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Väshar is a vast world with 7 continents. Each continent is ruled by a separate kingdom and element. After 20 years of peace, cultures clash and the reminders of horrors and victories still linger. War may be on the brink and survival is key.

802 readers have visited Aurora since TeaTime created it.


Väshar: A large world with seven major continents. Each mastering it's own element. Like elements, there has been life altering clashes between the kingdoms. Though a universal peace as been in order for the last twenty years, many of the residents can not let go of the past horrors and victories.

Continent of Nyorsk:

Ruled by the Amazi

Element: Water

Main Goddess: Theana (The-Anna)
Ruler of the 12 seas of Väshar.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Main God: Norg (Nor) *The letter G is silent.*
Ruler over Trade and Fortune.
Alignment: Neutral Good

Amazi live in the far north. In the higher alps, they are surrounded by ice and rugged mountains. In the lower lands, thick forests that turn into winter wonders during the cold seasons. Known for their trades they are excellent at bartering but feared for their mass naval fleet. Amazi keep their word no matter the cost. Strong willed they are also avid fighters and rarely have the patience to become specialized in magics. Amazi tend to drink and take holidays to drink. It is said that a way to an Amazi heart is through a mug of beer. Physically, Amazi are one of the tallest and the strongest of the races. Even the women have been known to tower over the men. Their hair color usually ranges from hues of blues, purples, to white. A noble birthright, they believe is from Theana herself. Amazi government is ruled by 12 chief-men who make a decision on the people's behalf. The chief-men are voted in by the people.

Continent of Higashi:

Ruled by the Kynada

Element: Air

Main Goddess: Hana (Ha-Na)
Ruler of the twin moons. (Red one is the representation of her messenger in the shape of a fish, the white moon is representation of her ever blooming
cherry blossoms.)
Alignment: Good

Main God: Raiton (Ray-ton)
Ruler of Sky, Thunder, and often refereed to as the Storm Bringer.
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Kynada live in a floating kingdom in the east. Their entire kingdom floats over a mass ocean and it is still a mystery how it levitates. It does move slightly and has been nicked named the traveling country. Kynada are beautiful by nature and often live a life of that of a noble or a king. They value culture and often nicked named 'Spoiled' by the other countries. Despite the labeling, they are very educated and often sought by others to use as translators or mediators in meetings. It is true Kynada lack physical strength but make up for it in magical prowess. They also bare some of the greatest mages and priests. The Kynada physical traits are easy to spot. Slimmer and leaner then most but tall. It is some men can be as tall as an Amazi female. Their government is ruled by an Emperor. He is new to thrown since he surpassed his father who started the peace amongst the nations.

Continent of Semiêr:

Ruled by the Eldur

Element: Fire

Main Goddess: Tayân (Tie-yan)
Ruler of the Flame.
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Main God: Huǒshan (Hu-o-Shan)
Ruler of the Volcano
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Eldur live in the most south continent. They live in a land of black rock, ash, and fire. Their cities are beautifully made up of ebony stone, metal, and glass. Not much grows in their lands so they live off the flesh of fire drakes and fish upon their shores. Because of their special environment they are known to be able to see in the dark. Eldur live a harsher life then most in their up bringing. Their culture is mainly made up of thieves, assassins, con-artists, slavers, and deadly warriors. Eldur were also the first culture to master dragon flight. Because of this they are also greatly feared. Physically, Eldur have a great range of size and shape. They can either be very short to very tall, most have red or black hair; a trade mark passed down from Huǒshan himself. Their empire is ruled by a new king who recently assassinated the old king and his two sons; claiming the prior king's wife for himself. It is said, he waits for a time when the wars will break out again so he may use his red dragons to regain the glory his people had lost.

Continent of Thelios:

Ruled by the Metani

Element: Earth

Main Goddess: Omorfiá (O-mor-Fe-yA)
Ruler of precious metals and stones.
Alignment: Neutral

Main God: Ion (Eon)
Ruler of the Anvil
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Metani reside in the most western continent. It is also the most bountiful of the lands. It has more lakes, rivers, mountains, and plains. This gives them more access to farming, fishing, and mining. Because of this, they also seem to be have the most range in weaponry. It is said a Metani can kill a man with just a piece of paper. It was their spear and swords men that defeated the Eldur's elite dragon riders during the great wars. They have earned great respect from the Amazi but are snubbed by the Kynada due to their pride in hard work in the field. Metani are resilient due to their work in the fields and mines. Due to their lifestyle of hard work, they have a higher constitution then the other races. Their kingdom has elected officials, much like the Amazi, but aren't ruled by 12 chief-men. They do have aristocrats that bring forth policies to the people and the public openly votes. The Metani are known to be medium in size with dark hair and eyes. They are also known for their tanned skin due to being in the sun all day but some have ivory pale skin from the mines. The Metani have the prized cavalry that is on par with the Amazi naval fleet. The other nations try to keep the peace between them.

Continent of Lys:

Ruling: City of Hemels

Lys is a small continent that is a large island near the southern oceans. It is a three day, rough sail or flight north of Semiêr. Most use hot air balloons or air ships to travel.

Hemels is a large neutral city where many flock to learn various spells, gain trades, and sell rare items that would be deemed illegal in other countries. Everything is nearly legal here. Assassins can freely work as long as they are able to provide proof of contract if they are caught murdering someone. Slavers can buy and sell slaves without prosecution from their homelands. Everything has a tax. If one pays the tax one can open shop, despite how others may see it. If one is caught stealing but has a 'contract' for that particular item, it can be looked upon as treasure hunting and thus found legal. If one can not provide proof of said contracts, either murdering or stealing then they may even lose their life after a trial. The city bares no prejudices. All are welcome in the City of Hemels. Due to their lack of laws, much science is also practiced in the city. Many weapons, such as guns, are improved and enchanted in the city. Steam ships and air ships were also a creation of Hemels. A noble, ruling family is the law makers and keepers of the city. They provide a great income to their guards to keep the city clean and mostly safe for new comers and travelers.

Continent of Dùrstinis:

Ruled by the Raj'a

Element: Death Magic

Main Goddess: Mágissa (May-ges-sa)
Ruling over the Witches
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Main God: Thanatos (Than-a-toe-s)
Ruling over the Skeleton also known as the Grave Digger
Alignment: Lawful Evil

The Raj'a are group made up of the out casts of the other races on a small, skull shaped island. They practice magics forbidden by the others countries. It is rumored that most are animations of their formal living selves. After taking an oath to Thanatos, one dies to be resurrected; becoming a warrior of death. Mágissa deems her followers to be an animal of some sort, being forced to change one day a month into their animalistic-self. During this time they are weak and powerless. After their single day, they wield terrible curses upon which they are known to torture their victims. They fear the immortal Thanatos, whose strengths lie in their immortality and lack of fear. Though Thanatos can not wield magic, they are able to use magical items and often hunt down mages and priests. Thanatos wear heavy armor. Though mostly immortal they lack the ability to regenerate if dismembered and often rely on the witches to repair them. One can kill a Thanatos by a few extreme means, either by spells or physical attacks. They do retain their skill and memories of their living selves but lose their familiar or spiritual guide if they had one in the living. The island is mostly decaying. The trees are mostly dead or dying while the fish refuse to swim in the black waters surrounding the coast line.

**Side Notes** There are many other gods to this world. I left that open to the player. Remember if you a priest your spells have reflect the god or goddess your character follows. If your character is a mage, their spells have to reflect their parentage. If your character was born Thelios yet their parents are Eldur, your character would have fire instead of earth.

Remember have fun and don't be afraid to ask questions!

Toggle Rules

First and foremost: Be creative! (There are 7 kingdoms to choose from! Play around a little and have fun!)

Rule2: No god moding! (Keep in mind, not all characters will get along that does not mean you are invincible or make auto hits.)

Rule3: No controlling the other player or player's actions and characters.

Rule4: No deities or children of deities. No demons or angels unless it is part of of a quest or story line from an npc. (These creatures will not grant you or anyone else abilities that you do not have in your creation already. *example*- An Eldur assassin will remain a fire user and will NOT be able to suddenly use water as a weapon.)

Rule5: No bringing outside creature or characters from other worlds. (There is plenty to chose from in this world and much going on already.)

Rule6: Creating a character from a homeland will ONLY give that character that ELEMENT. No crossing elements or duel welding elements.

Rule7: Spirit familiars are only of the element that your character uses. *example*- Amazi can not use an Eldur fire phoenix.

Rule8: Familiars can either fight for you OR boost your abilities. They can NOT fight with you.

Rule9: Keep all intimate role playing in private. (No one wants to read how two characters are making out.)

Rule10: Have fun! Keep all OOC speech in private or kept to a minimal.

This world has factions and is open for growth. Create your own guilds and alliances, even if it creates some conflict. It's meant to be a large world with lots of possibilities. Please have fun!

The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 2 authors

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#, as written by TeaTime
Mariam traveled some time. Never having traveled before, the young woman went south to the City of Hemels. It was after the ship had departed that she had realized her dire mistake. After a few days of despair she brushed it all aside and looked forward to see the 'Free City', as so many had nicked named it. Mariam could barely contain herself for the three solid weeks her journey took. By the time they docked, the crew of the giant galleon was ready to toss her over board. Mariam had stepped off the impressive ship. Surrounded by many traders unloading, along with other passengers, she seemed a little over whelmed. Lightly dizzy from excitement, the sounds, and smells of the open port, the female made a decision to get some rest.

The streets were packed with life during the midday market. Rare, exotic creatures, furs, and magical items were on display. "Step right up, we have a sale! Get your drake skull here", she heard as she tried to squeeze past by standers and buyers. As she continued to get bumped into and pushed, she thanked her adoptive father for teaching her a thing or two, to where to store her money. Mariam's emerald eyes scanned the area to find an inn. She thanked the gods for such good luck and made her way towards the building, unaware of the dangers that loomed in the shadows of the city.

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"How many have ran away today?" Asked Soron to the small man in expensive furs. He couldn't be any single race. His skin was a good tan, his hair a mix of red, blue, and blonde, and his eyes differing colors. The man did have three good things going for him. The slave trade, good business skill, and Soron.

"Only two today. A kynada mating pair. The guard on duty said that he saw two poor looking fold heading to the docks." Spoke the little man. His voice was a mix between the true professional, an excellent salesman, and a womanizer. His face yielded a constant cocky smile. He then handed Soron the collars of the two runaways.

"I'll bring them back." Soron stated as he put the collars before Xyc, who sniffed them. Xyc then shot into the sky, his rider well in the saddle. Those who had lived in the city had seen this enough that not a one turned their heads. It was only the fearful and the new that did. Taking in a whiff of the air, Xyc beelined for the docks.

Flying at the speed of a lightning bolt, Xyc turned mid-flight to stop at the market, turning into a building which it ran across to attempt to slow its speed before jumping into a larger section of the market, the residents moving aside like it was an everyday thing.

Sharing thoughts, Soron and Xyc quickly scanned the area. The two were hiding in the inn. Soron quickly got off of Xyc and had not a person in his way as he walked to the inn, everyone giving him an appropriate amount of space.

About five minutes after entering the inn, Soron came out with his catches of the day slung over his shoulders. He walked normally to Xyc, and slowly prepared the breeding pair for flight.

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#, as written by TeaTime
Slavery was common in the City of Hemels. Something that Mariam wasn't accustomed to. The young female nearly bumped into a man in black clad with two people over his shoulders. Sharp feminine features gazed up at him. A scowl and a shimmering of brilliance in her eyes, would expose her disdain. She was new to the out side world that much could be seen but she was no fool. Her jaw locked and ticked during the brief encounter. Her steady left hand would reach up and grab the well crafted, metal shaft of her spear. Anyone watching would see the heat in her expression but 'would she do anything', was the question agonizing her mind. Could she do anything? Quick to take in her surroundings, she knew the bitter truth. No, would be the answer and her hand would slide off the hilt slowly. With a huff, Mariam would continue into the Inn with a large black drake carved into the wooden sign above it's door.

Mariam upon entry felt her spirits lower a bit. How could she have the freedom to travel and explore, yet another was denied such a simple leisure in life. The Metani female shook her head. Her cocoa hair spilling over her shoulders, yet her hair remained in a long pony tail. The woman walked up to the fat inn keeper through a wall of people. His robust nose and cheeks raised as he smiled. With a gold piece and some silver returned, the female gained a night at the inn and a meal. Once she set her belongings in her room she ventured back down to eat the meal she had ordered. Despite her anger, she knew she had to eat.

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Outside, the sound of Xyc's roar echoed through anything that tried to get in its way. Flying people off the saddle was dangerous, and when they meant money a risk of that kind could not be taken. However, it had taken Soron nearly 30 minutes to get one of them properly attached.

That was when the fools tried to ambush him. With one slave still on the ground, Soron and Xyc were currently at a standstill with about 20 wannabe assassins who had no idea the monster they were dealing with. Most were being kept back by the dragon's roars.

The most experienced looking seemed to pop up out of no where, only to have his weapon used against him by Soron. As he dropped the rest charged. That only provoked Xyc to grab four of them in his mouth and incinerate them as Soron ignited himself. Now ablaze, two of the assassins killed themselves by running into the fire. Soron then drew his sword, the fire moving up the blade from his hand as he struck down another two assassins. Xyc's next move was to turn one of the attackers to chunks with his claw before crushing three with his tail. Soron ducked under the tail strike, coming up with a stab into the one who went over the tail.

The rest, now injured or hopeless, retreated from the battle, hiding in the crowd with the hopes that Soron would not pursue them. Once he no longer had people trying to stab him, Soron got back to putting the male on the dragon.

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#, as written by TeaTime
In the city, most things were legal. If a man killed another out of self defense, the guards made no attempts to arrest. For this reason, not a single person involved themselves that wasn't involved already. Slavery was a risky business but a very profitable one as long as, the person in question wasn't in chains. As the dragon and it's master did away with the others, no one batted an eye. Only guards game and kicked the bodies around a little to figure out what all happened. It wasn't their place to interfere.

Through the chaos, many others did come to watch the free fight and Soron, with many others, would hear the bets being collected. Others clapped and cheered the dragon rider on, for a magnificent show. Yes, this was daily life in the 'Free City'. Kill or be killed was nearly and understatement but wealth was always on the table which usually brought the worst out in people.

Amongst the crowd was a female Metani looking onward. it seems Xyc's roars had even drawn her out. The deemed, bothersome, female was staring coldly with her spear in her hand. It was the first time she had ever seen anyone die. Being burned to death was not a pretty sight for someone so naive to the world. Through her cold expression, her wrinkled brow, it was clear she didn't know what to think.

It was rare to see a an honest person in the city. Amongst the many faces hers still stood out. It was the expression. The confused look in her eyes. It was like a giant monster was daring her to step forth but she knew her limitations. For this she left the scene and prayed the morning would come faster so she may leave such a horrible place.

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The ground shook as Xyc tried to propel himself high enough to not get the guards involved. That was the tricky part of a mid-city take off. Everyone moved when you came in to land, but few knew the signs of an imminent take off. Once in the air he went to the small fortress in the low end of the city, where slavers rented out portions of the converted jail/castle. The courtyard was never full. Instead they did all their business inside.

Coming down like a kite, Xyc slammed into the stone path, ripping it up as he slid across. It could have landed much more gently, but the slaves needed a reminder of their 'collector'.

After a few steps from Xyc, Soron got off the saddle onto the stable ground. Removing the slaves from the saddle, the slaver came out of the castle his hands open wide as if he was going to hug Soron.

"You have more than earned that pay for this whole damn month!" Said the slaver cheerily as he continued towards his two prizes.

"You got some new enemies. They sent some triers at me. It was a slaughter." Soron replied.

"I wonder how much those suckers who bet on those triers." The slaver said as he collected his prizes.

"Enough to tell them that fucking with a dragon rider is a bad idea." Stated Soron as he carried the male back to his cell while the slaver walked the female to the same cell.

"Soron. If you don't mind making a little extra this month, I need someone to get a slave to a customer in the docks tomorrow." Spoke the slaver, holding Soron's full attention.

"This slave worth that much that it can't be transported on the ground?"

"No. Too dangerous to trust my normal movers. You shouldn't have a problem if the only thing he sees is the ground."

"I'll trust you on this one."

"See you tomorrow."


Soron got on Xyc and flew back to his house. It was little more than a small shack with a huge back yard, with an overhang big enough for Xyc to fit under. Getting off Xyc, Soron moved quickly to his basement. When he came back out of the shack, he was hauling a whole, dead cow. Xyc spent barely a pause before taking the cow corpse to the back yard. Putting it down on the ground, Xyc began to pick at his meal.

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#, as written by TeaTime
The young woman had never in her life, had such a bad night worth of sleep. The constant love making between patron and prostitute echoing through the inn was enough to wish dragon flames upon the whole place. As the young woman wondered down stairs she looked like a member of the Thanatos. Dark rings under her eyes, seemed to be in contrast to her once brilliant green eyes. Everyone minded to keep their distance this time. Mariam was an ogre in the morning and even worse when she lacked the proper sleep.

With a loud chuckle the innkeeper would ask, "My women keeping you up all night?" A glare washed over her expression, earning him a chill down his spine. Losing his jovial tone, he would clear his throat.

"When does the ship leave to go north?" Her tone carried a warning. Mariam's gaze never swayed, despite the innkeeper's attempts of cheering her up with a hot plate of scrambled eggs with bits of bacon on it.

"In an hour", he assure her. "The meal is on me... I do try and keep my customers happy here at the Dancing Drake." The man reaches down to grab a rag from under the bar counter and begins to clean it off with haste.

Mariam nodded as she dug in. She still flipped the man a silver coin. The woman wouldn't hold him responsible for others actions. After all this was a place of business.

Mariam made her way to the docks before her ship was to depart. Again, fortune did not smile upon her as she became lost very quickly. The young female paced the docks through the crowd. Unaware she had missed the sailing ship headed towards the Amazi territory. Finally she had found a ship that looked like the ones her adoptive father described. She spoke with the broad first mate. It was clear he was an Amazi with his brilliant white hair and sea touched, colored eyes. Being a free person the man treated her with some respect. His brilliant smile gave her false relief.

"Is this ship bound for Amazi Territory?" Her voice quivered with frustration and it was easy to see she was lost.

"Maybe", he entertained. His eyes scanning over the young woman. Her body language indicating she was unaware of what his thoughts were behind his words.

"Maybe? How can it be a maybe....? It's either bound for the country or not."

His voice cracked with a chuckle. "This ship is for... 'special' patrons. Do you have the coin to sail with us?"

Mariam wrinkled her nose. "I really need to get there... Vega, is probably pissed by now. Especially since I haven't shown up yet...", she mumbled to herself.

"Vega? Vega, the Bear Hunter?" The Amazi first mate, questioned after catching her quiet tone over the loud echos of other sailors upon the dock.

Mariam nodded. "He's a friend to my adoptive father. I was suppose to meet him and see the rest of his village. I wanted to see the great white bears of his land." Her smile was filled with joy. It couldn't be helped. Stories from her father had her eyes wide open for most the night when she was child; daydreaming the day she would see such a massive beast for herself.

The first mate's smile would fade into a frown. If what the girl said was true, then it wouldn't be worth the risk to take her. An Amazi fleet would not be something anyone wished to face. Vega was known for his cruelty towards others who threatened friends and family. He, being an Amazi himself, would not be spared and probably face a worse fate then his captain if caught. "This ship is not for you... The ship you need has already probably sailed since you are on the east side of the docks. What I would recommend you do is buy passage onto the Red Maiden bound for Eldur territory. You'll know it, when you see it. The ship is as black as the night sky and sails the color of blood. When you get there, board any boat headed towards any other land but here. Pretty things such as yourself, without any family or contacts, don't last long." His cold tone, sent a chill down her spine.

Mariam nodded and stepped away. Confused, a soft thank you would be spoke for the First Mate's ears to hear. He'd nod. A friend to the Amazi, will always find help amongst them. That was their code. Even in the 'Free City.'

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The monster of a man ran through the docks, his amazi bloodline clear as the sun on a cloudless day. On the other side of the docks was Soron and Xyc, its dragon roars rippling the waves to the severe displeasure of the dock workers.

Soron and Xyc both struggled to find the slave, his scent too close to the water to get anymore accurate, and his loose clothe clothing helping him blend in with the dock workers. Looking off the side of Xyc, Soron shouted to one of the urchins. "Kid, got to Cuvin in the slave castle and tell him 'The Rider is tracking the Bear.'" Soron shouted at the kid, who ran to fulfill his orders to the letter. Usually cyriptic messages meant a few gold for the beggars of the streets.

The slave slowed his pace near the young woman he heard asking about getting to amazi territory. "I might be able to help. There is one ship left on the east side of the docks waiting for two passengers. You pay my way off this rock and I will make sure you get where you need to go." The slave spoke in his deep and soothing voice. Thanks to the fact his clothing was covering his tattoos, he looked like just another dock worker down on his luck. Still, his hope that this stranger would pay his way off was apparent.

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#, as written by TeaTime
The young woman's emerald eyes gaze upon the man. A gentle smile graces her lips. Her innocence showing threw. Without question of the man's name she nods. "Of course! You look like someone in a tight spot and I am also in a tight spot! I missed my ship, you see."

The slave could see a light shift in his fortune. The young woman takes to his arm. She seemed dwarfed in size compared to him. The Metani female only came to the man's chest. Her cocoa color haired was in great contrast to his own. The female was nearly to trusting but she wasn't without her skill with the spear.

The female's scent of light perfume mixed with his own throwing off many dogs who would come to track him. It may fool the canines but it wouldn't fool a dragon. Unfortunately with the docks packed it was hard for such a large beast to navigate. The slave was smart. A man walking with a woman, disguised as a dock worker wouldn't raise any brows. They didn't look out of place and neither moved to quickly nor to slowly.

The two came to the ship. It was on the other side of the docks, just like the first mate had described. Once upon it, Mariam would make a deal with the Eldur captain. The captain wearing traditional black leather vest and matching cotton britches, with clashing tones of a silk red shirt and belt, seemed proud of his nation and seemed not to fall short on his abilities. With 4 gold each, the man accepted the two passengers with no questions asked.

As the ship departed, Mariam wrote in a small book. The leather bindings indicated she was writing in a journal of some sort. Her happy mood returning with every inch of distance the ship put between her and the 'Free City.'

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The slave was leaving. Xyc could tell he was going on a path to Nyorsk. It wasn't the people or the space or even the water itself that made it so hard for the dragon to track him. It was the salt in the air from the ocean, a weakness only the dragon riders knew about, save a few secretive scholars. Something about the salt lowered the amount of precision to that of a dog, capable of only telling the direction of the prey, not the location.

Soron and Xyc rushed to the largest boat in the dock, the Gale Maiden.

"50 gold, you take me and my dragon to Nyorsk." Soron said to the captain, who was more than happy to take the equivalent of his year's pay.

"I'm guessing express." Replied the captain with his greedy smile.

"You have to ask."


With that, the boat was off. It would reach Nyorsk about two days before the slave and Mariam. Hiding in a peak, Soron waited for his prey, knowing that the man would return, thinking that he had either lost the dragon or his scent would blend among his peoples. Soron knew better. Far better. He knew the only thing between him and his prey was a matter of days. His trade was not always about speed and tracking, but sometimes it was about ambushing, even at one's own home.

"By the way, lass, my name is Juil." Said the slave, lift his sleeves in such a way that only Mariam could see. "And I am on the run, but I will fulfill my promise if you do so little as ask." He said, his voice just as soothing as when he last spoke, only quieter. His eyes now held the hope that the woman who helped him was as kindred and foreign as she seemed. One word from her and he would take her across the lands.

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#, as written by TeaTime
Fate had an awkward way putting people in places to force them out of their shell. The young woman would offer her hand to shake his. "Mariam", she warmly spoke. After a brief moment, her emerald orbs soaked in the tattoos displayed for only her to see. Slave marks. A mark visible to show one's pedigree or their past owners. Her eyes blinked taking in the site. Something stirred in the young woman. She felt a pit from her stomach radiate up towards her chest. "I will help you", she decreed. A common tradition the Amazi of the north and the Metani of the east shared. Once they tell you they will help you, they would give their lives doing so.

Mariam assured the man with a warm, gentle pat on the shoulder. It was comforting and odd in a way. It seems who ever her predecessor was, instilled the old ways into her. Her emerald green eyes gazed upon the deck as hands worked feverishly. "I am going towards the north to visit my father's friend Vega. I want to see the great white bears and heard there were sea creatures bigger then this boat. My father is a close friend of his. After talking to him, I'm pretty sure he grant you citizenship. It looks like you are already an Amazi. So there shouldn't be any issues. Once you have your citizenship, you'll be free and protected by the city. So I will help you visit Vega..." Mariam offered her hand out towards the man to shake on the deal they had just struck.

The ship would take them to an Eldur port in one of the cities. Upon there, they would gather supplies and head towards another ship, finally bound for the north. The haul would take them nearly 4 weeks to get there but they would arrive. Amongst the chaos and large crowd she would send her companion to a local inn. Everyone seeing that he was a native wouldn't raise an eyebrow nor question his presence. If he was a slave and traders would try to reclaim, they would have to do it out side the city. Slave trade was illegal in this country, though many other things deemed illegal by other countries were not. Much like substances and herbs one could smoke or eat to relax.

Mariam would walk to the local messenger and drop a messenger to travel to her father. She wished to tell him she had finally made it and what she had discovered. The young female would put in details of her trip and reassuring him she was careful. What she was unaware of was that a certain rider could spot her as she passed him unknowingly on her way back to an inn. Her darken skin amongst the sea of ivory flesh was easy to spot. Not to mention her cocoa colored hair walking amongst the blue and white that seemed to surround the two of them.

Like a trail of bread crumbs, Mariam maybe unraveling what she was working towards over the boat trip. To free her friend from slavery.

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Juil shook Mariam's hand with a stern, but gentle grip. The deal was made, and he was on the path to being a free man. Still, in the back of his head was a fear of something going wrong. Like something was gnawing at his subconscious. There were no slave masters here, but should he get in trouble, he would show what the masters used him for, an arena slave. A fighter trained from birth to do nothing but kill. One who hid his intellect for many years.

Juil followed Mariam's orders to the letter. Some would say that he was reacting how a slave should, and he was, but before he accepted a single order, he spent time thinking on it. Figuring out whether or not the order was worthwhile, or beneficial, and to who.

Xyc could smell something strange on the wind. A perfume. A foreign perfume. It meant nothing, as visitors were expected anywhere. No, the smell that interested Xyc and Soron was the smell of Juil. Now it was back to stalking the prey as he moved through the low parts of the mountains, Xyc remaining on the mountains and flying only when necessary. It dared not make a peep, for that would echo through the valleys and act as a challenge to the locals, not a warning.

After some time, Soron began to notice the foreigner was traveling with his prey. Still, it meant little. What did matter is that the prey liked to stay in towns with large numbers of people who would attack a dragon on sight. Now was the game of patience.

Rumors of a silent dragon living atop the peaks of the mountains were spreading though Nyorsk like the worst of snowstorms. People would claim that they saw a black, dragon shaped creature flying across the sky between peaks, but heard nothing. No one believed them, save for Juil. He knew what it meant. He had heard his fair share of rumors of the dragon rider while he was a slave. A ruthless man with a dragon as black as night who could follow a single man across the world to its very edges. He knew now that his only hope was to stay in groups.

When he next saw Mariam, Juil would say "Mariam. I think we need to stay in larger groups when we travel. Did you see a retrieval when you were in Hemels? Well I believe that, from what I have heard in the inns, he is here." Juil seemed a little nervous as he said this. He had no doubts that he could take the rider blade on blade, but the dragon changed everything. The only place to find people who didn't have trouble killing dragons was Semiêr, and the moment they saw his tattoos they would send him right back to Hemels.

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#, as written by TeaTime
The air was so cold when they arrived. Mariam had dressed herself accordingly when Juil found her. She would spare some coin for him as well. Mariam nodded, listening to his concerns. The Amazi loved challenges. The bigger the opponent the better. Their hot blood that kept them warm in the cold, would nearly boil with lust if the rider and his dragon would appear. The hunter would become the hunted. These were dangerous parts for the Eldur rider.

"Grab warm cloths and a travel pack. I will find a caravan to travel with." Though a caring smile graced her lips it was obvious in her tone, she was concerned. Not to mention, she would skin the slave hunter alive with her spear for not letting her rest when she wished to. Mariam looked to the skies and gave a disgruntle grunt, to quiet for the former slave to hear before going into the inn. Loud drunks, were not her cup of tea.

Luckily for her the hunter was underestimating her. The Eldur thought they were the only ones who had little trouble with dragons until they met with the archers of the Metani. The weapon masters of the troublesome kingdom, proved their weight. Both sides collided many years ago and both sides suffered heavy losses. If a dragon was grounded, their spear-men swarmed them; if the winged beast was in the air, their metal tipped arrows pierced the dragon's armor.

The Metani were feared and respected the same as the Eldur by the same coin. The hunter wasn't blind. She was no archer so he had his distance but if he was to get to close, would she be skilled enough to reach him with her spear? Weapon play on top of a dragon had its advantages but it had it's disadvantages as well. Metani made it clear to exploit their enemies weaknesses. Would the gamble be worth it?

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Juil hoped that Marian would find a caravan that would be far larger than a strafe or two for the rider. He had been strapped to that dragon only moments before he had escaped, only getting out because of a bad piece of rope. He knew two things about the rider: That he was patient and that he was intelligent. He would use that dragon of his to its fullest if he had reason to. That is something that Juil could not doubt.

Mariam might have caught the far off silhouette of a dragon flying silently between the peak visible out the the far window of the tavern. Soron was getting ready to get closer than he had been for the past few days. All it would take is one mistake, a few steps too far off. That is all it would take. And this time he tested his rope. Wouldn't want to make that mistake twice.

Soron would watch the caravan as it passed while he waited along a cliff. He had set boulder traps to stop the caravan in its tracks. With this pace, he would have the perfect time to strike. The dead of night. The blackest hour burn bright with dragon flames. So he moved to his waiting place just off the edge of the cliff.

As the caravan continued to move through the night closing near a thin pass, Juil began to get real jumpy and nervous. This change became visible when the caravan began to thin out near the pass. When asked what the problem was, he would reply with "Rocks like to fall the fastest at night."

In truth, he knew one thing about night. It was the best place for a black dragon to hide. This pass they were nearing was the perfect point for an ambush to happen. Then it did. A boulder the size of a house fell from the side of the pass, crushing the carriage in-front of his and blocking the pass. Behind his carriage, another blocked the only escape. The only thing that could be seen from over the top was the blasts of light from flames of the unknown, while all that could be heard was the screams of burning amazi.

Juil turned to Mariam and said "Fate is this worlds cruelest force."

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