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Titus Magnus Tydor

The Prince of Roclair

0 · 146 views · located in The Kingdom of Mayflower

a character in “Aurica's Choice”, as played by Torrentwolf


Titus Magnus Tydor


Demi-Human: Demin-Human's are an offshoot of humans created by the divine blessing of deities. Though they appear human in appearance they are internally and spiritually different, though in what way depends on the blessing. One thing all Demi-Human's share is an aura radiating off of them, a result of being blessed.




Title(s): Prince of Roclair, The Lunar Avatar,

Titus is considered a giant at his height of 6'2. His body is good shape from exercise and training giving him a toned physic. His black hair is about shoulder length tied into a well groomed ponytail and his close shaved beard complements his dark brown/near black eyes. Titus' skin is a honey tone but his arms have a slightly darker tone from time in the sun.

Typically Titus wears robes, tunics and pants of royal blue and silver which conforms to his station as the Lunar Avatar.


Titus is a relatively nice person, kind and emphatic. He has a love for people and tries to be the best example for his people. Seeing as he is a prince of the people his regular interaction has made him approachable by all walks of life without antipathy.

Titus is an intelligent person with a broad education. He has been educated like any other noble of his station but his education comes from a much higher source than mere mortals. Titus prefers to use his knowledge first in any situation and his calm demeanor means even under stressful situations he doesn't cave easily. Though taught to use his mind Titus was taught to lead and even rule with heart.

But in times Titus can be firm and even harsh when the situation demands it, using his intelligence to put swift ends to arguments and to make points clear. Though calm in and polite in most respects Titus has very little patience for arrogance, injustice and immorality.


Luanr Magic: Titus' magic stems from the the moon and it's light. With it he can form constructs from the light based upon his will. From weapons to creatures and even utilitarian things such as cups and rope, what Titus can form is only limited to his mind.

Dream Walker: Titus' training with the Lunar Princess taught him how to walk among. While walking among the dreams of others Titus can manipulate and change them as he sees fit, creating wonderful dreams or terrifying dreams.

Lunar Blessing: Blessed by the Two Princesses, Titus' blessing radiates an aura of calm tranquility and mystery like the night. Besides his ability to communicate with the Two Princesses it also allows Titus to forgo sleep for longer periods than most humans. He still requires sleep, just less of it.


Titus is the third child of the king of Roclair, Kavar Tydor. His mother Mera Tydor died giving birth to Titus leaving his father to raise him and his two siblings. Though he was a busy man Theren devoted what little time he had left to his children, insure they were given a somewhat proper family life. Titus with his siblings Mera and Frederic all made the best of things and were quite a happy family. However unlike his brother whom was to be king and his sister who would be betrothed to another noble (Preferably a decedent one) Titus had little future for himself aside from maybe an councilman to his brother or even some military position. Never the less Titus found himself more interested in the feelings and lives of people and gravitated to understanding and helping all people, not just nobles but commoners and all walks of life. But that all changed on the day of the Winter Solstice when the Chaining of the Seasons came. For Roclair was one of the few who put the Deity sister princess of the Sun and Moon in high regard and as such the festival was the highlight of the Solace. But this year when the royal family attended the priests announced the Princesses had chosen today to bestow upon him or her their blessing.

So when the midnight hour came the light of the moon did shine upon one, Titus. The blessing was the gift of magic and guidance of the two Princesses. This came as a surprise to many nobles and a great joy for the rest save for the royal family. For in being gifted the blessing Titus would be required to spend half of the year with the princesses until the day he turned eighteen, leaving on the summer solace and returning at the winter solace. It was not a truly happy moment for the royal family but nor was it filled with great sorrow. In the days leading up to the Summer Solstice Titus explored the limits of his new magic, which was primarily based in lunar magic. He found he could form many things from pure lunar light and much later walk through and manipulate if he chose the dreams of others. The blessing also changed Titus as well, turning him from a normal human and into a Demi-human. On the day of the Summer Solstice Titus and his family sadly said their farewells and he departed from his home in Roclair to the realm of the Two Princesses. It would be many months later on the Winter Solstice before he returned, which was met with great joy. While Titus was happy and the same in some way he had changed.

While he refuses to speak of most of it, what he has revealed is most of his time with the Two Princesses was spent much like any other royal family. He was educated in traditional matters and others only the two Deities and their closest followers knew of, treated like part of a divine family and at times unintentionally subjected to trials no mortal should have undergone. This continued until Titus turned eighteen which upon his return the priests of the Solar and Lunar temple revealed the will of the princesses. By the will of the Lunar Princess with the support of her sister Titus was to be the Lunar Avatar. Essentially Titus was the will of the Two Princesses (Primarily the Lunar Princess) and the highest position among the Solar and Lunar Temple. This was met with mixed reactions, as the Lunar Avatar Titus was the most important political person in Roclair, even higher than the king. This caused a major shift in power within Roclair as was settled into his political and religious duties as the Lunar Avatar. Naturally many nobles tried to exploit this new power shift but Titus' devotion to his family and the people in addition to his own beliefs insured no noble could take advantage of him. This among other things garnered him many enemies foreign and domestic, even more so once Titus became the primary foreign ambassador and Representative and of Roclair.

In recent years Roclair has become increasingly disturbed with King of Mayflower's behavior and Titus has been dispatched by King Kavar to "persuade” the king to see the error of his way (Translation: Put him in his place). But Kavar has an ulterior motive, as his son has lived a devoted life to his people and the Two Princesses. It is Kavar's hope that by becoming a suitor to the princess (As his excuse to be be in Mayflower) that Titus will indeed capture the heart of the princess and in turn she capture his.

So begins...

Titus Magnus Tydor's Story