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I am not from this land. I come from what the modern world refers to as Atlantis. They banished me for one reason; I was born different.

0 · 373 views · located in The city of Atlantis, before it was destroyed

a character in “Atlantis, Paradise of the Elements”, as played by Ikiros


ImageIkiros stands five feet, ten inches tall and weighs in at 176 pounds. Most of his weight is muscle. He is not buff-looking, but rather, he appears fit and healthy. He wears a high-necked white t-shirt and a pair of loose black cargo pants. Around his torso are bands of black leather and cloth, along with chains. He has fingerless gloves on his hands and on his feet are a pair of simple black tennis shoes. His eyes are brilliant silver after he discovered that he had a daughter. Although he is seeing the world in the human spectrum of visible light, his people are able to also view the world through both the ultraviolet and infrared spectra. He has a narrower face, similar to that of what humans refer to as elves, and slightly tapered ears. On his left shoulder blade there is a tattoo of a sword wrapped in the vines of a rosebush in a deep teal ink. Around his neck hangs a pale green crystal that is 4 inches long and translucent. He can hear extraordinarily well, see and read clearly at a distance of over 100 yards, and sense things behind him. The cost of having sight, hearing, and his sixth sense augmented is that most food tastes the same to him, he cannot tell the difference between several smells, and he has almost lost his sense of touch. His hair is white and swept back from his head due to an unfortunate accident during his first elemental test at 12 years old. Although he appears to be in his mid-twenties, He is actually 1647 years young.



Ikiros tends to not be very shy around strangers but he tends to be suspicious of them until he can figure out their motives. Like most of his people, He tends to be fairly logical in most situations. He doesn't normally takes jokes well but there are times where he can bring himself to a humorous mood. To any psychologist, he would be considered depressed and brooding, to most people, just quiet. He likes to keep to himself and doesn't fight unless provoked or unless there is, in his mind, someone being unjustly attacked. Should he become friends with someone, and they tell him a secret, he will hold it with him until the person who it belongs to lets him tell others.


Image Ikiros can wield most any weapon, save for a few that he never bothered to learn with, such as a halberd or a spiked chain. He carries a bronze Khopesh and an enchanted Longsword made of clear blue crystal. Across his back are a quiver of arrows and a bow made out of bamboo and horn. Lately, he has taken to not carrying his bow for the sake that it has done him no good recently, not to mention he lost the arrows specially designed for it. He seeks one of the four god-blessed weapons from his homeland, Milorina, the sacred sword of water. Under his t-shirt he wears a set of scale-mail made of rings of steel from a meteorite covered in scales made of enchanted obsidian. Tied to his belt are a small pouch of 4-inch long gold bars, a skinning knife, and a pouch of spices. He recently bought himself a long, dark gray traveler's cloak to hide who he is, since there have been many bounties appearing looking for him for no other reason than his birth.

He is a telekinetic, a being who can move ad affect objects with nothing more than their mind. His power allows him to lift no more than half a ton at a time and is only able to work within a 50-foot radius of his body. He has two special abilities that stem from his Telekinetic powers, one being the ability to control gravity enough to let him float about three feet off the ground, the other being the ability to disassemble molecular bonds in items as small or smaller than a short sword. The first ability he can keep up for hours at a time, but if he were to do it with multiple people, the time he can sustain the effect diminishes by half with each person added. His Molecular Disruption capabilities, if used to completely destroy an object that is the limit of the ability, exhaust him completely, making him collapse where he is, unconscious. Recently, he has learned to calm himself enough to be able to speak telepathically, from his mind to another person's mind. Recently, he fought for his life against a being he knows nothing about. Just before the being would have destroyed him, his conscious mind became practically comatose and his subconscious mind took over, allowing for complete access to his entire body's energy reserves to fuel higher reactions and more powerful telekinesis. Each time this happens, He becomes knocked out for a few days, during which time he must rebuild his mental structure. Every time he drops to this state and is rushed to rebuild his mind, he gets closer and closer to insanity. If allowed to take his time at rebuilding, he will be safe from losing his mind, but it is unlikely that this will always be the case.Image


Characters with the Enigma Status are capable of transforming their shape into anything they can think of, provided that they have enough mass to do so. Enigmas can gather more mass by absorbing energy from any source and incorporating it into their component molecules. They can also convert their mass back into energy in order to produce energy based attacks such as rays or fire, though this reduces the mass rapidly. This power, however, pales in the Enigma's final ability, which is to manifest a psychic, incorporeal weapon that can pass through solid matter of any kind. If this weapon makes contact with a living creature, that creature is instantly reduced to raw energy for the Enigma to absorb. Usually, this attack is reserved only for the immortals that the Enigma hunts, but is not necessarily reserved for that prey alone. The only way to temporarily stop an Enigma is to kill it while it is in a living form, which will instantly consume all of it's stored energy in a massive blast. The enigma is then just a roaming mind that needs to start harvesting ambient energy anew.



Image Ikiros was born in the year 363 in what is known today as Atlantis. During the years around his birth, almost every single Atlantean child was born with the ability to use magic from one of the four elements of Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. When he was born, his irises were gray, not one of the four color associated with an element. When he was tested to use his magic at the age of 12, he was unable to control the elements, but could, rather, control various kinds of force and energy. His type of magic worried the elders, but they let him remain in the city for another 12 years, hoping he would find the use of an element. When, at 24 years old, he could not control a single element, he was banished to never return under penalty of eternal torment by the four masters of the elements in Atlantis. After leaving with the weapons bestowed on him by his father Mitos, Ikiros traveled the world, trying to understand the civilizations of the world. He spent more than century in China and Japan, honing his skills at eastern martial arts, including kung fu, kendo, judo, and karate to name a few. At the turn into the first millennium, he was living in Italy, learning architecture. When the Black Plague struck, he remained unaffected due to the natural viricide that kept him from catching any disease. As the centuries passed, Ikiros traveled to the new world and, when the Little Ice Age hi New England, he returned to the area where Atlantis had been, seeing that their pride had destroyed his people. He returned to America and headed west, settling in California. After five decades, he moved to Washington state and built himself a house in the ancient Atlantean way between a river and a forest, so that he would constantly remind himself of what had been lost because of his people.

He recently found out that he has a daughter and he plans to raise her as she would have been raised by his family back in Atlantis, without the more dangerous aspects, perhaps.

So begins...

Ikiros's Story