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Xue Yi Song

"I have no thoughts pertaining to the matter, there would be no reason for me to, would there?"

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a character in “Avatar: Criss-Crossing Fates”, originally authored by Jakuri-chan, as played by RolePlayGateway


Xue Yi Song

Role: The Firebender

Gender: Female
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Ju Kwan
Age: Seventeen
Love Interest: N/A

Appearance: In truth? Xue is a lovely young woman whose appearance reflects her heritage and bloodline. Her skin is very light, the color of ivory, her hair is dark, while her eyes are a distinct color of amber. Every bit of her appearance screams that she is of Fire Nation blood. Her petite frame also serves to suggest that she is not just a common Fire Nation girl either, no; it gives Xue the appearance of a girl born of nobility. And . . . everything foretold by the girl’s looks and traits are completely true. Born of a family of nobility in the Fire Nation, she inherited all of the telltale signs of her birthing. Her dark hair is sleek in texture, it’s straight, thick and healthy in appearance while the longest of it falls to the girl’s hips. While Xue’s hair is cut in layers, the longest of it stops right at her hips while some of it is at her waist, other parts at the shoulder blades, shoulders, and then her jaws. Despite the varying lengths of her hair however, she is not able to wear it down as she would wish, because of her position in life as a servant to an Earth Kingdom general, Xue has to keep it up in an intricate sort of style. Most of her hair is pulled up and back, kept out of her face by the wishes of her, ‘Master.’ Those parts of her hair are then fashioned into long braids, which are pulled back and wrapped around the head, while the longest of her hair is left to hang over her shoulders. In this style, Xue’s bangs are kept out of her face completely, and it almost makes her look like a different girl.

While her face is normally completely visible thanks to the hair style she has to wear, you can clearly see every defining trait of Xue which marks her as an obvious Fire Nation child—the skin upon her face is clear, free of any imperfections while she has defined cheekbones, color in her face, a small nose, thin lips and intelligent, honey colored eyes that sharply contrast her black hair. While she has her hair down however, it is left to frame her face and it obscures some of her more obvious Fire Nation traits.

As far as her body goes, Xue lives up to her linage as aristocracy—she is simply a small girl. She’s thin, a bit on the bony side, but more so she is a lithe looking lass. She has a figure, but she’s just built small, her body frame shows that enough. Also, she’s on the flat-chested side of the spectrum, so, Xue has a bit of a slender pear shaped body going on. But still, she’s pretty and the youth that she is shows in her skin, she looks every bit of seventeen despite her small size.

Preferred Clothing: Xue is a girl who really has less refined tastes than what one might expect out of her. She would rather keep her clothing casual, simple and uncomplicated if anything else, and also, if she could, she would prefer to be wearing the colors of her home nation. For everything she has gone through in her lifetime, Xue is a girl who still bears the proud blood of the Fire Nation, as far as she is concerned, she is privileged to have such blood going through her veins, even if there are aspects of the Fire Nation society and aristocracy that she is not at all proud of. As far as things go, however, Xue is not really allowed to show off her tastes and individuality given her current position in life, against her wishes, the clothing she is made to wear is picked out for her by her Mistress, the woman married to the man who keeps her as a servant. The woman’s tastes leave Xue wearing rather dulled down Earth Kingdom colors, and in attire she does not feel comfortable in.

Height: 5 ft (152 cm)
Weight: 85 lbs (39 kg)
Hair Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Amber

Personality: A bit of an odd girl, Xue is someone that is not at all easy to define. . . . Given her upbringing and the last few years of her life, she has developed quite an interesting and complicated personality. Reared as a nobleman’s daughter in the Fire Nation, Xue is someone who seems to present themselves with pride, strength and the upmost certainty of their heritage, person and self. Looking at her, Xue seems like she’s a very strong young woman, someone who can carry their own weight and shoulder a multitude of burdens without batting an eyelash. She seems as if she’s haughty, prideful and almost arrogant, even the expressions she carries upon her face cause her to be written off as such. Here’s the reality though . . . she’s not really any of these things. She’s not full of any sort of pride in herself or her lineage, and she’s not strong in any sense of the word. Her mentality and emotional state are rather fragile, and in truth, the slightest of overloads can be enough to send her into a spiral of depression, anxiety and a fit of tears. Xue is really a timid young woman who merely presents herself as a being full of strength so that no one would have the chance to think otherwise, she fears what people might think, or do, if they discovered that she was actually a very weak girl. Not wanting to end up being used, or taken advantage of, Xue does her best to hide her many weaknesses and her fragile state of self.

As she is now, and as she has been for many years, Xue is one who does her best to detach herself from the happenings around her. From people’s plights, to their words and to any situation at hand, she prefers not to let her emotions get mixed up in anything; she knows her own frailty and realizes that if she allowed herself to be open to the misery of the world around her, and to her own situation, that she would break. Honestly, what is keeping Xue from breaking now is uncertain, even to her, she even wonders why it is she is trying to look strong to everyone around her now. Her situation seems utterly hopeless, so why? The only answer to this whole matter that she can form is that inside of her, she wants to retain some sense of self, something that will remind her that she is still her own person, and that she will not break to her keeper. . . . Even still, there are undoubtedly times when Xue’s nearly lost it, become overwhelmed by her own situation, the mounting hopelessness and wound up crying herself to sleep, curled up in the fetal position.

She tries to act as strong as she can, she doesn’t want to submit to the reality of her life, but the truth is that her façade is slowly, slowly crumbling and with each day, Xue is coming closer to breaking.

Underneath this mask of hers, this seemingly emotionless girl who seems a pillar of certain strength, maturity and pride, Xue is really something else. . . . With that emotional frailty of hers, Xue is certainty a very sensitive young woman. The plights of others cling to her heart and have become a heavy weight upon her, part of the reason she seems so insensitive toward everything and one. She feels a lot of guilt for what the Fire Nation is doing to the world, and has done . . . especially to the Air Nomads. In reality, she despises her heritage, and her nationality. She’s utterly ashamed of what she is and whom. But still, she doesn’t want to break in front of others, so she never lets them know of how she feels. Xue is certain that they would not sympathize with her, and would only seek to truly harm her if they realized how deep her guilt traveled.

With that sensitivity she has, Xue is honestly a kind soul who is scared. Though she can seem off-putting and rude, she’s really just anxious of the world around her. She was a sheltered child, in a word, and she never saw the truth of the world as she grew up, and because of that, everything around her is still very much alien and frightful. Though she’s lived as a servant to an Earth Kingdom general for the last two years, she still fears the world. By isolating herself from everything she feels like she can cushion those uncertainties of hers and keep her heart sustained. Honestly . . . that’s even beginning to fail her. Xue led an isolated existence up until her marriage at fourteen, and even after, she never had a friend or true companion. Her husband was an unpleasant man whom his servants feared, and as such, they were dreadful of interacting with his wife, Xue, and did much to avoid her.

So, what things boil down to is this . . . she’s lonely. Xue is a girl who is very lonesome, though she doesn’t do anything to try to make friends. In a way also, she sees herself unfit to befriend those around her, given her heritage and what the Fire Nation has done to the world, in a word, she feels she’d be a burden to another. She knows of her own shortcomings and as such, she doesn’t want someone else to have to deal with them. However, just to say, if Xue were ever able to make a friend, or find herself becoming close to another, the heavy mask she wears, the one that makes her look so haughty and strong, it’d come off, and the girl underneath would awaken. The truth of her feelings would come to surface, she’d be unable to hide her tears from a friend if they came to her, should her worries overtake her, those would consume her in their presence, and in a word . . . Xue would become heavily dependent upon that person. She’d be needy, want attention, and might even feel a need to cling to her friend.

Really, she’d seem completely childish, as in that if she did not get these things from her friend, she’d be prone to pouting. . . . But, there would definitely be a bright side to being Xue’s friend, after some time, you’d begin to see a rare side of her, the true her. Yes, she seems a lot like a child, but that’s because part of her still is, Xue is honestly an innocent soul full of curiosities and wonderment. She has dreams, fascinations, hopes and even believes in things that most view as nonsense, such as making wishes on stars. . . . In these moments of seeing the true side of her, it wouldn’t be out of the question that one would even get to see her smile, and laugh.

Oddities: Xue sleep talks, although she’s not been witnessed walking around before, she does evidently speak in her sleep. Sometimes about her dreams, other times she’ll even engage in conversation..

Despite going through a sort of ‘finishing’ school when she was younger, Xue remains something of a klutz. She’ll fall over, run into things/people, drop stuff, knock things and such over. . . . Honestly, she’s a bit of a mess, grace and such are not her strong points.

Due to her upbringing, Xue speaks in a very formal manner, almost insanely so. She doesn’t really ever use contractions in her speech, so instead of saying something like, ‘I’m’ she’ll instead say ‘I am.’

Though her size is somewhat small, she has a good appetite. Xue is a girl capable of piling the food away if she has the chance to, and honestly, she loves a good meal. She tends to eat a lot, and gets hungry often.

Likes: Flowers, good food, sweets, warm days, the sun, animals, sewing, the stars, books/reading, singing, and writing.
Dislikes: Blood, death, pain, the idea of marriage, being crowded, thunderstorms, bitter/spicy things, and complete darkness.
Hobbies: Sewing, floriography, flower arranging, stargazing, cooking/baking, singing, and reading.

Agraphobia – Fear of sexual abuse
Dishabiliophobia – Fear of undressing in front of someone
Aichimophobia – Fear of sharp objects
Keraunophobia – Fear of thunder and lightning
Cleithrophobia –Fear of being locked in an enclosed space
Entomophobia – Fear of insects
Arachnephobia – Fear of spiders
Febriphobia – Fear of fever
Hematophobia –Fear of blood
Nyctophobia – Fear of night
Iatrophobia – Fear of doctors

Skills/Talents: If there is anything she can do, it’s book. Xue has a natural knack for being able to make good food, given her upbringing this should not be a surprise, also, given the last two years of her life, it also makes sense she can do this so well.

She is gifted with song, vocal lessons were a part of her ‘school’s’ required learning, and as such, Xue was taught how to sing from a young age. Thanks to that, she could easily be a songstress.

Also, while not much of a skill, Xue is skilled in the ways of domestic work due to being the servant of an Earth Kingdom general for the last years of her young life, she can clean well, sew and such. . . .

Preferred Weapon: None, she was never taught to fight with a weapon due to her upbringing.

Fighting Style: Because she is a bender, Xue does rely on her bending arts to a degree when it comes to the aspect of combat. The problem here though? It’s the fact that she’s not apt to fight, with her light frame, close quarters combat is dangerous because she’s kind of fragile, and she can be knocked away easily. A far as her bending goes anyway, it’s not very well developed, she wasn’t given much training on how to properly execute an aggressive attack, and instead, her style formed to be rather defensive. She knows how to blast fire from her hands like any Firebender, but when it comes to more advanced techniques, she’s helpless . . . best she can do in battle is dodge, provide some support, and block.

Her teacher was an aggressive man, her parents were not kind when selecting someone to train her, and as such, she learned how to block attacks due to his rigidness.

Personal History: She was born before the war began, seven years beforehand into a Fire Nation ruled by an aging Lord, Sozin. Due to how Sozin viewed his people, the pride of Fire Nation nobility could not have been at a higher point in the nation’s long history, all those of high-class blood viewed themselves as being something greater than the normal population. That was simply it. Xue’s parents were no exceptions to this view. Given how Fire nation aristocracy functioned, her parents desired not a daughter, but a son, to carry on the namesake and honor of their family. All nobles wanted a son; daughters weren’t desired, perhaps wanted for the sake of marrying to a family, but to marry off? No, simply no. Girls were seen as more trouble than they were worth among the nobles. And, it was into this that she was born. Her mother and her father were aging, getting older and older while they had no children yet, despite having tried time and time again. Her mother’s pregnancies always ended in miscarriages, or she just never could conceive. Of the pregnancies her mother succeeded in bearing, Xue was the sixth of them, and the only child to live to be birthed alive, and even then, she was born a month and a half earlier than she ought to have.

Xue, however, was not born with the surname ‘Yi Song,’ however. No, Xue was born to Xiang and Jia Liu Zhang, with the same last name as her parents . . . ‘Xue Liu Zhang.’

Being the only child born to her parents alive, they were disappointed. Xiang was angered by the fact that his wife could not give life to a son to carry on his family’s name, and did not take to Xue well. Jia, even as her mother, she did not look upon her newborn daughter with much love, no. She could only look upon the baby girl with questioning, a wondering of why it was she was only able to bear a single infant to the world, and why it was that it was a girl. Suffice to say, neither of her parents looked upon Xue with affection, she was simply there, their blood-daughter, someone who they would raise and just marry off someday. . . . In line with this, Xiang and Jia continued to try to conceive another child, hopefully a son this time, but after Xue was born, Jia never even got pregnant again. Xue was all they had.

Though bitter about it, Xiang and Jia took to rearing their daughter as society saw fit, molding the girl into a would-be someday perfect wife, a girl who was intelligent enough to be interesting, but also subservient enough to conform to the whims and wishes of her spouse. She was kept from true education, subjects that were thought best for boys to learn only were kept away from her and she was cultured in the ways of how to be a ‘woman.’ Maintaining elegant speech, how to stay in line with the wishes and beliefs of a man . . . etc. This was her education, the way she was instructed on how to live her life, and she was told that this was the proper way to do so. Yet still, there in Xue remained a certain spark that couldn’t be extinguished by this sort of rearing. Her mind was ever active, and she wasn’t so simply made to relinquish her sense of self. No, not entirely. . . . As she grew up, Xue was not treated with any affection by her parents, at all, she was regarded and acknowledged, but that was all. Love from Xiang and Jia weren’t something she ever got, and as such, Xue grew up a lonesome girl who passed her idle hours alone, perhaps sewing or even arranging flowers, and even thinking. Though she was not given a heavy education, Xue was not stupid at all.

She was a smart enough girl to understand topics of deep thought, of philosophy, history, light politics. . . .

While she might’ve formed such thoughts upon her own volition and in isolation, Xue never once uttered a single word of her ideology to her parents, or to anyone because she was reared to not do so. She was taught that there was no reason for a woman to weigh her head down with such serious thoughts. That was how it was for the daughters of Fire Nation nobles at the time. Under Sozin’s rule, girls were left with little schooling and were simply molded to be girls of leisure. Although, it was considered standard practice to still have a girl gifted with the ability of Firebending trained to an extent. And this was what happened with young Xue at the age of six. Her bending abilities were discovered when she managed to manifest flames upon her own control. Even with her inexperience and lack of instruction, she had still managed to figure out the basics of Firebending on her own; patience, breathing and how to circulate the energy within her body to summon fire to her control.

It was a slightly impressive feat, even to her unloving parents. And as such, they quickly began to have her trained by a rather harsh instructor. The man showed no tolerance or laxness for any student, not even a small, six year old girl. He was hard on young Xue, forceful and impatient, he did not at all care that she barely understood what it was she could do, no, all he cared about was getting the fire out of her. Day after day, he forced her to spar with him, and while he never hit her with any blasts of fire, that didn’t stop him from knocking her around. While he’d shoot fire at her, controlling it to not injure her, he would still come in close and suddenly slam her in the torso and send her small self flying.

Because of how her teacher was, Xue never really learned how to bend properly, and as such, she is not a skilled combatant. No, what little control she managed to ascertain over her abilities fell into a method of self-defense, preservation. She only ever learned how to defend herself from being attacked rather than how to attack another.

This life went on for the next eight years, even after the Fire Nation began the Great War and nearly decimated the whole of the Air Nomad populace. Xue was instructed on the ways of how to be a proper woman, a good wife, and she was rigidly trained by her bending master. She knew little about the War, only that Fire Lord Sozin had ‘done a good thing,’ and that he ‘was an amazing man with a wonderful vision.’ Both things were said by her father. As far as Xue knew, what Sozin was going to the rest of the world was indeed a very ‘good’ thing, being who she was and what, she was never told anything about the War. The horrors and cruelties of it, the fact that so many people were killed. . . .

So, while the war progressed outside of the Fire Nation and Xue’s normal life proceeded, Xiang and Jia began to make preparations for something unknown to Xue when she was still thirteen. . . . The news and relevance of just what it was her parents had been up to for the last odd months, with their meetings of the same people over and over again, all of it was revealed upon her fourteenth birthday. Much to their own satisfaction, her parents announced her engagement. Xue Liu Zhang was going to be getting married in only a few short weeks to come. Yes, at age fourteen, Xiang and Jia had set up a marriage for their still-young daughter, and to whom?

Her marriage was to be to a man more than twice her age, a reputed Fire Nation general in the army, a man who was looked upon well due to the victories he’d earned the army during the war. She was to marry Qiu Yi Song. . . . .and it happened, Xue became a wife at a very young age, and came to live with her new husband right after. Qiu was not a very kind man, not by any means, he was a scarred up fellow from the battles he’d seen, and had only married Xue for the simple fact that he knew he’d be needing a wife in the coming years in order to have himself an heir to his name, so really, it didn’t matter to him what woman he married, so long as she was able to have children for him. . . . The only thing Xue was regarded as to him, was a future childbearing . . . thing. That was all. Given the fact that she was fourteen, young Xue was fortunate that she was someone who was late to develop in many senses of the word. Due to this, she was spared any treatment that would have truly left her emotionally scarred by Qiu.

A year after her marriage to Qiu, when she was fifteen, Xue was still physically unable to have children, and as such, she remained spared, for it was soon after this that her connections to the Fire Nation would be severed. Qiu and Xue lived upon an outcrop bit of land claimed by the Fire Nation during the Great War, an island off the coast of a beaten and battered Earth Kingdom city. It was one of the first colonies claimed by the Fire Nation. It happened in the night, the island was invaded by a small legion of Earth Kingdom soldiers, and in a bloody struggle which would cost Qiu his life, the once-colony was reclaimed by the proud people of the Earth Kingdom, and Xue herself was taken away by that legion’s general; Iseul Yu.

Now technically a widow, Xue was taken into Iseul’s home as a servant girl. She was young, but lovely to look upon, and as such, she was kept around the man’s home as a bit of eye candy, and something of a prize for his victory against the infamous Qiu Yi Song. Xue had been the man’s wife, what a better trophy for a won battle than a slain foe’s own wife. . . ? From the day she was brought into the man’s home, she was met with disdain as a daughter of the Fire Nation, and it was in this time that she came to learn the true horrors of the war waged by her home Nation, by her people. It disgusted her, and it made her so ashamed of her place in the world, and to whom she had been married. It was when Iseul had taken Xue to Omashu that her personality would come to the point it is currently at. . . .

Iseul’s wife looked upon Xue with disinterest and annoyance, but she abided by the wishes of her spouse, provided ideal clothing for the girl, and instructed her on how she was to wear her hair, so that her face could be seen. If anything Xue was lucky for when it came to Iseul, it was the fact that he never laid a hand upon her. She feared him, and remembered what it was Qiu had wanted from her, but Iseul never saw such a thing from her, only he viewed her as a trophy of victory. And in essence, the very notion of seeing the girl in such a way disgusted him, for he thought her tainted already, after all she was a wife for a year. . . .

Now, it has been two years since Xue was made into the servant of an Earth Kingdom general, and since that time, the man has shown her off as what he views her as, a trophy, and boasts of her presence in his home proudly. And, in those two years’ time, Xue has made attempts to flee from Iseul’s home, and to make her way to freedom, only to be seize and returned to him soon after. . . . After several failed attempts in gaining her freedom, Xue’s spirit has begun to degrade to the point that she’s become resigned to a fate as the fallen daughter of a noble family, left to a life of servitude to Iseul Yu.

This how Xue Yi Song has come to live her life, resigned to an existence as a servant. . . .

Theme Song: Mamoritai ~ BoA
”This is the end,” is what I thought on that distant day
But now I can say that it was the start of my flight

Your warmth fills the gap between the palm of my hand and chest
We’ll search for our destination with our hearts joined as one

I want to protect you like you protected me
Even in times when we can’t meet

Because with each second, we will . . . become stronger

While staring up at the huddled stars in the vast night sky
Beyond an irreplaceable today, tomorrow is born

I want to cherish this atmosphere between us
From our honest hearts, we can become kind

I won’t forget being with you and the warmth we share
I feel that you’re the only one that illuminates the future

It’s like the sadness that piles up is gently melting away
For always and forever more

I want to protect you like you protected me
Even in times when we can’t meet

Because with each second we will . . . become stronger

I won’t forget when we met each other
The wish that was reborn

I believe in it and that’s why I want to protect it all
I want to protect it all

Other: By standards, Xue has been married and widowed already, and she is only seventeen years old.

Her alias was thought up on the spot during one of her attempts to run to freedom from Iseul.

The man to whom Xue was married to, Qiu Yi Song, he was a reputed general in the Fire Nation’s Army . . . he was responsible for the raid upon one of the four Air Temples and also for the deaths of countless Air Nomads, to his people, he is a hero for his deeds. To Xue, he was a monster, a heartless man who slaughtered many innocents. To the world, Qiu was also a monstrous thing, being responsible for what happened to many Air Nomads. After his death was announced to the people of the Earth Kingdom, there was actually much celebration.

Currently speaking, Xue is unaware that a reward of sorts has been placed upon her head by her parents. After she was nowhere to be found after Qiu’s death a reward was issued by them for her return ‘home.’ The reasons for her wanted return are unknown since her parents didn’t even really desire a daughter anyway, and they had already successfully married her off despite this.

So begins...

Xue Yi Song's Story


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- Xue Yi Song -

The sound of a shattering teacup permeated the quiet air . . . soon enough it was followed by a woman shouting, “You idiot klutz!” and after that, there was a heavy thud against the ground, the sound of a person hitting the floor. So, it had happened again. She had stumbled whilst serving her Mistress her morning tea, and managed to let the cup tip off her tray, and shatter against the wooden floor below. Her lack of grace had bested her once more, and it’d gotten her hurt again, like it always did. This was something she’d grown used to in the last couple of years, failing to meet the expectations of her Mistress and Master, and always being hit or punished for them. For breaking the teacup, her Mistress had seen fit to kick her into the wall with as much force as she could muster up with her aging body.

The other servant girls only looked on as Xue suffered their Mistress’ anger; they had grown a thick skin to these sights, having endured such treatment themselves. There was no compassion, or empathy for the clumsy girl’s accidents in them, none at all. They were used to seeing her mess up, and cause problems, after all, in the two years since Iseul had brought the girl into his home as a trophy of his win against Qiu Yi Song, Xue had done little more than make more messes than she helped resolve. The Fire Nation girl screwed things up a lot as far as everyone in the home was concerned. . . .

“Damn it, she got tea everywhere.” Xue could hear her Mistress seethe from the heap she laid in against the wall. “Enju, get to cleaning that up, before it sets into the wood. Now!”

“Yes Mistress.” The monotonous voice of a young woman answered, and then there was the sound of footsteps leaving the room, Xue knew to where they were headed. To gather up cleaning supplies to sop up the spilt tea.

In this period, she had not at all moved herself. No. Xue remained where she had landed after her Mistress had kicked her, lying upon her side with her small back up against the wall, not making a single noise or uttering a sound of discomfort. Showing any signs of distress would only make all of this worse; it would let the Mistress know that she was in pain, that she was capable of such sensations . . . it was easier if she just remained quiet, no matter how much she hurt. It was better that no one knew, it kept them from knowing what she really thought, it kept them all from understanding her.

Who truly needs to be understood when living in conditions such as these? Xue asked herself as footsteps approached her, and halted right before her limp form. She knew, Xue knew that it was the Mistress who now loomed over her; she didn’t have to cast her amber eyes up to see the woman’s silhouette blocking out the sunlight to know.

“Well,” she began, annoyance lacing her voice, “Aren’t you going to get the hell up you lazy wench?” At hearing the woman’s words, Xue’s small body twitched just a bit, but her lips remained shut.

There was a huff, before the shouting came. “GET UP! Get up now and go to the market! I don’t want to see your face in this house for the rest of the day!” Those words were all it took for Xue to ascend to her feet in a but a moment, and to dart out of the room with her eyes cast downward, successfully avoiding the searing glare her Mistress held for her, and the gazes of her fellow servant girls. With her hands holding up the front layers of her skirts, she was out of the house in moments and off the premises in less than a minute. Quickly enough she was darting through the streets of Omashu, heading to a place that served as something of a sanctuary for her.

Even though her shoes kept on pinching her toes as she ran, Xue kept at it, keeping her eyes cast down to the ground, hiding her face from anyone and everyone. Even in a city as large as Omashu . . . her face was known, as was her name due to whom she had been married. It was just easier if she kept on ahead without really looking around her, because, it kept people from trying to assault her and from throwing things at her for being of the Fire Nation. She knew the way there without getting a clear vantage of her surroundings, she went there often enough to know without having to ever look.

However, even if Xue did know the way to her destination without requiring sight, that didn’t mean her pathway was a clear one. Not at all. With her eyes transfixed upon the stone walkways at her feet, the girl would fail to notice a person right in her way until it was too late, not until she’d managed to ram her small self right into them, lose her balance and begin falling right over without making a single noise.


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- Daichi Fei Min -

Omashu. One of the great strongholds of the Earth Kingdom, and the second largest city. The city itself was actually a capital of one of the Earth Kingdom provinces, and proved to be a formidable refuge away from Fire Nation soldiers. Then again, it was only 10 ASC, and who knew how long the war would last. It was placed in the Kolau Mountain Range, surrounded by steep canyons and an enormous gorge. The only way into the city was via a long, winding stone column that made it's way up to the three city gates, each made of large bricks of stoning and being around five feet thick, and thirty feet tall. The entrances are guarded by Earthbenders, and as such, can only be opened by them. The only other possible way in would be from above, and only an Airbender would manage that, and last Daichi heard, they were all killed off in the genocide. And as far as he was aware, there had been no flying mechanism or otherwise invented yet.

The inside of the city was built on a number of hills, causing the districts of the city to be divided by height. The palace itself resting on the largest hill. Among the thousands of homes, and hundreds of businesses, there lay massive chutes of stone, which would provide the complex mailing system. And under one of these chutes in particular sat Daichi, using the massive shadow cast as shade away from the sun that particular evening. It was stuffy, as always, and due to the frequent high temperatures, Daichi wasn't really enjoying his stay there all too much.

His business there, however, was a matter of slight urgency. For one, he was told he could find information there on a certain nonbender, and secondly, he was seeking a companion. Somebody to steal away from the place and drag along with him. He didn't care who, it just needed to be a person who wanted an escape. That was second priority, and so he began to focus on the first once more as he got up and maneuvered himself out from under the chute.

First priority was a certain nonbender named Chen Zhun, and as it turns out, he is the head of a moderately sized nonbender criminal organization. Though, organization seems to be stretching it a bit, and Daichi preferred to call them bandits. They claimed to be refugees displaced by the Fire Nation at the start of the war, but all they did was terrorize civilians and murder benders in cold blood, including Daichi's mother.

He wasn't really sure if it was a revenge mission anymore, and as years passed, Daichi got more used to the idea of simply questioning the man. It was partially why he required a companion, because of his aversion to violence, he needed some sort of fail safe to make sure he didn't lash out in some form of rage at the man who had taken his mother's life, regardless on if he deserved it or not.

His source of information was a man he was supposed to be meeting very soon, in a tea shop that stood out from the others. 'The Jade Dragon' it was called, apparently named after their signature tea and based around rumors of a dragon made of jade that once protected the city. Many citizens thought it was a bit of a stretch, considering dragons were Firebenders technically, but the citizens that were much older swore by it.

Daichi didn't really care either way.

Regardless, in his journey to reach this tea shop, he had to cut through the market, and in order to cut through the market, he needed to head down a particular stone walkway, and on this particular stone walkway happened to be a particular person that was about to run into him in particular. This person was not once Daichi knew, not that he really knew anybody in that city, considering he had only been there for a week or so, but still. This person was (surprisingly) smaller than him, by about two inches.

When they had bumped into him, Daichi, as well as the other person, had began to fall over. Losing his balance was something he had grown used to, however, and so he corrected this instinctively by flicking his wrist and raising a wide pillar behind him to push him back up onto his feet via his back. But because this was on an incline, heading down, it gave him a slight propulsion so when he got back on his feet, he stumbled forward a little, but regained himself in time to reach out and grab the hand of the person falling over.

It seemed slowed down to Daichi, but in reality, the whole ordeal had happened in a manner of seconds, and so he stood there with his heels dug into the ground, and his hand clasped around a strangers, which was connected to a person he had practically yanked close to him in order to ensure they didn't get hurt. It was now that he actually got a chance to look at them, well, her. Now that he had a chance to take the person in, he could tell that it was obviously a female. As previously observed, she was smaller than him and appeared to be dressed in something Daichi only imagined to not be all that comfortable.

Judging from her hair and eye color, though, Daichi only assumed she was on Fire Nation heritage. He detected some sort of nobility, and seemed to almost recognize her, but then... he didn't. He blinked a couple of times and realized he didn't, in fact, know who the hell this woman was. Then he finally came to his senses and realized exactly what the situation was, looking back and forth from his hand, the hers that was clenched in his.

He quickly let go of her hand, jumped back slightly, and raised both hands to place on the back of his head, cocking his elbows up and to the sides.

"Right, then. Um, sorry about that. Are you okay?"

His blue eyes darted over the small figure, and he seemed to be only slightly worried. From the outside, she appeared to be fine, but it was like she was... distant. Regardless, he let out a sort of nervous chuckle and began to bite at his lower lip.