Kita Mizuki

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Kita Mizuki


”Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen - that stillness becomes a radiance.”
-Morgan Freeman


Name: Kita Mizuki

Nickname: None yet.

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Primary Element: Water

Secondary Element: Healing


Hair Color Length and Style: Kita has a thick mass of sepia brown hair. Different lighting catches different undertones and highlights in her hair, making it seem a lighter, chestnut brown in bright sunlight or nearly black under the moon. Her hair cascades down to the middle of her back in gentle curls when down. It is usually held back from her face in a waterfall braid around the crown of her head, leaving most of her hair free. She also wears it in a similar french braid that starts in two parts on either side of her head and meet at the nape of her neck before joining and falling to the middle of her shoulder blades. She rarely leaves it completely free because it easily tangles. Image

Eye Color and Shape: Kita's eyes are of a narrow, almond shape. They turn down slightly at the outside edges, and, with their narrowness, they appear cat like. Kita's eyes are a striking, cobalt blue that has a vague, violet hue. This violet hue seems to increase and decrease with the phases of the moon, making her eyes seem almost totally violet on the full moon, and almost totally blue on the new moon. Normally her eyes seem cold, but as she grows more comfortable with her surroundings, they easily convey a gentle warmth.

Complexion: Kita has light olive skin that darkens as she tans. It is very rare for her to burn, even after hours in the sun. She has perfectly clear, healthy skin with few blemishes that she has had from birth. She has one small, almost perfectly circular birthmark on the nape of her neck, but this is usually covered by her hair. Most of her other blemishes are in the form of scars, with very few moles on her skin. She has a small, vertical scar on the tip of her nose and another more faint, crescent-shaped scar just under her right eye, its tips pointed upward. She has various other shallow scars on her body, many of which are on her shins, knees, hips, elbows, and hands.

Height and Weight: Kita is fairly tall, standing at 5'11. She weighs 132 pounds.

Body Type: Kita has a slim build, and it seems that she has little muscle mass. She has few curves, giving her an almost stick-like appearance. Her legs, arms, and torso have a generally long appearance, making her seem taller than she is. She has narrow hips and bust, with a slightly smaller waist.


Personality: In general, Kita is quiet, almost to the point of seeming aloof. This appearance of aloofness always bothers her because she enjoys being around people, but is awkward socially. She has always wanted to be loud and friendly, but it is not in her nature. Her cobalt blue eyes always seem to be observing something, though many times Kita is not thinking about what her eyes are focusing on at the time. She is often thinking on something, or even just daydreaming. When she first meets someone, she will say little, and will observe their actions closely instead. As she begins to get used to the person and begins to trust them, she will slowly become more open. When she feels like she knows someone well, she will often smile around them and becomes somewhat sarcastic and teasing. It takes a while for her to become comfortable talking about deeper things with others, though she is always a good listener. If she doesn't feel that she has anything helpful to say, she will say nothing at all. She is very awkward about physical contact, but if she initiates the contact, it is a sure sign of trust.

Belying her serious demeanor, Kita is extremely clumsy. Every step seems carelessly placed, her long limbs far from graceful. She will often trip, stumble, or bump into things or people, which embarrasses her greatly. Because of this, she will get more awkward and embarrassed, causing her to blush deeply. The only time she ever seems graceful is when she is waterbending. Mostly, it is like going from watching a marionette puppet with tangled strings, to watching a skilled dancer.
Brief History: Kita's father, Touyu, was a young waterbender who lived on a small island settlement a few miles from the Northern Water Tribe. At a young age, he was sent to the Northern Water Tribe to master his bending. He came back to the island an adept bender several years later, and soon became known as an excellent hunter. Just a year after he returned, Kita's mother, Atrina, ended up alone on the island after a shipwreck that killed the rest of the crew and passengers. She was injured, and Touyu's family took care of her while she recovered. Since Touyu often brought meat to his family, he often visited with Atrina and was soon smitten with her. She felt the same about him, and, instead of leaving immediately for the Earth Kingdom, she stayed and was courted by Touyu. She soon adapted to, and even loved, the water tribe culture. They were married and, soon after, Kita was born.

She was a quiet, happy baby, as well as a quiet child. She rarely played with the other children on the island, and always seemed to just sit and watch. Seeing her seeming so lonely, Touyu would often take his daughter hunting with him, and soon she was skilled for her age. She always seemed to enjoy the quiet, and took to hunting easily. However, there were several times that she fell out of the boat, or fell and slid down a hill, startling their prey. She always seemed to be falling or slipping and hurting herself, but eventually she became used to it, only blushing when people other than her father were around. When she was nine, she discovered her waterbending. Her parents were thrilled and her father immediately began teaching her all he knew. Because of her clumsiness, it took her a long time to master each move. Her father would patiently teach and advise her until she had each thing perfect before moving on to the next move. She was even able to incorporate her bending to hunting.

When Kita was thirteen, her father went out hunting alone, leaving her with her mother. Days passed, and he never returned. Every able bodied person went out to search for him, but nothing was ever found but one of his armbands. Kita has worn it ever since. After Kita's father's disappearance, Atrina was never the same. She became harsh tempered and bitter, talking to Kita only to scold or give her something to do. She did not mean to be cruel to her only daughter, but the loss of her husband crushed her. Kita would get out of the house to hunt as much as she could.

About a year later, one of Touyu's old friends from when he was learning waterbending came to see him. Delun was shocked to hear of Touyu's death. When he learned that Touyu had been training his daughter to waterbend, he offered to train her as a favor to her father. However, Kita would have to go with him on his travels, as he was not one to stay in one place for long. Kita accepted, and after several years of training, she became a master waterbender and excellent healer. Delun declared that she could learn no more from him, and a few days later, they parted ways. To Kita, Delun would always be like a second father.

She returned to the island to find that her mother had remarried and had another child. She stayed for a few days, glad that her mother was happy again, but she felt that she no longer had a place there. She left the island and began traveling through the Earth Kingdom as a healer.

Theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NeumvVwPPs&feature=related

Waterbending- It is something that makes her feel close to her father. She enjoys the feeling of quiet power, and is often practicing something some when she is not doing anything with her hands.

Hunting- Kita enjoys the peaceful, yet thrilling feeling she gets when she hunts. It is just another activity that reminds her of her father, and she can almost feel his presence by her at times.

Getting to know new people- Though she seems disinterested at first, she does enjoy getting to know what makes each person unique. She is pleased when she finds someone she can trust.

Traveling: Kita is fond of traveling to new and different places. She has often contemplated making someplace her permanent home, but has always been drawn back to traveling once again.

Quiet- She loves being where it is quiet, at least some of the time. If she is in a loud environment for too long, she will become irritable.

Large crowds- She hates being in a large crowd. It is just too much to take in and there is no quiet.

Extremely hot days- Kita greatly dislikes being hot. She is used to the cool weather of the North, and prefers it to hot climates.

Loud noise- Kita dislikes loud noises, since they always make her jump. It doesn't matter if she is expecting it or not, she hates it.

Potential Interest: Tba

Other: Kita has a wooden handled, bone spear that she uses mainly for hunting. It was her father's and he gave it to her when she was twelve. She also has a jaw blade made from the jawbone of a large arctic wolf that she wears on her belt. It is also mainly used for hunting. Also strapped to her belt is a leather water pouch given to her by her mother as a going away present.

Habits: Whenever Kita is not doing something else with her hands, she is waterbending. It is usually manipulating a few drops in her hand, or full out waterbending. It depends on what she is doing.

Kita is often more active at night, to the point of being nearly hyper. As a consequence, she seems to drag in the morning.

Hunting- her ability to hunt for herself enables her to live easily alone. She is able to efficiently get meat when there are animals around.

Healing- With her ability to heal, most injuries can be easily healed in one try. She can also help those that ordinary medicine would be unable to help.

Being observant- Since she is often paying attention to her surroundings, she can notice things that others would miss. It is often difficult to catch her off guard.

Her clumsiness- She will often bump into things, or trip and fall, giving her a multitude of small injuries. At times, it will cause her to make a noise that could alert what she is trying to sneak up on or around.

General awkwardness- Her awkwardness makes it difficult for her to get along with people. To her dismay, people often see her as haughty and too proud to get along with people.

Healing- To heal someone, she has to has sufficient time and energy. If she is too drained, she could harm herself trying to heal.


Father: [Age: 35, would be 45 Status: Deceased] Touyu was a kind man, always generous with his neighbors. It was common for him to hunt for those who couldn't along with his family. He had a seemingly infinite patience and love for his family. He had a loud, heartfelt laugh that could make anyone smile. He was a skilled waterbender and hunter, and a figure of authority on the island. Image

Mother: [Age: 42 Status: Alive] Atrina is a quiet, thoughtful, and beautiful woman. She would often give good advice to whoever asked for it. Atrina would smile and laugh happily whenever Touyu complimented her, as he often did. After Touyu disappeared, she became bitter and irritable, and rarely smiled. Years later, she fell in love again and married, but no one could make her smile and laugh like Touyu did. Image


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