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"I shall serve King Otoki faithfully, even if he leads me to my death; my fate is nothing compared to his desires."

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a character in “Avatar: The Rise of Zhi”, as played by Magus1108




Age: 36
Gender: Female
Bender: No
Nation: Earth Kingdom


Heibachi is a cold and brisk woman; she sets about her duties in an efficient manner, making no time for friends or loved ones. She openly scorns efforts by others to get to know her, or otherwise try to befriend her. Heibachi, at best, is indifferent to those around her, and at worst, despises the people she comes across, especially if they are not in the serve of King Otoki. The only people that Heibachi is civil to are other Loyalist soldiers of Otoki; to them, she is polite and courteous, but not much else.

To her liege-lord, is a far different story. She adores and worships Otoki, and views him as a literal god. She believes him to be the Savior of the Earth Kingdom, and will do anything he commands, no matter how brutal or horrifying it may be. She has purged entire towns and slaughtered countless people in the name of her King, and she does it gladly, smiling all the while as she carries out King Otoki's will.


Heibachi was a young girl of sixteen when she came into Otoki's service; at the time, she had lived a relatively normal life as the daughter of a merchant family in Ba Sing Se. Everything changed soon after the Earth Emperor died. Otoki began to seize control over Ba Sing Se, and to help facilitate his power-base, he began to order his soldiers to kidnap children and young men and women so that they could be indoctrinated.

Heibachi was one of those unlucky souls. She was taken away from her family in the dead of night, and spent the next year in a living hell as every facet of her previous life was stripped away, leaving behind a husk of a woman. Otoki then began the slow process of building her back up, training her to be a skilled and strong swordswoman, and loyal to him and him alone. Over time Heibachi became an entirely new woman; she forgot everything about her previous life, and willfully submitted herself to the will of King Otoki.

She became one of his first Loyalist soldiers, and over the past twenty years, she has earned quite the reputation. She is his most elite soldier, and has come back from missions that often leave her comrades dead or in horrible agony. She has slaughtered thousands in the name of her Lord, and will continue to do so until the day she dies.

Currently, she is serving aboard Ronshi's pirate ship, being the eyes and ears of King Otoki as the Kraken fulfills his job in capturing the Avatar. Heibachi has an intense hatred of Ronshi, but she will tolerate his presence for the sake of her liege-lord.


To serve her lord, King Otoki, to the best of her ability. What he desires, she shall bring about.


  • King Otoki
  • The fiefdom of Ba Sing Se
  • Her fellow Loyalists
  • Doing a mission successfully
  • Ensuring that the will of King Otoki is carried out


  • Traitors
  • Those who oppose her master
  • The other kingdom-states of the Earth Kingdom
  • Weak-willed cowards
  • Ronshi

So begins...

Heibachi's Story

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Ronshi Vapijin, "the Kraken"

The sea. Weaving, twisting, turning, altering, shifting. Always on the move, never dormant. Never still. Never loyal. No borders are closed to it, and no place can survive without it. It is both cruel, and kind. Ronshi smiled. He loved being a pirate. He loved being ruled by none, and only doing what he felt like. He enjoyed the freedom. He always had, considering he had never been raised with much freedom. He grinned and tastes the salty air, trying to enjoy his last few moments on the open sea before they got into the dock and headed into the mountains, towards the temple.

"Oi! Ronshi! We're about to head into port now!" called his first mate, Sao. All of his crew were non benders, all of them were men or women who head experienced little freedom. All of them were now Octopi. And he was their Kraken.

"Alright! People who I selected for the trek, get your rubbish together! We're leaving as soon as we hit land, and we will leave without ya if ya don't hurry up, alright!?"

He smiled. This would be the contract of his career. Shame an outsider was in on it.

"Sao! Go and make Heibachi is ready to leave, alright!? She should be in her quarters."

He turned to face the sea once again. Bloody outsiders.

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Character Portrait: Ronshi "Kraken" Vapijin Character Portrait: Heibachi
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(ignore this post)

The setting changes from Avatar: The Last Airbender to The Rise of Zhi


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Character Portrait: Ronshi "Kraken" Vapijin Character Portrait: Heibachi
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A few minutes later, Heibachi walked onto the deck of the ship and approached the pirate captain. She stopped next to him, and for a moment, merely observed the sea surrounding them, and the nearby port that was growing closer and closer to the ship with each passing minute.

"Do you have a plan, for what we do once we get to the Earth Sage Temple?" Heibachi politely, or at least polite for her, inquired of him, turning her gaze over to the captain.

Ronshi 'the Kraken' had proven to be a most...colorful individual, to say the least. Heibachi had never met a man quite like him before, and now she wished she hadn't. He was a frustrating person to deal with, and he and his crewmembers lacked any sense of restraint or composure. Not long after boarding his ship, some drunken fool had attempted to...romance her, to put it lightly. But after a swift beatdown, that cretin hadn't bothered her again; nor had anyone else on the ship, for that matter.

Still, the fact that the crew was mostly leaving her alone now, didn't help soothe her anger. The sooner this mission was over, the better! While Heibachi would not dare to question the wisdom of her Lord, there was no doubt that this mission was truly testing her patience. Being stuck with the pirate captain was not a welcome event. So the sooner he captured and delivered the Avatar to King Otoki, the sooner she could finally leave this wretched hive of scum and debauchery.