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Rinii LeQuarte

"Oh god, oh no."

0 · 124 views · located in Inside the Three Walls; Maria, Rose, and Sina

a character in “Attack On Titan ; Risen From The Ashes”, originally authored by Kiyokojordie, as played by RolePlayGateway



I Miss The Misery - HALESTORM + Kill and Run - SIA


Name: Rinii Anita LeQuarte or "Shock".

Age: 19

Race: Human

Role: Female 3 (Shy, Easily Frightened, Bipolar in Battle)

Placement: Stationary Guard

Years in Training: 5 years, starting at 15.

Years in Field: Only 1 year.

Gender: Female

Height: 161cm

Weight: 59kg

Weapon: A spark lighter (only small)

Oddities: Has anxiety, especially over Titans breaching the wall

Sexuality: Straight

Romantic Interest: TBA

Job: None


Rinii is a reserved girl with anxiety that causes her to freak out in certain situations, unable to cope under too much pressure, fear or any anxieties she might have at the time. Because of this factor, some people suspect she has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but her anxiety is just too bad that she often gets paranoid at the tiniest of thoughts.
She is a live wire of electrical emotions, which earns her the nickname "Shock", implying that she is unpredictable like electricity and also that she gets surprised at a lot of things (a trait that many of her fellow comrades tease her for). There is also a secret meaning to her nickname that only those who have seen her bipolar episodes or 'clean slate' as she likes to call it, understand. For when she gets bipolar Rinii is a whole new person and it is often shocking to watch a small, frightened, anxious girl be turned into a military machine. The name originally came from her spark lighter that she uses sometimes.
Despite her strange personality disorders, Rinii is a kind girl, quiet girl who is often left in the background to observe others in silence. While she would like to converse with many of her acquaintances, she often becomes too shy to say anything. Always willing to lend a helping hand, Rinii will help those in need when they desperately need it, unwilling to let them suffer despite her fears.

+ Being a follower.
+ Staying safe/being cautious.
+ Music.
+ The outside world.
+ Defense tasks.

- Titans.
- Death.
- Coming anywhere close near death.
- Pressure .
- Under preparation.

~ Death.
~ Seeing others die.
~ Titans.
~ Sudden change.

* Is a good thinker; she can set up quick, easy and efficient plans to blockade an open entrance or keep the Titans away from the walls.
* When extremely angry, upset or if she gains enough courage she can be one hell of a fighter, the complete opposite of her usual self. She calls this her 'clean slate' where she blocks out every emotion, fear and anxiety away from her mind and just focuses on killing.

! Often gets too afraid or anxious and freezes up. Cant cope well under fear or stress.
! When in her 'clean slate' she has a possibility of hurting herself or others.
! Is a crybaby, to be honest.


Bio: WIP (Include their normal life, how and why they decided to enter the military, why they aimed for that certain placement, and their beginning life of how the wall broke again.)


Mother: Chrissy LeQuarte |DECEASED - Reports say she had an illness| {Aged 41}
Father: Jon Cain LeQuarte |UNKNOWN (M.I.A) - Was a solider of the Scouting Legion| {Aged 38}
Elder Brother: Terrence Jon LeQuarte |ALIVE - Military Policeman| {Aged 21}
Younger Sister: Elise May LeQuarte |ALIVE - Unemployed| {Aged 10}


Character Thoughts On Others: WIP
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Arin Pikasa -
San Fekatchi -
Akira Ryuuzaki -
Argus Helion -
Sorin Mayhew -
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So begins...

Rinii LeQuarte's Story