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Arin Pikasa

"Ahaha, look at all of them~" WIP

0 · 787 views · located in Inside the Three Walls; Maria, Rose, and Sina

a character in “Attack On Titan ; Risen From The Ashes”, as played by リンーちゃん



Name: Arin Pikasa

Age: 22
"I know I know... I'm quite the old man, aren't I..."

Race: Human

Role: Male No 2 (Lazy, Fearless, Procrastinator)

Placement: He was aiming for Military Police, but after a little more thinking, joined the Scouting Legion
"I am selfish in some ways, but at least I chose the right choice in the end!"

Years in Training: 6 years starting from age 15

Years in Field: One only, and he's only killed a few Titans, most by accident really.

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1

Weight: 163

Weapon: None

Oddities: He's hardly afraid of anything, not even Titans. He prefers to walk along Wall Maria and just stare down at them, teasing them and what such.

Sexuality: Pansexual

Romantic Interest: None at the moment

Job: He worked after hours at a pub to clean it up on the weekends, but quit the job when he turned 19.
"It was fun, cleaning with that old guy, but I figured my prior job needs more attention than that."


Personality: "I'm easy to understand, wouldn't you agree?"

Simple. Plain. Lazy. Happy. A few words to describe Arin. There's no double blade or bipolar side to him at all. He's just... well... Arin. If he was a species, he'd be an Arin. Why? Because there's probably no one else in the world like him. He's a strange young man, a very strange one, and for many reasons.

He's fearless. No, not some sort of brave warrior hero saving the day or whatever. He's just literally fearless. You'll see him using his 3D Maneuver Gear to swing along the sides of Wall Maria, flying just above each Titans head and out of their reach. If he's accidentally too low and get's caught, someone else always comes to the rescue, or he handles it himself. That's the only reason why he's killed Titans since the walls have never broken since a long time ago. And afterwards, instead of apologizing, regretting his actions, resigning, or cowering, he simply laughs and says something like, 'Did you see how many there were?' 'That was close, wasn't it?' 'You saw that too, right?' 'That was fun!' Yeah, he's got a couple loose screws here and there.

Then he's lazy. Well, when someone's life is in danger, of course he'll come and get it over with, but he's not as worried or freaking out like most people are. When it comes to jobs, like helping someone carry something, or taking something out, things of that sort that was tiny little chores, he's always asking for people to do it for him, or saying he'll do it later. He's a procrastinator, but procrastinators do things at the last second. He's not like that. Arin simply says he'll do it later, forgets, then repeats after someone asks him to do it again. It's an everlasting cycle, which is why hardly anyone relies on him for little jobs. Though in battle, he's good to rely on, a good battle or sparring partner.

♥ Fighting Titans "I'm contributing to their decline~"
♥ Teasing
♥ Being lazy
♥ Procrastination "I can't say I'm sorry."
♥ Spicy Food - He likes the taste, no matter how spicy

☓ Titans "I like killing them, nothing else."
☓ Sweet Food
☓ Seeing Death - Other than the Titans that is
☓ People dying
☓ Work "What a pain..."
☓ Doing work

Nothing, he's practically fearless
"Fearless, indeed I am!"

❧ Fearless - Practically afraid of nothing.
❧ Quick on his feet in battle
❧ Very flexible in many situations "Hehe... it grabbed me yesterday! I was so close to getting eaten, wasn't I!"

✠ Not afraid - Sometimes it can get people killed. He just hasn't died just yet.
✠ Strays from orders
✠ Hardly Listens to others "Eh? What'd you say?"
✠ Doesn't do work when asked


Bio: (Include their normal life, how and why they decided to enter the military, why they aimed for that certain placement, and their beginning life of how the wall broke again.)



John Pikasa - Father ; Deceased ; 42 when died ; 46 currently ; KIA

Eva Pikasa - Mother ; Deceased ; 38 when died ; 42 currently ; KIA

Mary Pikasa - Sister ; Alive ; 6 currently


Character Thoughts On Others: (If don't know, wait for my characters :3)


Theme Song: WAVE | Soraru (Japanese)

Make one mistake and the whole world ends
The green lights fill the streets, we go as always
Fly up once, and then stop again
And just try once more in vain

Both our hearts are connecting
Was it what they wanted in the past
A choice that needed reflecting
It was “Impossible” they said but

Ahh, won’t you come and dance with me?

Let the Moonlight take a hold and embrace me oh-so-bold
Feel it resonating in sound WAVEs til they eat you up into darkness
Till the time when fear is no longer, worthless feelings getting no stronger
I’m enveloped into your radiance, I’ll lose my heart so completely
I’m spinning, revealing the hidden world’s—

If it comes to mind just shut down again
Until red lights fill the street, I’m gonna be here
Try to flee but eventually, I know I will still succeed

Next, we’ll make an illusion
I’ll Skype with an alien
Now let’s select a delusion:
A love that overthrows all boundaries

Ahh, won’t you come and sleep with me?

Let the moonlight take a hold and embrace me oh-so-bold
Feel it resonating in sound WAVEs til your sanity is forsaken
To those times that I have forgotten, all those things that I’ve had to fight with
I’m so blinded by all your radiance, I’ll lose my heart completely
It’s coming, succomb to the future’s new—

Ahh, won’t you come and dance with me?

I can hear the voice of dawn, as it calls me out to morn
Now I realise all those times I’ve drowned in reckless hate and ill notions
There’s no way that I’ll ever back out;
I can’t lose or choose to go back now
I’m enveloped into your radiance, I’ll find the courage to strive and fight
Dissolving, revolving a brand new world—
To flee it, defeat it; it’s up to you



So begins...

Arin Pikasa's Story