Chanice Matthews

"Sometimes I wonder if the 'good' are as innocent as they claim..."

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General Info

Alias(es): Shan or Shany
"Yeah, just call me Chanice."

Species: Witch (See 'powers' for more information)
"Don't even say it!"

Age: Twenty
"And you care because...?"

Gender: Female
"You had to ask? Wow."

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
"Sorry ladies, but I'm for men only. Not that it matters."


+People who don't pry

-Showing weakness
-Emotional moments

*To please her deceased father (a vampire-hunter)
*To have a child

~Disappointing her father
~Falling in love
~Finding her mate (yes, witches have mates too)
~Tight spaces

Appearance Details:

Height: 5'6"
"I'm not that small... Geeze!"

Weight: 115 lbs
"Didn't your mother ever tell you not to ask a woman her weight?"

Build: Slim with an hour glass figure
"Inappropriate question alert!"


>Elemental Swarm: summons multiple elements
>Foresight: sixth sense (warning of danger)
>Prying eyes: allows them to watch any happening, anywhere and at anytime (its limitations include: being a portal-shaped thing, it can be easil spotted so she would have to use alot of her power in order to hide it relitively well. Another would be that it can easily be blocked by another with her abilities like hers)
>Antipathy: object or location affected by spell repels certain creatures
>Ecstasy wave: pleasure stuns and staggers creatures
>Phase door: creates an invisible passage through a barrier
>Emotion manipulation: alters emotions (can be stopped by mind barriers)
>Mind barrier: stops others from getting inside her/his head
>Heal: heals any wound
>True seeing: see's through any magical disguise
>Legend lore: learn tales about a person, place, or thing
>Path finder: shows direction of where to go when lost
>Curse of disgust: makes on sickened when seeing weapons
>Wave rider: can breathe underwater
>Shadow step: teleport form one shadow to another
>Solid fog: blocks vision and slows movement
>Witness: see through targets eyes and ears
>Water walk: walk on water
((OOC: WIP))

+Spells (as listed above)
+Vampire tracking (inherited from father)

-Werewolf bite: instant kill
-Black rose ashes: instant knock out
-Spider webs: temporary memory loss

Combat style: Kong Fu

Weapon Choice: Powers

About Her

Chanice has two personalities; cause to her being so closed off from others. Her first is sarcastic, bitter, silent, untrusting and careless. This is shown by how she would act around anyone she doesn't know or just doesn't feel comfortable around. She'll be rude, act rashly and won't care for their opinion. By doing this, she often pushes away many potential friends (sometimes even boyfriends) but that's the entire intention. She doesn't want to become attached to someone/thing in fear that it would be taken away just as her father had been. Chanice always feels lonely; every minute of every day. But the truth is, that it's her choice. She chooses to push these people away, and every time she regrets her actions. But her first (and rather fake) personality is controlled by her fear. Then there's her second personality; the real one. This side of her is: kind, selfless, thoughtful, caring, loving, hyper, strong and independent. Only those she really trusts sees this side of her. Of course, the strong and independent part is shown in both personalities and is what attracts the most people; which she likes to act as if it really irritates her. Don't get me wrong, she doesn't attention seek or anything but, like anyone else, she does like to communicate with others every once in a while. Chanice usually doesn't have the time to do this kind of thing, as she's too busy hunting down vampires for her father.

Chanice grew up in a broken family of two; her mother having been murdered only months after her birth. Her father being a vampire hunter, it was expected for one to want revenge but her father never thought it'd have come to such a thing. Distraught, he moved to Avalon City with Chanice and carried on his work there. But this time, he made sure his beloved daughter was well-hidden. She was home-school her entire education, and it was only when she became sixteen that she and her father realised she was in fact a witch. Her mother had been a witch also, but it was most common for the first child to take the species of the father when witches were concerned. But there was something else to it also, she'd also been given her father's power of vampire tracking. Amazed and in complete awe, her father trained her in Kong Fu so that when she grew older and was able to look after herself she'd be able to without revealing her powers unless needed. When she reached the age of eighteen, something happened that changed everything: her father died. He too was murdered by a vampire in revenge, and this drew the line for Chanice. That made her permanently begin to despise all vampires and swore to her father that she'd make him proud. And in order to do that, she used her witch powers to become one of the most feared vampire hunters. Of course this meant she had to be well-shielded, which is where her first personality comes in. She created this personality in order to protect herself, just as her father had told her. She locked herself away from the World, living in the basement of a flat building.

Theme song: People Help The People - Birdy

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