Yui Nakamjima

Yui Nakamjima, the current Avatar. His quest is to give to the poor , and bring about harmony.

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a character in “Avatar: After Aang”, as played by Chulance


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Yui is a carefree spirit, one who does not seem to take anything seriously. He has a nonchalant type of attitude when dealing with most issues, and often considers life one big play ground. He is one who does not consider the effects of his action's, and often can be labeled as chaotic. He is known as the latter due to his impulsiveness, and this can often lead to causing destruction to the area around him. His main objective is to achieve his goals, and in the process of doing that...he often doesn't think before he acts. He is a very talkative fellow, and is always trying to start a conversation with others. He simply wants to bring out the best of others, and his naive nature can lead to him being easily manipulated. He also is a ladies man, and is always trying to get ladies. However despite his "Womanizer" type personality, he is not a perverted individual.


Yui has a Wooden Bo Staff, and a Compass.


Yui Nakajima was born son of two water benders, who were both very poor. His family was poor due to his Grandpa starting a business to gather water, and gave it to the less fortunate. During his Grandpa's trial his family went broke, although Yuji developed a close bond with his Grandpa. After his Grandpa was released from prison, he began training Yuji in the art of water bending. Yuji became very interested in bending at a young age, wanting to be a great bender. However later a large group of upper class people who lost money in the scam went after his Grandpa. Yuji tried to fight them off, but was unsuccessful. This is when Yuji discovered his other bending abilities, as he caused an earth-quake. The Disaster allowed him to rescue his Grandpa, but his parents thought Yuji was dangerous.

Yuji's Grandpa however sent him to a meeting with other nation leaders, and after Yuji demonstrated his ability to generate small tremors, they decided that he should head to the earth kingdom to find a trainer. Yuji agreed to begin his journey to master his elemental abilities, and his parents were instantly famous. Their issues with money was over, and Yuji strived to finish his Grandpa's mission of giving to the less fortunate. With that he began his journey to the Earth Kingdom.

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Yui Nakamjima's Story