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Mikasa White

"Nobody is safe from this walls... they should know that by now".

0 · 1,184 views · located in The Area around the Last Human Stronghold

a character in “Attack On Titan: The Second Rising of Man”, as played by paokikipao


Hero||Save me || Savin' me || Demons
β€œWe must stand strong, this walls won't be able to protect us forever”.

|✀| Mikasa Alexandra White |✀| 19 |✀| Mika, K |✀| Heterosexual |✀|

"War does not determine who is right - only who is left". ~Bertrand Russell

Full Name: Mikasa Alexandra White, "Just Mikasa, don't ever call me by my middle name..."

"I don't have time for such idiotic questions...." she shakes her head in annoyance.

Age: 19

Race: Human

Role: Female #1 (Serious, Quiet, On Task)

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual, "very weird questions you ask...".

Nationality: Half Japanese and Half British. "Everyone is the same from my point of view, don't you think?".

Placement: Scouting Legion
"Someday, we will find their weaknesses.... I am sure of it."

Years In Field: 5+ her father trained her at a young age (14 years old).

Years In Field: 2 years, has killed several titans.

Job: Soldier. "In here either you die at the war trying or you die in disgrace. I just want to fight for those who can't..."

Oddities: Even though Mika always tried to stay composed, sometimes she has mood swings, even when they are not as extreme. It mostly happens in a battle as she bursts with rage, however she uses it to her advantage and goes in a killing rampage with Titans.

Height: 5'6

Weight: 110

Mikasa always carries her 3D Maneuver Gear in which she can carry spare blades. Also, she is always carrying at least two blades.

Besides the blades and the 3D Maneuver Gear, Mikasa uses a combat knife which she always carries with her.

"If we do not end war - war will end us. Everybody says that, millions of people believe it, and nobody does anything". ~H.G. Wells


{Headstrong, Determinate, Passionate, Upright, Strong, Independent, Secretive, Loyal, Overprotective, Distant }

Mika is a headstrong girl that is determinate in everything she does, she is passionate about defending the little family she's got left and would do anything for them. She is upright, she values other individuals who are also determinate the most, specially if she believes their reasons for fighting are the 'correct' ones. Even when in the actuality she is a strong, independent girl who can take care of herself, she was once a girl who longed for protection from the war that she now takes part of. "The worst part of being strong is that nobody ever asks you if you are OK".

Mikasa is a girl who is secretive and does not like to talk about herself, "believe me, you don't want to hear it anyways". She is not particularly introverted nor extroverted, just somewhere between the two. There are only a few who can get through Mika's though shell besides her family, and those who do get to see a different side of Mikasa, in which she is a loving, caring and at rare moments even carefree. Being this said, Mikasa is extremely loyal to those who earn her loyaly as she would do anything for those she loves, she even gets to a point where she is a little overprotective other them. "You don't know what I am capable of doing..."

One of the things that Mika desires the most is to see an end to the Titans, and to take what was theirs before they came. Because of the war she has already lost too many, some would say she even lost herself. The war has made Mikasa a seemingly distant and angry-at-the-world type of girl who's out of reach, but it is because she has witnessed death face to face enough times for a lifetime, now she is afraid that harm will come to the rest of her family and other loved ones. "I just don't think I can take it anymore"


Strong || Independent || Talented || Confident || Courageous || Serious || Fearless || Determined || Secretive || Restless || Intelligent || Clever || Stubborn

"People who experience great happiness have also experienced great sorrow. They know the value of it and its importance".



Before the wall was broken, Mika was finally able to join the fight and start her training. Because of this Mikasa hardly has time if ever to do anything besides training, however when she does have time free, she enjoys most spending time with her family and reading. She also enjoys working out and running to 'let some steam off'. "I must focus on what's important, that is all".

Other Hobbies:
    ❀ Drawing, although not a lot of people know about this. "I just like drawing things I don't want to forget"
    ✿ Swimming, "It's like the whole world stops for a moment and there is nothing else but me and the cold water".
    + Training
    + Humility
    + Independence
    + Her Sketchpad
    + Working Hard
    + Doing the Right Thing
    + Helping Others in Need
    + Strength and Independence
    + Learning New Skills
    + Determination
    + Clear Skies
    + Chocolate
    + Cleaness
    + Honor
    + Order
    ✘ Titans
    ✘ Lies
    ✘ Losing
    ✘ Insects
    ✘ Disorder
    ✘ Laziness
    ✘ Surprises
    ✘ Hypocrisy
    ✘ Narcissists
    ✘ The 'Unknown'
    ✘ Egotistical People
    ✘ Misunderstandings
    ✘ Being Told What to do
    ✘ Unexpected Outcomes
    ✘ Rudeness of Any Kind,
    even though she can be really rude at times.
    ✘ People who don't take responsibility for their actions.


"Moving on is simple, it's what you leave behind what makes it difficult".



  • Losing loved ones/Death - Specially her sisters, "I really can't take any more death"
  • Not having control of herself - Either not having control of her life and feelings or of her own body and skills, Mikasa fears not being in control.
  • End of humanity - Knowing what will come to humanity if they lose to the Titans and knowing that what she is fighting for is a lost cause makes Mikasa fearful.
  • Being alone - Although she is not a social butterfly, she fears being left on her own with her troubled mind filled with horrible memories. She also fears rejection from loved ones.
  • Being forgotten - Not doing anything of importance for humanity and being forgotten, or even worse being remembered for not doing anything to help humanity when it was at it's worst is something that Mikasa likes to think about.
  • Fire, "I just find fires... unsettling".


    • Skilled Fighter - Mikasa can't help it, it is in her blood. Ever since she can remember she has always loved a good right, she has the spirit of a fighter. She is strong and can endure much more than an average human.
    • Natural Leader - Because she took care of her family and had top take the role of being the alpha of the family she has taking a habit of being the leader, and adepting leadership skills alongside.
    • Excellent Markmanship & Swordsmanship - Self explanatory
    • Languages/Linguistics - Although it may be seen a bit odd, Mikasa is talented at learning new languages. In fact she can automatically understand every language because of the device that was implanted on her, but even without intentionally using the device she is adept in this department.
    • Achiever - Mikasa has a great deal of stamina and always works her hardest. She always tries to achieve anything and everything she sets her mind to and takes great satisfaction from being busy and productive.
  • Overprotective, sometimes Mika worries too much of those she loves, specially her two sisters, and gets a bit carried away.
  • Mistrusting, because she was often let down by others, and because she would often get teased/bullied by others, she finds it difficult to trust others
  • Secretive, she is secretive when it comes to herself as a person and most specially about her past, however when it comes to her beliefs and other things she is not afraid to speak her mind up.
  • Stubborn, once Mika sets her mind up to something she will stop at nothing to accomplish her goal.
  • Withdrawn, sometimes Mika is simply not friendly or sociable, she may appear distant to some and to others somewhat cold.
  • Solemn, once again, sometimes Mikasa is too absorb in thought, to others she appears to be too serious & deeply earnest. Others may be bothered by her formal speech, of course she does not speak formally to everyone as it depends on the person she is talking with.


"I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you".

Because of the war, humanity stood in desperate times in which they would do everything and anything for their own survival. Everyone has been taught of the Titans, what little they could teach, but not all of them were truly able to understand the true danger until they saw what they were capable.
"Everyone thought they are safe behind the walls, but they were mistaken....".

Mikasa was raised among a loving family who loved her very much, her father trained her since a young age, being part of the stationary guard he understood it was only a matter of time before the Titans attacked again. Little Mikasa only thought of the training as time she would get to spend with her father, whom was always out training.

OOC: More to be added

"Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of all those things and still be calm in your heart". Unknown~



Naomi Clark - Mikasa's Sister - She is always fighting with Mikasa as she is always putting herself in harm's way. Although she is always giving Mika a hard time, doing reckless things and getting in trouble,so that she can see that she is strong enough and that she can take care of herself, she is always worried about her and only wishes she would do whatever she truly wants to do instead of always living for her and her sister.
"Mimi needs to understand that everything I do is for her and Nana. Someday she'll understand, It's not because it's something that I HAVE to do, but rather something that I WANT to do."

Nana Clark - Mika's Younger Sister- She is a little girl who is always on the move, she is highly sociable little girl who likes to play with everyone. She admires Mikasa the most and wants to be like her when she is older. "She is the most adorable sister one could ask for. Even so, I worry that she admires me so much, but worse I fear of letting her down".

Yuki Suzuki - Mikasa's Chilhood Friend/Best Friend - She had always been there for Mika and Mika has always been there for her. She grew up without a family unlike Mika, as everyone was afraid of her she was never adopted by a family until Mikasa's family came along. They took her under their wing and took her as their own daughter raising her as another one of their daughters. "I don't think I would have made it through without Yuki's help, she understand me better than anyone else, sometimes I think better than I do"

Thoughts On Other Characters


(Will update/change after the roleplay starts and my character gets to know each one of them)

Arin Pikasa
"He's... a bit strange isn't he? Although he's rather lazy, something I highly disapprove of, he is also brave and that is something I look up to. Anyways I don't know much about him, perhaps... we could be good comrades in battle".

San Fekatchi
"She's likes to keep things to herself like myself, honest, and understands the importance of taking things seriously specially in the battlefield. It doesn't get any better than that..."

Akira Ryuuzaki
"She's a valuable asset in the scouting legion I don't doubt that, but she is also dangerous and unstable. I can't say I trust her.

Argus Helion
"It seems that he doesn't take things seriously, I don't appreciate that one bit. But, I remember seeing him fight as he killed a 15 meter titan, he's not to be underestimated. He is very skilled, specially when when using the 3DMG, he is perhaps even better than myself if I do say so.

Sorin Mayhew
"I can't say much about Sorin, I don't know much about the girl. She seems a bit cheerful, and to my eyes a bit naive, I just fear she can get hurt".

Razeluxe Ackerson
"I think he has more potential than he lets us see,. Anyways, I am glad that he is on our side".

Conrad Reinhardt
"I respect Conrad, he is a man who knows what staying on task means. He is also a good leader and I admire his abilities greatly, being that said, I hope to exceed him one day".

Riku Ryuuzaki
"Riku is an idiot, there is no doubt. He does not know when to back down, It's hard to know if he has any common sense to be honest. Regardless of that, I like his bravery, anyways I have dragged his ass out of various fights, both unconscious and conscious, he also claims to be my 'friend' multiples of times.

Nami Radke
"Ahhhh Nami... what can I say, she remind me of my little sister a little too much. She's naive, cheerful, too clumsy, more and more reasons why I like to keep an eye out for her, I don't want to get killed because of her " Even though Mikasa won't admit it at all, she cares for Nami and sees her as a little sister, I always try to stay close to her, I would hate to see her getting hurt.


"Life is about kicking ass, not kissing it" Unknown~

Theme Song: Hero by Skillet

I'm just a step away
I'm just a breath away
Losin' my faith today
(Fallin' off the edge today)

I am just a man
Not superhuman
(I'm not superhuman)
Someone save me from the hate

OOC: I am going to change a few things so that it fits more to the roleplay (:

So begins...

Mikasa White's Story