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Nagito Tachibana



❊|Birth Date|❊
August 16th


❊|Sexual Orientation|❊



Flame Control
Nagi's main ability is the manipulation of fire and flames, no matter the size. Unlike his titan, he has a very limited use of this. He can create, move, shoot, and do other things to the fire, but the more fire there is to use, the more stamina it takes from him. If he manages to manipulate the fire from a burning house, Nagi would most likely faint, and if he tried doing a thing to the sun, he would probably die within seconds. Although this is not limited to throwing flames or fireballs, he can only do what is in his creativity. If he doesn't have a close idea of what he's doing, his ability could go terribly wrong and hurt someone unexpected.

Heat Manipulation
If the air is dry and the temperature is high, Nagi can compress the nearby heat and shoot a miniature heat wave at close range. The closer together he compresses the heat, the hotter the blast will be, but the wave will be smaller and shorter ranged. This also tends not to be as lethal as fire, but it takes less work and stamina from Nagi.

Passive Eyes
Unlike normal humans, Nagi can stare at things as bright as the sun, while preventing himself from getting eye damage. Although it is obviously annoying to look at beams and bright lights for a duration of time, he can do it if ever required.


Hair Color || Black
Eye Color || Black
Height || 5'8"
Build || Thin, a little malnourished
Scars/Markings || None
Weaponry || Other than a pocket knife, his fists and powers are all he has.


Positive Traits || Intelligent | Hard-Working | Friendly
Negative Traits || Schizophrenic | Sadistic | Ambitious
Likes || Chips | Music | Digital Art | Trains | Internet
Dislikes || Magazines | Vegetables | Reality TV | Outdated Technology | Germs
Fears || His flipside | The dark | The beach | Anything with no legs | Anything with more than 4 legs
Strengths || Strong-willed | Confident | Eidetic
Weaknesses || Schizophrenic | Overconfident

Born in Tokyo, Nagi was the son of Azuchi and Honoka Tachibana. Along with two sibling rivalries, Nagi had a hard time focusing in school due to his family's growing state of poverty. His family couldn't keep up their payments for their car, and Nagi had to walk a few miles to school every day. Eventually, his father's business went bankrupt as well, and when Honoka got sick, they had to struggle to attempt to cure her. Eventually, when Honoka seemed in critical condition, Azuchi couldn't handle the stress and jumped off the roof of their apartment. Honoka got better, but she plunged into depression when she heard that Azuchi had died. Nagi and his siblings knew that fighting wouldn't help their poor mother, so they gathered up and did the chores for her, and menial things around the apartment that would make their mom's life easier.

Unfortunately, they needed money and Honoka wasn't earning enough to support the family. Nagi and his two older siblings resorted to part time jobs around the city. Nagi became a grocery store clerk, but he would sneak some extra dollars out of the cash register during work hours. And at night, Nagi and his siblings threw off the act, and robbed small stores. Of course, they would make it seem like nothing happened with dark clothes, and intimidating auras, but one day the cashier victim didn't back down. He was armed, and he critically injured Nagi's brother, who was stabbed in the arm and chest. this is where Nagi's power was revealed to him, and he set the entire store on fire, unharmed.

It wasn't just then when his powers manifested- a few months after his mother remarried (when he was thirteen) and moved to South Korea, he and his brother were attacked along with a handful of other citizens in a general store robbery. He killed the criminals with his flames, but managed to also get out of there in time to stay unrecognized. It wasn't long after high school when he started to get short flashes of odd people and pictures. As of now, he still sees the visions, but the most he knows about the titans and his powers is about Gaea. Of course, he wants to preserve Earth, but he doesn't believe killing off the humans will make a benefit.

|Face Claim|
Shintaro Kisaragi


So begins...

Nagi Tachibana's Story


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Seoul, South Korea | Kiyota's Apartment

Darkness, everything is total darkness. At first, the universe as we know it is a complete void, with nothing but the blackness. Such things as space and time didn't exist. It was cold, cruel and ruthlessly stiff. Just like a completely blank paper with nothing on it.

And then, sparks appeared from nowhere as Chaos came into existence. Star dust particles and racing atoms collided with each other and the universe soon turned into such madness and haywire that not a single living beings could have ever imagined of. Gigantic stars were created, only to be diminished into nothingness. After such a dreadfully long period of time that is beyond everyone's comprehension, risen from the deaths of the supergiants came the most powerful of planets and stars. And the one known as Gaea, the creation that is completely different from what Chaos has ever created, was born. It was said to be the beginning of everything.

Different from the pandemonium that Chaos has brought, Gaea was kind and warm. Despite being so powerful herself, she decided to embrace all the violence and the opposing elements that have existed into her arms. But bored of the loneliness in the vastness of the seemingly-endless universe around her, she gave birth to the Uranus. And from their love came the creation of the Titans, the creation of them.

They were amongst the most powerful of beings that had been brought to pass. They were omnipotent and Gaea loved them more than she's ever did with anyone before. And her love were reciprocated as they also respected her with all of their hearts as they ruled over the universe with the absolute powers that were given to them in their own specific fields. Their reign were one of the best reigns ever. But alas, it doesn't last as long as they have expected.

So came the existence of the Olympians, the selfish sovereigns who acknowledge themselves as the supreme Gods and Goddesses. Their reigns were nothing compared to the reign of the Titans, as they soon actualized the wildest of their creation - humanity. And the Titans, no longer needed, were thrown into the deepest depth of the Tartarus, where they have been suffered in what seems to be even longer than eternity.

It was hell, no, worse than hell could ever compared of. They were chained and stripped of their absolute powers. They have to suffered from fates that are worse than death. And yet, they watched on as the world lived on and waited until they are eventually freed from this prison, waited for a chance to set their wrath and annihilate everything.

The alarm clock goes off as loud as it could when it ticks 6:30 AM, waking Kiyota up. Flinching, he reached for the table next to his bedpost and turned of the alarm clock. Lazily sitting up, he yawned and stretched his arms. Staring into the corner for a moment, he thought about the dream that he has just had. Lately, it has occurred quite often and he pretty knew that Rhea was the one behind it.

She always reminded him how important his 'mission' is and that he has to followed their ideals, so that one day they can brought their vengeance upon humanity for what they've done to Gaea, their supposed 'mother'. But Kiyota knows that he's not the one who would be defeated that easily and he will make the decisions when the time is right. He has swore that he has his own moralities and no one, not even some oh-so-almighty Titans, can make him change.

Putting his feet into the pair of slippers, Kiyota fixed the bed's sheet before walking to the window and unveiled the curtains, letting the light. Slid the window opened, he poked his head outside and took a deep breath before observing the scenery in front of his eyes. His apartment was on the 15th floor so from the altitude here he can see pretty much the whole Cheongdam-dong under him. It was a really nice morning.

The morning sun was shining gently, the sky was so blue and the white clouds lazily drifted like boats floated on the surface of a pool, the birds were chirping and the morning breeze was blowing gently. Kiyota is well-aware that he wasn't born here, but he considered Seoul to be one of the best places to live. Despite being one of the most energetic and prestigious cities in the world, it is still very peaceful in its own ways. The crime rates were low, the living standards are high, the people are friendly, helpful and warm. If it wasn't for the high living expenses, the city itself might be really a heaven on Earth.

Kiyota's apartment was only medium-sized, but it was quite spacious just for one people to live with every facility that he needed. For him, it feels nice to have your own cozy place where no one can disturb him or bossing him around. Although at times he did feel lonely for not having someone to talk to, excluded Rhea, he was happy with his life as it is now and there's nothing that he'd wished more than it will stay that way forever. He went to his wardrobe and grabbed his uniform before headed into the bathroom.

After taking a long, nice shower, Kiyota dried himself up before putting on his clothes. He then proceeded to brush his teeth and fixed his hair a bit before grabbed his bag and exited his room. Headed for the kitchen, Kiyota made some espresso and toasted some loafs of bread as he put the pan onto the stove and made some sunny-side eggs. He knows he isn't the best chefs in the world, but having to lived all by yourself for a long time, cooking is one of the most basic things you have to be good at. After the coffee and the breads are done, he carried and placed them on the table with the eggs.

He then eat away his breakfast. After he finished, he put the plates and the cup into the sink. Kiyota can wash them later when he got home. He then looked at the clock and realized that it was about time that he should made his way to the bus station now. With that thought, he took his bag, wrapped his scarf around his neck, exited his house and locked the door.

Upon getting out of his apartment, Kiyota came across the middle-aged woman who lives next door to him. Kiyota smiled as he gave her a respectful bow, "Good morning, Mrs. Hwang." He greeted her as he straightened himself up. "Are you headed for the market?"

"Oh, good morning, Kiyota." The woman smiled back to him, "Today is a great morning, isn't it? And yes, I'm planning to run some errands. You're headed for school?"

"Yes, I am." He said as the two of the them made their way towards the elevator. They continued to chat until they parted ways as they exited the building. Most people who lived on the same floor with Kiyota knows that he only lives alone and are very kind with him and he really appreciate their hospitality. Headed for the bus station, Kiyota got on a bus as it headed towards the direction of his college somewhere in the Samseong-dong. So far, Rhea hasn't bugged him yet so he's hoping that today will be a normal day for him.


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A normal morning for Nagi was comprised of a good Western breakfast, including scrambled eggs, bacon, and steaming, golden pancakes. The Tachibana household was a normal, suburban one, but his stepfather owned a small restaurant chain. Taking a small bite out of the food on the platter, Nagi continued to chew until half the plate was gone, without his notice. Was that why the breakfast was so good? Was it just because he was a good chef? Although Nagi didn't really get along with this man, his siblings did.

"Father! I got a promotion at work!" yelled his brother.

"Dad, I'll treat you out for lunch today. It's on me!" yelled his sister.

"Dad, I want to burn that man walking near our house! Is that fine with you?" was exactly what Nagi thought every day his siblings acted so childishly. It wasn't really enough to get him angry or annoyed, or even anything of the sort, but it was almost definitely pesky.

It was then when the Tachibana siblings left for their jobs, when Nagi hopped on his bike and rode to the newspaper company's office. It wasn't a terrible wage, being a newspaper boy. For the work needed, it was definitely enough, as no prior experience of anything was needed to do something that simple. After gathering up a good 30 to 40 newspapers in the bicycle basket, he set off on the 'wonderful' journey on wheels that was his job. Of course, to save time, he pedaled faster and threw more, but he did it anyway.

After a good half hour, a little more than a half of his load was given to the public. Nagi got off his bike and sat at the curb, small beads of sweat rolling down his cheek. "What do they even write in these things...? He grabbed one of the rolls, and opened it up. No one really cared if they didn't get the news paper. It wasn't like he was delivering these to retirement homes for old men to do a crossword. Upon opening the paper, Nagi quietly read the large red headings. "Endemic avian flu traps over 500 under quarantine, Bundang. Thieves steal over 500,000 won from high end store, Cheong-dam-dong." He shrugged, and hopped on his bike again. There wasn't much danger. Bundang wasn't even remotely close by, and thieves? Their asses would literally be on fire if they tried to steal from him.

Plus, he couldn't say much himself.


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#, as written by Verix

Беда́ никогда́ не прихо́дит одна́.

If it hadn’t been for his childhood Irenaeus would have probably never have known what the color of night was - or rather lack of. It wasn’t like anything was different though, he still had sleepless nights and tried mornings, and not even an ocean size coffee cup could wake him up. It was hopeless, and he had grown used to it.

“Still up I see,” his sister cracked a smile at him to which he could only slightly scoff at. It was a light jab of half hearted mockery for she suffers the same fate he does. As it turns out, insomnia isn’t all it’s romanticized to be, rather it’s a living nightmare. The world isn’t cut into ‘day’ and ‘nigh’ but rather the feeling of what should and should not be, and it was only his sister that could even fathom what it felt like. “Please go to school today, you’re going to get in trouble with the administration,” so that was the reason she was visiting him.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll go,” he lied easily - sincere as he may be Irenaeus was still human despite what his past life may indicate; and yet as he watched his sister walk away a pang of guilt stabbed him in his heart.

The door shut from downstairs and he knew that for the next seven hours he’d be free. Quickly he slipped on his shoes and grabbed his bike from beside the door, but before he could do that something clouded his vision and down he fell. The die he always had inside his pocket fell out, but he was in too much pain to check and see what the numbers were. From a bystanders view he wouldn’t be surprised if they called the priest, for he knew that his gray eyes were nothing more than swirls of white. Visions didn’t normally impair him of sight, but rather they played scenes in his head of possible scenarios, and he’s learned that the more aggressive the vision the more likely it is to be bad.

First, there was a girl. Her brown hair framed a thin face nicely, and her stare made him think she could see right though him. It wasn’t so much perverse as disturbing for the feeling of having all his secrets laid out in front of her made him want to shut his eyes - as if that would do anything.

But just suddenly as she appeared the image changed and a male made himself known. His eyes were like the sun, and although Irenaeus knew looking at something so bright was bad for him but he just couldn’t stop; it was as if there was another unseen force making him watch something painful.

Irenaeus reached his hand out in a stupidly unconscious move, but luckily for him the boy with the sun in his eyes vanished and in his place stood another boy, this one more or less serious looking than the last.

His body dropped to the floor and he looked up to see the boy above him walking as if the gravity didn’t just increase. Irenaeus called out for help, but the words never made it past the first syllable. It felt as if the weight of the world was on his shoulders, literally, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

And just as it became unbearable he woke up with a jolt and noticed that the sun had moved substantially from when he first passed out. Still shocked by what he had seen it took him minutes to locate his phone and when he saw the time the only thing he could do was be amazed. Three hours he had been gone, and for three hours no one’s tried and help him.

Not wanting to think about it anymore than he had to Irenaeus picked up the die from the floor and grabbed his bike from the stand, not noticing the die landed on 12.

[ H A N . R I V E R ]

Why he was there was a mystery even to himself. From the moment he woke up he should have run up to his room and hid there to feign sickness. But he hadn’t and as a result he rode himself to a river where he had no clue how to get back.But it wasn’t all intuition, rather somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that the water always made him feel calm - no matter how many bad memories he associated with it.

However another one was about to be added, he just didn’t know it yet .


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Seoul, South Korea | Cheongdam-dong University

After getting off the bus at his university, Kiyota went to his own class and sat at his usual seat. The lecture is about to begin and honestly, sometimes he's just bored to death with them. But still, he got to study well enough to earn a Ph.D and find some sort of career, especially since the living expenses are getting higher everyday. He sighed as he was wondering if anything interesting will happen. He sighed as he took out the books and notebooks with his pens as he was waiting for the Teacher to turn up.

"Hey, Kiyota." Another male student who sat next to Kiyota greeted him, "Still as bored as ever, huh?"

"Hi, Young-min." Kiyota smiled as he replied to his classmate, "Well, there isn't anything to do recently besides working part-time and going to school so I pretty much stay home."

"Heh, sounds so much like the typical you, huh?" Young-min chuckled as he remarked.

"So? How is the thing between you and Hee-ki going?" Kiyota leaned his head onto his hand and asked.

"We were doing just fine, thank you for asking." Young-min scratches the back of his head as he responded, "We're planning to gather some friends and go on a barbecue tonight, wanna go?"

Kiyota leaned back a bit and thought for a moment before nodded, "Sure. I don't have to work tonight so count me in. Looking forward to see the others since it's been a while."

"Great. I'm sure some of the girls might want to hear this." Young-min grinned as Kiyota just shook his head, "Yeah, I know I'm actually lost count of the time you said that you don't want to fall in love just yet but you're 19 already, are you planning to stay as a virgin forever?" Then, he smirked as he said teasingly, "Or, did you really swing for the that team?"

"That's none of your business, and you're going a bit too far, Young-min." Kiyota sighed, "Shut up for now. Teacher's here."

With that said, the lecturer entered the study hall as the students all stood up as the lecture began. It lasted for a couple of hours or so and Kiyota actually almost dozed off a couple of time, but eventually, it went on uneventfully. When the lecture is finished, he fixed his scarf a bit before gathering his stuffs and made his way towards the library. He had some unfinished homework since a few days ago and he better hand them in for the professor before he bugged him.

He grabbed some of the necessary books and went to sat at a table nearby and began to work on what he was tasked to do. But for about half an hour later, he was soon interrupted by another student. This time was a senior one year before him.

"Kiyota ~" The man hummed as he wrapped his hands around Kiyota's neck, "How's things going?"

Kiyota sighed before pushing his senior away, "Kang-hyun hyung, how many times did I have to tell you not to be so close? Some of those fangirls are starting to pair us up already."

"Well, just suit them and their imaginations. You're still my best junior ever." Kang-hyun grinned as he sat down next to him, before clasping his head, "Can you do me a favor?"

"What is it, hyung?" Kiyota said as he continued to focus with what he was doing.

"I need some supply for our next project that involve around some of the scenery around Seoul. You were the best and only photographer that I can trust around here. I promise that I'll treat you so, can you help me?" Kang-hyun asked with a genuine tone.

"Sure, why not?" Kiyota turned to his senior with a smile. He was one helpful individual after all and he's not going to turn down his friends' requests if he's capable of doing them, "What's your deadline?"

"Well, it's the end of this week. So please send me as soon as you got some, okay?" Kang-hyun grinned before standing up, "The next lecture is up so see you around, Kiyota."

Kiyota nodded, "See you later, Kang-hyun hyung." He said before turning back to his homework. Smiling a bit, he guesses that today's going to be a fun day, after all.

Seoul, South Korea | Han River

After the lectures in the morning had passed, Kiyota has the some couple of hours to spare before going on with the lessons in the afternoon. So, he decided to get on with the favor that Kang-hyun has asked him. He was looking for some famous locations around Seoul, but somehow, Han River was the location that popped up in his mind after a while deciding. Although this is just out of his instinct, he has a strong feeling that he's going to encounter someone or something will happen there. But he can't really tell that this is his own instinct, or it was Rhea's doing.

Getting off the taxi which took him there, Kioyta carried his camera and made his way towards the river bank. There are some people here and there but they're all just strangers to him. No one really seemed to be intriguing. But he just shook the thoughts off as he began to chose the best scene around the river and began to take pictures. So far, Rhea still hasn't surfaced and he's grateful for that. But she's a part of him, a part of his soul, so he pretty much understood what the Titaness was thinking and plotting.

But after all, he is not the one who'd easily be influenced and though he still shows hesitation, he will definitely decide what is the right thing to do for this world. He doesn't have any intentions to brag, but at times Rhea did compliment him for being born with such strong will. She also said that it might be the reason why although he's nowhere as powerful as the Titaness in the past life, he can control his power in a stable way and it is keep growing everyday, though very little. But he wasn't sure if he really enjoys to be complimented by her.

What he isn't really expected that life is just a synchronicity, and that soon he will encounter with the person, or persons, whom he had never met before but still had a strong connection with him, both in this life and in his previous life. He hasn't a clue of what to expect if he ever came across with a fellow Titan or Titaness just yet, but he still had to be a bit wary after the incident that has happened in the past.


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Mnemosyne || Mind/Memory Reading || #38ACEC ||

      The Han River proved to be a longer bike than expected, although Hyun blamed traffic for that. She would have much preferred to disobey red lights and proper lanes but she didn't have a death wish. If she did, she would have just worked at the liquor store. That place was a stranglehold even in thought form. She shuddered to think about being confined to the stockroom or cash register while her parents went to pick up her brothers or took their rare, one hour breaks from working.

      "Hey what's supposed to be over here anyway?" she asked as she scoped the area.

      "They say there's a ghost that comes out at night."

      "No way man, ghosts aren't real."

      "Then how do you explain the missing body of the suicide that happened a few months back?"

      "That wasn't a suicide! She clearly got murdered."

      "You guys are both dumb," Hyun sighed, "if you both wanted to hang out that badly you should have just said so."

      Her two friends, Byun-Hun and Chang-Min were the two best friends she could ever ask for but only because they always knew when to give her space. They did not however, when not to give her space. She acted as somewhat of an enigma when it came to social interactions, constantly pushing forward and pulling back like an uneven game of tug-of-war. Granted, most of it was pushing forward but only at her convenience. She supposed it also didn't help that she never showed any semblance of romantic interest toward other people. It made her seem almost inhuman, which she was.

      I did, I said I wanted to go to the damn cafe and you turned me down, Chang-Min thought with a pang of annoyance.

      "Well you know I thought it would be more fun this way," he shrugged.

      "Why don't you go ask that guy? He seems like he might know a thing or two," Byun-Hun asked, "looks weird enough. He's like Nero's illegitimate brother."

      "Wasn't he an orphan?" Hyun retorted.

      Nonetheless, she nodded and approached the man with white hair, putting on a smile before she tapped him on the shoulder.

      "This is going to sound weird, but my friends and I are doing a book report so I was wondering if you know about any ghost stories or legends of the Han River."