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Kyo Bienti

"I-I'm sorry alright..." WIP

0 · 221 views · located in Inside the Three Walls; Maria, Rose, and Sina

a character in “Attack On Titan ; Risen From The Ashes”, as played by リンーちゃん



Name: Kyo Bienti

Age: 18 (Surprised?)

Race: Human

Role: Male No 5 (Childish, Scared, Baby)

Placement: He planned on entering Stationary Guard, but for some reason, chose Scouting Legion instead. He still regrets it to this very day.

Years in Training: 6 Years from age 11

Years in Field: One only , and that alone has gotten him afraid of his job.

Gender: Male

Height: 5'10
"I g-guess I grow a little slow than most people..."

Weight: 157

Weapon: N/A
"I-I don't really carry weapons around..."

Oddities: Bipolar. Kyo is bipolar, and it's not one of those in battle out of battle things. It's not very big either, but at times, he can be a happy, cheerful, and enjoyable young man, other times, usually, he's very scared, childish, and much of a baby, despite his height and age, and others he's completely silent and emotionless. It's not really one of those depending on the situations kind of things, it just... happens, sometimes. He's also got this stuttering problem where he stutters often, no matter the situations. It's amazing to see him finish his words without stuttering honestly.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
"E-eh? W-what makes you wonder that..."

Romantic Interest: He actually did like a girl..... before she was killed by a Titan, which leads to his dead set hatred towards them, but also his great fear of them.

Job: He took a whole entire round of part time jobs, but quit once he got his first year on the field and finally got an actual look at the Titans, which just broke through the wall.


Personality: "I-I guess you could put it that I'm a scardey-cat...."

Indeed. Kyo, especially during battle, and despite his tendency to kill them all, is a very scared young man. Sometimes people think he's afraid of everything when he's honestly just a little shy, embarrassed, or scared of something else. He's easily scarred, not scared, and not physically scarred, but once he sees something, it's nearly impossible for him to forget, which leads to his problems with the Titans. Once he saw one as a child when his father, who was stationary guard, took him to Wall Maria, he had nightmares and couldn't get the image out of his head, which frightened him even further. So basically, because of his memory or scary things, it'd only be obvious towards why he's so frightened.

He's also very childish, outside of battle that is. When he's safe, and when he feels that nothing bad will happen, people are able to see a calmer version of Kyo. What does that mean? Well, for once, you won't see him cowering over things or mentioning how afraid he is. Instead, he'll speak normally, usually forgetting about his stuttering habit, and he's able to smile rather than wear a horrified expression all the time. He'll laugh at things people would shake their heads at, or baby people shorter or younger than him. He'll say childish things, or do childish things, especially for meat. Yes, as you should know, Kyo is slightly addicted to meat, and since its kind of hard to pull him away from it. Though he's not an obsessive eater or anything, he'll still adore meat like an idol.

But then again, because of his fears, Kyo is not always his baby-like or cheerful self. Just like most of the others who fight Titans, or others who are apart of the Scouting Legion, he is one of the few that have actually considered suicide rather than get eaten or suffer a life of fear. He can become completely quiet, expressionless, and just continue thinking. Although not that many people know since he hardly expresses his suicidal thoughts, he does think about it often, and when he was 16, he once held a gun to his head, ready to pull the trigger until someone caught him. Of course he was punished, and it wasn't very fun, but he still thinks about it constantly, over and over, and just about every time he sees a Titan.

♥ Meat "I-It's really... really good...."
♥ Nice People
♥ Safety
♥ Peacefulness
♥ The Walls
♥ Music - He listens to it often whenever he can
♥ Quiet
♥ Predictable Happenings - It allows him to know what'll happen next which will calm him down

☓ Strict People
☓ Seriousness "I-It's just... s-scary..."
☓ Titans
☓ Scouting Legion
☓ Criticism "T-though we may be in a war, t-that doesn't mean it's the right time to d-do these things..."
☓ Rudeness
☓ His Memory - It allows him to remember too much

♮People Dying "I've seen too much of that..."
♮Titans "S-so many around us..."
♮Practically Everything

❧ Listening
❧ Doing as Told
❧ Planning
❧ Eating "E-eh? Is that really a talent?"

✠ Scared of Everything "I'm sorry..."
✠ Weak
✠ Nervous/Anxious
✠ Hesitant - To do anything like fighting, or even cooking, or giving a speech, etc.


Bio: (Include their normal life, how and why they decided to enter the military, why they aimed for that certain placement, and their beginning life of how the wall broke again.)


Family: (Please include if they are deceased or not along with age and optional pictures | Also add in, if dead, how they died)


Character Thoughts On Others: (If don't know, wait for my characters :3)


Theme Song: Konoha's State of The World | Hatsune Miku & IA

So begins...

Kyo Bienti's Story