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Atrian Uprising

Atrian Uprising


When Atrians from the planet of Atria crash-land onto Earth, what happens 10 years later?

931 readers have visited Atrian Uprising since Aquamarine created it.

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Image10 Years Ago
The planet of Atria became uninhabited so all of the surviving Atrians boarded many different ships and went out searching for an uninhabited planet they could colonize. Of course things didn't end up going the way they planned. The Atrian leader, known as the Iksen set those rules down before going on search for a different planet. His brother didn't listen to his rules and demanded that they land on Earth, in the end killing the pilot of the spacecraft and resulting in the crash-landing onto Earth.

The humans believed they were trying to take over the planet and destroy all of the humans so for a while the two races went into war. About a year later when the humans rounded up all of the surviving Atrians, they locked them up in a part of the city known as the sector. Where they were to be kept for nine more years until the government came up with the integration project. The government selected eight Atrian teenagers and enrolled them into the human high school in hopes that within the time the humans and Atrians spend together things would become more civilized. But of course all that did was open up for more chaos than ever!

ImageAtrian Herbs
Cyper - An herb grown from the bodies of dead Atrians. It has healing abilities when mixed with Atrian blood.

Black Cyper - It is one of the most deadliest plants that can kill Humans and Atrians. Although it will only kill an Atrian if it was blown directly onto their faces. Only the Trags can have and control black cyper.

Vire: A plant grown by the Iwabas. When a human is healed with cyper and their veins begin to glow they must eat the vire herb in order for the glowing to disappear.

Prenatal Herb: An herb that helps with the side effects of being pregnant with an Atrian baby.

ImageAtrian Tribes
Iwabas - The mystical tribe of Atrians.

Swamad - The agricultural tribe of Atrians.

Vwazak - The warrior tribe of Atrians.

Zwahan - The ruling tribe of Atrians.

ImageSecret Organizations
Trags - A tribe consisting of members from each of the other four tribes who are against the humans. All they want is dominance over the humans.

Red Hawks - An organization who wants the Atrians dead.

ImageOther Atrian Terms and Events
Dinaskyu - An Atrian holiday described as a cross between Christmas and Thanksgiving. The women get flowers that are strung together like leis. The men get decorated fishnets in the form of something like a dream catcher.

Eljidah - A secret Atrian settlement on Earth believed to be mythological.

Iksen - A tribal leader. Each of the four tribes is designated one.

Itrejivil - An Atrian word meaning Atrian.

Mirzan - Similar to the black box on an airplane, only it records the sensory perception of the pilot.

Sondiv - The Atrians' native language.

Arrival Day - The day the Atrian ship crashed on Earth. Used by Atrians and Humans. (September 17, 2014)

The Sector - A restricted zone where the Atrians are required to live.

Tatties - A slur for Atrians.

ImageAtrian Weaknesses
Food Allergies - Atrians are allergic to a lot of human foods, like cilantro and foods/drinks that contain caffeine. Consuming caffeine causes anaphylaxis but can be remedied with Epinephrine/Epi-Pen or Cyper and Atrian Blood.

Sensitivity - They are sensitive to salt and dry air.

Black Cyper - It is one of the most deadliest plants that can kill Humans and Atrians. Although it will only kill an Atrian if it was blown directly onto their faces.

Heat Radiation - Atrains need a certain amount of humidity in the air, and can become very weak when in contact with a powerful heat radiation, and this can cause them to dry out and appear frail and old. Even incapacitated to an extent. They return to their normal state when submerged in water.

Atrians are not allowed to have any cell phones, computers, etc. If they are caught with any form of technology they will be punished and locked up in the crate (Atrian prison). The crate dries them out using heat radiation, causing them to become extremely weak and look old.

ImageAtrian Abilities and Powers
Healing Abilities - Atrians have far better healing abilities, but only under specific conditions (e.g. Cyper mixed with Atrian blood) and can even extend the rejuvenating effect to others of their own kind as well as with non-Atrians (i.e. humans). They also have two sets of lungs and hearts.

Oxygen Absorption - Atrians can breathe through their skin. They can absorb oxygen from air and water. This absorption through the skin also makes it possible for Atrians to practice a form of refined respiration that allows them to survive in certain environments with ambient hazards (i.e. Black Cyper in the air) by filtering out such hazards as they take oxygen in.

Guided Light - Their birthmarks glow an incandescent blue when in contact with water. Its purpose is to help them light their way. Even after they had their marks removed, they will still glow under sufficient wetness or moisture.

Forensic Eye Sight - Atrians can see more spectra of light than humans can. This allows them to perceive highlighted (from their point of view) shapes and images that would otherwise be invisible to humans. This presumably also makes it easier for them to see their way in conjunction to their bio-luminescent markings

Superhuman Swim - Atrians can swim faster and better than humans.

ImageAtrian/Human Pregnancy
When a human is pregnant with an Atrian baby their tears glow just like an Atrian's marks when wet (this happens when Atrian women are pregnant as well). They also end up being continuously thirsty because Atrians drink about 2 gallons of water a day in order to keep hydrated.
To start off, there will be two Atrian characters in each tribe. One is male and the other is female. Only 8 Atrian characters will be in this roleplay!
The ruling tribe.
Name || 16 - 18 || Male || OPEN

Name || 16 - 18 || Female || FC: Claire Holt || Trag || Reserved by VengefulLover

The mystical tribe.
Name || 16 - 18 || Male || Trag || OPEN

Saige || 17 || Female || FC: Ariana Grande || Taken by Aquamarine

The agricultural tribe.
Name || 16 - 18 || Male || Trag || OPEN

Name || 16 - 18 || Female || OPEN

The warrior tribe.
Name || 16 - 18 || Male || OPEN

Name || 16 - 18 || Female || Trag || OPEN

Name || 16 - 18 || Male || Red Hawk || OPEN

Name || 16 - 18 || Female || Red Hawk || OPEN

Name || 16 - 18 || Male || Red Hawk || OPEN

Name || 16 - 18 || Female || Red Hawk || OPEN

Name || 16 - 18 || Male || OPEN

Name || 16 - 18 || Female || OPEN

Name || 16 - 18 || Male || OPEN

Name || 16 - 18 || Female || OPEN

1. Only join the roleplay if you are able to be active. I don't want people joining if they are just going to drop out before or after we start.
2. Plot twists are more than welcome, have fun with the roleplay. If you are unsure about adding a twist into it then feel free to ask.
3. When reserving your character, give me the name of your face claim and which spot you're wanting.
4. Please, do not make any perfect characters. Everyone has flaws, give them flaws.
5. If you want to reserve 2 characters, make sure one is Atrian, one is human. Along with one being female and the other male. If all of the other race or gender is filled, that's when you can reserve 2 of the same gender or race.
6. You have 24 hours to at least send in a WIP. Then 48 hours afterwards to send in a complete sheet, that is a total of 3 days. That should be more than enough time. If you need an extension, please contact me.

When filling out the sheet, remember the ship crash landed on Earth 10 years ago, that would make our characters 6, 7, or 8 at the time. The year is now 2024.
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