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Avatar: The New Generation

The Four Nations


a part of Avatar: The New Generation, by Zoey26123.

The world of Avatar: The Last Airbender without all the advances, a hundred years after Avatar: The Last Airbender takes place.

Zoey26123 holds sovereignty over The Four Nations, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

1,269 readers have been here.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

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The Four Nations

The world of Avatar: The Last Airbender without all the advances, a hundred years after Avatar: The Last Airbender takes place.


The Four Nations is a part of Avatar: The New Generation.

16 Characters Here

Seok Quan [19] "Let's.....ROCK! Yeah I just went there!"
Hyobin Lei [19] "I will bring back the world I've missed and see it for myself."
Naomi Ren [19] "I make mistakes as everyone does, I'm different than everyone because I try to right the wrongs."
Tonrar Ren [18] "Oh the Avatar? Am I supposed to be impressed?"
Haruto Koizumi [12] "There's so much anger in our world, but we can overcome it."
Nani Eian [11] "Live, love, and care, otherwise, how do you know you're really living in the first place?"
Eris Deirdre [10] "Only the strong survive, so your death is.. inevitable.."
Avaria Lynn [9] "She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city"
Retsihn Kon [6] "What has the world come to..."
Tobimasu Rakka [5] 'I've had so many times where I slipped off the beaten path.'

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#, as written by CutUp

When Naomi pushed him towards Hyo, he groaned slightly. "What are talking about? I'm....fine. Ready for the next round..." He sighed as he tried to hold up his arms in a fighting position. "I can....take on these.....these fools with eyes closed." He sighed, nearly out of breath. In reality he probably couldn't open a jar with how exhausted he is. "Hyo....I'm sorry. Not exactly the night on the town we expected huh?" He said with a slight chuckle. He slightly cringed at his side, it hurt to laugh. He looked over, and glared at the gravitybender. This general. He regained his fighting stance.

Tonrar glared at Naomi, with his laughter continuing. "Oh Naomi, you'll come with me my Dear. Don't fight it, just accept it." He stated as he narrowed his eyes towards her. "And as for your friends....sorry Dear, it's out of my hands. The two boys are blessed benders. I can't allow them to leave." He stated as he pointed to Haru, and Seok. "Think about it, you'd be a god among peasents!" He stated. He couldn't understand why she wouldn't want to be with him. He could give her everything she'd ever want with but a snap of his fingers.

"What can I say. I'm a bad, bad man." Seok smirked as he returned to his stance. He sent up another slab, and fired it towards the general as he came towards them. The slab of rock was flung up towards the sky by the man's gravity ring. "Sorry, I'm not one for giving in to the bad guys." He smirked at him asking for him to surrender. When he began rushing towards Seok at incredible speed, Seok slammed his foot into the ground, and created a wall between them. Seok then dove into the ground, burrowing deep into it.

Tonrar merely dodged Naomi's attacks rather well, looking as if he was dancing. "Aren't you tired of fighting me?" He asked with a slightly tilted head. "How would you know you wouldn't even like being with your father Dear if you haven't tried it?" He asked. When she began attacking him in hand-to-hand he merely laughed as he blocked her attacks effortlessly. One attack forced him to make a 360 turn, in which he added a surprise back handed strike against Naomi when he turned back to face her. "I suppose I'll have to give you tough love then?"

Seok surfaced from the ground behind Retsihn, and leaped up behind him. He grabbed him into a bear hug, squeezing him as hard as he could. Seok sunk his feet into the ground slightly, hoping that would prevent him from being thrown around by the general's gravity bending abilities. "Hyo! Go! I'll hold him off as long as I can!" He ordered. His number one duty was to keep Hyo safe, and he'll do that even if it kills him. Which at this point was pretty likely given his current state.

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Character Portrait: Tonrar Ren Character Portrait: Eris Deirdre Character Portrait: Haruto Koizumi Character Portrait: Naomi Ren Character Portrait: Nani Eian Character Portrait: Seok Quan Character Portrait: Hyobin Lei Character Portrait: Retsihn Kon Character Portrait: Qannik Nanuq Character Portrait: Avaria Lynn
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Naomi could not do anything more upon getting hit except fall to the ground. She groaned softly as she lay there for a moment before hearing the most terrifying thing ever. A scream. From the girl who was with Seok. Naomi watched from where she was as the general Tobimasu, apparently alright, pulled his sword from the girl's stomach.

Naomi froze as she watched the girl's body fall and knew immediately things had gone from bad to worse. She watched as the girl's blood spread out before something unexpected did happen. A slightly blue aura like thing flew from the girl's body, circling overhead the crowd before diving towards Naomi. She wasn't sure what it was and wanted to roll away, but refrained from doing so for fear of getting trampled or hit again.

Naomi did cover her face with her arms as the aura flew straight into her giving Naomi a warm feeling flowing through her. Strength washed through Naomi and she felt something she had never felt before. A whisper in her ear told her what to do and she obeyed, unsure what else to do. Her body rose and she knew it was because of air bending. Her own air bending.

Naomi looked down at her father, but it wasn't just her eyes she felt. It felt as if hundreds of eyes were looking with her. Naomi raised her hands and she bended. A wave of wind blew every soldier by her father away, scattering them onto the nearby rooftops and the alleys. She turned to where Haru was surrounded and in a moment, every soldier around Haru was gone, scattered again.

Naomi then turned to Seok, bending the general from his hands and sending the gravity bending general into her father. Naomi reached with her air bending, grabbing those who had fought with her that day and speeding them all off away from her father and the gravity bending general. When they were a few hundred feet from the inner wall, she gently set down those with her before falling to the ground, passed out from exhaustion. As she went unconscious though, she heard a whisper in her ear, saying I give my abilities to you so that you might do what I could not.

A few minutes pass before the fire bender from the resistance emerged from a home and gestured frantically to Haru. "Come on, get off the street," the bender gestures frantically. He sees the body and stills his frantic gesturing before gaining a steely resolve and looking to Seok, knowing he was the one with Hyo. "I can carry her if you'd rather," He states softly. He waits for a response, doing as asked or told, then goes inside to lead the group underground to safety.




Nani lost his temper. He knew he did as soon as he snapped. He would have hit Qannik had it not been for Uruki who grabbed Nani at the last second. Uruki was stronger for whatever reason and pushed Nani back. Nani didn't look at him as he pushed back until he heard Uruki's words, "Prince Nani if you don't stop they'll only hurt her."

Nani heard that and his movements froze. He looked to Uruki who let him go slowly. "Thank you, you are free to go," Nani stated, his calm returning. He made sure to give Uruki a pointed look so his friend would know to get out of there quickly before he drew attention to himself.

Uruki left with a bow to the generals leaving Nani there looking down. He knew he had given them what they wanted. He had done exactly that. At least he hadn't screamed bloody murder. Avaria would be disappointed in him probably. He only drew more attention to her from his reaction.

He looked up, crossing his arms again before giving the generals a blank look. "I'm done," Is all he says as he looks at the two giving a clear indication he was not wanting to do the tour anymore. He looked past the generals to the path that led away from the gardens. He had stupidly put himself in a corner that's only other exit led to the servants quarters and as much as Nani wouldn't mind going there, he refused to show the two generals where it was should they decide they're bored or something.

"Step aside," He orders simply, giving no sway in his voice and keeping an air of confidence and authority.

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"You are such a kiss ass. I hope you know that." Her eyes followed his, as he walked past and she merely smiled as she did seconds before. His words meant nothing to her, why? Well she did kill people for fun, so how does it make sense if she got offended with childish remarks such as his. With a light giggle, she quickly followed the two, while glancing at the water bender who decided to stay behind. 'hm~?'
That girl might be of some use later. And it seems Qannik had the same idea. "What about that cute water tribe servent from the throne room? What's she up to? I do like a little tail from the poles." 'Way to push his buttons.' Eris thought musingly, keeping her eyes onto the Prince's reaction. It was obvious of his feelings, and she would love to see his range of control- perhaps he'll snap~? But much to her disappointment, his servant was there to check his temper and he immeditaly seemed to calm down. "How boring." she slurred in a low whisper, watching him walking away, with a laugh inducing "pride."
"Step aside?" She repeated, her smile becoming more and more chesire like, "But..." Her fingers twitched, and within seconds, the water bender stepped into the room, her eyes filled with frustration and anger. "your little water bender just decided to join the party, it would be a shame for you to leave." Avaria stepped toward them, while doing so, her reluctancy was evident as her steps were rigid and slow- she was fighting hard. "Perhaps we will have our fun with her? Its boring by ourselves..~" Eris's lips licked her lips, while her eyes searched for something that reflected anger, frustration, and even better, helplessness...
But it was seconds later when she swiped her hand, releasing the bender from her grasp, 'I can't get him too riled up.. not yet at least.' They had so much more in stock, so for now, she'll let him have his moment of peace...~
"heh~ just kidding."

Avaria watched the group leave, curious if she should follow, but decided not to since she didnt want to be a burden to Nani... She already was a few moments ago, and she didnt want to make the same mistake.
So slowly standing up from her seat in the front, she made her way towards the servant quarters, only to freeze.
'huh..' Her eyes widended. 'I... cant..?' Her muscles were taut, as if she was made out of wood until suddenly, she began to quickly walk towards the groups direction- the garden.
It only took a few seconds for Avaria to figure out what was happening, and the blue haired general did not leave her mind. Her lips tightened, 'Hope Nani is alright.'
She didnt want him to blow a fuse. Not because of her. It was when she arrived that she relaxed, Nani seemed... calm enough, or at least, enough not to snap upon the generals.. And speaking of generals..
"your little water bender just decided to join the party, it would be a shame for you to leave." She unconsciously glared, while rigidly walking towards their sides..
She could barely keep her control up, and she was lucky that she wasnt loosing it.
This women... truly wasn't all bark.. "heh~ just kidding." Feeling her body return to her, Avaria quickly found herself at Nani's side, both tense and comforted by his mere presence.

[OOC: i apologize! I thought I posted the day of... i clearly didnt, so here is the post!]

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Nani kept his eyes fixed on a certain point in the distance. He couldn’t look at them. He had to get his uniform off and wander around the town or something. Anything to get out of the tension filled palace. He wanted to run between the two but if he did, they’d have a reason to fight him and he was not able to fight either general without using bending and that was out of the question entirely.

He heard her complain of how boring the situation just became and breathed deeply to keep from looking at her. Nani caught the twitch of her fingers barely and knew something’s wrong. He looked to her eyes just as Avaria walked in. His stomach dropped. Uruki had been right.

”Let her go,” Nani breathed as he looked to Avaria with apology and nervousness. Eris was known for her sadistic nature. She would enjoy hurting Avaria probably. Was probably savoring Nani’s fear for her.

Eris called Avaria a water bender and Nani felt the air leave his lungs. Did she really know? How could she tell? If she could, did she know of Nani too? He looked to her, his face one of concern, silently asking her if something had happened.

Avaria was struggling but Eris’s control was incredible. Nani moved towards Avaria, not sure what he could do but feeling like if he was next to her, she’d be alright somehow. Nani wanted to shout, wanted to lose his temper again at Eris’s words, but he focused on Avaria’s eyes and managed to keep it within, his concern for her more than his anger at Eris. ”Please let her go,” He whispers as he looks at Avaria.

Eric released Avaria a moment or so later and Nani heard her just kidding. That means she doesn’t know Avaria truly is a bender. She was only teasing him to rile him up. He hated her more so than ever before now. Avaria came closer when she was released and Nani took her hand before giving Eris and Qannik a look of hate and leaving with Avaria.

He pulled her along, not letting her go as they walked quickly away from those that wanted to hurt him and her. ”I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. If I hadn’t tried to keep you as far from my father as possible they wouldn’t have taken such an interest in you,” Nani apologizes as he walks through the servants quarters to the back door. Many nodded or greeted him and he waved back but wasn’t saying much in his guilt and frustration. He rips off his armor top, tossing it on Uruki’s bed as he passes it. He hated to burden his friend but the thing was stifling.

Nani pauses, looking at Avaria. ”Listen, tonight… I think I need to go to the tournament to see if I can get anything. We need to get you a place to stay somewhere in the city until they leave,”
Nani suggests very quietly, taking her other hand in his as he hopes she will allow him to do it. He wasn’t sure she would do it, but by asking at least he would feel better. He told her of the tournament that night in case she wanted to go with him though she knew he didn’t like when she came since he couldn’t keep an eye on her.

”I’m sorry… You know they rile me up and I act like this when generals are here,” Nani explains softly, guilty by his actions. He hated acting so jumpy. He took a breath and tried to relax but it was clear he was still struggling to regain all of his control. He looked to Avaria for help or advice, needing her anchor more than ever.

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Avaria glanced down at the interlocked hands, before watching the intereaction cautiously. She tensed, if only she could bend... or at least have her katana.. but all of it has been confiscated by the kingdom. She has been reduced to a useless servant, who couldn't even protect her lover.
She felt her heart drop, but she was willing to give her life for Nani.. Luckily, she didnt have to today, for they got away without a fight.

Trailing behind him, their hands holding each other, desperatly not wanting to loose each other..

”I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. If I hadn’t tried to keep you as far from my father as possible they wouldn’t have taken such an interest in you,” She shook her head slowly, "No... no it isnt.." She lowered her head, feeling immense shame. 'Its my fault by being with you..' Avaria thought in secret, but immediately pushed the vile notion away. 'No. No. I love him.'

Her eyes shined with a reawaken determination. Lifting her head, her eyes met his. ”Listen, tonight… I think I need to go to the tournament to see if I can get anything. We need to get you a place to stay somewhere in the city until they leave,” Her usual stoic face seemed to convey surprise, and before she could even protest, he took her hands in his- she felt her legs weaken. ”I’m sorry… You know they rile me up and I act like this when generals are here,” And the look Nani was holding made her heart drop, and surprisingly, her eyes watered. But they still had a burning fire that made things seem okay, slowly collecting her thoughts, she spoke in a soft, but serious voice.

"Nani... I will be going with you, I dont want to be separated." She paused, "I dont trust anyone to protect me, more than you, and I dont trust you with anyone else either." With her next words, a gentle, and loving smile pulled at her lips, "Everything will be okay Nani, as long as we have each other.." Leaning in, she gave a lasting kiss, before backing away, "I'm stronger than you think."

OOC: Ill edit it out if you like, for instance do you want avaria to tag along, or do you have something else in mind? just shoot me a PM

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Nani sighed as he looked around. The other servants were polite as they pretended not to notice their presence. Most servants knew of the relationship, but pretended they didn't see it as it only brought more attention where Nani didn't want attention. He just didn't want attention from certain people such as his father since he never gave good attention whatsoever, regardless of what he had heard.

Nani watched her face as he waited for her response. He couldn't read her expression though and he looked down at where he held her hands, rubbing his thumb over her knuckles. He wanted to pull her in and go to Uruki's bed and just take a nap. It sounded amazing. They wouldn't, they couldn't, but he wanted to desperately to attempt to relax and find peace. But it wasn't the time. Or the place.

She was surprised when he told her of the tournament that night. He leaned in just so he would be closer to her but didn't get too close. He had so much to be concerned about. His last tournament had gone somewhat well. His opponent got mad and when Nani's back was turned, he got burned badly. It had hurt, but it hadn't been unbearable.

Dani looked at Avaria as she spoke, giving her a small smile. "Don't say that... I mean... You now I can only do so much Avaria. You know I would never let anyone hurt you... And," Nani stopped when Avaria smiled and he lost his train of thought and any words that might have come to mind at all. He looks down, blinking to try and regain his thought and self.

She spoke and he was nodding, not looking up as he just agreed, thankful to hear the words. He didn't even realize she was kissing him until she was there. His breath caught and he kissed back, then all of a sudden she was gone and he wanted her closer again but she wasn't there. "It's not you who I fear isn't strong, Avaria.. But come with me tonight and you can stand with Uruki maybe," Nani decided confidently though he didn't feel it entirely. If they were caught, they'd be taken prisoner and probably executed in public. Nani was not going to allow that to happen though no matter what.

Nani took a breath. He hated when he wasn't as confident as he pretended to be. He took another breath before giving Avaria a hug. One that told her all that she meant to him and what she did for him. He let her go before looking down at her. "Meet me tonight out at the outer garden's wall. I'll see you then," He stated with a smile before walking away, looking back as long as he could before he turned the corner. He leaned against the wall and ran a hand through his hair. If he wasn't careful, everything that he cared about would disappear.

Nani moved quickly. He wore a pair of pants Uruki let him borrow along with a vest under a dark cloak. His boots made little sound as he walked down the hall with the hood off but the cloak closed. If guards saw him as he was, they wouldn't think anything of it, but if they saw what he wore beneath, they might grow suspicious and his father was anything but forgiving for suspicious actions.

One guard saw him and gave a nod before moving on. Nani walked quickly before making it outside. He went without light for if he was seen bending a small flame to see, he could get caught. He moved to stand under the tree he and Avaria had met under multiple times. He pulled up his hood, leaning against the wall to blend into the shadows as he waited for her, more like anticipated her arrival.