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Umei Idou

"What do you want now?!?"

0 · 228 views · located in The Four Nations

a character in “Avatar: The Unsettling (PRIVATE)”, as played by koalaking555



Name: Umei Idou
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Nationality: Southern Water Nation

Role: Water bender
Physical Description: Dark skin, average height and weight, and long dark brown hair.
Personality: She is rarely ever nice, and often, she is mean and rude. Rather clumsy at times too.
Equipment: Pouch of water, and a satchel filled with common survival necessities.

So begins...

Umei Idou's Story

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Umei was ready for her chance to kill the avatar. The dark haired brunette slanted forward and narrowed her dark eyes. She came out charging into the arena and had her eyes focused on her enemy. She took a quick breath and started yelling. "Prepare to die ava-" SPLAT

The clumsy girl tripped on her own feet and fell through the air. Flashes of color and light appeared before her eyes. Time slowed and she lost sight of her enemy. Then the ground appeared and a sharp hard pain hit her in the face. What just happened? Umei thought. She coughed and finally realized she had fallen straight on her face in front of everyone. Embarrassed and angry with her own foolishness, she picked herself up and stared down the crowd that stood laughing at her. She made a low growling noise from the back of her throat and gritted her teeth. With the back of her hand she wiped off the dirt and dust. Then she looked straight at her enemy. Dark eyes full of anger stared into his eyes.