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Avatar: The Unsettling (PRIVATE)

The Four Nations


a part of Avatar: The Unsettling (PRIVATE), by Lainpinky131.


Lainpinky131 holds sovereignty over The Four Nations, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Four Nations is a part of Avatar: The Unsettling (PRIVATE).

6 Characters Here

Tsurei Kyoji [43] Short and svelte, the young Avatar was forced from his home in Omashu, and sent off into the unknown world, unsure and unaware of what he will face and who he will meet.
Anwar [36] "Oh. Why, hello there~<3"
Kasumi Kotou [31] A skilled fighter from the fire nation, driven by the memory of her Late-Master.
Gin [28] "Oh hello... go away."
Umei Idou [3] "What do you want now?!?"
Tyrie Von [1] "What do you want?"

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Character Portrait: Gin Character Portrait: Anwar
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~ G I N ~

The smell. The disgustingly, sweet smell of perfume and incense. It made her want to throw up. Three days- or was it four? Gin could not remember.

No matter what she did, no matter how hard she tried; she could not escape. Her body was deadened every few hours, or so, to keep Gin caged with no chains or bars. How could she escape when she could not even life a finger.

The raven-haired girl was dressed in a colourfully stunning outfit. A blue and gold top with bare shoulders that was tight around her breast and accentuated her curves. A blue skirt with white and gold lace and trims that trailed down her hips. Thigh high black boots and gold, fingerless arm bands were tight against her clammy skin. Her hair was adorned with gold accessories and silver flowers that were pinned into her scalp. Hair extensions that matched her colour were also pinned in the back to create a massive flow of long, long hair. To top it all off, a pink, flower tiara rested gently on her head.

The entire outfit was horrendously uncomfortable.

Her scalp burned and itched, her ears stung from the gems that dangled from her earlobes. Her hair smelled foul from the perfume and weighed a tremendous amount. She had never worn anything remotely similar in her life.

Her eyes were closed as she whispered prayers to herself and tried to sleep, but she was interrupted when she felt a sharp slap! against her cheek.

"Wake up," a man growled, "We'll be needing you soon." The gruff man's empty eyes stared at Gin before he received his own slap to the face from a fellow comrade. The woman from before, Wu if Gin recalled correcty, stood next to the man and glared, her face fixed in a smile.

"Now, now. Is that how you wake up a lady?" She spoke as if she were speaking to an infant. "Leave. I'll need to adjust her make-up now, thanks to you," she lied.

The man hurried from the room, muttering curses under his breath, no doubt at Wu and Gin.

Wu looked at the defenceless Gin in her chair. "Oh, it fills me with pride to see how well I made you look, compared to that droll face you had before," she smiled. "Those boys out there will love you," she leaned in close. "They will love to watch you dance."

Gin began to sweat. Anwar had to be looking for her. He HAD to. Even if he hadn't known her for that long, he would still look for her, wouldn't he?

2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Tsurei Kyoji Character Portrait: Umei Idou
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Umei was ready for her chance to kill the avatar. The dark haired brunette slanted forward and narrowed her dark eyes. She came out charging into the arena and had her eyes focused on her enemy. She took a quick breath and started yelling. "Prepare to die ava-" SPLAT

The clumsy girl tripped on her own feet and fell through the air. Flashes of color and light appeared before her eyes. Time slowed and she lost sight of her enemy. Then the ground appeared and a sharp hard pain hit her in the face. What just happened? Umei thought. She coughed and finally realized she had fallen straight on her face in front of everyone. Embarrassed and angry with her own foolishness, she picked herself up and stared down the crowd that stood laughing at her. She made a low growling noise from the back of her throat and gritted her teeth. With the back of her hand she wiped off the dirt and dust. Then she looked straight at her enemy. Dark eyes full of anger stared into his eyes.