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Son of Zuko and Mai, Fire Prince

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a character in “Avatar: The New Bender”, as played by Sneakyrio




Physical Description:
Iroh has short spiky charcoal black hair. It usually has a sort of messy nature to it. His eyes are a hawk-like yellow, the same color as his fathers. He has rather strong facial features, contrasting to his fathers softer features. He has a pronounced jaw and strong chin. Iroh has a slim yet rather muscular build. His muscles are more than visible with his shirt off due to all of the training he went through. His basic attire consists of a red and black gi with gold trimmings. He also wears metal vambraces of the Fire Prince on his wrists. On his feet he wears traditional black martial arts shoes with red socks. He always wears this outfit, no matter what the temperature. It is a part of the training he has to do.

Iroh doesnโ€˜t display a particularly nice attitude. He rarely smiles and usually has a scowl on his face. He can come off as a rather bitter person, and often lashes out with spite. He tends to not speak to people unless he has to, mainly not wanting to have to deal with people at all. This is mainly an echo of what he used to be like when he was younger. He mainly tries to reamin calm and keep his temper in check. Though he has an outwardly bad attitude, inwardly he is very good. He believes in honor through righteousness. He upholds honor with everything he does. He treats others with honesty. He never lies or coddles people. He states facts, whether they are cruel or not is irrelevant. He treats his friends with undying loyalty. Loyalty is probably Irohsโ€™ best characteristic. He would never betray his country, family or friends for any reason. He would submit to torture or death before helping anyone hurt the people close to him. He is also exceedingly cunning. He has a very sharp mind and tends to think in abstract ways, as in seeing one thing that another person would perceive as another.

Iroh was born to Fire Lord Zuko and Fire Lady Mai. He was named after his great uncle, for he had a huge impact on his father. Growing up, Iroh had a very very bad attitude. Often acting out for attention. He received little attention from his father for he was usually with his older sister, Mei Lie, grooming her to be the next Fire Lord. He would often break and burn things and yell spite in every direction. It got so bad that one day, his parents had had enough. When he was 12, he was sent to live with his Great Uncle and namesake, Iroh. Iroh put him under a strict training regiment and ran every aspect of his life for four years. He learned a lot from him. He learned all of his fire bending techniques from him along with normal martial arts. He also taught him a way of life and code to live by. Though he does not voice it, he was very grateful to his elder. Elder Iroh taught him to Fire Bend from life, not from anger or hate. He took it to heart, along with the code of the Sun Warrior. He found a friend in his namesake, and it was with him he smiled the most. The only other friend he had was a Dragon Weasel named Xu. He was the prize his Uncle gave him after he completed one of the first tests. He had to capture him. The two have been best friends ever since. Xu is very much like Iroh, but infinitely more mischievous. He often slips into peoples packs and eats their food or bites them when they reach for something. Iroh has just recently returned to his home, to find his mother missing and all sorts of other chaos erupted. Due to spending so much time away, he is not as close with the other children of the council as they are with each other. He feels lonely being back and somewhat bitter towards his father for sending him away. He found his namesake to be a much better father than his own. He also shows little care towards his sister, finding her to be the favorite and him the black sheep.

Random Info:

Mario Maurer

Zuko and Mai

Mei Lie, Older

Fire Nation/ Fire Bender



Dragon Weasel: Xu

Fire & Lightning

    Other Supplies:
  • Black Sling Pack
  • Carving knife for meat
  • Tea set
  • Several herbs for treatment and tea making
  • Dried rations
  • Pai Sho set

Other Information:
Due to be trained by Elder Iroh, Iroh has a full knowledge of herbs and how to use them properly. Also, by playing Pai Sho with him every day, he has gotten a good head for strategy. He also knows almost all of his namesakes techniques.

So begins...

Iroh's Story

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Character Portrait: Iroh
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Fire........there was fire every where. A giant cyclone of flames surrounded Iroh. But, it was not was beautiful. There were colors of all kind within the flames. Colors Iroh didn't even know fire could create. Fire was more than was life. The flames stopped and all that was left where the two fire bending masters Ran and Shaw, hovering in front of him, their reptilian wings flapping. Be fore they departed, he swore he heard them speak. "Which flame is yours?".

Iroh bolted up awake. He was sweating profusely and was gripping his sheets tightly. A plant next to his bed was on fire, if his sheets weren't flame retardant, so would his bed. He wiped the sweat from his brow and extinguished the flame from the tree. The same dream. He had had the same dream every night since Uncle Iroh had taken him to see Ran and Shaw. The entire experience had haunted him, it was more than any normal person could take. What haunted him the most was he swore he heard. His uncle had told him that he didn't know what he heard, but that he should listen to his heart. If only he knew how to do that. Or what he was suppose to be hearing. For all the years he spent with him, his Uncles sayings didn't get any less cryptic. Deciding not to dwell on it any longer, Iroh got up and started to get dressed. He put on his sleeveless gi and shoes. He then lastly put on his bracers. The only real proof that he was a prince during his exile. He felt something brush up against his leg, then latch onto it. He looked down to see Xu winding up his leg. He then slithered onto his shoulder, half of his body wrapped around his bicep. Xu smiled at him, then burped up fire. "Morning Xu. Let's get some food." He said in a very calm tone.

Iroh walked down the hall towards where he believed the kitchen was. Several servants bowed to him and he simply waved a hand to acknowledge them, not even bothering to look. One servant stopped him, he recognized her, his old nanny. "Welcome back Prince Iroh! It's so good to see you again! I hope you enjoyed" she stopped, trying to find a word. "Banishment." Iroh said with slight disdain in his voice. "No no no, I wouldn't say that..." Iroh held up a hand. "Then whatever you would say would be incorrect. Now, I must be going." he stated simply and walked around her and went into the kitchen. He grabbed some fire flakes from one of the pantries. One of the servants tried to get a bowl for him, when they reached for it, his yellow eyes shot daggers at him. The servant slowly withdrew his hand and Iroh yanked it out of the cabinet. He poured some of the Fire Flakes into the bowl and left the kitchen, popping them into his mouth and occasionally Xu's. He had gone four years without servants or anyone doing anything for him, he could go another four if he wished......which he did.

He walked throughout the corridors and found someone sitting on the ledge of one of the windows. It was a woman he had never seen before, and she definitely wasn't one of the servants, too nicely dressed. He had been many places on his travels with his namesake and could identify where anyone was from from their clothing, but hers was a mystery. While he was pondering this, Xu slipped off of Iroh and silently made his way along the floors, then onto the walls. He slithered until he was on the wall right next to the woman's shoulder, where a Monkey Squirrel slept. He stretched out his neck and slowly opened his mouth. Iroh saw this at the last moment. "XU!" The Dragon Weasel stopped and looked at him with a pleading face. "Come" Iroh said in a very stern voice. Xu hung his head and zig zagged his way back to his shoulder. Iroh simply glared down at him, then began to walk towards the woman. "My apologies, Xu is very.....impulsive...and mischievous." He then stopped about 5 paces from her. "I am Iroh, Prince of the Fire Nation. Recently returned from my banishment. I have been gone many years, so do not think me rude for asking but.......who are you and what are you doing here?" He spoke all of this with a slight scowl on his face and slightly stern tone.