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Haiku Soa

"Am I going mad?"

0 · 777 views · located in New Orleans

a character in “Ataxia”, as played by Jynxii


Haiku Sao

Theme Song

Personal Information & Appearance

Age| 17

Titaness| Phoebe

Power| Prophecy [Visions of the future]

Side| Torn (inner battle between Haiku vs Phoebe)

Height| 5'2"

Sexual Orientation| Pansexual

Eye Color| Blue

Hair Color| Copper-Ginger


Haiku does not have any tattoos, and the only piercings she has are in her ears (and only one in each). She prefers to wear sundresses or skirts but you could catch her in a pair of yoga pants if she was out for a jog. On her left hip she has a small scar from falling off a horse when she was ten, along with a few other faint blemishes on her skin from accidents over the years. Across her nose, the tops of her cheeks, and her shoulders are faint brown freckles that she was born with-- a product of her copper-ginger hair, no doubt. Her eyes are inherited from her mother and are a deep twilight blue. Haiku loves wearing flats, but sometimes (when she can get away with it) she runs around barefoot. She prefers to wear her hair down her back or braided to one side. Sometimes she might have it pulled into a messy up-do for running or drawing. She only wears her glasses for reading [if she's going to be reading for a long time], and sometimes drawing. [For more, see the photo gallery.]

Personality & Details


Haiku is painfully loyal, to the point that it may even hurt her sometimes. Once she’s decided she’s on your side, she’s by your side to the bitter end. She would do anything for the one she loves. Haiku is a charming young woman- it is very easy for her to make friends, as people just seem to like her despite having no real reason to. She likes to keep to her friends, as large crowds make her a little nervous. Not to say that she doesn’t enjoy a night out dancing, because she does, but she’s aware that many things could go wrong when she’s in a crowd (did I mention she is a little over-cautious sometimes?). Haiku is an extremely bright and caring young woman. She will almost always go out of her way to help anyone in need. This could be considered a weakness of hers, as she is often giving more than she should be. Because she is extremely caring, she gets herself hurt or into trouble. She is a ‘glass half full’ kind of girl, and enjoys life-- and loves reading almost more than she loves chocolate covered strawberries.

Haiku is terrible at lying, but is very good at keeping secrets. She believes that trust and honesty are the foundations of all stable relationships. She loves animals, particularly birds, because her mother used to call her ‘little bird’. Robins and Blue Jays are her favorites. She secretly writes in a diary, religiously, every night. She’s a huge, huge scardie cat-- Ghost stories and midnight walks are most certainly not for Haiku. I mean, the girl sleeps with all of her limbs tucked under the covers for fear of a demon grabbing them if one dangles off (she reads a little too much...). Over-all she is a spunky soft spoken young woman.

And then there's Phoebe. The dormant titaness inside of this spunky young girl who has no idea where her visions come from. Phoebe has maintained a quiet distance from her host, patiently waiting for a vision of her siblings. Unlike her host, Phoebe is a merciless titaness who cares for no one outside of her kin. She would gladly watch the humans burn to save her mother and reunite herself with her siblings... wherever they are. Phoebe is filled with an unquenchable bloodlust and enjoys the darker, 'finer' things in life. If she could kill her host without ruining the form, she would have done so already. Instead, she waits.

Caring || Honest || Creative || Soft Spoken || Loyal || Optimistic || Spunky || Playful || Friendly || Shy

Likes Dislikes
Rabbits and Birds The Dark
Speaking French Tight Spaces
Music & Art Rap music
Gardening Heights
Sailing & Swimming Alcoholics
Literature & Writing Poetry Attention whores
Playing the Piano & Violin Being judged

Looking Back



I guess the best place to start would be when she was born. Haiku came into the world, very planned, to two middle class Japenese parents living in Atlanta, Georgia. Her mother was the school nurse and her father a local policeman. The couple had been trying for a baby for some time, and at last-- the Saos found out that they were pregnant. When she arrived the entire family rejoiced, and her parents say that they were so happy to have her they didn't ever see the need in having other children. Being an only child, Haiku grew up very close to her mother who home schooled her until sixth grade. Haiku stayed close with her mother, but also developed an irrational way of thinking. She began to put a lot of pressure on herself to be perfect, and it was this that led her to become obsessed with pleasing her parents- if she would get a anything less than an A in her assignments, she would ground herself. Her father saw this as a problem and convinced her mother to allow her into private school. Eventually Haiku began to relax, and learned to be an average girl-- all with the support of her parents who still to this day treat her as the apple of their eye.

It was in middle school that Haiku was finally put into a private academy and later-- the high school where she would eventually meet her two best friends. Haiku grew up as a bright girl, always minding her parents and never one to step outside of the tiny box her parents drew for her. It wasn't until she met her very best friend-- Satomi-- that she really began to open up and begin trying new things. Satomi was everything Haiku wanted to be- bold, beautiful, outspoken, and one of a kind. Haiku cherishes Satomi, because for her Satomi is the sister she never got to have. Now she's a senior in high school, and the president of the senior class despite being one of the youngest in her grade. A vision of a grand once-in-a-life-time Circus gave her the idea to have the senior trip travel to New Orleans for the circus. A couple thousand dollars later, she and the rest of her senior class, mounted a bus and headed down to the French district.

All through her bus ride she was plagued with visions of faces she'd never seen before. A weight grew on her heart, pulling at her belly button each time she saw their faces. When she arrived to the French district, it was as if she knew every street and corner already. She walked around in a sort of never-ending déjà vu. Under the big top she sat with her class... and that's where they saw them. They. Phoebe was awake, and at full attention. Her family was here... and she would sit idle no longer.

Photo Gallery


Face Claim| Subaru Konoe
HEXcode| indigo

So begins...

Haiku Soa's Story


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A bit disappointed at having been ignored, Adelaide turned her head to follow him with a pout. Ignored or not she made it her business to know what he was up to. Adele stepped besides him pink orbs looking at him from the corner of her eyes. "Back to my hotel room, where else?" For once Adelaide didn't respond she merely nodded her head. "I hate these kinds of... things." She quirked an eyebrow at his words. At first Adelaide wasn't sure whether to take offense of his words or to brush them off but it seemed the latter was far more likely by what Rezu said next. "I got dragged here by a friend; no offense to you or your troupe, I just hate noisy places. I'd probably appreciate the show with less people." The young woman thought of the idea of being dragged to some place you cared naught for by a friend. She had never experienced that before as she had no friends, at least not the sort of friends that Rezu would have. Those who would be were more like family than anything else.

"None taken sweetheart." Raising her hands as a show of peace. "Well there are always chances for a private show but you don't seem the type to bother." The corners of her lips pulled up into a little bit of a smile as she danced around him before taking a spot by his side again. Folding her hands behind her back, Adelaide looked around at the crowds. While Rezu fixed up his appearance Adele took head of the side long glances she received. It wasn't that unusual really to be stared at because of her choice in attire. If anything Adelaide looked to be enjoying the attention, basking in it even. "Don't tell me you actually agreed with the shit I was spewing just earlier?" Pink locked onto blue-green if only for a moment. She thought about what he said now and the speech he had given not too long ago. "Well not all of it per say. My entire family is human," She waved her arms around her to empathize that her family was the entirety of the troupe. "and as such I've no desire to see them killed off because one kid didn't have the same . . . experiences as I did." Adelaide shrugged her shoulders in a brisk manner.

It was then that a voice in her head spoke up. As usual Cronos chose the wrong moment to speak his mind. Although she was in the company of a her "brethren" and the public she made a face as she mocked the Titan that resided within her. "I don't even remember half what I said. I just know that death is usually a bad thing, and killing as a conscious act rather than as a necessary means of survival is even worse." Putting out the words of blasphemy spewing from the big guy, Adelaide gave him a look. She snorted at his words, realizing all those stereotypes her family told her regarding pretty boys were true. They really were idiots. By her standards that is.

Suddenly a figured stepped right in front of them or Rezu really. Adelaide felt her stomach churn but in a way that wasn't really bad. OH! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was… going…” Looking at the girl, Adele could tell she wasn't far from her own age possibly younger even. Before she could analyze the feeling in her stomach the girl spoke again, this time in an irritating chirpy voice. “Hey, you’re that dancer from earlier!” The dancer waved at the girl, forcing a smile on her face. While she loved being recognized that high voice ruined her potentially good mood. “You dance beautifully!” At this Adelaide perked up a little. Throwing her hair over her shoulder, a smirk settled on her features. “Of course I did sweetheart. Why else would they allow me to dance?” She stood up straighter with a hint of pride in the way she held herself. It wasn’t everyday she got complemented by outsiders since she was often whisked away to some other secluded part of the circus.

Adelaide watched the girl for more complements however she felt that tug and churn of her stomach again instead. This feeling. It can’t be. The dancer was quite to take on a weary demeanor as shown by her leaning back slightly. She could hear Cronos chanting somewhere inside her of finding his sister but he decided not to tell her which one. “Time has set us free.” A chill ran down Adelaide's spine. It was the first time she had ever felt such a particular feeling and she most certainly didn’t like it. The girl’s entire demeanor darkened when she spoke. “Adelaide… keeper of my brother, Cronos.” She blinked unsure as to how the girl was able to speak her name. The dancer didn’t recall ever giving it to her and it wasn’t written anywhere in the circus grounds where a passerby could see. Adelaide took note of the warm smile on the girls lips at least she didn’t seem like she was angry or anything. Of course looks could be deceiving as shown by Chester. “Rezu Sonova. I have not seen who you keep of my family.” Adelaide wasn’t sure what she meant by seen but it was more clue as to which Titan she housed within her.

“You have had a fight with the others?” Again the girl spoke as if she was there but then again had she been there she’d know why they had fought. “What have they done now?” Adelaide shrugged her shoulders as she leaned forwards at her waist. With the way Cronos was acting Adele was cautious. If he was so happy to see this girl it probably wasn’t a good thing for her or Rezu. “Well . . . I’d think you’d know that too seeing as you know just about everything else but I guess not. I’d say the damn matter doesn’t concern you but it does. Whether you’re with us or not I’ve no idea but I for one have no damn intentions of murdering the entire human race.” She spoke calmly yet at various points it seemed tad condescending. The young woman wasn’t one to speak such words since she enjoyed talking but Cronos’s behaviour told her otherwise. Having said that a light trickle of blood rolled down her nose and unto her lips.
Adelaide tilted her head to the side unsure as to what she should do. She’d offer a napkin but she had none and she didn’t know this girl. Then the girl smiled. It was a little unsettling.

“Where are my manners? This form is Haiku... I am Phoebe.” She nodded her head as she racked her brain for information of the Titaness Phoebe. If she remembered correctly the damn Titan was one who could see into the future, someone with a penchant for prophecy. So that’s how she knew our fucking names yet wasn’t aware of what we had fought about. She’ll be a tricky gal to deal with depending on whose side she’s on. Considering Phoebe had control of this Haiku girl, it was unlikely that she’d be with the humans. The poor girl didn’t seem to have any control of her body at the moment. A look of pity glinted in those pink hues of hers but it was gone as she spoke. “So that’s how you knew our fucking names. You already know I’ve got lovely little Cronos but I’ll leave it to Rezu to tell you who he gots.” Standing up straighter, Adelaide was curious about this Titan.


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* = Start of graphic imagery
~~ = end of graphic imagery

Breaking News…

At approximately 9:32 p.m. today in downtown New Orleans what appears to have been a terrorist attack has left many residents in the area shaken and scared. The authorities and first responders on scene are reporting that they had never seen anything like it, the damages ranging from arson to murder… Live at the scene is our New Orleans correspondent Claudia Yeuings- Claudia?

Thanks Janet. I’m here Live in the New Orleans city park where for the last week a foreign circus has taken to performing with seemingly no incident. Today was supposed to be the last day of their New Orleans tour when the unthinkable happened. Now, the authorities here are reporting this as a one man terror attack, possibly armed with explosives from the amount of damage dealt in the amount of the attack lasted. They say it couldn’t have been more than two minutes, and the attacker had already vanished by the time the police and first responders had arrived, but the eye witness accounts of the attack seem a little too farfetched to be true.

I’ve interviewed countless eyewitnesses, and nearly all of their stories report a glowing blue boy to be responsible for all the damage caused. Now, how a glowing child can exist, and cause so much damage and causalty in such a short amount of time is still unclear, but what has reigned crystal clear is the video evidence produced by multiple witnesses at the scene.

What you are seeing on the screen is what appears to be a child, it happens incredibly fast, not more than two seconds, but when the video is slowed down to a frame by frame viewing the distinct shape of a child can be made out in the blue flash. Now whether or not this is even possible will have to be looked into by authorities, but what has been most devastating about this attack is not the loose animals, or arson damage, but the animalistic damage delivered to the performers of the circus troupe. Many are unharmed or with minor injuries, but more than twenty have been severely or gravely injured in the attack, the worst of the injuries were taken by the lead male dancer of the troupe, and the authorities believe that the attack may be race crime and hate driven.—

Ah, hang on, I’m being told that new developments are being made right now. One of our helicopters covering the story has just arrived and is reporting that, as they flew over, the strange scorch markings on the ground aren’t just the random paths the terrorist traveled. We are cutting to the footage now.

What we are looking at appears to be a message, to who we are not really sure, but those marks are an undeniable message reading: UNWORTHY.

This is Claudia Yeunings reporting live from New Orleans, back to you Janet.

With Cas’s confirmation that he would stay loyal to the titan side the dread that had been pooling in his gut began to subside just slightly. Having the first titan vessel he met stay on his side some how made the boy feel monumentally better. Despite only having a few minutes of a head start in their relationship compared to the other vessels it seemed to make a world of difference to Chester, as if they had been friends for years rather than minutes, and he couldn’t keep the big grin off his face when the boy stayed on his side. He was about to voice his approval of the decision when the wind around them seemed to kick up in a sudden flurry.

He turned to see that the other girl, Gale, was still with them too, looking about as angry as he felt. The wind gusted around her powerfully, and even with her back turned to them he could tell she had reacted the same way he had to Adele’s words, she was probably just as appalled as he was by the situation. He was impressed by the demonstration of her power though, as her body moved the wind moved with her, like an extension of her leg as she sent the strong kick into the side of the box, it was beautiful really. Even if he couldn’t see the wind the boy could still feel its change, the pressure that adjusted around them as she moved. Gale would be a powerful ally.

“Well, it's three against two. That's gotta give us some kind of advantage, right?” Chester nodded at her statement, his mind already abuzz with a plan that was a little reckless, but definitely worth it. It was his debut as a titan vessel in this human dominated world, and his chance to demonstrate the power that he and Coeus had collaborated on. He looked up to meet Gale in the eyes as she continued to talk, asking if they had fighting abilities, and he couldn’t keep the smirk off his lips.

“Don’t worry, I can fight. And personally, I doubt those human loving idiots have ever thought of using their powers as weapons so they are probably worthless anyways.” He looked down at the taser in his hand, running a thumb over its smooth surface and turning it over in his palm. The deadly little instrument was the key to one of his most developed abilities. “… And I’ve got a place for us to camp out in, but first I’ve got some business to attend to. Just… don’t freak out, ok?”

Its not that he didn’t trust the two vessels that had sided with him, but he didn’t know the extent of either of their powers yet, or the best way to utilize them in a combat situation and he couldn’t risk getting caught by the humans from a miscalculation. He wanted to hit that bitch where it hurt though, and he wanted to do it as soon as possible.

The boy pushed up the sleeve of his black hoodie, his arm was as pale of the rest of his body, revealing his forearm littered with tiny snakebite scars. They were small circular puncture marks that corresponded perfectly to the cap of his taser. The taser in his hand was police-grade that he had swiped off an unsuspecting cop, over a year ago, and had rigged it to make the voltage it spat near deadly, he had found that was the only way to give him enough juice to activate his ability.

The boy took a deep breath, tensing his left arm as he pressed the button of the taser, the small device zapped to life with a violent pop. He closed his eyes as he slammed the small metal bits into the flesh of his forearm, wincing as the electricity shocked its way through his body. The process never got any less painful as the magnetic poles in his body began to align and vibrate to hold the charge in his body and a few seconds later the entire boy’s body gave off an eerie electrical blue glow.

The taser fell from his hand and the boy exhaled the breath he had been holding. Electromagnetism was an ability that did not come easy, and once he achieved it the power sent an unimaginable burden on his nervous and muscular systems, but the overwhelming power that came from it was undeniably worth it. He looked towards his two allies, his body sending off small static shocks as he moved. His right arm twitched violently, nearly untraceable in speed, as an electrical impulse sent a nerve haywire. He couldn’t keep the smile from growing over his lips though. His white hair stood on jagged ends, the black hoodie unable to contain the now stiff locks and his head twitched towards the Menagerie.

“As soon as I get back get ready to run. Oh, and watch out for tigers.” He paused, his glowing blue eyes traced over his comrades, and he could hear the electricity buzzing inside him. “Things are about to get electric.”

The boy didn’t have time to hesitate over the lame one-liner as his muscles brought him into action. He shot across the lawn and towards the main circus tent, making it to the destination in a matter of seconds, it was getting later so there were fewer pedestrians wandering the attractions, but there were enough to witness him move. He paused only for the briefest moment and people were pulling out phones to get pictures and videos of him. The white haired boy ignored them, stepping into the big top where he began to wreck havoc. The metal of the bleachers pulled up and curled as he raced by them, succeeding in crushing a few unlucky people who had lingered after the show, but they were irrelevant, the boy was aiming for something a bit more personal. People screamed as the metal inside the tent began twisting and mangling itself, drawing the attention of the others still around the circus grounds.

The boy’s destination was a doorway towards the back of the tent where he had seen the performers exiting and entering, and he ignored the flames that caught the loose ropes hanging as he passed them, more damage that he wouldn’t have to personally cause. The boy had a particular face in his mind, the dancer Adele had performed with, surely a casualty of that size would cause her a fair amount of grief. As he shot through the narrow pass the flaps on either side of him lit aflame, and he was confident it would spread into a horrid blaze. He continued his path, having left Castiel and Gale not even ten seconds ago by the time he reached where the performers were staying. Not one of them reacted at first as the glowing boy appeared in the middle of their group. It wasn’t so much they were slow to react, but that Chester’s mind was moving too fast for the rest of them. Every one around him looked as if they were moving in slow motion, easy targets for him to pick apart.

*The boy squatted slightly, bunching the muscles of his quads before he sprang forward at the nearest performer. She was an older looking woman and he didn’t even bother to look back at her reaction as he sliced her arm clean off, the spray of blood barely grazing him as he darted through the crowd. Skipping over some when handing out varying degrees of damage to the rest. The wounds ranged from things as minor as skin grazing abrasions to lethal puncture wounds hit through stomachs and chests. Moving as fast as he was, clearing a hole straight through the bone of an ordinary person was as easy as snapping pencils, he barely had to think about it.

He didn’t stop to think about the damage he was causing until he spotted the familiar face of the male dancer that had been partnered with Adelaide. He briefly considered how unfair it was to him that he was being punished for the woman’s actions and the fact she was the holder of Cronus, but the thought dissipated in milliseconds and to a normal eye no hesitation occurred as the boy plunged his hands into the stomach of the man. The poor man didn’t even have time to realize he had been wounded as the boy dug his hands into the man’s innards. He ripped out the man’s insides with clawed hands and splayed the wound wide as his digestive track fell from his body, a tangled web of intestines fell to the floor to a wet splat. He looked up to meet the man’s terrored expression just as he lunged at the face, digging his thumbs into the sockets of his eyes and listening to the squelch of the eyeballs as they popped under the pressure.

Just as this was happening the man began to scream in pain, his arms aiming for the gaping wound in his abdomen while a mixture of blood and tears began to trickle from his now emptied eye sockets. Chester watched as, in slow motion, the man’s body began to try a regurgitate the contents of his stomach, unaware that there was no more stomach, and the muscles at the base of the esophagus and abdomen began to contract and relax around emptiness.

~~The sight made even Chester a little queasy and the jumped back a few paces to examine the damage he had caused. Adelaide’s partner had been left alive, withering in immense amounts of pain on the ground, and Chester left him that way, hoping Adele would find him alive like that. He took a few quick steps back and shot out of the area and leaving a blackened scorch mark behind him. The trail he was leaving left him with a creative idea as he began scorching the ground around him in large looping lines, jumping every now and again to create breaks in his masterpiece. If he did it right the message would be there, not that Adelaide would have much doubt as to who attacked her circus.

After finishing he set his sights on his last task, the menagerie, where he would take less than a second the rip open and apart all the metal cages the animals were confined in, successfully freeing them in one fallow swoop as he spat himself out the opposite end of the tent, sparks and tiny shots of lightening shooting around him as he looked on to the havoc he had caused. Already animals were escaping the tent, and the noise from within proved hell was beginning to break loose. The fire he had started at the main tent had taken nicely as well, lighting up open yard of the circus and spending strong pulses of heat in every direction. He aimed himself in the direction of Castiel and Gale, using up the last of his stored energy in the few steps it took to return to them.

He couldn’t have been gone for more than two minutes, but when he shot back to them the boy was completely exhausted. Everything hurt immensely now that he wasn’t on the high electromagnetism gave him, and the headache that always accompanied the ability was beginning to bloom nicely. His chest was heaving with an effort to get oxygen back into his system, and he was completely soaked with the blood of the people he had injured. He looked towards the two of them with a weak smile, and continued to pant, sweat beginning to drench his skin as his humanness caught up with him.

“We’ve gotta get out of here, fast.” He panted, forcing himself forward with heavy feet, even taking a few steps proved to be too much for him as he tripped over the unevenness of the ground, barely catching himself as his forearms connected with the ground. Coeus was stirring inside of him, itching at the edges of his mind to keep him conscious, and he was glad for it. The last thing he needed was to pass out in the middle of enemy territory.