Asha Jin

"I will be who I want to be, protect who I want to protect, and love who I want to love, and you can't stop me.

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"Everyone has something to fight for, but only some of us have something to die for."

Full Name:
Asha Jin
Nicknames and Aliases:
Ashe {used by close friends}; Asha; Jin; the Avatar
Sexual Orientation:

All; she is the Avatar

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
110 lbs
Asha possesses physical traits from all four of the nations

Asha Jin normally wears a long white collared dress with a half jacket. The half jacket has the emblem of the Order of the White Lotus on either shoulder. She also wears a black tie with a white "x" on it. Under her dress, she wears a pair of black tights and a pair of ankle high black boots. The most prominent feature of her clothing is a top layer of her skirt, made from a thin see through pattern. It is blue and decorated with small snowflakes and flowers. She always wears a yellow ribbon around part of her hair along with two flowers behind her right ear.

Aside from this, Asha owns a teal nightgown with puffed sleeves as well as a red and white kimono. She will also wear disguises to hide the fact that she's the Avatar.

{Kind, Leader, Temperamental, Giving}
Asha Jin is a bit of a complicated girl. She is bright and cheery, but also has a bit of a dark demeanor to her. Asha is very kind and giving, but by no means selfless. She is actually quite selfish as she will do almost anything to keep those she cares about close to her. Because she spent most of her life in a compound, Asha really doesn't know that much about the outside world, but she isn't naive. She knows that people can be cruel. Asha's not completely open or trusting. In fact, she's far from it. She only trusts people after they have earned it.

However, Asha also values loyalty and honesty above all else. Once you have earned her loyalty, it is difficult to break. If she's loyal to you, she will give you a second chance, but after that it's "goodbye" to you. She is also very honest, sometimes brutally so. She will not hesitate to tell someone off, or admit her own mistakes for that matter. Naturally, Asha is kind to people around her. Sure, she won't trust anyone the first moment she meets them, but she is still nice and at least somewhat polite to them.

Asha is also temperamental though. She has a short tolerance for arrogance and blatant disrespect. And trust me, Asha on a rampage is not a fun sight. She can be a bit rash if it involves someone she cares about, and she is stubborn. She is not easily persuaded when she sets her mind to something, but she can sometimes understand when people are coming from a logical standpoint. Asha hates being told what to do, having done it her entire life, and will get quite angry when people try to make her do something.

Despite all of this, Asha is a natural born leader. She tries to make the best choices possible and takes responsibility for her actions. She cares about the people around her and will do anything to protect the people she loves, even if it means risking her own life. She is a good friend because she listens before jumping to conclusions, and she's never afraid to help someone with a problem. Like everyone, she makes mistakes that sometimes get people into trouble, but she won't lie about it or blame it on someone else. It's what makes her human. It's what makes her Asha Jin
~Reading... Asha loves to read, especially about the Legends of past Avatars.
~Fighting... Truth be told, Asha loves to fight; it gives her a thrill.
~Strolling... If she can get enough moments of peace, Asha will go for long walks
~Blushing... Asha blushes a lot, even when she's completely okay.
~Eyes... When Asha smiles, she normally closes her eyes
~Dramatic... If she's telling a story or just explaining something, Asha will use dramatic hand motions.
  • Swimming
  • Scrolls
  • Friends
  • Animals
  • Traveling
  • Her bison, Yun
  • Her dove, Hotaru
  • Miki and Daruka
  • Nature
  • Heights
  • Fire... Mostly because she's bitter abut not being able to use it
  • The Leader of Tsumi Ribasu
  • Hot Weather
  • Flying
  • Most of the Order
~Water... Asha Jin is probably most prominent in Waterbending, it was the first one she learned to do and it's the one she uses most often.
~Martial Arts... Asha is very skilled in many different forms of martial arts, she can resort to them if needed.
~Earth... Asha is a good Earthbender, she is even able to sense activity underground.
~Air... Despite being very good at Airbending, Asha does not use it very often; if she does use it, it is normally for self defense instead of an offensive standpoint.
~Intelligence... Asha is very smart, using it to her advantage in a fight. However, she sometimes tends to overthink things.

~Fire... Like many Avatars before her, Asha has a difficult time controlling one of the four elements. This element for her happens to be fire. No matter how hard she tries, she cannot seem to grasp how to bend fire.
~Acrophobia... Asha does not like heights in the least. This makes it difficult for her to glide and ride flying bison.
~Metal... Asha does not know how to Metal-bend; she was going to learn it before the facility was attacked.
~Cooking... Asha is terrible at cooking; she would help Miki with it, but only did the cutting.
~Socializing... Because she grew up away from the rest of the teenagers, Asha is not very good a socializing with others.
~The Avatar State... Asha has yet to access the Avatar State.

Asha Jin was born to a man and a woman that lived in a non-bending family for centuries. They naturally assumed that Asha was going to be a non-bender too, so they did not give her any training or anything of the sort. When Asha was found bending a small ball of water around her nursery, her parent's were shocked an confused. They were even more confused when Asha started bending earth and air. The took her to the ancient Order of the White Lotus, who had prophesied the next Avatar being born in a time of great need. The parents were surprised to discover that their four year old daughter was indeed the new Avatar.

Asha was separated from her parents and taken to a training facility in the Earth Kingdom. For many years, she trained alongside five very promising students that would one day be expected to protect the Order and the Avatar. She never really interact with most of them very much, but she knew they were there. She also knew that they were all orphans. Despite not remembering her parents much, Asha Jin only had affectionate feelings when she thought of them. The thought of them dying always pained her.

However, Asha's life was far from easy going. Her training was rigorous, always pushing her to her limits. The Order knew that if she was alive, a great evil must be brewing in the world, and they wanted her to be as prepared as possible.When they discovered that she could not bend fire, they began teaching her other things to ensure her survival. They taught her how to use weapons, how to fight without using bending, how to cook and hunt. Sometimes, they would leave her in the desert or the middle of a forest for days at time. Eventually, the kindhearted girl had started to resent some of the Order's members.

There was one old man that she cared for deeply. He and his wife had become surrogate parents for the young Avatar. Their names were Daruka and Miki. While other members of the Order were making her train on her birthday, they were giving her a small party with cake and presents. One of these treasured gifts is the ribbon she now wears in her hair. Asha Jin came to love Daruka and Miki, and they in turn loved her. She would eat dinner at their house and sometimes even spend the night because she felt lonely in her room. She and Miki would cook and clean together, while Daruka would teach her some of his special Earthbending techniques. She felt very loved by the two of them.

At this point in her life, Asha didn't know anyone her age, but the five other teenagers living in the facility. She was rarely allowed to talk to them though, so she didn't know them well. She would train away from them, learn away from them, and even eat in different rooms than them.

It is uncertain where the cycle has started with Asha because she has the blue eyes of the Water Tribe, but she also has the black hair of the Earth Kingdom, the pale skin of the Air Nomads, and the slanted eyes of the Fire Nation. Some people believe that she has a mixture of all of the nations, which seems to be the most logical explanation.

Face Claim: Shiba Miyuki

So begins...

Asha Jin's Story

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#, as written by Felilla
Book One: Hidden

Legend tells of a time long ago, when Benders were in a majority and technology fell short of prehistoric. Some of these legends start with the simple musings of a person who would soon become one of those legendary heroes. Perhaps these are stories you have heard? One simply word is a key to these tales. This word is simply the "Avatar".

So, you have heard the stories? Good. This will make everything much more simple for all of us. The legend I am going to begin is about journeys of a young Avatar, still ignorant to the ways of the world. However, this story is much different. How? It is very simple, actually. This story is different from the others because it takes place in a world where the Avatar has been nothing more than the whispering of folklore and where bending is a scarce as flying lemurs.

I guess it would be best to start this legend off like the others, wouldn't it? Then, I shall.

Long ago, the Avatar was a symbol of hope and prosperity. That all changed when Avatar Hotaru passed away. The cycle was expected to begin again as it always had, but when no Avatar was born for several decades, the Order of the White Lotus decided that the time of the Avatar had come and passed. The world fell into disarray for many years until all four Nations banded together. They brought peace and prosperity to the dying world.

That was centuries ago. The world has long since become comfortable with the idea of no Avatar as the "bridge between the spirit world and the human world" was severed and drifted into myth. Benders eventually became scarce as well, the art of element control slowly fading into the distance. It was no one's fault and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. However, the ancient Order of the White Lotus made a prophecy that the Avatar would be reborn into a new life when a time of war came to the world.

Sixteen years ago, that prophecy became a reality when a small baby named Asha Jin was born. She was taken to the White Lotus not long after being found bending water, earth, and air around her nursery. The members of the Order were overjoyed, but also very distressed. If the Avatar was alive and well, then that could only mean a terrible evil was brewing below the surface of the seemingly perfect world. After more than a decade and a half, that evil still has yet to manifest, until now...

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#, as written by Felilla

She woke up to the smell of smoke. She dismissed it as a fire signal sent out to the cargo ships that always came on Friday. With little concern, she fell back asleep. Then, she vaguely remembers someone shaking her, yelling her name. In the distance is the sounds of roaring flames, metal clashing with metal, the occasional gunshot, and the screams. How perfectly she remembers the screams. She was stumbling out of bed, one hand wrapped around an emergency pack Miki had prepared for her months ago. the other around her glider. With a quick pace, she followed Miki out of the small house and into the facility's main courtyard. That was when Asha actually woke up.

She saw flames beyond the control of the Firebenders and devastation around every corner. Without a word, Miki gripped her wrist and led her to one of the other buildings. In her confused and terrified state, Asha could barely make out that it was the stables. Something light and feathery landed on her right shoulder and she glanced at it. Hotaru. It was nothing more than her dove. Miki started speaking rapidly. "You have to get to the Fire Nation. Fire Lord Ianzok will protect you."

Her words slowly sunk in and Asha suddenly stopped, blinking rapidly. "Protect me? From what?"

Miki glanced back at the young girl and smiled softly, "You are so young, Asha. You deserve a happy life, but the destiny of an Avatar is a grave one. You do understand that, don't you?"

Asha nodded, "Of course I do, but what's going on?"

The older woman started dragging Asha towards the stables once again. "They're calling themselves the Tsumi Ribasu. They are here to kill you, Asha. That's why you must leave."

Leave? Asha stared at her surrogate mother in disbelief. How could she leave the Facility? Miki? Daruka? Everything she had ever known? It wasn't long until they reached Asha's flying bison, Yun. The poor animal was obviously terrified. Asha let her instincts take over and started cooing to Yun, soothing her nerves. That was when she noticed the five people staring at her from the other side of Yun's pen. She stared back at them, but had to break her gaze when a loud explosion went off and she had to cover her face.

The stables began to fill with smoke, smothering Asha and the others. "Go!" Miki shouted over the roar of flames. "Hurry!"

Asha scrambled onto Yun, glancing back at Miki to see the old woman taking a defensive stance. She looked over at Asha and smiled softly, "Be careful, Asha! The others will protect you!"

A man stepped into the stables and Asha's eyes widened when she saw his mask. He walked calmly, as if nothing was happening in that moment. "Go!" Miki yelled.

The young girl nodded, "Yun, iku!"

The flying bison took off and out of the roofless stable, Asha's dove also taking flight. Asha looked down briefly to see Miki putting a relatively good fight. She was about to smile when there was a sudden flash of blue electricity. The old woman dropped to the ground as the man in the mask looked up. "Miki!" she screamed, leaning forward

She almost fell off Yun, but someone yanked her back, whispering something into her ear softly. She didn't hear them over the ringing ears while the Facility slowly faded into nothing but a plume of smoke. Asha blinked the years away from her eyes, curling into a ball on Yun's saddle. It was gone. Everything she loved was gone...

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Sudhir was one of the first awake. He usually was, but this time there was a specific reason. He could be here a thousand years, and he'd never get used to the smell of burning. He got dressed, he'd never been able to go back to sleep once he was awake, even as a child. Then he remembered why he wasn't used to the scent of smoke, the smell didn't usually reach the Avatar's companions. He got to his now booted feet and opened his door slightly, to see through the window that flames were beginning to lick at the next building. He walked towards the window to yell at whatever firebender thought it was a good idea to practice this close to buildings, but he was stopped by the sight of masked faces and an unidentifiable ball of flame being tossed through the window. The Facility was under attack?!

He turned around and ran back down the hallway, thumping his fist against each door he passed.
"Hey! Get up! The Facility's under attack!" He yelled. Job one was getting the other companions up and moving as fast as possible, then finding the Avatar and getting out of here. He waited only long enough that he was certain they were all up, before he started running out of the building. It briefly occurred to him that he wasn't actually sure where Avatar Asha usually slept, but he spotted some familiar shapes out of the corner of his eye. Other White Lotus members fighting, and Avatar Asha being led across the courtyard towards the stables.

He ran to reach the stables as well, and hopped over the fence of the Flying Bison's pen. That was the first time he got a good look at the Avatar. Somehow, she struck him as shorter than he expected, but the thought was interrupted by the sharp crack of an explosion, and Miki telling the Avatar to hurry. The stable was filling with smoke, and Sudhir understood that if they wanted to make it, they had to leave now. However, he stopped before he got on the Bison, and cupped his hands to give a boost to those who needed it. He also counted out who was getting on ahead of him while doing this, making sure they were all there. He was the last to get on.

He followed the Avatar's gaze and watched Miki fall. He gritted his teeth on a curse, especially at the Avatar's anguished scream. For a moment, he was frightened the dark-haired girl would fall from the Bison, and he grabbed the back of her shirt and tugged her into a less precarious position. However, he didn't say anything, just pulled her back and handed her off to someone, anyone else, someone who was better at comforting people than he was. Once he had done another headcount, he sighed and looked over at the Bison's head.
"I hope you know which way to go." He said to the creature.

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#, as written by Keen

'Ugh, what a racket...' With an annoyed grunt the girl rolled over on her side, she was an early riser but -this- was a little ridiculous. As the distinct smell of smoke met her nose however she slowly sat up with a yawn and scratched her head. "Ugh... Who in the world is playing with fire at this hour?..." Her monologue was promptly interrupted as her ears twitched at the sound of footfalls down the hallway outside her door, someone was running by and as they reached her door knocked with some respectable force, shouting "Hey! Get up! The Facility's under attack!" before moving on and repeating this at the other doors.

What she heard took a moment to set in. She blinked, 'Attack?...' And with a sudden burst of energy and adrenaline the covers of her bed were tossed aside as she leapt to her feet and quickly got dressed and burst out from her door just in time to catch the back of whoever had knocked's head. Like a rocket she took off down the hall in a sprint to try and catch up, or at the very least keep her eye on him to follow.

Apparently their destination was the stables. Her eyes wandered as she ran, taking in the destruction and chaos all around her. It was surreal to see this place she had been for so long transform so suddenly and terribly right before her eyes. 'How many innocent and good people died here tonight already?' Teeth gritting and fists clenching, Aki tried to push aside the anger that welled up inside her, she didn't know who had done this but it was certain that she was now determined to make them pay. But that was for another time, right now, the Avatar was priority number one.

As she finally arrived at the stables and quickly glanced around, she gave a brief flinch at the sight of the large flying bison, she was never comfortable around these things. With a quick shake of her head Aki refocused herself at the matter at hand, her gaze now shifting over to who she could only assume to be the Avatar. A pretty and scared looking girl, a very real looking person, not the thing that fits the mental image most have of a legendary 'Avatar', but then again reality rarely measures up to legend. Her frivolous line of thought was promptly interrupted by an ear splitting explosion followed by the woman Miki shouting to them to leave.

With only a silent nod Aki approached the bison after the Avatar had gotten on herself, the boy she was following knelt down to offer some assistance up. Giving a small wave of her hand to perhaps say 'thanks but I got it' she took a quick breath and mounted up on the beast, grimacing slightly but shaking it off. It wasn't long after that the four others had arrived and everyone was ready to go, and as the beast took off into the air Aki's grip tightened, she wasn't bad with heights or anything but she simply couldn't trust the creature not to fall.

The Avatar screamed, Aki didn't want to look back, she knew all too well what she would find and it was nothing good. The boy she had been following early pulled the Avatar back to a more seated position before passing her off in Aki's direction. Looking more than a little uncertain she gently placed a hand on the crying girl's shoulder and closed her eyes, speaking softly in her direction, "It's... Gonna be alright. We're all here for you..." She wasn't sure if what she said was heard, and in the end maybe she said just as much for herself as she had said it for the Avatar's sake, but nonetheless, Aki leaned back and simply let the girl curl up and cry before her.

With her gaze turning skyward she wondered just what was in store for them... This was the beginning of something big. This was the day that all of Aki's efforts had been for, and she was certain of only one thing, nothing in her life from this point on would be the same.

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Neige woke up to the sound of someone banging on the door to his bedroom, and the putrid smell of smoke in the air. He coughed as he sat up, and heard someone shouting through the door. "Hey! Get up! The Facility's under attack!". 'Wait.. Under attack!? How could that be!?' He immediately threw the covers off of him and leaped out of his bed. He quickly got dressed and reached into his wardrobe to grab his water flask, his blue long coat and his map, as they were the only things worth saving and rushed out of the room. Neige heard the sadly familiar sounds of screams and the ringing sound of bullets being fired off. As he was running through the hallways of The White Lotus.

He didn't see any of the others leave their room, and he assumed that they were already awake. There were either injured or dead bodies littering the hallways and he did his best to avoid stepping on them. It wasn't the easiest thing to do considering all the smoke that was burning his eyes and making him cough. He tried not to breathe it in but there was so much of it in the air that it wasn't almost impossible not to.

He hoped that at least the Avatar was safe from all of this chaos, and considering her importance she would probably be the one that the The Order would try to get to safety first. He heard, the ear splitting sound of the wooden supports snapping in half like twigs and crashing onto the floor. The fires began to spread faster as the foundations of the building began to fall and forced Neige to pick up his speed. He thought about just how many people had died before he woke up and curse himself for not noticing earlier.

While trying to make his way to the Bison stables he also tried to help put out the flames licking at the wooden floors and walls of the building with the water from his flask. Neige tried his best to help those who were being attacked by the invaders while also quickly making his way to the stables, even then he couldn't do much. He had froze one of the invaders to the ground getting one of the children to safety, then quickly running off again towards the stables. He hopped on the Bison as the other men came into the stables. As he watched as Miki get struck down by lighting in the stables, he cursed silently under his breath and pulled out his map.

This was the first time that he had actually gotten a decent look at the Avatar, and he was surprised that she looks rather normal for an Avatar. He was always taught that the Avatar was the bridge between the his world and the spiritual world so it had lead him to think of the Avatar as some kind of god to be honest. It wasn't that he was disappointed, just extremely surprised at how casual she looked. This was also the first time that Neige had actually rode a Bison and he was quite scared of being this high up in the air.

"I suppose that we do know where we're heading yes? We should try to get as far as possible before we stop to rest. It wouldn't be safe to stay in one place for too long." He said as he looked at his map. "Also, is anyone wounded or injured in any way?" He asked as he continued to gaze as his map. Trying to see what would be the best place for them to go. "It wouldn't be ideal to continue flying if one of us were injured...

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"In and out. In and out. Peace and... serenity."

The young girl softly told herself as she could feel the heat of the candles around her go up and down all at once. The candles being the only light she had in her otherwise pitch dark room. Unlike most people in the faculty, Furi never slept more than a couple of hours. If she slept anymore she would get a pounding headache that did nothing to help her control. She continued to breath in and out softly as Furi stood completely still with her legs crossed and her arms held up in the regular meditation pose. She peeked through one of her eyes to see the photo of her family still leaning against on of the candle holders. She smirked a bit before closing her eye again and return to her usual concentration.

That is... until there was a loud banging on her door. She didn't even hear what the person had said as the flames went up a little too high before being completely put out without Furi having to touch them. She huffed as as reached for the photo and tucked it away in the pocket of her jacket. She didn't hear what the person banging against her door said before running off but, she was able to smell the smoke coming through the bottom of her door. "What the?" She said softly as she rushed to see what was going on. And once she opened the door she finally registered what was happening. She rushed for her bag that held all the information on her family and skills and attacks she was in the middle of learning before rushing out of the door. She didn't pay attention on all of the dead and injured bodies scattered around the halls as she rushed to make sure the other companions were all awake and protecting the Avatar.

She had one of her daggers out as she clutched on to it just in case she was having to use it. Sure, she could use her bending but, she liked a challenge. Even if using her daggers against a real opponent wasn't a challenge it was much more fun than just burning them to a crisp. She followed the mysterious person as they turned. With every turn, it became more obvious where they wanted the avatar and companions to go in order to escape.

"The stables." She picked up the pace just to have one of the beams break under the pressure, making the slender girl having to jump in order to prevent herself from being buried under the burning debris as she hurried towards the stables just to see all of the other companions and the avatar. She could see the bison about to take off, so she ran towards and grabbed the back of the bison and held on with a tight grip. She tossed her bag up before pulling herself up to the others and looking towards the other.

They all seemed a bit shaken up about what was happening around them. She turned towards where everyone else was looking and watched as lightning struck down hitting Miki. She closed her eyes just as the blue lightning hit her and cleared her throat as she opened her eyes. And when she opened her eyes she watched as a small girl almost fell off of the flying animal. She put her arm over where she was about to fall, making it easier for someone to pull her back into the seat.

She looked towards the avatar and she seemed like a little girl, this... this was the person Furi had envied and feared. Sure, she respected her and would protect her if need be but, she didn't seem like she was even close to knowing the first thing about being the Avatar. She turned her cold green eyes towards Neige who was wondering if they knew where they were going. Furi had a few ideas but, she just shrugged before crossing her legs and closed her eyes in order to calm herself down. She may have seemed calm on the outside but on the inside, her heart was pounding, her anxiety was acting up and all of the fire and lightning reminded her of the night she brought harm to her foster family. A day she hated to remember.

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#, as written by Felilla

He felt like laughing. A joyous chuckle bubbled up in his throat, but he forced it down. People did not react very positively to a leader that laughs during an invasion. And he was a leader; the Leader, in fact. The last time his true name had been uttered was the moment he had said goodbye to his wife for the last time. The chances of his name ever being spoken again were slim. He didn't mind all that much though. A name was only a name, it held no significance. In truth, the Leader was much more fitting for himself than the name his "parents" had gave him.

With a sort of swaying step, the Leader walked through the destroyed outer wall. His less than notable forces had done well, for the time being. If the Avatar was not returned to him, there would be hell to pay. An execution perhaps? He had to show his followers every once in awhile who was truly in charge; and it wasn't them. He held his dagger tightly, slicing through the supposedly trained White Lotus guards with a precision that rivaled that of most other men. He forces raced through, most of them with a glimmer of bloodlust in their eyes. Meanwhile, the Leader looked around.

Most would expect that he was searching for a sneak attack, someone that would try to use the element of surprise against the strange black-haired man with a mask covering his face. No, the Leader was searching among the crowd for those worthy of being saved. He didn't expect to find anyone in such a sin-filled place, but children were the easiest to manipulate, and just as easy to train.

The majority of the other Tsumi Ribasu also wore masks, minus a few that did not care if their secrets were revealed. However, their masks were blank and white. Cold featureless canvases that disguised a person's true intentions. The Leader's mask had a jagged zigzag crossing from his forehead, through the right eye, and down to his cheek; and it a had a red line that looked like a smirk of some sorts. It was fitting, he was smirking under his mask at that exact moment.

His eye caught the movement of an old woman and a girl running. He followed them because he had saw a few others run in that same direction. Perhaps this was the Avatar his spy had told him all about?

He entered the room to see the woman ushering the young girl towards a large flying bison. Amusement flashed through him when he thought they would escape. The bison took off at the girl's simple words. The Leader was about to stop them when the woman surprised him by lashing out with a tendril of water. His smirk dropped momentarily as he dodged before slowly covering his hidden face again. He placed a hand against the water, sending electric shock waves through the water. The woman dropped like a rock. The Leader looked up slowly, more for dramatic effect than anything, and watched as the Avatar girl drifted off. With a small huff of annoyance, he turned on his heel and left the woman's body, muttering something under his breath.

For a few minutes, he just wandered around. His eyes watched the destruction around him and he once again felt the need to laugh. He had failed in one of his objectives, but seeing the faces of the men that had ruined his life time and time again gave him the most lighthearted of feelings. Being the eccentric man, he spread out his arms wide, letting the ocean breeze rush over him. And he laughed.

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Shang looked down at the bloodied sword in his hand. He hated the fights that resulted with blood. He could have just used whatever power he had to kill many people around him, but he couldn't control it and it would be pointless. Shang instead used his sword though he hated the red on it. He hadn't killed anyone yet, just injured them, then locked them in a room somewhere. He wondered where some of the others were since he hadn't seen them, or the avatar quite yet.

The others might be steering clear of him because of his father, but that wasn't his fault, and he was doing fine without them. He wore a white mask, with blue streaks on his cheekbones that ended middway under the eye. It looked faintly like his fathers though not enough that it was a big deal to him.

Dodging another attack, a white lotus member's white robes grew red as Shang cut his leg, crippling the man's attack. He shoved the man against the wall, his head hitting the wall, then took off running. He wasn't going to kill the guy and it would certainly look like he was dead.

He looked up from a corpse on the ground in time to see his father laughing. Looking up, Shang saw what looked like a bison in the distance. He bit his lip behind his mask. The avatar had gotten away and now they would have to search for her. He wasn't sure whether he wanted to or not, but he did know that he was going to figure something out since he was going to have to go back to the group that wanted to kill her.

His father laughed as if the death all around them wasn't a horrifying thing. Shang shrugged inwardly at his inability to do anything and reached down to cut of the tail end off a robe of a white lotus member. He wiped the red blooded sword on the cloth and sheathed it without looking at the glassy eyes man.

In the room further on lays a woman who looked to be dead, her body not moving. Shang looked up at the flying avatar once again and felt a pang in his stomach, he wasn't sure what it was, so he pushed it off.

"Where are they going?" Shang asks his father without looking away from the retreating figures of the avatar and her friends.

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Ianzok was seated in the throne room, which must've been a rather regal and traditional-looking place several decades ago, but under Ianzok's rule, it was modernized slightly. Instead of a large sea of flames behind the throne, it was replaced by several fireplaces that were symmetrically placed throughout the room. There was no need for light in this place, where the flames burnt 24/7. A large desk separated the Fire Lord's seat from where his visitors would seat themselves on comfy leather sofas.

"I was the Sun and you were the Moon..." Ianzok murmured to himself, looking down at a family photo, stroking at the glass where his late wife stood in the picture. "It's our son's birthday today... I don't know if this is the right choice for a present... but I've decided to train him myself."

The fire around him began to pulse.

"Hah... I know. Even I'm getting nervous. I wish you were here, Kenone. You would know what was best for Aonani." Ianzok closed his eyes, the fireplaces around him beginning to flare up like crazy, flames flickering with what fire would consider passionate determination.

There was a knock on the door. "Enter."

The palace butler, a bespectacled man older than Ianzok himself, stepped in. He was named Peng You, and was the best companion anyone could ever ask for. Loyal, steadfast, rather witty and sometimes downright protective to the point he wore you down. Ianzok would know, for he was cared for by Peng You when he was in Republic City. He wasn't a bender, but the old man sure had his own tricks up his incredibly crisp, clean sleeves. Peng You pushed up his round-rimmed glasses and handed Ianzok a piece of paper with a rather familiar handwriting on it, a disapproving frown on his face.


"It would appear to be so, Fire Lord. The young Prince seems to have run off again for his... daily activities." Peng You pouted, adjusting his gloves.

Ianzok snorted, rubbing his stubble. Whether his son knew it or not, Ianzok kept tabs of his son's various escapades and was rather proud of it. The child had yet to lose a fight, much like how Ianzok was when he was Aonani's age. Peng You's cough brought Ianzok back to his senses.

"I would hate to interrupt you, I know how much you see your younger self inside the Prince, but it seems that there are events taking place outside of the Fire Nation that may actually require your attention."

A situation outside of his jurisdiction that required his attention? This must be a rather dire problem. Something that would require the Leaders of the Four Nations and the Order of the White Lotus. "Is it...?"

"I'm afraid so, Fire Lord. This is regarding the Avatar, we received a short Morse that they will be arriving in the Fire Nation."

The fire around them seemed to hold a steady dance as Ianzok seemed to be contemplating the problem with his hands intertwined in front of his mouth. He then looked up at Peng You, who returned with his usual disinterested look, although Ianzok could tell even Peng You was worried.

"I trust you can hold the fort, You?"

"Most certainly, Fire Lord." Peng You dipped his head. "Shall I prepare the komodo rhino?"

"Yes, make sure Kasai is ready."

"What of the Prince? Shall he be told to remain in the palace?"

Ianzok got up from his seat, throwing his cape around his shoulders. He thought for a bit, then he shook his head. Peng You stared at him curiously.

"You don't mean..."

"I think it's time, don't you think, You?" Ianzok replied, a smile on his face. Peng You continued to look worried but nodded before he walked out the door.

"Oh goodie..."

"I heard that."

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"I suppose that we do know where we're heading yes? We should try to get as far as possible before we stop to rest. It wouldn't be safe to stay in one place for too long." Said one of the other boys among the companions, Neige, if Sudhir remembered his name correctly, as he produced a map. The dark haired Earthbender turned his eyes skyward, trying to remember what he'd learned about navigating by the stars from his mother. It was a useful skill to have in rural countryside filled with mostly identical fields.
"We're currently heading... West, I think." He offered, but he had to admit, he didn't actually know where their final destination was. He assumed it was to the leader of one of the Four Nations, but which one? He glanced back over his shoulder at the others, but refrained from saying anything more.

"Also, is anyone wounded or injured in any way? It wouldn't be ideal to continue flying if one of us were injured..." Neige said. Sudhir thought for a moment, before shaking his head. He'd been pretty single minded in finding Avatar Asha, if he'd sustained any injury, it was minor, and lost in the shock and adrenaline. He sighed, resting one of his arms on his knee. He started absently carding through the fur on the bisons head. It occurred to him that, with his, as normal, ripped shirt, it could look like he was injured. Especially when he noticed his scar was just barely visible, and could look like a burn in the low light. He surreptitiously adjusted his shirt, so that the tear no longer showed any of his scar.

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#, as written by Felilla

Asha was far from okay, but she had to get a hold of herself. She was the Avatar for Spirit's sake. Instead of crying, she should have been leading them. And that's what she planned to do. She sat up, taking a deep breath and wiping the tears from her eyes. The smell of smoke still lingered in her senses, but she forced it out of her mind. Her mind drifted back to her last conversation with Miki. Where did she say they needed to go? "We need to go to the Fire Nation," she whispered to herself before repeating her sentence more loudly so everyone could hear her. "For now, we should get as far as we can from the Facility, then worry about getting there."

She nodded as if to reassure herself that it was the right course of action. The people that attacked them would most likely check closer compounds used by the Order of the White Lotus. Asha crawled forward to look at the Waterbender boy's map. "We should travel to Kyoshi Island. They'll protect us for a short time and it didn't seem as though the intruders had flying bison or planes, so I would assume they came by boat or submarine," Asha rubbed her eyes tiredly. She had barely gotten a few hours of sleep before she was woken up. She had to stay awake though. "Once we have enough supplies, we'll backtrack to the Fire Nation... Am I forgetting anything?"

She looked up from the map and at her five companions, a questioning gaze in her bright blue eyes.

Map of the Avatar World
The Facility is on the small island North East of of #25.
Kyoshi Island is #39.
The Fire Nation Royal Palace is #57.

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#, as written by Keen

As Aki sat atop the flying beast and gazed up at the passing sky and silently listened to the conversation that went around her she heaved a heavy sigh and closed her eyes. She couldn't shake the discomfort she felt sitting atop this large, flying beast but with a shake of her head she tried to push that away to the back of her mind as she refocused herself on the Avatar and her fellow companions around her.

Though she tried her best to hide it, she still looked uneasy as she nodded her head in the Avatar's direction and spoke the first time that night, "I think the Avatar's right. We should get as far as we can for now... We'll need supplies soon enough and after that we should head straight for the Fire Nation."

With that she crossed her arms and scanned her gaze over everyone who was present, "And uh... Maybe some proper introductions are in order?... I'm Akiko Iida... But you can all just call me Aki. I'm uh, not a bender but I'll do my best to support and protect you all."

She cleared her throat a bit awkwardly and dipped her head in a small bow towards the group as she waited for their replies.