Mylio Imbrifer

"Rain isn't always a bad thing."(WIP new orleans)

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Mylio Imbrifer

Rain Dancer


❊|Birth Date|❊
August 19


❊|Sexual Orientation|❊



Temperature Control-Mylio is able to direct warm and air currents to create various weather phenomenons such as fog and tornadoes. He can freeze water droplets in clouds to create lightning. On top of controlling air currents, he can increase or decrease temperature of the immediate area to extreme highs or lows, causing his enemies to dehydrate or lose bodily appendages due to frost bite.

Air Pressure Control- As the result of direct manipulation of air pressure he could limit his opponent's breath by making the air extremely thick or thin. It is possible for him to create conditions similar to what Everest climbers experience. Unless the opponent has recently acclimated to extreme heights they will have a very hard time breathing.

Sight Through Rain-Mylio wears glasses because he is very far sighted and his eyesight is worse than average. However, when there is rain specifically brought about by him, he has a visual of everything happening where the rain hits. He can sense a very detailed outline of everything the rain touches and also have an idea whether or not they have any supernatural ability.

Hair Color ||
Light Brown
Eye Color ||
Height ||
Build ||
Lean but muscular
Scars/Markings ||
A back tattoo of a stingray given to him by a Native African tribe
Various bullet wounds
Weaponry ||
Carries around a concealed USP-Tactical(attached silencer)
M4A1 SOPMOD semi-automatic assault rifle
DSR-1 Subsonic Sniper Rifle(integrally silenced)
Tom Brown Tracker Knife

When Mylio's childhood was destroyed and his family was murdered, he became a cold empty husk that could easily be filled with the flames of anger, hatred, and violence. An empty vessel could be filled with whatever a person desires. The people who discovered Mylio and raised him wished to fill him with a purpose, and filtering out any other distracting emotions. When assigned with a task he would accomplish it in a calm and calculating manner. Love changed Mylio, and he rediscovered emotions, filling that cold flask with warmth again. That love could not be his, and having been denied a childhood and proper upbringing, he threw a tantrum, which increased his capacity for wrathful emotions. When the storm calmed, so did Mylio; however, he is still not able to completely control his emotions and can lose control when the situation gets out of hand. Otherwise, Mylio often shows false emotions for the sake of manipulation. He may seem like a sociopath but he has human compassion that he attempts to hide.
Likes ||
Rain, Animals, The Sky, Music, Lindsey
Dislikes ||
The Supernatural, Heat, Titans, Himself, Lindsey
Fears ||
Strengths ||
Calm and Calculating
Weaknesses ||
Reckless and Unpredictable

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|Face Claim|
Dune from I Don't Want This Kind of Hero

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