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Kukyo Kankae

"By the seaside I reside."

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a character in “Ataxia”, as played by Jedly


Kukyo Kankae
Vacuous Mindset



Kukyo Kankae



❊|Birth Date|❊
12 | 13 | 1998


❊|Sexual Orientation|❊



Hydrokinesis:In laymen's terms, Kukyo can control water at will. His effectiveness varies depending on his current location. But the liquid substance is found nearly everywhere. In large bodies of water, everyday stores, even in the morning dew, it is there and at his command. Logically speaking, he is at his strongest when closer to equivocal masses, which tributes to his connection of the ocean. However, he can't levitate the entirety of the waves without a few setbacks. The bending of water puts on a strain on his mind, and its intensity increases based off the amount of power he is employing. Also, he's basically powerless when water is nonexistent. With these factors taken into account, Kukyo attacks mostly by either hurling bouts of water or manifests it into a physical semi-solid weapon. His favorite weapon of choice is a bow and arrow, which doesn't seem too sensible, but he somehow makes it work.
Heavenly Bodies:It was said that Oceanus presided over the heavenly bodies which ascended from and descended into his watery realm, the equator. Today, Kukyo can summon these masses, but only in the shape of entities formed as small orbs of light. He can communicate them and utilizes them as familiars, but also as a source of illuminate when needed. One which he has taken a particular liking has been coined as Akaste.


Hair Color || Brown
Eye Color || Black
Height || 5'7"
Build || Average - Being a couch potato at heart, he doesn't exactly make morning jogs or exercises in his free time. He has gained a bit of tone through the sports required of him, but not to the extent where it's noticeable from a quick glance.
Scars/Markings || None
Weaponry ||Bow and arrow

Kukyo's place of sanctity is within his own darkened room. He only goes outdoors for only a handful of reasons; To go to school or stare at the ocean at his favorite vantage point, a nearby cliffside. Lacking a plethora of friends and other things to lure him out of his room, a reluctant personality has grown on him. That's not saying that he is colorless and lacks any interest. If anything, it is surprising how expressive he is given his meekly record in social ordeals. His actual personality is mostly reflected in his online persona. Even through text, he comes off as an approachable and laid-back person, making it nearly impossible to imagine him as his true lackadaisical self. Now, he may be a little frisky when confronted with scenarios requiring him to lift more than a finger, but he still follows through with one piece. The canvas of his face is constantly changing, except when behind a pair of magnifying glasses and a computer screen.

When it comes to his indulging of the otaku culture... well... let's just say he's quite the deacon. Get him started, and it'll be a true accomplishment to derail his train of thought. Let him be, and he'll probably rant on about magical girls or something of the sort. Either way, it's a lose-lose situation for the person present at his side. Kukyo speaks with the most passion and finiteness when it comes to his hobby. The only thing which instills utter fear upon him is fire. The burning substance sends him into a state of shock, and instantaneously activates the latter portion of the fight-or-flight response. When he's in combat, he feels determined with some distance on his side an a bow with an arrow already notched in hand.

Positive Traits
Laid-back | Passionate Otaku | Tolerance of others
Negative Traits
Lazy | Spineless | Shut-in
Anime&Manga | Swimming | Pizza
Forced Physical Activity | Cats | Sewing
Fire | Small Rooms | Heights
    Tae Kwon Do - It was forced upon him at an early age by his mother. Just a hobby he practiced until high school. Chances are, best he can do now is strike a somewhat intimidating pose and throw in some onimatoepia to go with it.
    Long Range Combat - Since CQC isn't his forte, he finds that having a little gap between the enemy and himself is a bit more plausible. If Kukyo knows when to back away as his adversary attempts to advance, he should be in the clear.
    Reassuring Demeanor - Although Kukyo is always internally on edge, he keeps on a calm facade to soothe others.
    Fire - Of course everybody is affected by the flammable essence of fire. Maybe gods are invincible towards it, but since Kukyo is a mere human, he can just as easily be singed and turned to a crisp. The distinctive quality about this young man is that he has intense pyrophilia. He tenses up at the sight of a notable amount of it and instantaneously freezes on the spot. He definitely stays out of the kitchen.
    Getting off his fat as- - He's lazy, gluttonous, and has a permanent imprint of his arse on his desk chair. To him, outdoors is the final frontier. It is considered enemy territory in his eyes. But, he has to make the treacherous journey into it on a daily basis.
    Endurance - something he lacks. By some stretch of reality, he doesn't clock in over a hundred kilograms, since he hasn't worked out willingly for a few eons. He can sprint a bit, but that's about it.

Kukyo was originally born in Japan to a father who had moved to the island a few years prior for business and an indigenous mother. The boy grew up in the culture, yet had a prominent interest in the world of animation and relating media. His parents didn't support it per se, but as long as he continued to pull satisfactory grades and remain on a clear path, it was allowed. The boy continued to live a relatively peaceful life, entailing friendships, happiness, and gluing himself to the computer screen.
During his first year of high school, while he was on his way back from the scholastic institution, he arrived home to a burning home. Kukyo didn't give the slightest of a damn about the hundreds of dollars of merchandise in his room, only the wellbeing of his parents. His mother was a housewife, so she was home by default. Unfortunately his father had chosen to call sick on that very day within the ocean of other calendar dates. Deep inside he probably knew they were already deceased, but the boy needed a physical form of proof to sate his anxiety. Kukyo nearly choked within the crumbling homage, but at the end of the whole shebang, a boy's title had been changed from son to orphan. At the moment, Kukyo is living with his paternal aunt who resided within New Orleans. He has managed to recover from the traumatic event, but has become more socially secluded and fearful of fire, but still continues his admiration for his hobby.

|Face Claim|
Shinichi Kudou - Outbreak Company


So begins...

Kukyo Kankae's Story


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New Orleans was probably the most tolerable place Chester had resided from what his memory had told him. If you subtracted the humidity, and the insufferable temperatures, and the immense amount of the population that genuinely believed that witches and voodoo had an imminent affect on the way their life’s fortune and misfortunes played out. But, he supposed, at least this town had character.

Plus, hanging out the slums of the city proved an invaluable asset to people not bothering him for being alone, and there were tons of abandoned lots not worth saving after the hurricane disaster a few years ago. What with the constant heat and lack of regulation on these lots, finding dry and unpopulated buildings for sleeping was not hard to come by. Which was why he found himself exiting an old two story home with considerable water damage and the remnants of a family forgotten, he liked it though, comfortable furniture and a structure just stable enough to support his weight as he tiptoed around the upper floor. As he walked across the unkempt lawn his eyes swept from side to side, watching the humans around him, the community didn’t pay much attention to kids that got a bit too curious about the abandoned buildings that had become a part of their regular lives.

Since arriving in New Orleans Chester had been living quietly, keeping his head down and hardly ever having to invoke any of his power. The break of using his power was proving to be the most helpful in improving his ragged mental state. The more he relied on the power supplied to him by the titan residing inside himself the more anger he felt and the harder it became to control himself around those masses of trash. Chester felt his hand clench into a fist, he had to control himself if he was ever going to achieve the goals set before him by his titan, Coeus.

Coeus came to him in visions while he slept, at first as enigmatic flashes and imagery that had whispers of revenge and destruction, but most recently as clear pictures and messages as to how to achieve these things. Coeus had pushed him in the direction of this city, and Chester had been hiding out in this city for nearly two month with nothing but the same repetitive visions Coeus sent him in his dreams for company.

Last night he was greeted with a new vision for the first time in those two months, a sign he couldn’t possibly ignore from Coeus. It was a giant big top tent, brightly colored and alive with humans. Something important was going to happen there and he was determined to find out what. The smile that ghosted his lips reached his eyes with a devious glint and he felt as the magnetic poles in his body realigned so his south pole focused into the palm of his right hand. He held out his hand towards the old cast iron gate that bordered the lot as it violently repelled from his hand, since developing his magnetic powers the ability to tell an objects magnetic alignment in order to get objects to obey his will had emerged, sort of like a sixth sense.

The circus that had recently made its home in the city park had been hard to miss, it was large, and gaudy and everything that your stereotypical circus was supposed to look like. Something Chester hadn’t had any interest in except perturbed annoyance that the tent had overrun his street performing territory.

This thought lingered as his hands shoved in the pockets of his dark colored jeans and Chester began his trek to the park, his heart rate increasing with each step at the thought of what ever could be there that Coeus wanted him to see. His unruly white hair bounced with each step, livelier than he had been in months.

As he walked through the park and closer to the circus the first thing he spotted was the big top’s high peak, the density of the population was also increasing, people eager to flock the circus on its closing night. He watched as families walked together, children crying from sore feet and parents gripping the hands of excited toddlers tightly as not to lose them. The dynamic of persons was remarkably diverse and despite Chester’s overall disgust for mankind he couldn’t help but be jealous that if he had been born into a different home he could have experienced his childhood on completely different terms.

As he got even closer the boy pulled at the black hood of jacket in order to cover his white locks that stood out against the masses of people that surrounded him. Even though it was extremely hot he knew that as the sun set the jacket would become more bearable to wear and it was essential for him keeping a low profile.

He paused as something small and quick caught his attention. It caused the boy to stop dead in his tracks and for an overly excited child to crash right into him. As the kid fell back he hardened his eyes and glared at her, annoyance bubbled in his sneer, which consequently prompted her to burst into tears. He left without saying a word, listening as the child’s mother came in in an attempt to console the upset child with no avail.

Chester’s eyes darted until he spotted across the field, much closer to the circus, the thing that had caught his eye in the first place. A small black cat sitting out in the open, staring into the crowd of people that passed it by, but it felt like it was staring at him. The boy weaved through the crowd until it spat him out right in front of the animal. He squatted in front of it, holding a hand out and cooing to encourage it to approach him.

The black cat’s big blue eyes sparkled as they looked up at him before it darted away without looking back. Chester sighed, dropping his hand in disappointment. He couldn’t make sense of why animals didn’t like him. He had his theories, that they could sense the unusual magnetic fields around his body, but other than science explanations he concluded that animals simply didn’t like bad people.

The boy pushed himself up, brushing away the nonexistent dirt on his jeans, it sounded as if something was happening towards the big top. It must have been starting soon. He ran towards the tent only to see the ticket man turning away people for the booked show and cursed under his breath, he had to get in.

He stood a good distance away from the entrance, watching for something he could use to his advantage. His opening came in the passing of a young couple with a metal baby carriage. All it would take was some concentration. As he focused on the carriage he watched as it slowly began to pull towards him and he felt the pull in his own body as the force of the carriage urge his body to get closer to it. He held firm though, watching until the entire carriage fell over and rolled a few feet until he scrambled the poles in his body again. The woman of the couple screamed and the person standing in front of the big top entrance rushed to assist them.

He wasn’t the only one to take advantage of the guard leaving his post, and as he slipped in he watched a few others dash in as well. The inside of the big top was dark, ominous, a single beam of light illuminating one figure in the center. Chester weaved himself into the crowd taking a seat where he could see comfortable. This was it, Coeus wanted him here for a reason, and he was about to find out why.

The setting changes from New Orleans to Seoul


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#, as written by chrian.


Seoul, South Korea | Kiyota's Apartment

Darkness, everything is total darkness. At first, the universe as we know it is a complete void, with nothing but the blackness. Such things as space and time didn't exist. It was cold, cruel and ruthlessly stiff. Just like a completely blank paper with nothing on it.

And then, sparks appeared from nowhere as Chaos came into existence. Star dust particles and racing atoms collided with each other and the universe soon turned into such madness and haywire that not a single living beings could have ever imagined of. Gigantic stars were created, only to be diminished into nothingness. After such a dreadfully long period of time that is beyond everyone's comprehension, risen from the deaths of the supergiants came the most powerful of planets and stars. And the one known as Gaea, the creation that is completely different from what Chaos has ever created, was born. It was said to be the beginning of everything.

Different from the pandemonium that Chaos has brought, Gaea was kind and warm. Despite being so powerful herself, she decided to embrace all the violence and the opposing elements that have existed into her arms. But bored of the loneliness in the vastness of the seemingly-endless universe around her, she gave birth to the Uranus. And from their love came the creation of the Titans, the creation of them.

They were amongst the most powerful of beings that had been brought to pass. They were omnipotent and Gaea loved them more than she's ever did with anyone before. And her love were reciprocated as they also respected her with all of their hearts as they ruled over the universe with the absolute powers that were given to them in their own specific fields. Their reign were one of the best reigns ever. But alas, it doesn't last as long as they have expected.

So came the existence of the Olympians, the selfish sovereigns who acknowledge themselves as the supreme Gods and Goddesses. Their reigns were nothing compared to the reign of the Titans, as they soon actualized the wildest of their creation - humanity. And the Titans, no longer needed, were thrown into the deepest depth of the Tartarus, where they have been suffered in what seems to be even longer than eternity.

It was hell, no, worse than hell could ever compared of. They were chained and stripped of their absolute powers. They have to suffered from fates that are worse than death. And yet, they watched on as the world lived on and waited until they are eventually freed from this prison, waited for a chance to set their wrath and annihilate everything.

The alarm clock goes off as loud as it could when it ticks 6:30 AM, waking Kiyota up. Flinching, he reached for the table next to his bedpost and turned of the alarm clock. Lazily sitting up, he yawned and stretched his arms. Staring into the corner for a moment, he thought about the dream that he has just had. Lately, it has occurred quite often and he pretty knew that Rhea was the one behind it.

She always reminded him how important his 'mission' is and that he has to followed their ideals, so that one day they can brought their vengeance upon humanity for what they've done to Gaea, their supposed 'mother'. But Kiyota knows that he's not the one who would be defeated that easily and he will make the decisions when the time is right. He has swore that he has his own moralities and no one, not even some oh-so-almighty Titans, can make him change.

Putting his feet into the pair of slippers, Kiyota fixed the bed's sheet before walking to the window and unveiled the curtains, letting the light. Slid the window opened, he poked his head outside and took a deep breath before observing the scenery in front of his eyes. His apartment was on the 15th floor so from the altitude here he can see pretty much the whole Cheongdam-dong under him. It was a really nice morning.

The morning sun was shining gently, the sky was so blue and the white clouds lazily drifted like boats floated on the surface of a pool, the birds were chirping and the morning breeze was blowing gently. Kiyota is well-aware that he wasn't born here, but he considered Seoul to be one of the best places to live. Despite being one of the most energetic and prestigious cities in the world, it is still very peaceful in its own ways. The crime rates were low, the living standards are high, the people are friendly, helpful and warm. If it wasn't for the high living expenses, the city itself might be really a heaven on Earth.

Kiyota's apartment was only medium-sized, but it was quite spacious just for one people to live with every facility that he needed. For him, it feels nice to have your own cozy place where no one can disturb him or bossing him around. Although at times he did feel lonely for not having someone to talk to, excluded Rhea, he was happy with his life as it is now and there's nothing that he'd wished more than it will stay that way forever. He went to his wardrobe and grabbed his uniform before headed into the bathroom.

After taking a long, nice shower, Kiyota dried himself up before putting on his clothes. He then proceeded to brush his teeth and fixed his hair a bit before grabbed his bag and exited his room. Headed for the kitchen, Kiyota made some espresso and toasted some loafs of bread as he put the pan onto the stove and made some sunny-side eggs. He knows he isn't the best chefs in the world, but having to lived all by yourself for a long time, cooking is one of the most basic things you have to be good at. After the coffee and the breads are done, he carried and placed them on the table with the eggs.

He then eat away his breakfast. After he finished, he put the plates and the cup into the sink. Kiyota can wash them later when he got home. He then looked at the clock and realized that it was about time that he should made his way to the bus station now. With that thought, he took his bag, wrapped his scarf around his neck, exited his house and locked the door.

Upon getting out of his apartment, Kiyota came across the middle-aged woman who lives next door to him. Kiyota smiled as he gave her a respectful bow, "Good morning, Mrs. Hwang." He greeted her as he straightened himself up. "Are you headed for the market?"

"Oh, good morning, Kiyota." The woman smiled back to him, "Today is a great morning, isn't it? And yes, I'm planning to run some errands. You're headed for school?"

"Yes, I am." He said as the two of the them made their way towards the elevator. They continued to chat until they parted ways as they exited the building. Most people who lived on the same floor with Kiyota knows that he only lives alone and are very kind with him and he really appreciate their hospitality. Headed for the bus station, Kiyota got on a bus as it headed towards the direction of his college somewhere in the Samseong-dong. So far, Rhea hasn't bugged him yet so he's hoping that today will be a normal day for him.