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Daichi Fei Min

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a character in “Avatar: Criss-Crossing Fates”, as played by Sicariius


Daichi Fei Min

Role: The Earthbender

Gender: Male
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Dai, Mei Hong
Age: Nineteen
Love Interest: N/A

Appearance: Daichi is very foreign looking, his mother having been an immigrant from a far away colonial island whilst he father was born and raised in the Earth Kingdom. Needless to say, thanks to genetics, Daichi inherited his father's bending and his mother's looks. He has blonde hair, which is a very rare site to see for most people he encounters, and it is short in length. The front of which falls into his eyes, while he wears the sides and back of it in a small ponytail. It appears to be taken care of, despite its disheveled appearance at times. Daichi has often been tempted to change its color due to the reactions it receives, but has since then decided against it and instead prides in it, as it reminds him of his mother.

Because of inheriting his mother's looks, Daichi has a very ambiguous feel to him when he's observed, due to a majority of his features being more feminine than usual. His skin is pale, leaving a faint pink color in his cheeks. It seems to lack any imperfections or blemishes, and it frames a face adorned by thin, pale lips, the bottom of which he seems to constantly be biting, and a small nose, though it still has a more crude than sleek shape. Among this all, there lies two very light blue eyes, which seems to have the shades change in layers, the outer circles of his iris being so light that it looks almost white, while it gets darker as the circles get closer to the pupil, resulting in a beautiful dark blue circled around it. They're appear to be specks of green and such in a circle about halfway out, but these seemingly fade away when he cries.

Daichi is a bit on the smaller side, coming off as rather dainty and appearing much younger than he is. It's very often than his size and looks get him mistaken for a child, sometimes as young as twelve or thirteen, when in reality his is nineteen and just has stopped growing. Despite the pseudo impressions his size gives off, he's more than capable of handling himself in a fight, and his bending capabilities prove that sometimes great things come in small packages.

As for general expressions, Daichi tends to either remain cheerful or at least semi-serious with others around him. There can be times where he's caught staring off into the distance, as if lost in thought or memory. At times like this, his eyes seem to appear sad.

Preferred Clothing: Daichi isn't really picky when it comes to fashion or the sorts, and he tends to wear simple clothing that isn't too flashy in appearance. If there's really any traits he prefers, it's that whatever is covering his torso has sleeves slightly longer than necessary, because he enjoys it stopping at halfway down his fingers, and playing with the excess cloth. He also likes uniform coats with high collars. Along with this, he likes colors such as dark blues or light browns.

Height: 5 ft 2 in (158 cm)
Weight: 108 lbs (49 kg)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Personality: Daichi isn't as much caring for everybody as he is just cheerful. Sure, the way he behaves might be misconstrued friendly, but it's really just the aloof demeanor he has to him. He won't hesitate showing dislike for anybody, rather, he just likes to behave optimistically to deal with problems. Because of this, he devotes his time to helping with people he does care about's problems, often shelving his or trying to deal with them on his own. Because of this, some people think just being with him is enough for everybody to be happy. It's just another misconception. He's not happy, he's far from it. All he is on the inside is alone, insecure, and scared. But he's either too cowardly or too prideful to let it show, and so he masks it with how he acts, putting others in front of him and solving their problems before his. He's learned how to fake it, and he fakes it good.

Daichi is stubborn in this regard, often changing the subject when somebody tries to pry into how he feels, or just avoiding the question. He'll try to turn it around, insist he's fine, and leave it at that. Perhaps is the Earthbender in his blood that makes him so grounded on it, waiting for the right moment to let somebody know instead of just spilling it out constantly. After all, it is in their nature to wait and listen before using the appropriate time to strike.

When he first set out, Daichi didn't really want any company, but as time passed, he became indifferent to the idea, and then eventually slightly longed for it. Some people would but loyal and protective in the same category, but he doesn't, Daichi would protect even his worst enemy if it meant preventing death. He's very against the act of ending one's life, and although this has surfaced some embitterment toward the Fire Nation, Daichi tries not to hold grudges, and doesn't hate all Firebenders like most in the Earth Kingdom have grown to.

All in all, despite the strong front he puts on (And boy, does he put it on well), he's very fragile on the inside and may be prone to completely breaking down sooner or later, depending on if his walls can be broken through. But hey, they're nearly as impenetrable as the walls of Ba Sing Se themselves, and nobody would ever be able to break through those, would they?

Oddities: ImageDaichi tends to get sick when eating, usually directly after only the first one or two bites. But after an hour or so has passed, the sick feeling fades and he's able to eat the leftovers he has. He's unaware of what causes this, and has pushed the possibility of having a serious illness to the back of his head. Maybe his appetite is just selective.

He is prone to being unable to think without moving somehow, and will often tap his foot on the ground very fast when nervous or deep in thought. This sometimes gets away from him, and he can cause small, frequent tremors as he does it, which usually disrupt him from thought.

Daichi doesn't require that much sleep, and is able to run on two or three hours of sleep a day or so. If he sleeps any more, he wakes up feeling terrible, and is unable to focus on anything for several hours afterwards.

He often makes references to unknown things, because of their relevance to the colonies his mother is from. They're sometimes incorporated into jokes, which nobody ever understands and leaves him nervously chuckling.

Daichi has a very strong sense of smell, resulting in him trying to avoid things that may produce strong smells, such as some food, animals, perfume, and flowers.

Likes: Tea, running, drawing, mid seasonal weather, tart things, music, dancing, and rain.
Dislikes: Cold weather, alcohol, death, sweet things, snow, intense smells, deep water, and being suspended in midair.
Hobbies: Dancing, painting, looking at clouds, stargazing, running, cooking, drawing, and sparring.

Anthophobia - Fear of flowers
Aviophobia - Fear of flying
Decidophobia - Fear of making important decisions
Dipsophobia - Fear of drinking alcohol
Disposophobia - Fear of losing important things
Frigophobia - Fear of becoming too cold
Gephyrophobia - Fear of bridges
Ichthyophobia - Fear of fish
Necrophobia - Fear of death
Thalassophobia - Fear of being on the ocean of sea
Thanatophobia - Fear of dying
Triskaidekaphobia - Fear of the number thirteen
Osmophobia - Fear of strong smells, due to hypersensitivity

Skills/Talents: Daichi, like any average Earthbender, is a planner, and tries to have a back up plan, and then several back up plans of that back up plan in case things go wrong. He's an excellent strategist, but will sometimes lose this sense in the heat of a battle.

Although he doesn't look it, Daichi is capable of severe heavy lifting, even without using Earthbending.

Because of his aversion to smell, Daichi has formed an odd acute sense of taste in its place, allowing him to cook with ingredients and such that people would otherwise think didn't belong in the meal.

Daichi is very skilled in utilizing positive, negative, and neutral jing, instead of being adept at just using neutral. This has severely improved his bending, and allows him to put it to several more uses than others could, as well as shift between three separate styles.

Preferred Weapon: Daichi doesn't use any other weapon than his bending, which is all he needs.

Fighting Style: Neutral jing is stated to be the key to Earthbending. Fundamentally, neutral jing involves listening, though seemingly doing nothing, and waiting for the right moment to strike. Positive corresponds to advancing and attacking, and negative corresponds to retreating and evading. Not only does this give Daichi a various amount of options while fighting, but it also corresponds to all aspects of his life, as it does to all others. It not so much about his skill level, as it is about defining what kind of person he is through his fighting. That being said, Daichi tends to use Positive jing more so than the others, and takes to using a style similar to that of Firebending, using rigid, circular motions to arc attacks and overwhelm his opponents.

While using neutral, he tends to fight like a standard Earthbender, incorporating both defense and offense into one, and while using negative, he fights similar to an Airbender, using his bending to block and evade attacks. This was formed from Daichi being completely reliant on himself for quiet some time, and is essentially able to fill all roles on a battlefield.

Personal History: Daichi had a rather mixed upbringing, being taught the law and order of the Earth Kingdom along with its custom by his father, whilst being taught the peaceful nature and customs of the far off colonies by his mother. She would often tell him stories of the colonies when he was younger, about how they were populated mostly by nonbenders and the only thing that disproved the nonexistence of benders was the occasional visit by one. And because of this, they were far out of reach of the Fire Nation, or any other nations for that matter. Considering he was only a child, and the Hundred Year War had just been started at the point, his mother held more resentment for the Fire Nation than he ever could, and would often promise him that she would take him there.

As he reached further into his preteen years, and in sequence, further into the war, his mother was killed. When he was told, his mind raced to all the other cases he had heard of people losing their loved ones to the Firebenders, and he almost snapped. He shook, and the Earth shook with him. He was calmed by his father however, and learned that it was a nonbender that had killed his mother. This came as a surprise to him, and ultimately it felt like a giant slap in the face. It made him obsess over how he could have saved her, and ultimately made him rethink about how he viewed nonbenders; Just because they didn't have bending, didn't mean they weren't to be trifled with.

Daichi eventually left the small establishment he lived in to go on some random journey. He didn't have any goals or objectives, he just needed to leave. And it was a decision that was ultimately encouraged by his father. And so he did, leaving and wanting to be alone at first, but then warming up to the idea of a companion as the years passed. He didn't really have much conflict in his travels, and the conflict that he did come across was quickly dealt with. He finds himself in Omashu now, looking for somebody to travel with and gathering information on the whereabouts of his mother's killer. It isn't really a revenge mission, he just wants to know why.

Theme Song: Buiikikaesu!! ~ Maximum the Hormone


So begins...

Daichi Fei Min's Story


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- Daichi Fei Min -

Omashu. One of the great strongholds of the Earth Kingdom, and the second largest city. The city itself was actually a capital of one of the Earth Kingdom provinces, and proved to be a formidable refuge away from Fire Nation soldiers. Then again, it was only 10 ASC, and who knew how long the war would last. It was placed in the Kolau Mountain Range, surrounded by steep canyons and an enormous gorge. The only way into the city was via a long, winding stone column that made it's way up to the three city gates, each made of large bricks of stoning and being around five feet thick, and thirty feet tall. The entrances are guarded by Earthbenders, and as such, can only be opened by them. The only other possible way in would be from above, and only an Airbender would manage that, and last Daichi heard, they were all killed off in the genocide. And as far as he was aware, there had been no flying mechanism or otherwise invented yet.

The inside of the city was built on a number of hills, causing the districts of the city to be divided by height. The palace itself resting on the largest hill. Among the thousands of homes, and hundreds of businesses, there lay massive chutes of stone, which would provide the complex mailing system. And under one of these chutes in particular sat Daichi, using the massive shadow cast as shade away from the sun that particular evening. It was stuffy, as always, and due to the frequent high temperatures, Daichi wasn't really enjoying his stay there all too much.

His business there, however, was a matter of slight urgency. For one, he was told he could find information there on a certain nonbender, and secondly, he was seeking a companion. Somebody to steal away from the place and drag along with him. He didn't care who, it just needed to be a person who wanted an escape. That was second priority, and so he began to focus on the first once more as he got up and maneuvered himself out from under the chute.

First priority was a certain nonbender named Chen Zhun, and as it turns out, he is the head of a moderately sized nonbender criminal organization. Though, organization seems to be stretching it a bit, and Daichi preferred to call them bandits. They claimed to be refugees displaced by the Fire Nation at the start of the war, but all they did was terrorize civilians and murder benders in cold blood, including Daichi's mother.

He wasn't really sure if it was a revenge mission anymore, and as years passed, Daichi got more used to the idea of simply questioning the man. It was partially why he required a companion, because of his aversion to violence, he needed some sort of fail safe to make sure he didn't lash out in some form of rage at the man who had taken his mother's life, regardless on if he deserved it or not.

His source of information was a man he was supposed to be meeting very soon, in a tea shop that stood out from the others. 'The Jade Dragon' it was called, apparently named after their signature tea and based around rumors of a dragon made of jade that once protected the city. Many citizens thought it was a bit of a stretch, considering dragons were Firebenders technically, but the citizens that were much older swore by it.

Daichi didn't really care either way.

Regardless, in his journey to reach this tea shop, he had to cut through the market, and in order to cut through the market, he needed to head down a particular stone walkway, and on this particular stone walkway happened to be a particular person that was about to run into him in particular. This person was not once Daichi knew, not that he really knew anybody in that city, considering he had only been there for a week or so, but still. This person was (surprisingly) smaller than him, by about two inches.

When they had bumped into him, Daichi, as well as the other person, had began to fall over. Losing his balance was something he had grown used to, however, and so he corrected this instinctively by flicking his wrist and raising a wide pillar behind him to push him back up onto his feet via his back. But because this was on an incline, heading down, it gave him a slight propulsion so when he got back on his feet, he stumbled forward a little, but regained himself in time to reach out and grab the hand of the person falling over.

It seemed slowed down to Daichi, but in reality, the whole ordeal had happened in a manner of seconds, and so he stood there with his heels dug into the ground, and his hand clasped around a strangers, which was connected to a person he had practically yanked close to him in order to ensure they didn't get hurt. It was now that he actually got a chance to look at them, well, her. Now that he had a chance to take the person in, he could tell that it was obviously a female. As previously observed, she was smaller than him and appeared to be dressed in something Daichi only imagined to not be all that comfortable.

Judging from her hair and eye color, though, Daichi only assumed she was on Fire Nation heritage. He detected some sort of nobility, and seemed to almost recognize her, but then... he didn't. He blinked a couple of times and realized he didn't, in fact, know who the hell this woman was. Then he finally came to his senses and realized exactly what the situation was, looking back and forth from his hand, the hers that was clenched in his.

He quickly let go of her hand, jumped back slightly, and raised both hands to place on the back of his head, cocking his elbows up and to the sides.

"Right, then. Um, sorry about that. Are you okay?"

His blue eyes darted over the small figure, and he seemed to be only slightly worried. From the outside, she appeared to be fine, but it was like she was... distant. Regardless, he let out a sort of nervous chuckle and began to bite at his lower lip.