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Avatar: Faded History.

Avatar: Faded History.


[1x1 between Dumisa and Magnus]

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The Story:

The Legend of Kasumi.

Before Avatar Aang and his successor Korra, there were many more. Recorded history, however, has a trail that fades away whilst tracing back in time. Going backwards, before Avatars Roku, Kyoshi, Kuruk, Yangchen and the unnamed Magma Bender, the Avatar Spirit was within an Waterbending host. This is hundreds of years before Aang triggered the Avatar State that would freeze him in a glacier for Sokka and Katara to find. Hundreds of years before Korra was even conceived.

I take you back before recorded history in the world of Avatar faded away to the memories of the dead lurking the Spirit World. Dragons have not been hunted to near extinction, and the Air Nomads did not yet fall victim to the wrathful genocide the Fire Nation would inflict hundreds of years later. The world is at peace, or perhaps I have spoken too soon? The previous Avatar has passed away, and the new host has been chosen. Kasumi(the current Avatar) is the new host. At the time of her birth, to twentieth year later to when our RP will take place, the world has been threatened. An unknown villain has lead a force assumed to be chi blockers to destroy benders. They have gone to villages and towns to "purify" the gene pools. They, however, leave the leaders alive and, instead, removing their ability to bend. If you've nostalgia to the Legend of Korra, think again. It is said that a powerful chi blocker has mastered an ancient, forgotten art and is out to not destroy only the Avatar Spirit, but the nobilities and councils of the four nations so that the ancient art could again be dominant. And they are training more to fuel this unjust cause.

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#, as written by Dumisa
Everything was pretty quiet around the Northern Water Tribe area. The sun was setting and families were getting ready for dinner. Mother's were preparing the meals, daughter's were preparing the tables though the men and son's were arm wrestling and telling each other stories about being a warrior. It was very peaceful around this time even with the talk of a Chi Blocker raid at any given time. There was only one person defending them for now though and she was outside with her Waterbending master, who was pushing her to her limit.

"Push Kasumi!" A male voice yelled as he also threw waterballs towards Kasumi, who was dodging them like they were nothing. She was getting tired of this Avatar job already though she still had one element to learn. Earth. It was definitely the total opposite to her personality. She wasn't as calm within herself or nature so that definitely didn't win into her favorite. Kasumi drifted off for a moment then woke when she felt water splash upon her. Her master sighed and placed the palm of his hand up to his face, shaking his head. "Kasumi, you seem a little distracted. Are you okay?" He asked her while walking closer to her and seeing if she ready was okay.

Kasumi looked at him then shrugged her shoulders while speaking softly. "I don't know. It's not easy having to defend an entire nation and city, you know?" She said while waiting for his response but her mother came to bring her in for dinner. "Well, Master Uki, I'll catch you around." She said while walking away with her mother.

They both laughed and talked all the way to the hut then sat down to eat dinner. "Oh, Kasumi, when you finish dinner get packed." Her father said while not even looking at her. She raised a brow while asking him a question softly. "Where am I going?" His eyes narrowed towards her then he spoke again. "You are going with your Earthbending teacher to Ba Sing Se. He should be early tomorrow morning." Her father said while finishing his meal.

Kasumi lowered her head then sighed softly as she got up and started packing. She hoped her Earthbending teacher was nice but if he was anything like the Firebending teacher, there was going to be hell to pay.


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As the morning dawned upon the Northern Water Tribe, the Earth King's personal sea vessel, the Eternal Earth, docked into the port of the Water Tribe. The ship was sent by the Earth King to ferry both the Avatar and her earthbending teacher to Ba Sing Se, an agreement that he and the Chieftain of the North had hammered out some time ago.

As Gao shivered in the severe cold of the North Pole, even though he was wrapped in at least five layers of clothing, he secretly praised the Spirits that he wouldn't have to teach the Avatar in this miserable, frozen wasteland. He was already hating his stay in the Northern Water Tribe, and he had been here less than an hour!

"I can't see how these people can stand to live here." Gao ground out, hating the cold with ever fiber of his being. Winter came to Ba Sing Se, of course. had never ever gotten this cold there, or just about anywhere in the Earth Kingdom, for that matter! He couldn't fathom how the people of the Water Tribe even survived in such harsh weather. Gao was sure he'd die of exposure if he stayed here any longer than a day, and he was already wearing five different coats!

"That damned Avatar better be worth it..." he muttered to himself, fuming as he continued to wait in the docks. Now that the ship was here, the Avatar would supposedly arrive any minute, and they would soon be off, to go back to Ba Sing Se. And the sooner they did that, the better!

The Avatar...Gao had thought it a great honor to be nominated to teach the master of all four elements; for it was a task that very few people were given, and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity! But now, temporarily stuck here in this frozen nightmare, he was seriously starting to doubt it'd be worth it.

Well, there was always a bright side to this situation: at least he'd be able to take out his frustrations on the runt. He had planned on a rough approach with the Avatar anyway; it was his teaching style, and it worked quite well back in Ba Sing Se. But now he had some proper...motivation to be a harsh, harsh teaching for Avatar Kasumi.


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#, as written by Dumisa
The morning came rather fast to her as she was up and packing. Her mother walked into her room and caressed her face before hugging her and handing her a necklace. "Kasumi, I'm going to miss you. I want you to do what you have to do then come back to us. Understood?" Kasumi nodded her head then turned around and picked up her bags. She walked out of her room and seen her father and master standing there.

She hugged then both as she started to speak. "I'll be back..." She paused while holding back her tears. "I promise." She said softly - The sadness could be heard in her voice. She released the grip upon the both of them then picked up her bags and headed out of her home. Tears started to roll down her cheek as she didn't bother to look back.

Kasumi went straight to the docks and seen her Earth bending teacher standing there. 'A male.' She thought to herself while rolling her eyes and smiling as she walked up to him. "You are my Earth bending teacher, correct?" Of course, she already knew but she just wanted to see how strict he was - She could tell this by the sound of his voice. She shrugged her shoulders while walking passed him and speaking. "Well, come on, no time to waste." She walked up to the boat.

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"So what if you have a broken bone? Walk it off and go bend some damn earth already."

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Character Portrait: Kasumi


Character Portrait: Kasumi

"I am the Avatar but don't take my kindness for a weakness."


Character Portrait: Kasumi

"I am the Avatar but don't take my kindness for a weakness."

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Character Portrait: Kasumi

"I am the Avatar but don't take my kindness for a weakness."

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