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Riku Ryuuzaki

"Shut up... you're too loud."

0 · 834 views · located in Inside the Three Walls; Maria, Rose, and Sina

a character in “Attack On Titan ; Risen From The Ashes”, as played by paokikipao



Name: Riku Ryuuzaki

Age: 21

Race: Human

Role: Male #4 (Ambitious, Fierce, Stubborn)

Placement: Scouting Legion

Years in Training: 8 | Started training as soon as his sister left.

Years in Field: 4

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1

Weight: 164lbs

Weapon: Knows martial arts, and has a revolver, "I am not afraid to use either one".

Oddities: In combat, he gets out of control sometimes. He never know how to measure danger and never backs down from a fight, even when it means his life might be in danger, "I always give it my all, if that's not enough I'll just die. I am not afraid of death".

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Romantic Interest: None, "and I'd like to keep it that way".

Job: Nobody knows, but he secretly works in as a radio broadcaster, the audience only know him as R.

"When something bad happens you have three choices... you can either let it define you, destroy you or let it strengthen you".

Personality: Riku is well known for his temper, he gets easily angered by things, specially injustice. He is extremely stubborn and stops at nothing to accomplish what he wants. (TBA)

Justice, honor, winning, working hard, accomplishments, ranking up, gaining strength, learning new abilities, helping people.

Losing, titans, giving up, feeling helpless, cowardice, being deceived by others, lies, rudeness, narcissists, seeing his sister suffer.

Fears: Although he would never admit any fear or weakness of any kind, one of Riku's biggest fear is that of losing his sister. He fears that she will never go back to her old self and that he can't help her. He also fears that they won't be able to save humanity, or what's left of it anyways.

Talents: Even when he does not think of it as a talent, Riku can easily tell what emotions people are feeling, he is also great at detecting lies. Another talent is that of excellent marksmanship as well as his great talent in martial arts. He is also a fast learner, partly because of his stubbornness that won't allow him to give up once he starts something.

Flaws: Because of his stubbornness and inability to feel fear when it comes to a battle, he often gets injured and runs into trouble as he never gives up in a fight. He does not retreat unless he is literally dragged out of the fight or unconscious.

Flashback before Riku entered the Scouting Legion


Riku remembers most of his life back when he lived in the orphanage with his sister Kira. Although he would often get into fights with other kids who would molest either him or his sister, everything seemed to be going well for kids who grew up in an orphanage. Even when there would be times when he had the chance to get adopted, however only him without his sister, he would get into all kinds of trouble so that they would never separate him from his sister whom he loved greatly. One of his greatest memories and one of the most vivid in is mind is that of making a promise to his sister Akira. One day, after giving her a beautiful yellow ring, that he had found while playing with Kira ,he promised; "I promise to always stay on your side, and to take care of you, Kira~"

Sadly his promise was broken when his sister unexpectedly changed into a titan. Angered and full of frustration as they were going to be separated Kira shifted into what they had learned to fear ever since a young age. Riku remembers crying as he saw the pain in his sister's eyes, it was obvious the transformation was painful, soon after she was assaulted by a group of soldiers before she or Riku could do anything. Riku without doubt was afraid, however not afraid of his sister attacking him, but afraid of what would become of her because of it. Monster! she's a monter children around her cried, along with others.

Riku pushed people who were crowding to see what was happening, crying for his sister's name, "Kira! but it was useless, his sister passed out and the soldiers took her. Finally after making a way through he pushed the man that were taking her as if she was some kind of lifeless item, but he got knocked down as one of the soldiers punched him saying, "it's the only way kid..."

During days Riku would go round and round to the building where the soldiers had his sister. Day's passed and he could not even see a hair on his sister. Rumors flew that they had killed her as she was dangerous, while others said that they had sent her to training. Soon after the soldiers took Kira, they searched Riku experimenting on him as well, not knowing whether he could also transform, like his sister had, into a titan. They tried everything from torture to constant tests seeing if his body could react and shift into a titan. Of course, they failed to find anything strange on Riku and finally released him, however the orphanage did not allow him to go back as they 'they couldn't allow anything like that happen ever again, and he too could be a threat to other kids'.

A year passed and Riku was not going to give up on his sister, following after her, he also got his training done. However, he was not trained officially like everyone else had; instead he got trained by a veteran, and elder who had given him refugee when he was kicked out from the orphanage. The training was just as intense, if not worse, than the training that the official one, but Riku would never give up. He believed that if they saw how good he was, he would immediately get accepted.

Time passed and Riku's mentor fell deeply ill, knowing that he could not leave him to die on his own as he did not have any family and saw Riku as his own blood, he stayed by his side. That was the first time that Riku thought of someone other than his sister. Without knowing years had passed, but Riku never gave up on seeing his sister again and continued training on his own, however this time he was officially allowed to train as a trainee, with the condition that he could not live with the other trainees, something rather beneiftial seeing how his mentor was almost in his deathbed.

One day, Kira returned to Riku in his new home, bringing non stop tears into Riku's eyes. Upon coming closer to her he noticed something different, "this is not my sister..." as he saw her cold stare. This was no longer the innocent little girl that he remembered, instead it was a deformed version of his sister, wicked, crazy... lost. After seeing his shocked reaction Kira simply laughed and mocked him. 'What have they done to you?!' he asks up to this day. He tried everything to convince her to stay with him as he took her back to the outside of the orphanage where they had so many memories, both good and bad, but she simply mocked him and explained that she would rather fight than to stay with him. She left without looking back and Riku couldn't help but to let a tear out in desperation. Once he went back with his mentor for comfort he passed away, he only left a note with a note telling him not to give up and that he loved him dearly ever since he adopted him. His master's death and his sister parting left Riku with a feeling of emptiness and helplessness.

Riku hated his sister for leaving him and because he couldn't be there when his master died as he was convincing her of coming back to him. Little did Kira know that Riku too had done his training while he was waiting for her to come back, and that he had gotten accepted. Now he seeks nothing but to go up in ranks to show his sister what he can do.


Family: Akira Ryuuzaki | Sister | Alive

Render by Nerokatze Devianart

Character Thoughts On Others: (TBA)

(Will update/change after the roleplay starts and my character gets to know each one of them)

Mikasa White
"Ahhh Mikasa! She's always in for a good fight, ever since she got here we've been training together~ She's just as stubborn as I am and I LOVE IT, we can argue for hours, it's perfect really. I love calling her Mika-chan, she always gives me this weird/awkward stare, same happens when I call her friend. She has also dragged me out of a couple of fights".

Arin Pikasa
"Arin... yeah we get along just fine, he's not afraid of anything and neither am I. See? told you we got along".

San Fekatchi
"Mmmmhm San remind me a bit of Mikasa, but she's colder, I think... Anyways, I haven't really gotten a chance to talk with her, except from getting a few scolds here and then, but that doesn't count does it?"

Akira Ryuuzaki

Argus Helion

Sorin Mayhew

Razeluxe Ackerson

Conrad Reinhardt

Rinii Anita LeQuarte

Nami Radke

Kyo Bienti

"Come back to me, Kira!~"

Theme Song:
The Mixed Tape | Jack's Mannequin
This is morning
That's when I spend the most time
Thinking 'bout what I've given up
This is a warning
When you start the day just to close the curtains
You're thinking 'bout what I've given up
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So begins...

Riku Ryuuzaki's Story