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Chosen of Saija

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a character in “Atrasanctum”, as played by Myna



Name: Myna
Age: 21
Guardian's Name: Selene
Guardian's Age 10
Tenure: 11 years


Hair: Long, Black
Eye: Violet
Build: Slender
Height: 5'0
Physical Appearance: Myna is a young woman in her early twenties with a slender build and striking violet eyes. She was marked and chosen by her goddess at a young age, or so her clan says. One would have to ask her to know what it really means but either way she has very unique markings across her hands, around her wrists and up her arms to the elbow. The markings look like violet hued vine line tattoo's. She can most often be seem wearing a long violet top that extends down to her thighs and is belted at her waist. The top has a very beautiful decorative look to it, edged in shimmering silk, the rest of the fabric is thick but well made, however is not overly fancy. Other than that she wears most often slacks which are typically black and similar leather boots. Often she will be seen wearing a dark cloak, which is purple in color but is so dark it appears black unless the light hits it just right.

When performing a ceremony or spiritual gathering which is common for her she dresses much differently. (Click Here for Visual)

God or Goddess's Given Ability:

Post/Pre Cognition : She can see glimpses of the past and the future, her visions are powerful and accurate, however upon receiving a vision it drains her physically and emotionally and depending upon the length and ferocity of the vision it can leave her vision impaired for a short while or migraines.

Full Spiritual Manifestation: She can call spirit into existance in very tangable ways which can include full energy attacks, draining someones energy by draining their spirit or revitalizing others by channeling her spirit into them.

The Guardian

Guardian Hair: Shoulder Length, black
Guardian Eye Color: Violet
Guardian Build: Slender
Guardian Height:4'3
Physical Appearance: She looks more or less like a younger version of Myna with a few exceptions, when she appears in her physical form she appears as a young girl approximately ten years of age with shoulder length black curly hair. She has on a violet and white pretty dress, her more or less still violet eyes are rimmed with blood where the whites would have been, proof of busted blood vessels, the scaring takes a veiny pattern down her face and shoulders, her ashen skin disappearing under the dress and appears again down her arms and legs and across her bare feet.

Size & Density: When in mist form varies as she can condense herself down to spread over a few feet or out to cover a whole down. The smaller she is the denser the fog. The further out she is spread the lighter the fog.
Purification:Her mist form draws at a being's very soul to draw them in once in her mist permeates their entire being and each bit of the mist within the being absorbs the corruption then withdraws from the person. It is not entirely pleasant but it works.

Guardian Talents: =Crystal Manipulation=

Crystaline Strike: Using Projectiles, augmenting or even creating weapons of various types the guardian as well as her summoner may strike out at her foes for a nasty and dangerous attack. The crystal is as flexible as it is hard and can be used to make all sorts of edges, from serraded to sharp and smooth.

Entrapment: This technique can be used to trap or protect, depending upon the density which is used. It can fully encase someone in thick, hard crystal or to create a solid, hard protective barrier around someone or something. The more energy poured into it the longer it takes however the harder the casing is and the more difficult it is to break.

Subtalent: Transient Crystal - Myna drawing on her guardian's abilities can create small crystal stones which can be anywhere from the size of a coin to the size of a baseball which can be given to a person or set in a place which allows her to tell the physical wellness of the person holding it and/or transport to that location or to that person.


Darkwood Staff - No Special properties


Myna was one of the few who where immediately marked to become a summoner, this was because of the uniqueness of her at birth. She had two strange characteristics, one was the color of her eyes, they where not blue, or green not even brown which would have been normal but she was born with bright, violet colored eyes. This would have raised eyebrows but not been anything to immediately marked her, the thing that marked her was the strange markings she was born with, spiraling violet colored tattoo's that started across her hands and wound around her wrists and up her arms in a vine like pattern, dissipating at her elbows.

As she grew she was taught in the ways of the clan, in the ways of the summoner and the spiritual rituals of not only her own clan but of the others. If there was ever a need she would be expected to fulfill not only the rights for her own clansmen but others as well. She was taught the truth about human kind and to show empathy and love for them despite their shortcomings. It happened when she was ten, the summoner was away from the forests and her sister had gone out into the forest to find herbs, there were many that grew in the forest that could be used for rituals as well as those which could be turned into spices for the clan. She had been at the temple of Saija wrapped up in lessons about Summoner and Guardian pilgrimages. It was something that would be perminatly burned into her mind. It was the first time Saija sent her a vision, no one knew what was happening. Later she was told how much she had frightened the high priest there, her eyes had gone blank, like a slate wiped clean then rolled back in her head, just before she collapsed on the floor.

The first thing she remembered was the pain it shot through her head hot and sharp, then like an observer she saw several things all very quickly. She saw a group of humans snatch her sister, who had wandered beyond the safety of the magical barrier that kept her people safe. Then she flashed, felt like she was flying for a split second then saw a different scene. A woman she recognized as the Saija guardian even if she was not wearing the violet robes that was traditional for a guardian of Spirit fighting a dark robed man with ebony eyes. Terror seared through her, the man was evil, obviously a Dark Summoner though she had only just started learning about them. His guardian struck out from the shadows, whips, lashes, spines of shadow, inky and black wreathed around him, then struck out at the guardian, violet energy combated the darkness. She was whisked away again to see her sisters battered and crumpled body, trapped in the vision she cried, tried to go to her sister but she couldn't move. She saw the man pick her up by her hair and throw her off the cliff he was standing on, it was less than a mile outside the forest. She recognized it as a place they where told to never go. She felt as if a part of her was dying as she was whisked away again to see the guardian on her knees bound down by the shadows, he was laughing and saying something that she couldn't quite hear before the shadows tore the Summoner apart. She couldn't help it, seeing it she screamed, and doing so she flew back to herself and awoke. She was being held by someone, she couldn't see quite right. She hear mutterings about how her eyes where red, it not being natural and then something about her coming to. She was...but....she thrashed to get away from the arms but they only held her tighter. Her mother's voice telling her to settle, to calm, her father telling her she was safe. But they where holding her down and she had to do something...had to...she didn't know but her sister was dead their guardian was dead....she started to sob.

It took them ten minutes while her vision returned to normal for them to calm her down enough for her to talk and when they did she told the high priest what had happened, what she had seen while her parents gasped and backed away from her in shock. The high priest however stayed calm and asked her two things, if she was able to walk and if she could lead a team to the cliff she was talking about. She of course could so leaving the shocked and already mourning parents he took her with him, it felt like seconds everything was moving so fast, word traveled and the high priestess appeared and five of the clan's warriors assembled and she lead them to her sisters body. Any other clan would have doubted the words of a child, but Saija was different and she was marked as special from birth. It was halfway there when the next thing happened, she felt it, pain through her entire body that it nearly crumpled her to the ground again and she took off running, yells from the high priestess and the warriors following her, then they where around her, though they did not try to slow her and it was a small mercy as she raced to the cliffs where they did indeed find the body of the small child, the twin to Myna. The sister that had not been marked. This time she could go to her sister and she did so feeling as if she would die too from the separation but she knew she wouldn't.

It took a week for them to decide to make her the next summoner, it was rare for the decision to be held off that long, a soul could only be held so long before it passed over, once it passed over it could not be used to bind to a summoner. The limit was seven days. A week. No one wanted to turn a ten year old, bred or not to be a summoner she was too young. Still she filled the requirements and no one else did and she had been marked by the goddess and blessed obviously with the gift of cognition. So right or wrong she was asked if she wanted to go through the ritual and become a summoner and her sister to become a guardian. She was told what would happen and how her sister's soul could refuse but there was no way to ask her ahead of time. She told them they would and that her sister would not refuse. So she became the youngest of the Saija clan to ever be made a Summoner.

Auron came the next week, the leader of the summoners and of Maltueen the clan of balance. He taught her many things, how to be a summoner, how to use her abilities and helped her to make the trip to the Oasis. With her sisters death and her becoming a summoner, her parents distanced themselves from her. It hurt but she understood it so she gave them the distance they wanted, Auron became like a father to her. He helped her train, taught her what she would have been taught in the next five years as she grew old enough to actually become a summoner. Tended to her when her visions blinded and hurt her. It took her years to be able to handle the pain of them and to take care of herself while blinded by them. He introduced her to the other summoners who where skeptical of a child summoner but grew to be her family, who helped teach her, helped her train. Shalie the summoner for water helped teach her how to interpret her visions so they could be warnings of disasters before they happened, to prevent them from happening. Helped her understand when she got a vision of something that had happened in the past. Lindie the summoner of Air, taught her to move with speed and grace, though she was the slowest to warm to her presence. But her innocence matched with her serious nature eventually won the summoner over. Ben, the fire summoner, never quite accepted her, but for years treated her as fragile and something to be protected at all costs, he was more the silent bodyguard, though she always respected him. His best friend Vance of Vuuentae, of the lightning clan was similar minded though he chatted and joked around with her as she grew a little older.

When she was seventeen she nearly was killed saving Shien Valley from a couple dark summoners who had started a plague which would carry corruption on the heels of the disease. Shalie was with her and used her guardian to whisk away the disease, her guardian was big enough in its mist form to cover the small town and she did so, cleansing the town. While she was doing that the summoners struck at her, Myna saved her life but had not fully come into her power yet and was nearly killed in the process. She had killed one of the summoners with her own guardian, her twin. The other had fled after striking a nearly fatal blow against her, the pain of it radiated through her body, as the inky black corruption of the wound showed as a black wound all across her abdomen and chest. It had been her first run in with Esanee. Shalie had in turn saved her life by taking her to the Oasis, she was lucky to survive the journey and undergoing a ritual which she had to instruct Shalie how to do as she coughed up inky corruption made solid, and laughed in pain. Shalie managed to purge the corruption from her, saving her life. Still it took time for her to recover. She was not well enough to leave the Oasis for a week, and after the first day Vance came to be her personal body guard. The experience had given her one thing though, the goddess Saija had gifted her as she gifted few of her summoners, with the ability to physically control and manifest spirit as an elemental ability.

Her next test did not come for another four years, when she and the other summoners faced the dark summoners at the ridge between the Wastes and Avendale. She had lost her family there, unable to protect Auron or any of the others despite her training or power. Again she had nearly died, not from Esanee who had died in the battle, killed by the man she had sworn herself to. She had nearly died from the shock wave compiled with her desperate and ultimately futile effort to protect Auron.

So begins...

Myna's Story