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Name: Rie
Appearance: Image
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5'7
Weight: 123
Nationality: Republic Nation
Alliance: Undecided
Current Location:The Slums in Republic Nation
Elemental Type: Fire/Lighting
Bending Skill: Fire is her niche. Despite being the daughter of a very busy man, her father has always taken the time to teach his children some of the techniques passed down from his own fiery spirited father Mako, her firebending definitely packs the heat, that it is often shown to possess a blue hue to it, she trains hard with fire, but lightning is where she falls a bit short, she can at the very least redirect lightning in order to deflect back any attack, but in hindsight she cannot generate lightning unless put into a situation where she has to. When put in danger or when in a tight situation, the lightning seems to come from wanting to display a fearless core. Otherwise, all of her Firebending is filled with emotion, while lightning is a difficult byproduct to produce. Yet she tries she believes that lightning will sap her emotions away like she's seen many benders turn into.

A familiar technique

Merchant: Rie is rather talented at selling products to others with her quick tongue, and rather appealing descripitions.

Talented swimmer: This may not sound like much, but Rie is rather skilled at swimming, a talent that was taught by her grandmother Korra, who was a good swimmer herself even at her old age. Rie is talented enough to swim through some of the most resistant currents under the sea, but being enclosed in Republic Nation, makes water a rare source, unless she'd rather swim in the now polluted Yue Bay.

Boxing: Surprisingly, Rie is also good at Boxing, which is very evident in her bending, the way she uses punches and jabs to create quick sparks of fire to attack the opponent, a fighting style that was passed from her grandfather to her father, and then on to her. She spices up her moves with a few high kicks, that often leave behind a trail blaze of fire, a trademark of hers.

Fast Runner: When put into danger, Rie is often observed as running faster than anyone around her, no one not even her knows where this comes from.

Gambling: A little activity she picked up from her uncle Bolin, who according to others has a surprising amount of luck on the tables, as naive as he could be sometimes.

Bio: What or who made you who you are today, Parents, friends...etc..etc...at least one paragraph
Personality: Rie can be described as someone who changes her moods easily, she could be angry one moment, and elated the next, her mind moves from the next thought to the next idea in seconds, this is also the reason why she is talented at Multitasking. She is always on her feet, trying to make the best out of the day. Yet she lacks willpower, and consistency, she hates repetition
Other Information: Anything else you wanted to add. (Pets, Family, status by anything I do mean anything) Can be any length.

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