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New Orleans

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Chester felt his chest heaving in effort as his body slicked his body with sweat. In the distance he could hear the chaos he had caused swell in volume before dissipating over and over like tide meeting the beach. He wanted to see Adelaide’s reaction, he wanted watch her come across the carnage he had dealt to the people she cared about, see the pain twist its way into her face when she saw the dead and wounded, and he wanted to see her snap when she saw that male dancer torn apart. But, that wouldn’t be possible with his current state.

He fist clenched in frustration and he didn’t move until Castiel grabbed him by the hand and hauled the white haired boy up to his feet. As soon as he was up Chester felt his legs giving out almost immediately, he felt like a newborn deer figuring out what legs were used for, but before he could fall Gale was next to him, supporting his weight. He gave a grateful smile to the girl and adjusted himself slightly, without having to worry about standing all the other pain he was feeling came to the forefront of his mind. Electromagnetism did bad things to his body, that he was aware, but it was a vital ability to keep him stronger then titans that would not stay loyal to the cause.

He was caught off guard when Gale didn’t stop with just supporting him and literally hoisted him off the ground. He didn’t fight it too much though, the pounding headache made the thought of taking a step daunting, and his limbs tingled in ways that made the idea of running just as intimidating. The boy didn’t usually like to submit to letting others help him, but seeing as Gale was a titan it kept a lot of the edge and wariness off his shoulders.

He looked over when Castiel started speaking, his voice didn’t waver the way it had been. He sounded confident and sure of himself and he scanned the boy. It seemed like the titaness inside the boy had taken the reins, something he didn’t know was a possibility. Coeus had never even spoken to Chester, much less overshadowed his consciousness to act out on his own. He smiled at the boy and gave a slight nod, acknowledging that he had noticed the change. Themis was right though, and he wasn’t doing well. His consciousness was barely there, and the sound of sirens were growing louder with every passing moment, they didn’t have time to wait around any longer. Not to mention the predators prowling the circus grounds now.

“I’m staying in an abandoned house downtown, its only like four blocks away from here.” Chester took a deep breath, his voice was coming out whispered and breathy, and as he tried to focus his voice he could feel the darkness edging his consciousness. “The street is called… Westchisher. The house is dark blue, and its got this… cast iron fence. Hard to miss.”

Unable to keep his eyes open, the boy felt his awareness leave him.

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"I can't fight." Castiel said, a simple answer to the question the girl posed. Better to be safe than sorry, and after all this was something of the truth. Castiel had a weak body susceptible to countless illnesses. He had never done anything too physical before with his recurring problem of asthma, so Castiel highly doubted his ability to fight off enemies. Making them kill themselves was another matter altogether, albeit something he didn't prefer to think about. Really killing people without any sense of remorse was something he might never learn. “Don’t worry, I can fight. And personally, I doubt those human loving idiots have ever thought of using their powers as weapons so they are probably worthless anyways.” Castiel raised an eyebrow at that, though he made no comment. He highly doubted that they would hesitate to use their powers as weapons however. Perhaps not against humans, but Castiel wasn't going to run into battle headfirst without being mentally prepared to be struck in the face by whatever power the latter possessed.

Chester then mentioned having a place for them to stay, along with the fact that he had some 'business' to attend to. Once again, that statement was accepted with nothing but a quiet nod. Either he or Gale is the so called 'leader' of their little trio now, and Castiel's job is only to listen and learn. It was the best way to observe and be underestimated at the same time, a strategy that he usually applied when meeting new people and having to work with them. Only when Chester pulled out the taser did Castiel have second thoughts. His arm was already littered with wounds, perhaps this wasn't the best choice of action for his health. Castiel felt slightly concerned seeing that, but he didn't have a chance to voice it before Chester already plunged it into his arm, his body immediately having a luminescent blue glow around him. Backing away a feel paces, Castiel could hear Themis excitedly squealing in his mind. He had never seen another person use their powers before, so this was completely new for him.

“As soon as I get back get ready to run. Oh, and watch out for tigers. Things are about to get electric." Get ready to run. Castiel wondered how much stamina he'd need, he could barely run a mile without losing his breath quickly. His body was really painfully weak, but perhaps if he let Themis take over it could give him an extra boost... Ironically, the running part was the one he was more concerned about. Tigers don't pose much of a threat to him, Castiel could force them with his mental powers to lie at his feet like domesticated cats. Chester was gone in an instant, once he finished speaking his sentence, leaving Castiel in silence, waiting with the other foriegn girl, Gale.

Who was now using her powers as well, much to Castiel's great interest. Much befitting her name, Gale's powers was one of the wind, and he watched with admiration as she lifted herself up in a whirlwind, fanning the flames with herself hovering a few feet away from the ground. How nice, being able to fly anywhere. Not that I'm not being appreciative of your powers, Themis. He added with a sigh, almost feeling the goddess pout. Themis could be oddly childish at times, yet having the ancient wisdom of a being that had been alive for far more years than humanity existed.

"Castiel, right?" He was temporarily pulled out of his musings by Gale and he waved back with a slight smile. However, before he could ascertain her statement to his name, the girl seemed to drop a few inches, much to Castiel's amusement. She's wondering if you're going to betray them, Castiel. Just so you know. Thank you for the warning. Themis had the ability to probe the minds of others, though Castiel didn't use that strength because it was too intrusive. That and people could have some twisted thoughts at times. Still, he had no real control over how Themis liked to use it. Despite that, the two were a team, without any one of them insistent to take over the other. Themis gave him warnings of thoughts that could be against him, and those are quite useful, especially with the business dealings of his Father. However... Castiel glanced up quickly at the girl in the sky. If she decided that her suspicions were justified, he honestly wouldn't stand much of a chance.

"That's a nice name. Castiel, I mean."
"Thank you for that compliment. My Mother gave it to me." Castiel replied with a nearly distant air of courtesy. He didn't quite notice his attitude, it was a reflex when he was talking to others, since he had never met anyone closer than acquaintances before. But the girl didn't seem to interested in replying, staring into the flames. Not that it bothered him the least, small conversation was hard to make at times. It had already been a few minutes since Chester left, apparently to destroy the circus, perhaps it was a good time to conduct a light probe just to see if Chester needed any help. Gale was still some distance up, so Castiel was sure that she wouldn't see his eye in the cover of darkness. Hopefully. His strange eye had been known to scare people, forcing him to hide it away. Castiel removed the patch covering his eye, and immediately regretted the decision. Screaming, so much screaming. The panicked thoughts and screams of the people caused the boy to double over in shock, the patch falling out of his shaking hands. More thoughts were added to the fray, animals by the looks of it. Not a good situation.

Castiel! Pull yourself together! Themis's voice broke through the sea of thoughts thankfully, and as the hubbub was silenced Castiel picked up his patch and redid the knot tightly. He was able to garner nearly nothing from that, except for the fact that Chester was at the 'watch out for Tigers' part of his plan. He should be returning soon. “We’ve gotta get out of here, fast.” As if on cue, Chester's voice came and Castiel looked in his direction only to reel back in shock. Blood. He was covered in it, yet there were no visible wounds on him. That meant... He killed... How many people? Castiel felt sick. Still, he instinctively reached out to help Chester up, his lip curling in disgust at the Crimson color now staining his cloak. Thankfully, Gale put him over his shoulder, saving Castiel from needing to prepare himself mentally to touch the blood again. This should be the time to run, if he wasn't mistaken. Themis.I'm ready. the goddess replied, and Castiel allowed his conscience to step back, allowing Themis to take control for now.

"Ah, Sister Crius. I'm sorry for not greeting you in person just now, but haven't you found a wonderful young vessel?" Castiel, or rather, Themis smiled brightly at the girl. "Well, I think I'm ready. Coeus's vessel doesn't seem to be in good shape, so you're right... Gale. Let's proceed immediately."

Literally where everything will take place. Locations will be added upon request

North America

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The North American Continent


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It was the blue haired girl, Ivanna was her name, that brought to their attention why the titans were inside them in the first place. It was a hard reality for Kumiko, and often with Hyperion’s kind demeanor she forgot that the god inside her sought for the end all of humanity as a species. But because she had doubted ever encountering the other vessels whenever Hyperion had brought up his mission she had always tried to brush it off and give halfhearted commitment. She could feel Hyperion stirring inside of her, his euphoria over the fact his siblings had gathered, that they were already speaking of human annihilation. It was an excitement she could not say she shared.

It was only once Ivy announced that she was still undecided did the knot in her gut loosen ever so slightly, at least she wasn’t the only one on the fence over the titan mission. There wasn’t much hope, considering she said she was leaning towards the titan side, but hesitance was all Kumiko needed as confirmation that she was not abnormal for being unsure of her stance. “I cannot believe that girl even has any hesitance towards the cause.” Hyperion quipped in the back of her mind, and it made her nervous about admitting her own reluctance.

The Japanese boy was the next to voice his opinion after Ivy, and unfortunately he did not restate his name. He did, however; give them a small demonstration of his power. It was cool, and he seemed much more powerful than Kumiko. His ability to change the gravity around him was quite simply astounding, the rocks that hovered around him probably had no gravity acting on them at all, and that was amazing. She couldn’t keep the amazed smile off her face as he showed them his power. It could really be used to deal damage in large quantities, and possibly genocidal.

She was caught off guard when the boy then completely rejected the goal of the titans, and Kumiko could physically feel Hyperion inside her recoil at the statement, and even as the boy went away she couldn’t find it in herself to move. Hyperion was constricting himself around her mind in his anger at the boy, it actually hurt to do anything other then stand still, but he quickly regained himself. The experience did nothing more than frighten her into revealing her reluctance to join the titan cause, and Hyperion only encouraged her to voice that she was for the titan cause, as if it might influence the others to stay true to the titan cause. She cleared her throat, changing the topic instead to what they boy had mentioned earlier.

“Um, Hyperion is the titan of light, but his abilities deal more with fire… I can’t really do anything with actual fire though, and I tend to just run a high temperature, but I can do this!”
The blonde girl took a deep breath, enjoying the feeling on her expanding lungs before she exhaled through her nose. As she did, plumes of smoke exited her nose, falling around her in lazy clumps and coating the ground around them in something that resembled fog. When the girl finished she bent down and ran her fingers through the thick smoke, it broke apart at the disturbance and reformed to create a few smokey rabbits. The little creatures seemed to come to life, darting around the small group with actions that appeared they had their own consciousness. The defied logic though, and were able to hop into the air and around them without need for solid ground, hovering and floating. The blonde girl smiled, pleased that her practice had paid off before she dissipated the little creatures. “That’s all I can do though… I also am unsure about my allegiance.”

She could feel Hyperion’s shock rock her body, and it quickly turned to anger, and then betrayal. She felt guilty, of course, the titan had be crucial to her survival since birth, but she could not just give up on humanity because of that. The titan inside of her was angry now, but surely after some time they could talk through it, Hyperion had always been reasonable and understanding, she was confident in that.

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