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" When the fire nation rises all of you will fall "

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a character in “Avatar: One Hundred Years of Pain”, as played by Ashtonwolf



Rank- Fire lord Brat

So begins...

Brodar's Story

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Lien once again snuck back into the mansion through the back door, not unlike how she'd done so the night before. On her way upstairs, she was instantly mobbed by her older sisters, Renai and Shira, both seventeen and eighteen respectively. 

"Where have you been?!?" Renai demanded. 

"Wha...?" Lien stammered, confused. 

Shira spoke. "Don't tell us you forgot! Jin Yu and An Yu are performing tonight!"

"For the Fire Lord!" Renai added. 

"Oh," Lien said simply. What a disappointment. She thought it was going to be important. 

"Yes! Now go get ready!"

"But you said it was tonight!"

They sighed, exasperated. "You're so naive, Lien!" exclaimed Shira. "Do you want to look like trash in front of the Fire Lord?!"

Knowing she couldn't do anything to help herself, Lien pushed past her sisters and into her room. She summoned a servant to draw her bath and pick out a decent gown to wear. As she got ready to bathe, Lien wondered why her family made such a big deal of everything. They went to Jin Yu and An Yu's performances all the time. It wasn't like tonight would be any different. For them, anyways. The crowds loved them. Oftentimes, girls would visit their estate, trying to catch the attention of the twins. They were all turned away. The twins' ego was big enough for the entire capital city. 

Lien bathed peacefully and walked back to her room to find her favorite gown laid out on the bed. It was long and sleeveless itself, but there were separate sleeves she could slide on to compliment the lovely dress. She put on a slip and stood before the full-length mirror. She began to brush her hair dry. Then, she put it up in a traditional bun, since it was too short for a ponytail. Lien put on a simple blouse and skirt to wear before it was time to leave. 

She pushed the gown aside and lay on her bed. She wouldn't lie to herself. Jin Yu and An Yu were good at what they did. They deserved their fame. But she couldn't help but wonder if the Zheng family's status had helped them... Just a bit. She shook her head and closed her eyes, stealing time for a nap before her sisters started bothering her again, as she knew they would. 

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Sara busted in and put her air glider up to the fire bender. "Yo." She said to the couple then turned her attention back to the fire bender "You seem to have something I want you pest." She said glaring at him. Her blue eyes glowing in anger. She used her air to push the guy backwards and took out her katana while he landed on the floor. "You want a fight. Then fight me!"

(( That sucks man, Im sorry.))