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Catherine A. Tinatin

"It's pretty common for me to be told that I have a soul of fire... mostly becuase of my eyes, though."

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a character in “Aurora Academy”, as played by Shifter13


Catherine Ashbel Tinatin

"I sort of miss that hood, it was my good luck charm."

Cat, Kitten, Kit-Kat, and Ash.
"'Cat' is the most commonly used, and others have been created through the years."

Human or Vampire:
"And exactly what kind of a question is that?"


"I mean, did you really have to ask?"

"Any remarks?"

"Can't believe I let someone convince me into wearing a dress."

"What I lack in height I make up for in speed."

122 lbs.
"Light as a feather some say, light as some near-adult dogs I say."

Hair Color:
White, though certain lights may somewhat affect it. Moonlight makes it appear silvery while sunlight gives it a sort of pale, platinum blonde coloring.
"I'm odd enough, why shouldn't my hair be... I guess."

Eye Color:
A deep, warm red.
"I've been told some can see fire in my eyes. It's just a trick of the light."

Skin Tone:
"I often think I should actually go in the sun more often. And then I laugh and go back inside."

"The first time I saw... one of them, it was dark and cold. He seemed nice at first."

  • People Watching: "Not only can it be amusing, but also rather useful."
  • Boredom Movements: "When thinking or just bored I'll often tap fingers, fidget, play with my hair, talk to myself, hum, etc."
  • Continuous Snacking: "Sweets are a must for me. People that know me aren't surprised when I pull a bag of candy seemingly out of no where."
  • Night Owl: "I have difficulty making myself sleep, and the night intrigues me. So many things can happen if you're not watching."
  • Easily Distracted: "I find it difficult to focus on one thing when there's something too shiny or glittery around, like sunlight bouncing off water."
  • Singing and Dancing: "I'll dance with anyone at anytime, but singing is more on my own... I don't like audiences."

    Catherine is can be the sweetest girl one moment and a raging inferno the next, but her rapid changes are never without reason. She seeks to understand before allowing herself to judge. She watches others closely but from a distance, hoping to get to know them a bit before even speaking to them. It's more a habit than anything after experiencing what can happen when you trust someone much too quickly. Some say she's rather mature or wise for her age, but those are the ones that have either only seen her surface which is a tough, quiet shell or the deepest parts of her, which seem to give off the aura of an old, sad soul with too many memories. Just between that is her current self; a sweet, loving, passionate girl with a big heart and endless curiosity accompanied by an unbreakable stubbornness, love for freedom, and a trust that's hard to truly earn, but nearly impossible to regain if lost.
    Her personality gives her a magnetism to trouble and a dislike of most authority. Needless to say, it's the source of most of her physical and emotional scarring, though she bears such scars as proof of her survival. Once befriended she will do anything to protect you unless it conflicts with her morals, which are the only things she truly has set in metaphorical stone.

    "After that first encounter I kept myself up using matches and rarely slept out in the open."

    • Speed: Her small figure makes her quick and quiet, the Hunter blood helps too.
    • Fighting: For a human girl, she's not half bad and can take care of herself.
    • Strength: It's not something most (not even herself) would expect her to have much of, but Vampire Hunter blood runs through her veins.
    • Health: She heals quickly and has rarely become ill, she doesn't even remember the last time she was bed-ridden.

    • Fears: Pitch black darkness, needles, complete quiet, extreme heights, losing a loved one. Each can leave her paralyzed if used against her.
    • Self Control: She lacks it majorly. If an instinct tells her to flee or to fight, she'll do it. If curiosity draws her she follows without question.
    • Authority: It's already hard for her to trust, but she rarely trusts any authority figure without them earning her respect first.
    • Trouble Magnet: As stated, she's a magnet for trouble and a rather strong one at that. Her life is full of examples.
    • Animals and Children: Has a huge soft spot for each.

    • Sweets: "I've got a sweet tooth..."
    • Sour Food/Candies: "...a sour tooth..."
    • Just Food in General: "...and just plain teeth. And the appetite to fit a large bear."
    • Animals: "Fanged, furred, scaled, eight-legged. You name one, I'll tell you what I find beautiful about it."
    • Music: "It calms me... even the more energetic and chaotic types."
    • Dancing: "I'll dance if you want to, but also if you don't."
    • Singing (But not with an audience): "Psh, I don't sing... not when people are around."
    • Not Sunny Weather: "Rain, thunder, lightning, hail, snow, anything but the sun."

    • Reasonless Conflict: "For instance, getting mad because someone simply bumps you in the shoulder. I mean, seriously? It's a small thing."
    • Teen Girl Logic: "Okay, if a guy leaves you for someone else, it's not the other girl's fault. The guy's got an obvious weak will."
    • Bloodshed: "Where I came from... the streets are... well, let's just say there's a lot more bloodshed than what most might imagine."
    • Spicy Food: "It burns me, I'm not kidding. The mildest spice sets my tongue on fire."
    • The School Uniform: "Really, it's the skirt. I hate it. I hate skirts. I burned the last dress I wore to a party and then buried it... yeah.
    • Makeup: "It makes my face feel like plastic and it makes people look unlrealistic. It's not natural."
    • Sunny Days: "I've never been one for bright lights or high temperatures, both exhaust me and give me headaches."
    • Being Underestimated: I'm a girl, I'm small, and I seem fragile. But I was raised by the streets. Don't think I won't draw blood."

"The one time I allowed myself to relax amongst friends, we're surrounded... and I burn everything down."

Catherine remembers nothing of her parents or family. The first nine years of her life are blank to her, no memories reside, only sounds and smells and unrecognizable voices that sometimes surface when she sleeps. So she never knew, never learned she was from a family of Hunters feared by Vampires around the world. From age ten she had a life of running form orphanages and foster families, learning to survive on her own because she couldn't stand what others were wanting to put her through in those places. The ever-growing need to be taken in, the heart break every time it doesn't happen or when a friend leaves. Even at such a young age she didn't like the sound of that, so she lived on the street, making truer friends than what she ever wouldn've made in those false homes. She learned to fight, and to survive, who to trust and who to not even look at. Catherine, as she grew older, grew bolder and more skilled with her abilities until she could walk through the streets and wouldn't even look homeless with what she could get herself. Her name, or rather a nickname of hers, became whispered by the lips of those more familiar with the streets as she become some sort of a story... then she saw her first vampire.

It was cold out that night, October winds beginning to settle into the streets as chills ran down the backs of those living there. The man had been sitting on a bus stop bench for hours on end, waiting for something, Catherine simply watched. And odd feeling in her gut compelled her to watch him from the shadows, though he seemed like any other man, she did has she felt she should. She stayed, still and cold in a corner of shadows as the man did so in the light. Then a girl came along, appearing stressed as she sat on the other end of the bench to wait for the bus. The man began making small talk with the flustered woman, getting slowly, almost unnoticably closer until he was so close they could kiss. Something caused Catherine's breathe to stop, as if she was supposed to do something about some unseen thing, and then she saw the man close in on the woman's neck. He bit in. Catherine watched. He drained the woman. Catherine clenched her fists. He left the body there. Catherine ran.

After that night, she stayed up longer into the night, early into the morning using firelight and smoke to keep awake. She only ever slept with her back in a corner and a mild light near, and as long as there was sound she was fine. She became watchful of everything and everyone, and avoided those that gave her gut the same feeling as that man had though she didn't know if it was just some feeling or if it meant something. Finally, she found a rundown old building housing people like her, and she allowed herself to sleep there for a few nights. She allowed herself to be befriended, convinced to stay longer with the promise of safety. But at the end of the week, she found out what it really was. It was a feeding out, one where the urchins of the street would gather for a place to sleep and would find themselves feeding the monsters Catherine now feared. She woke with fangs in her neck and arms, but she broke free. She struggled and writhed and panicked until she was out of their grasp and able to set a match. The young woman with white hair and firey eyes burned the feeding house to the ground, and left with blood seeping from odd wounds.

The day she heard of Aurora Academy was an odd one. A woman with a kind smile and cheerful gaze had spoken with her, letting slip the names of the academy Catherine now attends. It was strange because... the woman gave her that same gut-tugging feeling as the man and the monsters she'd burnt down, but she was too kind and, when she saw her bite scars said nothing. Catherine, intrigued and thinking it could be a good experience, asked more about this Academy. Later, she found herself applying for it, but leaving out enough information to seem rather normal. She didn't lie about her life or skills she just... didn't say some things. Nowadays, she tends to spend more time in her own little world in her free time but listening intently to the lessons. She feels like people avoid her, like knowing what she knows and living the life she did had built up some sort of aura around her that warded others off. It's not like she minds it, actually. Catherine isn't amongst those that crowd around the Night Class either, she actually quite the opposite. She avoids them, getting the same gut feeling from them as she did all the others, but she sometimes helps keep the other hormonal teen girls in check whether the Day/Night Watches know it or not.

"Sometimes I think that, perhaps I didn't actually see what had been happening that night. Maybe I'd just gone mad. Maybe I burned my sanity along with my friends and those monsters so long ago."

So begins...

Catherine A. Tinatin's Story


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Catherine Tinatin

Catherine had never been so nervous as she had been the moment she awoke this morning. Well, at least not over something so... mundane, for lack of a better word. It wasn't staying up at night watching a match burn between your fingers, it wasn't looking for odd jobs, it wasn't looking behind you for tell-tale signs of fangs, and it definitely wasn't burning buildings down only to escape with your life. It was... it was joining school... school. She'd had to teach herself everything for as long as she could remember, now she'd have someone teaching it to her alongside others with pencils, boards, assignments and boring old text books. The young woman was so excited she couldn't wait, but also so nervous she laid awake a full hour before her alarm began ringing in order to psych herself into getting ready for the day. Today... today could be the best and worst day of her life all at the same time. Catherine had completely, terrifyingly, absolutely no idea what could happen to her with this sudden change of events. And she relished and despised every minute as she stepped from her door, refreshed, ready, and prepaired as she'd ever be for whatever might be coming her way. She even wore the uniform... with the skirt... and she hated skirts... she was smiling as she willingly wore a skirt.

"Well... I suppose I'm ready for this... yeah, let's get going."

Her hair was still somewhat damp, giving a sense of something akin to rain and it made her smile as she headed for the front office to recieve her class schedule. She loved rain, enjoyed it, often danced under it and just laughed when she could. Thunder intrigued her, lighting drew her, and the rain bound her in her place when she got to it. She never ran and hid from it, never complained about her clothes getting wet, and continuously commented on the scent it left afterwards. 'Petrichor,' she thought, 'what an odd word for it.'

Despite her thoughts distracting her, she made it to the office without distraction and paused somewhat of a distance away from it. Others stood there, those of the something-or-other commitee. That wasn't what stopped her there, though, what stopped her was a tugging feeling in her gut she got when she took the whole group into her view. It could be any one of them, any single one or all of them that gave her that odd feeling. The pause was short-lived though, easily mistaken for an interruptive thought if not analyzed to every detail such as her quick visual scan of each person there. It ended as quickly as it began, and she was once again approaching the process of recieving her schedule. Meanwhile, she looked around a bit warily to the other people around her, the 'disciplinary commitee' now that she remembered, and she tried to be at least somewhat friendly towards the strangers.

"It must suck having to be up this early for a job, huh?"

Killian Thomas

Killian was having a great morning so far, a great, relaxing morning in full. He'd awoken at an oddly early time, sure, but he was comfortable with it since it meant recieving his schedule earlier and without maximum crowding. And once he got what he needed he'd be able to take a nap before the day actually started up and more students awoke. This could be a good start for the school year. Killian had taken a shower before he went to bed, not wanting to have to take one just after waking and risk accidentally killing himself. If he became a ghost he'd be naked for the rest of his undead life, odd to think of indeed but really, who would want that?

Leaving his dorm, he carried himself with his usual relaxed manner, his eyes somewhat hooded and a lazy smile on his lips. All was well as he made his way to the office, even with the sun coming up to glare down on everything below it. He entered and gave warm smiles and nodded greetings to those already there, waiting behind a pale-haired girl already getting her schedule. His head was tilted downward in thought and his gaze wandered off, his mind going with it as he simply stood and waited.


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Catherine Tinatin

Catherine took somewhat slow steps as she looked over her own schedule and went to go outside, though she knew she'd have to come back in for classes at some point. She just needed some fresh air to calm her nerves that had began to buzz. School... school. Again, she was so ready for it yet so not. Her eyes scanned the piece of paper, committing everything to memory as her free hand subconsciously tugged at the bottom of her skirt. She didn't know if it'd be an option, but she'd have to try to get a longer skirt. Her utter spite for skirts was bad enough, the uniform just had to have a short one. It bugged her so much to the point that it took her attention from the paper as she stepped outside and leaned against the outside wall of the building, noticing the others there.

A soft sigh left her lips and she leaned her head back against the building with her eyes closed. After a few minutes of her own silent she rolled her shoulders and looked up to the strangers within the same area, inspecting them more out of habit than of interest. After a moment of silence and with a tilt of her head as she ignored a strong tugging in her gut when she looked to the night class student, she simply closed her eyes and leaned her head back again. Catherine breathed in the fresh air, content with it yet wishing it would rain or do something to rid her of this infernal sunlight warming the air.

Killian Thomas

Killian hadn't takne much time between recieving his needed information and heading off for his room his class was to be in. He'd just nap there until class really started, then he'd probably zone out at something. He found it wasn't really something he could control... not that he'd really tried too often. He just didn't see why he should kepe it under control. He usually heard everything he needed of each lesson and did his homework, even if there were times he missed a few important parts due to his wandering mind. He was comfortable with it though, as it always turned out for the best as he saw it.

He'd never been much of a worry-wart, and he was sure that wouldn't change today. So, with a content smile and some stretching, he continued onward with high hopes for today, the first day of this new school.


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Catherine Tinatin
Catherine, making herself comfortable in the seat she'd claimed for herself in the back, spoke up with a bit of amusement in her tone, "He obviously does. He doesn't have the look of one lost or the gaze of one in a trance. Doesn't look too stupid either... from whatever I can tell anyway." She tilted her head slightly and placed her hands behind her head in a relaxed posture, "Night Class boy that likes to make trouble?" Though she may have seemed comfortable, she wasn't. She was getting uneasy, never before had the tugging in her gut occured so often in one day, and it happened as she set her gaze on this boy... as it had happened each time she saw someone in a white uniform. Now, Catherine looked away and focused her gaze on the front of the room, determined to not let him see how uneasy she was.

Perhaps this whole day was just making her queasy. For the sake of everything good in the universe, she hoped that was it. She didn't need arsony to be considered a hobby of hers any time soon. After a bit of silence she realised she'd lapsed into, she spoke, putting a well-practiced smile onto her own lips, "Funny. I'm a Day Class girl that tends to attract trouble. Not always fun when it tracks you down, I think. Then again, my optimism may have been worn down."

Killian Thomas
Killian was startled out of his daze by the sudden, loud vocalizing of words he thought would be just fine spoken in a normal-volumed tone. This microscopic moment of sour thought brought on by shock passed as he processed what was happening. A sweet, tired smile crossed his lips and he looked around. He blinked at the people around the back of the class, wondering what exactly what was going on but went back to tracing patterns on the desk-top before him. His smile began to fade as he sank back into his thought-land. He wasn't included in this conversation, there was no need for him to focus or pay any attention.


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Sakio decided she did not like the white haired boy. He hadn't really done anything to her to deserve the dislike, but something about the way he talked just... didn't sit right with her. She wasn't sure how much she liked the Day Class student either, but at least she seemed normal. He turned to her, and introduced himself as Kanra, going as far to bow to her. She raised an eyebrow at the overly formal action but didn't say anything back. After all, he hadn't done anything to make her want to give her name.

"Perhaps I'm in the wrong place after all, would you like to escort me to the right place?"

Sakio scowled at him, but slowly stood, not breaking eye contact with him. She didn't like his smirk, and something about the way he asked made it sound more like a challenge than anything else. "Okay, I'll escort you back. After all, what kind of person would I be if I just left the poor clueless student on his own?" Though she had just offered to help him back, she was still scowling at him, only breaking eye contact to walk toward the door to the hallway. In all honesty, she just felt him being here as wrong. She paused for a moment to glance at him. "You comin', Night Class?"


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Catherine Tinatin
Catherine couldn't keep her eyes from narrowing at the white-haired boy's antics, nor could she keep herself from uttering one word devoid of emotion, "Funny." The flirting wasn't what set alarms off in her head, it was the boy himself. Kanra, as he'd said, was now on her 'Watch Carefully' list. It was something she'd just decided to do for her new life in this school. His eyes, she noticed, could have been hypnotizing to any other girl, except for her... she'd seen eyes like that before, and she'd rather not recall what happened then. Now, Catherine's relaxed pose had become something less casual and more defensive. Her arms folded and her now-wary gaze set on the back of Kanra's head. The one thing she could keep herself from doing was growling at him... seriously growling, a deep rumble that would have rolled from her lips with ease.

"I suppose I'll be seeing you around then, Trouble. Don't piss too many people off..." Catherine almost added a 'without me' to the end, but quickly realized that could be seen as flirting with him. And she didn't know if she'd want that.


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Kanra directed his gaze back in front of him, returning his attention to the now very tense young lady sitting in her desk. "Oh, I'm sure you will be seeing me, lovely." he grinned, once again making very direct eye contact. "You attract trouble remember?" and with those words he began slowly walking to the door, stopping closely behind the raven haired girl.

He leaned past her to grab the door knob and open it, then held out his hand. "After you miss." he said politely. All the while several fun scenarios were playing out in his head.
He had a human girl, walking him back to his room, where he could invite her in, offer her a drink... and maybe she could offer him a drink as well. He snickered quietly to himself, his inner thoughts amusing him.
Then another fun scenario popped into his twisted mind. He imagined being caught by one of the disciplinary committee members and being 'punished' or even, being caught by a pureblood. He couldn't keep the smug grin off his face, the thoughts were far too pleasing to him.
A human punishing him was more of a hilarious thought, one he'd play along with though if it came to that. A pureblood punishing him however, now that would be painful.. which would make it all the more exciting.