Attack of the Killer Squirds

Attack of the Killer Squirds


We are in an apocalyptical era where the squirds have invaded the planet thanks to their creator's geniusness. You can be a robot, a scientist, a human, a squird (although i'm not sure they can talk), or anything else you people want to be because life.

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Once upon a time, a not so long time ago. A very intelligent and charming young Alek Jenkins Armageddon decided to test her brains to see if she could rule the world. It was no easy task, after all, there were many obstacles such as armies from other countries that wanted to remain "independent". So the first thing the young cyborg scientist with a robotic arm decided to do was to create an army for herself. She started with robots, they were easy to control and didn't really have any importance such as life to worry about. They could be rebuilt and re-uploaded (a rebirth of sorts). Secondly she built a second base... then a third. one on land, one in water and one on air. Then a fourth one for space. Because space. The space and air ones were her favorites... for obvious reasons. In her many bases she developed many items of mass destruction... one of which was the most dangerous... A squird. A Squird was the combined mutation of a squid and a bird. not just any squid and bird... multiple squids and birds. Each one squird was unique. But all squirds had a similar function, to destroy all sorts of machinery. Naval, aero and ground machinery. With it's wings it could fly as high as a plane, and with it's tentacles it could swim down to the deepest waters of the pacific. The glorious squird had two lungs, one for oxygen and one for dihydrogen monoxide (h2o). It's only flaw was it had to be in water for 12 hours and in air for 12 more. A flaw that had no effect. The scientist was quite proud of her creation... She however had no time to build mind manipulative devices. The squirds viewed the scientist as a mother figure of sorts... But each had a mind of it's own. They did not want to wait until a set day to wreak havoc... they wanted to prove their worth. They were untrained, yet deadlier than any trained soldier with a bazooka. Each tentacle had a special power... one had fire, another water, another electricity, and so on and so forth. It took them years to figure out how to release themselves from their multiple cages (years spent developing a method of mind control for the squirds, one not yet perfected)... yet when they finally escaped they began the end of the world as we know it. The scientist at first had no quarrel with this... Until she realized that the earth she wanted to rule was going to be destroyed. And like hell would she allow her children to destroy her new kingdom. So in order to save her future kingdom she created a weapon like no other. A robot with it's own mind. One that could surpass any other steam powered machine... Yet it had to obey the scientist in order to not go berserk itself. This new weapon is called CG-288, or HIDA, otherwise known as Lexi Luther. Lexi now spends her days teaming up with this charming, eccentric, attractive, young, intelligent, non-narcissistic, non-mephobic, hot, cool, epic, daring, dashing, beautiful, intellectual, loved, friendly, perfect scientist in order to put an end to the madness caused by the squirds.
Many weapons have been produced by this scientist in order to stop the squirds... new technologic advances... such as time travel, teleportation, death ray, and many others.
The fate of the world rests in these two brave (the scientist being the bravest) soldiers of peace.

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Character Portrait: Alekzandra Jenkins Armageddon


Character Portrait: Alekzandra Jenkins Armageddon
Alekzandra Jenkins Armageddon

Mad Scientist that created the squirds


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