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Regethul T'Iural

Yo ho yo ho, a Hero's life for me

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a character in “Avalon City”, as played by PulseTrick


So you want to know who I am ehh?
Full Name: Reguthul T'Iural
*Meaning: Loosely translated, Rénard Thule
*Nickname: Pulse
I was announced a boy at birth, wouldn't be goin' on any raids otherwise
Gender: Male
I'm sixteen of your planetary rotations
Age: 16
Tall enough to pilot a mech mind you!
Height: 5'10"
Not very heavy set actually, well, yeah. YARHARR
Weight: 110lbs
Appearance: Image

Distinguishing Features: -Silicon Sockets fitted behind his knees, on his elbows, in his palms, and at the base of his neck.
Ye need to look the part in my line of work, that includes the plugs.

Motto/Catch Phrase: Interesting, you humans carry such similar culture to my peoples
alternatively: ALLOW ME TO PLAY YOU THE SONG OF MY PEOPLES M*******************

+Video games Oh boy, these are a few of me favourite, frivolties.
+The thrill of the hunt
+ A good fight
-Curtness No need to be uncouth on the job, disgustin' that is!
-Unnatural itches
-when people ask him why he has plugs.

Weaknesses: Cannot fight hand to hand. Not usually fightin without anything, can't fight without it.

Fears: Being silenced, or worse, forgotten

*Species: Unknown race of Pseudo-Human, from a forgotten race of technologically advanced star farers.
The species is credited for its higher reaction speed, lighter bone structure, and technological advancements; although they sometimes don’t see how close they get to technology itself.

Powers: Avast, you ask me what I bring to this little gunfight now do ye.
-Acoustokinesis- Sounds like that one hurt- Pulse is able to manipulate sound to such lengths through his specialized didgeridoos that the sound itself can become a physical object, or a rupturing sound wave.

-Bio-Magnetics- It's not magic yee superstitious planet lubber-Pulse can levitate all three of his didgeridoos, exchanging blows, and even parrying most attacks with them through various implants. Able to hold freely 26 lbs of matter.

-Cybernetic adeptness-YAHARR, I DODGED YEE!- Very few people ever manage to land a hit onto Pulse, as it requires immense precision to get past his augmented body

-Circular breathing- No breaks required- If any thing energy-based comes to attack Pulse, it will most likely be duplicated, absorbed, and discharged at random two-fold, this is a system that is programmed into his implants too keep him alive, and is very painful. Such effects can only happen twice every 12 hours, or else risking the melting of his implants, which would require re-installment; a process that he doesn't want to to go through a second time. If it is used more than twice The energy is discharged through his mouth, then climbs over his body before discharging. Electrical energy isn't the only energy applied either, Kinetic energy, Chemical energy, and Thermal energy all fall under the scope of this Back-up procedure. Up to 500 newtons of force or 9600 joules.

General Skills: People skills, good dancer, financial specialist, adept in combat. It's not all about fightin, a bit of it is dancin!
*Arch Nemesis: None yet Should one challenge me though, they will not stand up long enough, lest be an arch

Personality: Cocky, friendly, and quick-witted, Rénard is always looking for a good joke, or to inspire his “crew.” If he doesn't get his way, he makes sure that whoever has stopped him doesn't get theirs either. During battle, he faces each adversary with Wild abandon, taunting them all the while, never being able to keep his mouth shut. He has no qualms about taking things from others, but in his families line of work, nobody got hurt, and it wasn't malicious, it was just business. Any villain he sees on earth though, he won’t tolerate, because their trying to make a name for themselves. You have to be born into greatness.

I'm a good person, I studied in school, learnt my trade from my father, and extinguish upstarts regularly

Equipment: No costume, therefore fragile in hand-to-hand combat. A small price to pay for lookin' so damned good
Carries Three Promethium Didgeridoos

The Ultistar


Me pride and joy, bought her meself!

Equipped with:

Right hand: AR-0700 03-Motorcoba Assault rifle
Left hand: ER-0705 Laser Cannon
Back weapons: MP-0901 Hi-act Missiles
RD-03 Pandora Radar Unit
Merge-tec: creates an environment inside of Mech that negates all G activity.
This allows Rénard to survive speeds that normally liquefy humans as the Mech becomes a life-support system.

Movement speed
On land
no boosters- up to 50 km/h
boosters up to 300 km/h
In air or space
Regular- up to 400 km/h
Quick boost (dodge)- up to 600 km/h
Overed boost (really fast)- up to 3000 km/h
16.4 feet in height
2 metric tonnes net weight
When the Ultistar is given a green light for landing, it is referred to as…

-Star Call- Pulse can call down his Mech, the Ultistar from earth’s orbit, provided it is in good condition, charged, and in a position for the exact trajectory necessary for quick entry.

History:After being kept safe by his father, the great Pirate lord Y’Nersg T'Iural’s authority, Reguthul was eventually sent off to school after school where he only seemed to want to do math and music. This strange mix of courses confused his father, who decided that “You know what Reg, pick a planet, conquer it, and I’ll let you be my successor.” Overjoyed to hear this, Reguthul immediately made arrangements, paying out of his own earnings from various raids, to outfit himself with a better Mech, Bio-magnetic implants, specialized weapons training, and the mixture of Tech and sound, to give him the ability of Acoustikinesis. With these new gifts, he was left on the moon, where he set up a satellite that would hold his mech, the Ultistar, and climbed into a drop pod, where he plummeted towards Avalon city.

So begins...

Regethul T'Iural's Story


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entrance to atmosphere in -10- seconds

He was on his way. breathing softer than he had been moments before. He had to calm himself, as the fact of him being able to assume his fathers position as pirate lord had overtaken him with a bit of hyper-ventilation. That was the one goal he wanted above all else, to be a great leader like his father before him. He rolled his head back into a plug, fitting it into the appropriate socket at the base of his neck. A real-time view was displayed, and he watched himself go feet first into hell, no nausea of course, he was accustomed to high-speeds. His own personal craft, the Ultistar, was one of the fastest recorded in all of the universe. It was currently in orbit, waiting to be dropped at his beck and call. He focused, causing the view to zoom in, trying to infer the point of his landing.As the altitude dropped rapidly on the Altimeter, Reguthul T'Iural came up with an idea that would less likely end with his death.

He was careening towards a beach. It was night, and the black waves lapped onto the smooth sand, devoid of everybody that was there during the day had left, so he would arrive in secret. If nobody saw the descent pod land.

He removed the plug from the socket, and checked to see that his tools were in the correct places. The L.P.D., or landing point designator, was safely tucked into his pocket, and his three, cherished, promethium Battle Horns, were locked into a wall. He snapped them out of their holding nooks one by one, releasing one to let float as he went to the next. His Bio-magnetism was to thank for that, he was able to exchange each one with a martial art taught to him. Hiten.

A warning light flickered, and he stood, waiting for landing. The jet-engines hummed, and began to push under him, trying to reduce the impact speed. The matte , solid wall in front of him glowed and turned transparent. He was through the cloud cover, burning through the atmosphere.


He stood as the pod made impact in the beach. As the door jettisoned open, flying an odd meter or so, Reguthul stepped out into the sizable crater left by his entry. His three horns floating around him. He saw the city lights, and wandered up the beach, searching for life.

This was earth.
Maybe it was better that he hadn't brought the mech

The setting changes from The Beach to Avalon City


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Regethul stumbled along the beach, drawn by the bright lights of the city. As he scanned his surroundings he noticed one medium sized shape. Probably alive. Knowing his Didgeridoos were still floating, he promptly stuck them to his back to make him stand out a bit less.

Was he to approach this stranger, or wait to see what would happen. Earth was a strange place, not home to one race or one source of power. It was a melting pot of cultures and science, even the unexplainable science that was referred to as magic. Perhaps he could pass himself off as a magician, or maybe a musician, if he didn't shake a wall apart while he attempted to serenade an audience.

He just stood there, thinking ahead instead of dealing with the present. His father would've had him flogged for losing himself in strategy when there was a simple solution. It was good that he was just here by himself.

Finally making up his mind, Regethul tried to remember all of his english. As he approached the figure, the skin started to reflect light almost like a reptiles hide. As he got closer he realized that was because it was a reptiles hide, one that was being worn by a reptile. Or at least a Lizardman. Nothing in the stars was similar to him. Many a Pirate Lord would pay handsomely for his skin, but he was not on earth to hunt, he was here to socialize.

"Hail Lizardfolk. Does this be Earth we be standing on?"

Hopefully his native accent wasn't too off putting.


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As the strange figure approached Jerick wondered what he was going to do. When he was asked the question Jerick noticed Regethul's accent but didn't mind because he hears many accents every day. "Yeah this is Earth, you don't have to call me Lizardfolk you can just call me Jerick." Jerick said in a friendly tone of voice

Deciding that the boy didn't seem hostile and he didn't seem like he was going to rob Jerick he decided to make some friendly conversation as the boy looked about the same age as the age Jerick is right now (which is his real age). "Those are some nice instruments you got there are you a wind mage or a musician?"


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"Those are some nice instruments you got there are you a wind mage or a musician?"

Regethul really wished he could tell him he was a pirate, then take his beautiful hide. But he had to be civil, and it would be rather impolite to kill the first person he met on earth.

"I don't be a mage or musician Jerick, but a master Magician. Through Illusion I am able to do things like this!"
He flung his Didgeridoos from behind him, the silver color catching the cities light. They circled around him, bobbing like a carousel. after a few seconds they retreated behind his back and he held out his palm. He kept the glove on, and ran electricity through the plug, creating a small crackling arc in a tight loop. He then switched hands, extending the other for a handshake, and so he wouldn't reveal that the small jolt was quite painful.

"The name's Regethul T'Iural. I just got in town and decided to comb the beach thinking about a new trick." His Alibi seemed bulletproof enough. It wasn't like anybody would be so friendly to the guy that just fell from space.


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Jerick reached out and shook Regethul's hand fairly impressed that he could move his instruments without touching them. "That's a nice trick Regethul and I think it's only fair I show you one of mine." As Jerick said that he let go of Regethul's hand and took three steps back as not to burn Regethul as he sees him as a potential friend and one that over time he might be able to trust with his secret. When Jerick stopped he aimed his mouth at the sky and released a large burst of flame lighting up the area around him. Looking at Regethul once again he said "I think it's a rare Lizardman trait as I've only heard stories of a few others who can do that."


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Jerick realized the time of night it was so he said goodbye to Regethul and took off. Turning back to age 25 Jerick made his way to the Elish Pub. Returning to the Elish Pub he notice it is practically empty and outside was a dead body with the guy Jerick had sat next to earlier that night next to it. Guessing it was him who killed the man and scared almost everyone away Jerick said, "Good job emptying the place out now I won't have to search for a place to sit. As long as you don't plan on trying to kill me, which I think you'd have trouble doing, why don't you come have a drink with me." As Jerick said this he started walking towards the door of the pub hoping the stranger took the invitation.