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Argus Helion

But, it is a laughing matter.

0 · 387 views · located in The Area around the Last Human Stronghold

a character in “Attack On Titan: The Second Rising of Man”, as played by PulseTrick



Name: Argus Helion

Age: 18

Race: Human

Role: The flirtatious, never serious Joker

Placement: Scouting Legion He finds no rush bigger than flirting with the most beautiful woman of all: Death

Years in Training: 4. He started training when he was 12

Years in Field: 1 year in the field, killed 1 titan. He is now on the front lines on all missions.

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 125 lbs

Weapon: Acid soaked blades (Fluoroantimonic acid)

Oddities: Argus Laughs at some of the most inappropriate of times, usually when he is using his 3DMG, and fighting titans. This is his strange way of coping with fear, and dealing with stress. By laughing so much, he keeps a steady flow of oxygen running through his blood steam, making him think faster, if not erratic.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Romantic Interest: None at the moment

Job: Street Performer on Sundays


Personality: Major Points about Argus are that he is Flirty, a joker, and does not care about anything enough to take it seriously. Argus is a very smooth individual. His flirting can easily be read as him being shallow, but it is instead a strategy used to investigate peoples comfort zones. He is often observed as crazy as well

Likes: Ice cream, crabs, adrenaline rush, things that are funny, lame jokes.

Dislikes: People that don't laugh, Titans, Staying in one place for long periods of time.

Fears: Being silenced, being alone, being locked in a dark place.

Talents: Experienced with the use if the 3DMG, enough to have the nickname of "Flying Hyena"

Flaws: Callous towards those who refuse to fight for themselves. Prone to go off with his 3DMG without clearance.


Bio: Argus was born to a middle-class family. He made some good friends as a child, however, he was always bored with what he was doing, and his friends began to resent his initiative to take risks and never get hurt. Soon, his parents opened the door one night to an officer holding their son by the arm, telling them that he had been caught running across roof tops. He had evaded the authorities for two hours, and had finally been cornered on the top of a church, where he dived off the top only to be caught by a guard. His parents were ashamed with his recklessness, even if he wasn't hurt.

The officer also left a card, saying that the young delinquent was impressive, and should join the scouting legion. When Argus did join, he skimmed through training, infamous for his lithe body, and honeyed words towards women. Many a boyfriend disliked this, but could never catch him in a fight, in which, he would wind himself around the fists, and not strike any blows. After he escaped, they could hear laughter mocking them. On his first mission, he made a joke about how the red flares mark when they should move faster, in contrast to as stop sign. As soon as a flare went up, he was alert. His friends looked at him confused. his breathing became faster, and as soon as a 15-meter class had ambushed him, he was laughing.

He was laughing when it picked somebody up and ate them, he was laughing when they brought it into the forest, he was laughing when he drove his sword into the nape of it's neck, and lying in it's skeleton, shaking in giddy excitement. He was brought back into the city soon after and went under psycho-analysis. He was diagnosed with chronic Excited Delirium. Now, he is assigned at the front lines, ready to die at the first sight of a titan, so he will be less of a risk to the Scouting Legion.


Aria Helion : Mother (37 Alive)
Gustav Helion : Father 41 (Alive)

Character Thoughts On Others:

Mikasa White: "Ms. White has quite the name for herself. She has nothing from me if not my respect."

Akira Ryuuzaki: "She laughs for the right reasons, but it isn't a gentle laugh. It's like a Banshee's shriek, ear-piercing and Bone-chilling. Something's up with Patchy, so I'm on my guard when I'm not on The Guard. (quick breathing suggests a small attempt at laughter)

Sorin Mayhew: "Oh, Sorin. She's adorable with her Katana and everything. What's not so adorable is that she doesn't seem to know what she's getting herself into, and I hope she doesn't die for that. She's such a pretty face." (Incoherent laughter)

Razeluxe Ackerson: "Odd kid, I do want to get to know him better. My good name seems to be proceeding me lately though, if you know what I mean." (unwarranted laughter)

Conrad Reinhardt: "This guy really grinds My Three-Dimensional Movement Gears. He's just so serious. All the damn time too! I dunno if it's because he lost somebody, but hey. We ALL lost somebody. NOBODY is special after their dead. Why die gloriously when you can live anonymously. (Strangely, silence)

Rinii LeQuarte WIP

Riku Ryuuzaki I'm all for ambition, but this guy is drivin' the line between ambition and arrogance.

Vermill Alae Mirabila Coffee and tea are the same to me, though with a wire on each side, I won't let him die.

Theme Song:
Glitch Mod- A Dream within a Dream
Nero- My eyes

Lyrics for My eyes
My eyes, follow you around the room,
And I, only ever look at you,
The way you move, get a feeling I can't hide,
It's up to you, if we're gonna do this tonight...

So begins...

Argus Helion's Story


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It is the wee hours of the night. A certain squad of Scouts, newly thrown together, have been put on guard duty as extra training, and as a social exercise. They all stand around a small fire, lit in a wrought-iron brazier atop Wall Maria. The fire is warm, releasing flares of heat to caress each young soldier. Many braziers like the one these young adults stand around dot the wall, each providing light to a squad on lookout.

It is dark, and the moonlight glazes the fields surrounding the monumental fortress. Titans usually do not appear at such an time. A watch must still be kept however, and their collective shift shall be done two hours after sunrise.

The commanding officer, a brash man in his mid-thirties lit his cigarette in the brazier, seemingly immune to the heat of the flames as he stuck his hand into the cage of burning logs.
“So,” he started, “I don’t think many of you know each other, so I’ll just do what my school teacher did when I was in the fourth grade.” He rubbed his chin, prickly without being shaved overnight. “I’ll go first, then the person to my right. I am Sergeant Steven Gurrick, I’ve been serving for ten years, and I like my beer warm, when I can get it.” He looked over to his right, seeing a brown haired boy, staring intently at the fire. He was chuckling quietly, almost a whisper. Although nobody else seemed to be informed that there was a joke. The Sergeant pulled out a list of the squad, and found the description that matched the kid. “Private Helion, it’s your turn.”

“Oh? Okay then.” He took a quick breath in, and surveyed the group. ”My name is Argus Helion, I like telling jokes, no matter how bad, and I prefer to see things a bit more positive than most, kind of like a magnet that is much larger on the attractive side. Also, I like being good-looking!” He stuck a sarcastic pose to imitate a mannequin in a dress shop window, hoping to get a laugh. He turned to his right as well. “How about you, you’re not one of those people that hate everything are you?” his small jest was accompanied with a chuckle.

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Nami was scanning everyone around the fire, she was rocking back and forth on her heels, moving her head side to side examining everyone with wide content, eyes and a smile on her face. She was very excited, but confused at why everyone one was gathered in such an area

“So,” "hm?.." Nami blinked and turned her attention to a stubbly man that looked much older than everyone else. “I don’t think many of you know each other, so I’ll just do what my school teacher did when I was in the fourth grade.” he said while rubbing his chin. “I’ll go first, then the person to my right, I am Sergeant Steven Gurrick, I’ve been serving for ten years, and I like my beer warm, when I can get it.” he continued, Nami giggled to herself, "warm beer?" she thought. Sergeant Steven looked to his right at a guy with brunette hair, he was staring into the fire, laughing... his laugh was inaudible, Nami had a confused expression on her face wondering why he was laughing, she was wondering if the flames had got to his head, considering at how fixated he was on it.

“Private Helion, it’s your turn.” Said Sergeant Steven. “Oh? Okay then.” Said the boy with the name of Helion He stated his full name, Argus, Argus Helion."I like telling jokes, no matter how bad, and I prefer to see things a bit more positive than most, kind of like a magnet that is much larger on the attractive side. Also, I like being good-looking!” And then he made a stupid pose, Nami raised an eyebrow and had a scraggly grin on her face, she covered her mouth and muffled sounds were escaping. And then Argus turned to his right and said something to Sergeant Steven, Nami was too busy trying to stop her laughing to hear what he said.