Alekzandra Jenkins Armageddon

Mad Scientist that created the squirds

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a character in “Attack of the Killer Squirds”, as played by ManGirlThing


Alekzandra is a medium sized human thing, with a robotic right arm and bionic eyes. She is badass and sciency. She is sarcastic as hell, and very enthusiastic to threaten people, and she's a mad scientist but highly reasonable and very threatening. Irony, sarcasm, fish puns and sassy behavior is basically what this mad scientist is all about (y'know, aside from being a mad scientist and all that hot jazz)
she has a crap ton of self made gadgets that can probably kill a lot of people if she wanted to. she has the death-ray Tesla originally made. 'Course she made some tweaks on it.
She is an orphan and likes it that way. (She got a little carried away with the death ray <at least she didn't get grounded…>)
She is the CREATOR of the squirds and other creatures.
Oh and she's very enthusiastic about taking over the multiverse.

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Alekzandra Jenkins Armageddon's Story