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Akira Ryuuzaki

"save me" "DESTROY~"

0 · 302 views · located in Inside the Three Walls; Maria, Rose, and Sina

a character in “Attack On Titan ; Risen From The Ashes”, as played by DreamerOnTheStars



Name: Akira Ryuuzaki "Kira for short"

Age: 19

Race: Titan Shifter

Role: Female Titan Shifter

Placement: Scouting Legion

Years in Training: 10 | 9 years old "They take advantage of my shifting powers.."

Years in Field: 6 "I've seen things most people haven't..."

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6

Weight: 110

Weapon: A pistol "For non-titans, because I'm not afraid to kill them either~"

[+] She often- and unconsciously, reverts back to her old self before the training.
[+] Talks sadly and wistfully, like she is actually calm and controlling.
[+] Laughing through battle.
[+] Suddenly and randomly becoming selfless as if she was different
[+] Akira sometimes stops killing in the weirdest of times. Usually its because of her other side.
[+] Her eyes used to be blue but they turn red after the training. So if her eyes ever change slightly blue it means..

Sexuality: Pansexual

Romantic Interest: TBA "Tch."

Job: A Solider "And nothing more."


Personality: Akira is not messed with usually because of her reputation and her power of shifting.. She is known to be crazed and not easily understood- which is because of the many things that she does like laugh in the oddest times and her bipolarity.. Though to those who knew her when she was younger knows of her past self, and it still appears to be within her at times. Kind, selfless, pure hearted, gentle, sane and calm. It only appears in the most random of times sadly, and she claims internally that she hates it.. But at the same time, her other side tries to push out.. Its like she has two minds.. Maybe she'll decide on one?

Now her temper, is almost non existing as she is laid back with her crazed self. However if anyone she enjoys gets hurt, she can grow extremly mad- where she'll kill and beat. At that moment, no morals come to her and she will continue until someone holds her back which is one of the reasons people stay back.. But it shows that she got a heart unlike what people believe. [MORE TBA]


[+] Fighting
[+] Sweets
[+] Information on the Titans
[+] People who fear her [Or so she believes]
[+] her brother [she doesn't remember]

[-] Being bored/Restrained
[-] Trapped
[-] Those who fear her..honestly
[-] Her old self coming out.

Fears: TBA

[+] Fighting/Weaponry "Of course, I excel in it!"
[+] Understanding the titans slightly.
[+] Resisting pain/Acting
[+] Speed/Flexibility
[+] She is pretty good controlling her Titan form.

[-] She gets a little too pumped in battle.
[-] One eye has one cut right across and its painful to open. So she covers it with gauze.
[-] She is emotionally unstable
[-] Because of her two minds always clashing, she often has problems and will change her motives within seconds.

What she looked before training.

Bio: Akira was born an orphan along with her older brother, Riku who she loved dearly. They both watched each others back at the orphanage, but she often the childish/weaker one.. So she would often stick up for her brother when others talked behind his back causing herself to stick out with rowdiness. It was never too bad though, maybe a little yelling there and here but nothing more.. until one day she was angered. And not just a little. A lot. To the point where she actually shifted to a titan- or a smaller one at that. But nevertheless she was assaulted, and pinned. "A monster!" People cried, and she watched familiar men zip around her with those swords. Looking at her with hated and feared eyes. Is this what titans felt like?

Little after, she blacked out hearing her brother call out- but she was too gone to wake.

Later, she awoke in a confined room, full of soldiers who were holding weapons- ready to stab. It was scary. And she cried and cried for her brother, only to be left hopeless. She was alone wasnt she. It took her awhile to finally believe in that, and she calmed. IT was hopeless. After deemed calm, they released her- but not to home. To a training camp. The higher ups heard of this before, and planned to use her as an assist, a weapon. But she didn't care as the soldiers promised her a good future and for her brother as well. Wouldnt that be good. She wondered, being the foolish little child she was..?

5 years passed, and Akira went through ruthless training and horrible treatment. These men didnt treat her like human, just a monster. She saw those looks that they gave her, and it made her crazy. Was she not human anymore? Was she not NORMAL!? It literally broke her sanity and she couldnt bear it no longer. A new crazed side of her grew and she changed. People say that within a day she would begin to cackle. Who was she?

Couple months later, Akira was released as promised [Or because she threatened them] and she returned home. She saw her brother Riku. Was she happy? Nope. Her new self ignored him, deemed him useless and she would rather fight. DESTROY DESTROY! Oh that look on his face was hilarious. She would laugh to till this day. He would ask what happened to her and she would reply "Nothing~" It seemed to provoke him, but did she care? No.

However within her, a little voice just calls and screams. "Im sorry!"

Other: She has many visible scars, one across her nose which is covered by gauze.


Her brother| Riku Ryuuzaki


Character Thoughts On Others:

||Arin Pikasa||
"He is cute, always lazing about and happy. And what I like most is his fearlessness~ Its funny to watch him jump around without a thought!"

"Oh I remember him when I was a child, he barely knows me.. and know he only knows my crazed me."

||San Fekatchi||
"Sometimes I have thoughts to shoot her..~ Her seriousness just provokes me for some reason, reminds me of someone. But her honesty is cute~"

"She is pretty and her veteran status is respectable."

||Mikasa White||
She doesn't like me, but I sure don't care.. However I like her in battle, she is strong and cool to compete with!"

"I want to meet her. I looked up to her as I see her battle.. too bad she only knows my crazy self."

||Argus Helion||
"Haha~ I like him a lot! He laughs which is great~ He has humor, plus he isn't a sissy."

"She reminds me of my crazed self. But less..crazed. heh, I hear all the time that he was a cutie and he is. Don't get influenced by crazy me?"

||Sorin Mayhew||
"hm~ She's cute as well. Small but full of fire. Plus she isn't always serious. Sure she thinks im crazy, but hey~ everyone does."

"I hear a few things about her, and she looks cute~ Maybe we'll be friends."

||Razeluxe Ackerson||
"Oh..The other titan shifter- well I love him, he is the same as me~ But I hate when people compare me to him."

"This kid, he is cute and his personality.. reminds me of myself kinda~ I want to talk to him more if I have the chance."

||Conrad Reinhardt||
"That serious guy~ I find his antics cute for some reason. Acting like a leader, hopefully I can piss him off!"

"Sometimes I see him when I slip out, and I just wish him the best as my other side can piss him off... I hope he can control her.."


Theme Song: Kakuri Burst

"You're dead~!"

So begins...

Akira Ryuuzaki's Story