing from that, except for the fact that Chester was at the 'watch out for Tigers' part of his plan. He should be returning soon. “We’ve gotta get out of here, fast.” As if on cue, Chester's voice came and Castiel looked in his direction only to reel back in shock. Blood. He was covered in it, yet there were no visible wounds on him. That meant... He killed... How many people? Castiel felt sick. Still, he instinctively reached out to help Chester up, his lip curling in disgust at the Crimson color now staining his cloak. Thankfully, Gale put him over his shoulder, saving Castiel from needing to prepare himself mentally to touch the blood again. This should be the time to run, if he wasn't mistaken. Themis.I'm ready. the goddess replied, and Castiel allowed his conscience to step back, allowing Themis to take control for now.

"Ah, Sister Crius. I'm sorry for not greeting you in person just now, but haven't you found a wonderful young vessel?" Castiel, or rather, Themis smiled brightly at the girl. "Well, I think I'm ready. Coeus's vessel doesn't seem to be in good shape, so you're right... Gale. Let's proceed immediately."

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Chester felt his chest heaving in effort as his body slicked his body with sweat. In the distance he could hear the chaos he had caused swell in volume before dissipating over and over like tide meeting the beach. He wanted to see Adelaide’s reaction, he wanted watch her come across the carnage he had dealt to the people she cared about, see the pain twist its way into her face when she saw the dead and wounded, and he wanted to see her snap when she saw that male dancer torn apart. But, that wouldn’t be possible with his current state.

He fist clenched in frustration and he didn’t move until Castiel grabbed him by the hand and hauled the white haired boy up to his feet. As soon as he was up Chester felt his legs giving out almost immediately, he felt like a newborn deer figuring out what legs were used for, but before he could fall Gale was next to him, supporting his weight. He gave a grateful smile to the girl and adjusted himself slightly, without having to worry about standing all the other pain he was feeling came to the forefront of his mind. Electromagnetism did bad things to his body, that he was aware, but it was a vital ability to keep him stronger then titans that would not stay loyal to the cause.

He was caught off guard when Gale didn’t stop with just supporting him and literally hoisted him off the ground. He didn’t fight it too much though, the pounding headache made the thought of taking a step daunting, and his limbs tingled in ways that made the idea of running just as intimidating. The boy didn’t usually like to submit to letting others help him, but seeing as Gale was a titan it kept a lot of the edge and wariness off his shoulders.

He looked over when Castiel started speaking, his voice didn’t waver the way it had been. He sounded confident and sure of himself and he scanned the boy. It seemed like the titaness inside the boy had taken the reins, something he didn’t know was a possibility. Coeus had never even spoken to Chester, much less overshadowed his consciousness to act out on his own. He smiled at the boy and gave a slight nod, acknowledging that he had noticed the change. Themis was right though, and he wasn’t doing well. His consciousness was barely there, and the sound of sirens were growing louder with every passing moment, they didn’t have time to wait around any longer. Not to mention the predators prowling the circus grounds now.

“I’m staying in an abandoned house downtown, its only like four blocks away from here.” Chester took a deep breath, his voice was coming out whispered and breathy, and as he tried to focus his voice he could feel the darkness edging his consciousness. “The street is called… Westchisher. The house is dark blue, and its got this… cast iron fence. Hard to miss.”

Unable to keep his eyes open, the boy felt his awareness leave him.