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Ronshi "Kraken" Vapijin

A pirate who rules the seas who has accepted a contract to find and capture the Avatar.

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a character in “Avatar: The Rise of Zhi”, as played by Vaultbadger


[center]Ronshi "Kraken" Vapijin

Age: 25
Gender: Male
Bender: Water
Nation: Southern Water Tribe (formerly)


Ronshi is a laid back, often friendly person. He is extremely likeable and friendly, always with a smile on his face and a sort of swagger about him that many people, particularly women, find difficult to resist. He often comes across as arrogant and cocky, which usually annoys people if they aren't swayed by his innate charm. His nature is to enjoy life, and not to spend time trying to find love or get ahead in a career. Instead, Ronshi just enjoys life as it comes, with only his crew and his boat for company. However, when Ronshi is involved in combat or hunting a target, he becomes deadly serious, using any and all tools at his disposal and relying on his wit and skill to succeed.


Ronshi was born into the Southern Water Tribe and quickly labelled a prodigy. He learned the art of water bending at an exceptionally fast rate, and even mastered the skills of plant bending and learned basic blood bending. However, Ronshi quickly grew bored of the sheltered and pressured life that he felt was being forced upon him, and he escaped late one night aboard a large ship called "the Akuto". Using his water bending abilities to steer the ship, he attempted to make a life for himself as a trader, until members of his former tribe caught up with him demanding him to return to face his crime of stealing the ship. Rosnhi refused and faced the group in combat, killing them with his use of water bending and basic blood bending. Realising he was good at killing, Ronshi decided to become both a pirate and a bounty hunter and gathered a crew of non benders.

Ronshi quickly made a name for himself as a skilled assassin, and gained the nickname "Kraken" due to the way in which he would crush ships out at sea with water tentacles. Before long, Ronshi was working for Earth and Fire nobles, eliminating rivals and enemies swiftly and casually and enjoying the spoils of his conquests. He even became a sort of celebrity, becoming the first person people would turn to eliminate or capture a target, and he also enjoyed committing piracy in his spare time. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise when, as the new Avatar was discovered, Ronshi was hired by an Earth Noble to capture this young bender to use for his own machinations....


Ronshi doesn't really have a clearly defined "goal" in life. Ronshi is a laid back man, and all he really wants to do is chill out and enjoy life as it comes, making sure to always do his job well and never tying himself down to a particular person or place, preferring to constantly change his scenery and location. Ronshi doesn't really have any ambition, and because of that it makes him an excellent assassin.

  • Women
  • The Sea
  • Water Bending
  • His job.
  • His ship


  • Ambition
  • Things that interfere with his job
  • Politics
  • The Southern Water Tribe
  • Commitment

So begins...

Ronshi "Kraken" Vapijin's Story

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Bo was in the room with the avatar, and his entire company, herself being part of it, but she didn't really pay attention to what people were saying. Sure. she was listening to everything, and absorbing it, but she was still too busy relaxing on Phantom to really be bothered by anything. She knew the mercenaries would be a problem and a confrontation was likely to occur, but she kept her opinion out of everything. She smiled when Zhi accepted Wei's help, and listened to everyone's plan, which she wold go along with. It wasn't very likely she would have a plan of her own, too much brainwork.

She did, however, shoot up when the blasted bird was mentioned. She eyed the room very carefully, and making sure it wasn't with them, she got down from the bagermole and joined the group. "I do not care what our plan is, a preemptive strike would prove useful, but we have no idea how many benders they have, or bagermole's or other animals. Our best option is to take the tunnel's out of the temple and avoid them entirely, although something tells me you are against that." She said, aiming at Zhi, and after thinking about it, Wei would probably be in favor of some ass kicking. Now that she thought about it, she was really the only team member who didn't enjoy using his/her bending when other options were available. Even her student, Akara, could hanker for a fight like anyone else.

"I'll go along with any plan, but we should keep the running away option open, just in case."

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Ronshi Vapijin, "the Kraken"

The sea. Weaving, twisting, turning, altering, shifting. Always on the move, never dormant. Never still. Never loyal. No borders are closed to it, and no place can survive without it. It is both cruel, and kind. Ronshi smiled. He loved being a pirate. He loved being ruled by none, and only doing what he felt like. He enjoyed the freedom. He always had, considering he had never been raised with much freedom. He grinned and tastes the salty air, trying to enjoy his last few moments on the open sea before they got into the dock and headed into the mountains, towards the temple.

"Oi! Ronshi! We're about to head into port now!" called his first mate, Sao. All of his crew were non benders, all of them were men or women who head experienced little freedom. All of them were now Octopi. And he was their Kraken.

"Alright! People who I selected for the trek, get your rubbish together! We're leaving as soon as we hit land, and we will leave without ya if ya don't hurry up, alright!?"

He smiled. This would be the contract of his career. Shame an outsider was in on it.

"Sao! Go and make Heibachi is ready to leave, alright!? She should be in her quarters."

He turned to face the sea once again. Bloody outsiders.

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(ignore this post)

The setting changes from Avatar: The Last Airbender to The Rise of Zhi


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A few minutes later, Heibachi walked onto the deck of the ship and approached the pirate captain. She stopped next to him, and for a moment, merely observed the sea surrounding them, and the nearby port that was growing closer and closer to the ship with each passing minute.

"Do you have a plan, for what we do once we get to the Earth Sage Temple?" Heibachi politely, or at least polite for her, inquired of him, turning her gaze over to the captain.

Ronshi 'the Kraken' had proven to be a most...colorful individual, to say the least. Heibachi had never met a man quite like him before, and now she wished she hadn't. He was a frustrating person to deal with, and he and his crewmembers lacked any sense of restraint or composure. Not long after boarding his ship, some drunken fool had attempted to...romance her, to put it lightly. But after a swift beatdown, that cretin hadn't bothered her again; nor had anyone else on the ship, for that matter.

Still, the fact that the crew was mostly leaving her alone now, didn't help soothe her anger. The sooner this mission was over, the better! While Heibachi would not dare to question the wisdom of her Lord, there was no doubt that this mission was truly testing her patience. Being stuck with the pirate captain was not a welcome event. So the sooner he captured and delivered the Avatar to King Otoki, the sooner she could finally leave this wretched hive of scum and debauchery.