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[center:gg7gjio6][img:gg7gjio6][/img:gg7gjio6] [color=transparent:gg7gjio6]xxxxx[/color:gg7gjio6] [color=transparent:gg7gjio6]xxxxx[/color:gg7gjio6] [color=transparent:gg7gjio6]xxxxx[/color:gg7gjio6] â˜Ŋ [font=timesnewroman:gg7gjio6][i:gg7gjio6]death was a lonely thing[/i:gg7gjio6][/center:gg7gjio6][/font:gg7gjio6] [hr:gg7gjio6][/hr:gg7gjio6] [font=timesnewroman:gg7gjio6][list:gg7gjio6][list:gg7gjio6][list:gg7gjio6]Queen Kiara Grimsbane sat on her throne, quietly and surely as she heard the feet and scramble through the halls. Panic was spreading through hollowed and sacred halls, the clanking of armor echoing in her ears. The soldiers would be there soon, and there weren't any riches in the world that could of prepared the Queen for today. Her gown flowed to the floor, hands folded on her lap as her head was held high. [i:gg7gjio6]Waiting[/i:gg7gjio6]. All her guards had left, leaving her to the fate she herself bestowed to none other but her. White hair was tucked into braid, crowing her head, a hand draped over the side of her throne, she had nothing to do but count the minutes before the approaching assassins. Kiara Grimsbane had no choice but to sit here and reflect on her own past, on her own decisions. The friends she left behind, and the ones she'd never get to meet. The lover who died, but the one who desperately wanted her in his arms. Life was cruel like that, but the twisted emotion in her stomach almost made her laugh. Why now, did she wait for the death she always so closely hide from? Kiara was master of the game, of out playing those who mistook her for a fool. She should of run while she had the chance. To her left, laid a sword carefully crafted in a white sheath, gold like wings extending from the handle of the sword. It had been decided, she thought, that she was to die... but she would take out as many as she could with her. Kiara would go down into history as the woman who fought for her throne. For her country. It was a foolish thought. When that door came flying open to the throne room, she stood slowly. Her crown of gold and horns perfectly placed, she took hold of her sword, allowing it's sheath to fall to the floor. The pale maiden pointed her sword to her adversaries, though remained silence as the group of assassins filled the room. Four, she counted, three women, one man. This would be easier then expected, though the man made her wary. Eyes full of hate and rage, she could only wonder at what pain must of driven him to this point. To make him neglect his duty to serve her. The woman of auburn hair spoke up loud and clear, her sword pointed at the Queen. [i:gg7gjio6]"We have waited a long day for this moment, Grimsbane. It is a shame someone so beautiful must now fall.[/i:gg7gjio6]" She bellowed out. [i:gg7gjio6]"Make it easy on yourself, you were never a fighter!"[/i:gg7gjio6] She wasn't? Ruby lipped curled into a smile, simply waiting. Always, she was waiting. The second woman was a maiden of strawberry blonde, her eyes a dull green. Her hands were shaking, though her adrenaline charged her forward. Her blade raised up, meeting the Queen's as Kiara stared back with a sheer, unimaginable hate burning through them. How [i:gg7gjio6]dare[/i:gg7gjio6] these people cost her her [i:gg7gjio6]life[/i:gg7gjio6]! She was waiting for the day to wear this crown, and today was her first and godsdamn last? It wasn't fair! She was always [i:gg7gjio6]waiting![/i:gg7gjio6] Kiara smashed her foot into the strawberry blonde's knee, making her buckle as her sword swished past, cutting a slit down the dress as a ripping noise echoed through the chamber. The third woman was that of a brunette, and a woman who used daggers. The way she maneuvered the weapons was with skill and precision, her agility stunning almost as Kiara stumbled in her heels. She barely knew how to even walk in these blasted things, using her sword to fend off the attacked the best she could. Using her sword defensively, Kiara watched the blade begin to start shifting to a burning red and orange the more it clashed with the daggers, or the strawberry blonde's sword. Why had the auburn haired female or the male attack yet? There wasn't a chance to look over and see why, but she took her moment to have her sword slice through the side of the strawberry blonde's torso smoothing, watching it melt through the armor and flesh, the smell of gore now filling the room as the blood flicked out, pouring onto the floor around them as she collapsed. "Calypso!" The man cried, the last of his restraint wearing down as the sound of footsteps echoed louder through the halls. A troop, perhaps? The man charged forward, carelessly with his sword raised high. Blocking the attack easily, Kiara felt the stab of a dagger as she disengaged and quickly stumbled backwards. Heavens above, had it just gone into her side? Kiara couldn't even pull out the dagger before another came flying at her. Throwing herself to the floor, on her opposite side, Kiara was getting too weak to even push herself up. Cursing quietly to their god, she took to her feet, both hands back onto her sword. Her heels kicked off, she charged forward as the brunette took a step back, slipping on her friends blood as the sword rammed through her throat, sliding out with a sickeningly wet noise as Kiara turned the blade the the boy. His stance was piss-poor, and he had clearly never held a blade in his entire pathetic life. So cocky, she thought, to think someone like him could defeat her. She wouldn't go down without taking another with her. Just one more person- but sprinting forward now, covered in blood and the floor around her nearly coated, Kiara found herself sliding. [i:gg7gjio6]Sliding right into his blade.[/i:gg7gjio6] The jarring effect was enough for the crown the clatter to the floor, her hair falling around her face to resemble someone else entirely. Kiara watched, watching the boy's brown eyes blow open wide as she angled her sword in protest, shoving it into his chest cavity as a final struggle. As a final 'screw off' to these people. She listened to his choking gag, how his grip on his sword tightened. A blood soaked hand reached up, grabbing the boy finally by the face. [color=cadetblue:gg7gjio6]"You could [b:gg7gjio6]never [/b:gg7gjio6]outsmart me."[/color:gg7gjio6] Archimedes let out a cruel laugh, the blood smeared boy stumbling backwards, simultaneously pulling out his own sword, and falling from Archimedes' blade. From the action, Archimedes fell to his knees as he grasped the crown he so desperately one day wanted to have, to no effect. [color=cadetblue:gg7gjio6]"And she knew that."[/color:gg7gjio6]The male gasped out, blood dripping from his lips as he looked to the auburn female, staring in disbelief as she turned her head rapidly to face the incoming troops. Archimedes watched her get cut down like a fool by Hades, and the terror set in. He was really going to die. This wasn't how he wanted to go out, but as Hades and the Queen's advisers slid in, he felt himself propped up into someone's arm. If he wasn't remembered for this sacrifice, there would be hell to pay, in the afterlife and all mediums he could find. Hades was calling out to him, shaking him as his eyes grew heavy. [color=cadetblue:gg7gjio6]"For... Queen.. [i:gg7gjio6]and country[/i:gg7gjio6]."[/color:gg7gjio6] He croaked out, gripping Hades' hand before his vision went black. He took the Queen's death as his own, and ruined her favorite dress and all. Was it time to come home, Evangeline? [/list:u:gg7gjio6][/list:u:gg7gjio6] [/list:u:gg7gjio6][/font:gg7gjio6]

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