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Avatar: A Quest to Knowledge

Avatar: A Quest to Knowledge


An Avatar/Airbender RP taking place 101 years after the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Characters adventure through the Avatar Universe following their dreams, goals, or just going with the flow.

1,317 readers have visited Avatar: A Quest to Knowledge since Varanus created it.


This RP is based off the storyline of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the limited information from the upcoming new series The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra. This RP takes place 101 years after the events of “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” and approximately 30 years after “The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra.” I provided basic information on the Avatar Universe below, but if you wish to learn topics in more detail, feel free to click on the hyperlinks provided throughout the introduction.

I EXPECT THAT ANYONE WISHING TO JOIN THE ROLEPLAY TO READ THROUGH ALL THE INFORMATION PROVIDED BELOW. Please direct any questions or comments to the OOC thread and I’ll be more than happy to reply.

This is a world where the physical plane is highly influenced by the world of the spirits. It is a world where individuals are gifted with the ability to control, or “bend,” one of the four elements: earth, fire, air, and water. These individuals are known as benders. Though technological advancements have drifted society farther the dependence, faith, and respect of the spirits the mystical bending arts and teachings maintain a hold on spirituality. 101 years have passed since the century-long war started by the Fire Nation was ended by the efforts of Avatar Aang. The Avatar is planet’s spirit reincarnated as a human. It is the Avatar that is the only human able to bend all four elements. The current Avatar, Avatar Korra, has maintained order throughout the war, though there still lingers an underground war between two factions of extremes.

Among the existing hostilities at the edge of everyday life, people live their lives. Some go with the flow of events while others actively shape their destiny, seeking acceptance, honor, dreams, and knowledge. The path of characters several characters with different goals and desires will run into each other to begin an adventure of a lifetime.

Map of the World (and countries)

General Political Map with locations. The numbers on the map correspond to the locations listed here.
Blue – Water Tribes
Yellow – Earth Kingdom
Red – Fire Nation
White – Air Nomads (historically)
***Republic City or the United Republic – A city nation founded by Avatar Aang and Firelord Zuko that consists of a population of ethnicities around the world. It is the second most populated city next to the Earth Kingdom capitol of Ba Sing Se and incorporates the world’s latest technological advances and architecture such as automotives, high-rise buildings, and electrical lighting (1920’s tech level). The location of this city, not yet known) is most likely situated on the western coast of the Earth Kingdom.

Other maps of the world:
Physical Map
Locations of the World
Large Map

Timeline - this incorporates events that have occurred in the first series (Avatar: The Last Airbender), and new series (Legend of Korra) and occur specifically in this RP.

- It is 101 years after Avatar Aang ended the century-long global war which was ignited by the genocide of the Air Nomads 201 years ago.

- Avatar Korra is now in her forties and is a fully realized Avatar. (The plot of this RP will not be centered on her but the original characters created for this RP; the plot and characters can, however, have connection to her).

- Currently the Equalists, an anti-bender faction that Avatar Korra has managed to keep at bay, continues to spread its ideas and wreak havoc throughout the globe committing crimes against benders. They believe that it is because of the existence of the bending arts that wars throughout history have continue and believe that benders will only continue to be a menace to society.

- There exists a mortal enemy the Equalists hate even more than the Avatar. “The Elements” is a group of bender-extremists which look down upon the majority of the world population which consist of non-benders and wish to segregate and even eliminate non-benders from the world as they weaken society towards the goals of prosperity. Though they’ve yet to strike any blows to start a war, their numbers are growing. Luckily the political powers of the major nations are aware of the situation and, along with the Avatar, seek to prevent any terrorist strikes from the Elementals as well as the Equalists.

- Recently there has been a sickness spreading throughout the world and it has been linked to areas where large quantities of fossil fuel extraction are occurring. Fossil fuels such as coal and oil have been the major fuel for energy for electricity and manufacturing in the world’s major cities. Medics around the world have failed to pinpoint the cause of the sickness, but oracles and traditional healers coincidently direct it to a spiritual source. Some suggest that the mass extraction of fossil fuels is disturbing the spirits of animals and plants of prehistoric past. Despite the spread of the illness, it has yet escalated to the standards of a deadly plague.

- A year ago, Sozin’s comet had passed through the Earth’s atmosphere. This comet, which visits the earth every 100 years is infamous for temporarily increasing the power of firebenders to near god-like proportions. 201 years ago, Fire Lord Sozin had used the comet’s power to wipe the entire race of Air Nomads. 101 years ago Fire Lord Ozai attempted to incinerate the Earth Kingdom but was stopped by Avatar Aang. One year ago Sozin’s Comet passed through the Earth’s Atmosphere once again. But the current Fire Lord, a benevolent ruler who along with his forefathers the past 100 years, has worked intensely to maintain peace and a strong alliance with the other nations. So to reduce tension from the other nations, the Fire Lord had ordered a nationwide prohibition of firebending on the day of the comet’s arrival. Any citizens of the Fire Nation who were caught firebending by the authorities on the day of the comet’s arrival were severely punished. After punishment, the offenders were branded on their foreheads with the calligraphy of the word “shame.”

The Bending Arts – If you wish to have a character with the ability to control an element chose one of the four abilities below and please read up on the abilities carefully.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only the Avatar has the ability to bend more than one element. The Avatar, who is currently Avatar Korra, will only be considered an NPC and will not be the focus of the story of this RP. So no one can be the Avatar.

Airbending - the aerokinetic ability to control and manipulate currents of air. The peaceful Air Nomads utilized this type of bending in their everyday lives.
Everything you need to know about Airbending
[url=]An AMV with various scenes of airbending[url]
Another AMV with a lot more demonstrations of airbending

Important Note: The only living airbenders are the direct descendents of Avatar Aang. In the present setting if any character is an airbender then their great-grandfather was Aang and great-grandmother was Katara. Their grandfather is Tenzin and grandmother is Pema. Their parents can either be Jinora, Ikki, Meelo or a younger child of Tenzin or Pema. Your airbending character can even be the child of Tenzin and Pema if you want to stretch out their parenthood.

Waterbending - the hydrokinetic ability to control water, as well as its many forms. The people of the Water Tribe utilize this type of bending. In turn, the Water Tribes are divided up in to the Southern Water Tribe, the Northern Water Tribe, and the lesser known Foggy Swamp Tribe.
Everything you need to know about Waterbending; this also includes details on healing, plantbending, and bloodbending
An AMV with waterbending scenes, starting from beginner techniques
An AMV with lots of waterbending, particularly at a more advanced level

Important Note: So I know there are particular people that get a kick out of the idea of bloodbending, which is totally cool! But I’m going to stress some points about the technique that you CANNOT stretch or ignore. Bloodbending is an art that can only be mastered by the most experienced waterbenders. On top of that, the technique can only be performed under a full moon when a waterbender’s power is at its strongest. Plus in order to achieve bloodbending, the waterbender must not only control the “water” in the victim’s body but overcome the victim’s own chi or willpower. So only under a full moon, and the strength to overcome a victims chi can an “experienced” waterbender perform bloodbending. NO EXCEPTIONS. And while it’s possible for a character to has discovered the technique independently a character would most likely have learned this technique via some connection with the teachings of either Hama or Katara, though considering Katara’s personality, she would generally be very reluctant to ever pass on the knowledge of the technique.

Earthbending - the geokinetic ability to manipulate earth and rock, in all its various forms. It is used by people of the Earth Kingdom.
[url=]Everything you need to know about Earthbending; this includes sandbending and metalbending]
An AMV with various scenes of Earthbending

IMPORTANT NOTE: Metalbending has become widespread since Toph has mastered it and taught it among earthbenders around the world. The art is particularly prominent in the United Republic where the majority of the police force specialize in metalbending.

Firebending - the pyrokinetic ability to create and control fire, is one of the four elemental Bending Arts. The people of the Fire Nation, as well as the lesser known Sun Warrior Tribe, practice this type of bending.
Everything you need to know about firebending; this includes lightning generation
An AMV with various firebending scenes.
Agni Kai (formal firebending duel)
More firbending
Note that the final battle scene between Zuko and Azula occurs in the presence of Sozin’s Comet over the atmosphere, which temporarily increases firebending power to almost god-like proportions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Just stressing that firebenders are the only benders that can “create” their own element by converting the chi from their own body into heat or fire. Generating lightning is an extremely rare talent that requires the individual to have a stable, secure psychology, at least during the time of learning the technique. Those that generate lightning are experience firebenders to begin with. While the royal family of the Firelord clearly inherits the ability, the possibility for other firebenders to learn it is there.

Lesser supernatural abilities are also present in the Avatar World even among non-benders. Usually these abilities, which are much rarer than bending, are obtained through forms of “spiritual training” or through the intervention of spirits (as a gift or curse). Lesser abilities include but are not limited to fortune-telling, ability to directly interact with spirits at will, telepathy or locating close ones through meditation, astral projection, and ability to see individuals’ chi.

Animals of the Avatar World – The majority of wildlife in the Avatar consist of animal hybrids, though “non-hybrid” animals (ex: fish, hawks, bears) do exist. Consider looking through the list of fauna if you wish your character to have a pet or animal companion. It’s even plausible to have a spirit as a familiar or companion.

Spirits- Spirits play an important role in the Avatar World. Most spirits inhabit the spirit world though many reside in the physical plane. Only spirits and the Avatar can regularly cross between the physical and spirit world. Many spirits exist as actual landforms and area on the physical (rivers/forests) and can reveal themselves in the form of a human, animal, or monster. Spirits that represent landforms are usually highly respected and even worshiped by locals. Destruction of a particular environment can have dangerous consequences depending on the local spirit (in the case of [url=]Hei Bai, a forest spirit, who went on a routine rampage after the Fire Nation had deforested his land). The presence of spirits on the physical plane strengthens as a solstice approaches. Also as the solstice approaches it’s easier for humans to cross the spirit world. Though for humans other than the Avatar, it requires complete focus and intense meditation to being with. Read up on the spirit world if you wish to have a character affiliated in any way with spirits or the spirit world.

Toggle Rules

Please read all the information provided in the introduction before submitting a character.

Please respect one another.

IC posts are expected to have at least two paragraphs.

Good grammar and spelling is expected.

The character sheet used will be the format provided by the "Character Application" link which you enter in order to submit a character.

Each section in the character sheet (Description/Personality/Equipment/History) is to have at least one paragraph. Under equipment, you can describe the clothes that your character wears if you can't think of anything. Any animal companions can be described under equipment as well. If your character has any special abilities (ex: bending), please describe it under description.

You can have a maximum of two characters.

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Most recent OOC posts in Avatar: A Quest to Knowledge

Re: Avatar: A Quest to Knowledge

In the introduction you specify that the Neo-Equalists are still around, but you don't mention what control they have. Do they still use Republic City as a headquarter for attacks or have they hidden underground. You did mention that the war between the two extreme factions was an "underground war". I just didn't understand that well, I guess.

If I misread or skipped a paragraph feel free to let me know.

Re: [OOC] A Quest to Knowledge (An Avatar/Airbender RP)

Ironbending would fall under "metalbending" ( so that would definitely be do-able, especially the art has spread in the current time setting. Currently metalbending is most common among the police force of Republic City (United Republic). Keep in mind that metalbending is an extension (a very advanced technique) of earthbending.

Re: [OOC] A Quest to Knowledge (An Avatar/Airbender RP)

I have a character in mind but he uses Ironbending, is that allowed?

Re: [OOC] A Quest to Knowledge (An Avatar/Airbender RP)

I understand your point. There are situations where there is little to write about when engaging into a conversation. But even in the middle of a conversation it is very possible to write enough for two paragraphs. Mind you the paragraphs themselves don't have to be long (3-5 sentences each).

When in a situation where it's hard to write anything but quick dialogue, here are some suggestions of what else you can write about:

1. So when in the conversation the first topic to write, obviously, to write the response to the other character.

2. Along with the verbal dialogue, there's always the potential to include the "mental" dialogue. Write what your character is thinking along with saying. Even if you have a character who is the "strong, silent" type, you can make up for lack of dialogue (which is part of his personality), and replace it with what he's thinking. I would assume that a person that doesn't talk much doesn't necessarily mean he or she is a zombie and would spend a bit more time thinking, paying more attention to the surroundings and other things and people in his or her vicinity.

3. Speaking of surroundings, when you little is going on directly between two characters, they may be in an environment where "a lot" is going on around them. What's going on in their peripheral vision? Are they in the middle of the woods where small creatures may be scurrying around and a breeze rustling through the leaves and branches? Are they in the middle of a courtyard full of people performing tasks, mingling with others, laughing out loud, with maybe one or two people in the background giving your character a funny look? When talking to another character, you can always write about anything else that is going on in their immediate surroundings, especially with the surrounding activity is a precursor for what may happen next.

4. Is your character responding with just a blank stare? Describe any facial expressions that may come with the dialogue. Did the statement of their friend or enemy surprise him or her, making your character raise a brow, drop their jaw, turn their head, or exclaim out loud? Did the character decide to run away or lunge at the other person? Or in a more typical, less dynamic conversation, did your character merely shift his stance? Did the character roll their eyes and look away with disinterest. Or did he step forward and shift his ear closer in order to hear every detail of something very intriguing?

5. If your character multitasking? Is your character smoking a cigarette? Perhaps with every response he or she can exhale of puff or smoke, flick the cigarette, or toss it away. Is the character in the middle of eating lunch. Does he or she occasionally talk with their mouth full, munch out loud, or choke on something momentarily because he or she was abruptly interrupted? Is he or she trying not to attract attention, failing to reduce suspicion by shifting their eyes about in a paranoid fashion?

6. Is sight the only perception that your character has? Are there any particular sounds that the character hears other than the voice of the person they are talking to? Maybe they hear rattling in the pocket of their friend or hear the commotion of a person in the background, or something in the environment around them. Any particular smells? Are they trekking through a field of flowers, breathing the air in a tavern with the owners cooking hot meals, or creeping through a dungeon full of rotting corpses? Did a cold breeze just blow by? Did a cloud float away from the sun, suddenly striking down extra rays of heat?

These are just a couple of things that you can include in a single post and are things that can change as frequently as the words and sentences coming out of the character's mouth. So minimally one paragraph can include what the character is saying while the other paragraph can be a description of any of the other numbered bullets above.

So in short, I'm not going to downsize the two-paragraph rule. Perhaps I could've added a comment that this is expected to be a slightly more advanced RP. If you are ever in the situation where you don't know what to fill in for two paragraphs, please by all means ask me or other for help on the OOC before posting and I know I would be more than happy to help. And ask away as much as you want. As long as you're trying, you won't annoy me or anything.

As for curses: A character can receive a curse in a variety of ways, primarily when it's ticking off a spirit or simply running into a very mean spirit at the wrong place at the wrong time. Perhaps the character did something to highly disrespect and offend a spirit guardian of a particular environment. Perhaps a deal was made with a character's parent and the deal was never completed so the spirit curse their children. Perhaps the character his or herself made a deal with the spirit but in attempt to cheat it, they were cursed.

Examples of possible curses can be something like the removal of certain sight, hearing, or the ability to speak. Many curses can be linked to seasonal or celestial occurrences, Maybe they are cursed to feel pain or have a nightmare every night of a full moon. Is their curse strengthen on the approach of a summer or winter solstice? (In the Avatar World the spirit world is closest to the physical plane on the day of a solstice). Maybe the character won't be cursed until "x" amount of months or years. Or maybe the curse is just that: the character will die in that certain amount of time. Maybe there is some way to break the curse?

Also with the character sheet, you have to write a paragraph for all the sections, including the personality, no exceptions. While it is true that character development occurs throughout the plot and that naturally it takes time for other characters to get to know each other, it doesn't avoid the fact that, unless the character is a toddler, the character would already have a developed personality to start with before the plot even begins. If you have trouble developing a character, trying filling out extended character profiles that ask you specific questions that force you to develop the character. Check out this link for example: ... files.html
Fill out the as provided. Once you've filled it out, you'll have enough to write a paragraph of your character's personality.

I set up those rules because, as the creator of the RP, it gives me an idea of how much effort applicants are willing to put in the RP. Now I don't want to discourage you by any means. If this RP really interests you, give it a shot. We all start somewhere and practice always helps to improve writing skills. If you try hard enough, you'll be surprised how soon two paragraphs will be a walk in the park.

Re: [OOC] A Quest to Knowledge (An Avatar/Airbender RP)

Just asking, you mention about having to write a minimum of two paragraphs, now I don't know about you but if you've ever gotten into a conversation with someone else you can't do all that much stuff while waiting for them to reply, I can understand about the problem of people who simply write one line but you can say 'you can't do one lines' rather than having to say 'two paragraphs minimum' other than that I don't have much of a problem with things, but what kind of curses are you allow for people who have been cursed by spirits?

I also remembered I'm kinda bad at trying to write about personalities, so does that also have to be a paragraph like the rest? I mean it would get shown in the RP wouldn't it anyway?

[OOC] Avatar: A Quest to Knowledge

This is the OOC topic for the roleplay "Avatar: A Quest to Knowledge)"

Please share any questions, comments, ideas, or concerns on this thread.