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Natsu Deryar

Fires'O'Fury Baby

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a character in “Avalon Reborn”, as played by KingFi$h


Name: Natsu Deryar
Age: 13
Gender: Male

Appearance: Image

Class: Mage
Abilities: dragon slayer Magic, Which allows him to control fire, as well as engulf himself in it and consume other fires for more power. Thus making him impervious to fire, but extremely weak to water

Likes: Fire, adventure, fighting,
Dislikes: Cars, water, heights

Personality: Risky/Crazy/adventures/easy-going/care-free/happy

Bio: Natsu was born into a small family with good enough money. He had an older brother who worked for game companies, bringing home games for Natsu, thus Natsu was a huge gamer, from First person Shooters to Puzzle games, with everything in-between. He never met his dad, but whenever he was with his older brother it didn't matter to him. One night, his brother was killed in a car accident on his way home. Natsu was thrown into depression. As time went on he got better and began to play tournaments in game his brother taught him. Soon enough he was playing around England in memory of his beloved brother.

He earned his spot in a week long tournament of fighting games in London. He was so proud to be one of Nine playing the future of games.

So begins...

Natsu Deryar's Story


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#, as written by Miyer
Kelly entered the back room of the stage, to wait for the moment when she and 8 others would exited onto the stage and take their seats to enter the virtual reality. Glancing around the room she checked out each of the other 8. There appeared to be too young kids maybe in their early Tweens, 3 girls around her age and than 3 adults probably in their early 20s. Supposedly 6 of these people were famous and yet Kelly couldn't really place any of their faces.

"Please welcome our 9 participants onto the stage." her thoughts were interrupted by the clapping and cheering of a crowd behind the curtain, everyone slowly made their way onto the stage where 9 recliner chairs sat facing the ordinance, each with a sleep headgear attached to them. "If everyone will take their seat I will explain what will happen when you first enter Avalon Reborn." He continued, and again all 9 sat down on their chairs, listening and waiting to enter the game.

"Thank you, Welcome to Avalon Reborn. You will enter the game when the sleep headgear is attached to your head and you will find yourself in a room. In the room will be a bed, which you will wake up on, and a chest which will hold all the equipment you need.
For warriors you will receive a level 1 armour set, Rogues a leather level 1 set and for mages a level 1 robe. You will also receive the weapon of you choice, however they will only be level 1 weapons. There are 3 health, mana and stamina potions in each chest and also one of the items from the ultimate set from your class. You will also get a bag to hold items you inquire, a small bag of gold as a saving marker.
A saving marker works with you writing your name on the wall of an area you want to response in, if you do not do those you will respawn in the bed you will be waking up in.
When you wake up, you will be given your first task by the GM in the game, so please, let us begin!"
the announcer finished off, waving his hands in a flourish as all the sleep head gears attached themselves to the 9 participants heads simultaneously.

Kelly felt herself become lighter as the world went black, she felt like she was leaving her body and floating away. She was surrounded in darkness however just ahead of her stood a blob of light which slowly got closer and closer until it was the only thing she could see.

This light slowly dulled and Kelly found herself looking around a room, looking exactly as the announcer described. She was in the game. Jumping up she ran to the chest and began to pull on her armour, attaching her weapon to her belt and stuffing her item into her bag before giving it a quick examination. She jumped as she heard a crackling sound fill the air before an electronic voice took its place.

"Welcome to Avalon Reborn, currently you are trapped in this room. You need to find a way out and meet with the other 8 participants in the main room, once there you will be allowed to continued to the next location and find your next challenge. Good luck." with that the voice cut off and Kelly was alone in the silence once more.

Turning to the door she gave a small sigh, she needed to find the key. The was no way for her to break the door down with her class or burn it with magic. She paused and than grinned as she saw a thin piece of metal lying on the ground near the chest, picking it up she found herself staring at a lock pick. Moving over towards the door, she quickly picked the lock and opened it.

She found herself in a corridor with 8 other doors, all unopened. Making her way straight down the hall she exited out into a huge common room, there were a few chairs dotted around as well as a few NPC shop dealers. Taking a seat on one of the soft sofas, Kelly waited for the next person to exit the room.