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Ezra Galenko

"The only person you can really trust . . . is YOURSELF."

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a character in “Avatar: Traversing Fates”, as played by November_Rain_18


Full Name: Ezra Galenko

Role: The Waterbender

Gender: Male

Nickname(s)/Alias(es): “The Night Walker”

Age: 16

Love Interest: TBA


Appearance: Average height, about 5’9”, and very thin. Ezra has cold, pale skin and choppy white-blond hair, which is unusual, because he lives at the South pole. His eyes are light blue, almost grey, and his eyebrows have a sharp and severe look.

Preferred Clothing: Ezra usually wears the same thing for every occasion. His first layer consists of some thick black pants, bulky brown winter boots, and a skintight, waterproof, short-sleeved shirt. Over that, he wears a black hooded parka made from the fur of a rare, all-black tiger seal. He also wears thick woolen fingerless gloves.

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 147 lbs

Hair Color: White-blond

Eye Color: Pale blue

Personality: Ezra is a cold, silent, shy young man. He doesn’t usually talk a lot unless you know him well, or he is spoken to, and values his concentration for hunting and such. He is extremely independent (having had no real parents to connect with), and is used to being on his own. He doesn’t have very strong political opinions, and thinks the war is perfectly pointless. Ezra has never been in love before. All the water tribe girls are too talkative and annoying and useless, and don’t understand the way his emotions work. He hasn’t though about love in a long time.

Ezra can be extremely defensive and fierce when it comes to protecting his tribe and his lands, but other than that, he is a pretty quiet guy. He is overly suspicious of newcomers, and very slow to trust. He is afraid to form strong relationships with people, because he is worried they will leave him, or won’t fully commit. This is part of the reason he pushes his mother away whenever she needs his help on a personal level, and the reason he doesn’t want any of the other water tribe women taking care of him. He can take care of himself. However, he understands that his tribe sometimes needs help on an impersonal basis, and is happy and willing to heal/hunt/fight for his village.

Oddities: Ezra has dreams. Terrifying, realistic dreams that he has never told anyone about in his life.


-Being alone


-Playing with little kids
-Dead things
-His mother (and his father, for that matter)

Hobbies: When not working by taking care of the younger children, or hunting for his tribe, Ezra likes to bead, feather and decorate uniforms used for special ceremonies, war, or daily life. He can sew beautiful decorative designs onto any piece of clothing, and enjoys turning plain things (pieces of wood, combs, bracelets, weapons) into beautiful works of art. He is a brilliant painter, with nimble fingers, but he doesn’t often get a chance to do it.

Fears/Phobia(s): Even though Ezra is a talented and skilled warrior, he freezes up at the sight of blood. He can hunt, but nothing beyond that when it comes to dead animals.

Skills/Talents: Ezra is an amazing and exceptional hunter, the best in all of the Southern Water Tribe. He can hunt a variety of small and large tundra mammals with his throwing knives, and, occasionally, throwing spears. He catches fish easily and successfully with his waterbending. He fashions his own knives and spears out of whale teeth or tiger seal tusks.

Ezra also possesses the rare healing ability that is sometimes apparent in water benders. He knows a lot about the human body’s weaknesses (his mother is a healer), so he makes a very successful apprentice. It also helps him with his knife throwing.

Preferred Weapon: His preferred weapon (in addition to his waterbending), are the numerous throwing knives he keeps concealed on his person. He is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and its weak points.

Fighting Style: Ezra is an exceptionally gifted water bender, who is enjoys the use of ice and snow in his bending, but he also enjoys fighting with throwing knives (he always has a few on him, just in case), and likes throwing spears when at all possible. He fashions his own knives and spears out of whale teeth or tiger seal tusks. He is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and its weak points. When fighting, Ezra goes for all or nothing. He sees no point in messing around battling with knives, unless you really want to injure/kill someone. When someone is giving him a hard time, he busts out his dangerous waterbending skills, which usually take care of the problem.

Personal History: Ezra’s mother has lived in the Southern Water Tribe all her life, but his father visited once from the Northern Water Tribe on official business. They instantly fell in love, and Ezra’s mother was pregnant at 18, and his father left to fight in the newfound war with the Fire Nation. Ezra’s mother wasn’t ever very responsible (although she is a gifted healer and an asset to the tribe), so most of his childhood was spent on his own.

Ezra’s waterbending skills were developed on his own, with a little help from a few skilled female benders that didn’t go to war. He crafted his own weapons from whale teeth and seal tusks, and learned to hunt effectively with sparse instruction from some tribe women.

As one of only three boys remaining in the Southern Water Tribe, Ezra’s talents are useful and essential to the survival of the Tribe. He does most of the hunting for everyone on his own, preferably at night. Ezra likes to go out at night in his hooded black parka, and hunt with nothing to distract him and no sunlight to bother him. People in the village have nicknamed him “The Night Walker.” He is a mysterious and spine-tingling sight when seen out on the ice at midnight, stalking seals and such with his knives, or practicing his waterbending skills in the moonlight.

Theme Song: Given to Fly ~ Pearl Jam ... 06328.html

Other: Ezra is traveling to the Earth Kingdom Colonies to bring back helpful resources to the failing Southern Water Tribe, and to bring back a few of the men in the army, so the village can build up strength again. He is upset about leaving, but he knows it must be done. Ezra has never been more that a few miles away from his village before, and has no idea how to conduct himself in a social situation with someone he isn’t familiar with. He will definitely be looking for some help once he reaches his destination. He is also traveling undercover as a non-bender, so as not to arouse suspicion.

So begins...

Ezra Galenko's Story

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~Ezra Galenko~

Ezra blinked awake in the bright morning sunlight. He lay against the outside wall of a small tea shop, inside a small alley. He had nothing on him, spare a few throwing knives concealed in his sleeves and a small water canteen that he kept near him at all times. Ezra had arrived in Omashu the previous morning, and, confused and overwhelmed by the bustling city, fallen asleep in the first quiet place he could find.

He felt out of place here, and had noticed several odd-looking strangers staring at him the previous night. After all, his pale eyes and shaggy white hair stood out terribly against the round, dark eyes and silky black hair of the Earth Kingdom citizens. He was hungry and tired, but very confused in the bustling city setting that now surrounded him. Ezra stood up, giving his arms a stretch, and stumbled into the streets, weaving his way through the people, going nowhere in particular. He was a stranger in a strange land, only looking for some food, shelter, or maybe some help.

He wandered into a dusty, busty road filled with people. He saw a short, dirty man juggling and various booths selling fruits, vegetables, and other items that Ezra had never seen before. A mother dragged her children by, who gazed oddly at Ezra. A band of laughing girls with an excessive amount of makeup waved and whistled at him. Several loud merchants tried to pull him aside, but he thoroughly ignored them.

Ezra coughed as he walked by a wheat and flour vendor, and stumbled in surprise as two young women collided a few feet in front of him. He blushed and muttered an apology to several angry people who had to walk around him. Now was his chance to witness an interaction between city strangers. He backed into a corner, near enough to here the girls' reaction.

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Omashu.......the place where he was born. Sin had not been there in a long time. A part of him said too long, yet another said not long enough. He still had very mix thoughts on how he should actually feel about that place. But, that was neither here nor there. The fact of the matter was he had been walking from place to place, trying to span the world, and Omashu was the next stop on his list. He wouldn't worry about it....for now. Now, all he had to worry about was getting through the gate. He was currently on his crutch, with his prosthetic limbs stored neatly away in his bag. They helped a lot, but sometimes his stumps got sore. As he approached the gate, he was stopped by a guard. "Halt, what is your business in Omashu?" Sin stopped and looked the man up and down. He was well toned and his face was clean of any scars. His chest was puffed out in an authoritative manner, threatening to damage the near perfect quality of his uniform. Sin also noticed scuff marks on the mans shoes. It was apparent to him that this man was an earth bender, giving him an undeserved air of superiority, and had also never seen actual combat. He seemed like the kind of man who had been in a few fist fights and bender brawls to believe that he had seen real combat. Sin could tell by his eyes that he had never taken another person's life, he could tell because he didn't look dead inside. Sin could tell this guy got kicks out of pushing the weak around....I mean, it was his job to be an asshole.

Sin stood himself up a little straighter and looked him right in the eye, a smarmy grin spread on his face. "I'm here as an assassin for the Fire Nation to kill the king.....but don't tell anyone." Sin said, his voice overflowing sarcasm. The guard got a very disgruntled look on his face. "Heh, very funny. We have special cells reserved for guys as funny as you." The guard said in his most superior tone. The smile on his face grew. "Wow, good one. How long have you been waiting to use that one? Did you file that one under 'Snarky Amputee's'?" The guard behind the talky one snickered. The other guard spun around and glared at him. The snickering guard stopped snickering, then gave him a shrug. "Sho, he's a cripple. Let's just let him in." The guard, who's name was apparently Sho, glared for a bit at Sin, then looked away. "Tch, fine, go in." Sin just smiled at him. "Than you, kindly." He gave him a tip of his hat, and hobbled past him into the city.

Sin wandered around for a bit, trying to find a good spot to practice his craft. He hobbled through the crowds, people made way for him and gave him stares ranging from pity to disgust. He didn't really care, who were these people to him but faces in a crowd? Who cares what they thought of him? He kept trudging on until he came upon what looked like a rather busy market place. It looked different since he had last been here. He was 9 and was with his sister and mother. He remembered his sister pleading him for a peach, tugging at his clothes. He had money from his birthday which was a few days back. He had already spent most of it, and didn't have much left. He ended up buying her a peach........and she spit it up a few seconds later. He laughed at the memory of the situation. He then felt a hollow pain ring out in his chest. The pain surged down his left arm.....which was gone. He was getting phantom pains again. He needed to sit down. He saw a choice spot near the main row in between some crates. He sat himself down and pulled out a small wooden bowl. He leaned himself against one of the crates and put his head down, his hat covering his face. He then shook the bowl and occasionally said, "A copper for a veteran?" He occasionally heard jingles in the bowl, so he knew it was working.

After a few minutes, he heard some sort of commotion happening down the way a bit. He peeked over and apparently two young girls had knocked into each other. He looked away again, it was really no concern of his what happened to people in this town. Before he looked completely away, he saw a strange boy watching the two girls, almost looking like he was hiding. He found it odd, but he just continued on panhandling.

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Ezra watched the young women clash, one take off crying through a crowd of whisperers. What were they saying? The girl was Fire Nation? He watched her dash down a side street, trying to escape the crowd. He didn't understand why she was upset. This turn of events intrigued him, so he slowly followed behind her. She was easy enough to follow, with her out-of-place wardrobe and long, silky hair. Ezra also noticed more people giving him odd looks, so he went on his way as quickly as possible.

As he saw the girl approach a small dirt pathway between buildings, she abruptly stopped running and Ezra skidded to a halt a few meters behind, hoping, for his lacking conversation skills, he hadn't heard him.

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Li stood up, brushing her trousers off with her hands. Brushing out her hair with her hand, she looked over to the girl again. She reached out a hand to help the girl, but the gesure was refused.

"Hey you ok-" She was cut off by a rush of voices, each message almost identical. 'Servant...General Yue...Fire Nation?' Li raised an eyebrow to the crowd, giving a scowl. The other girl must've heard the whispers too, as her face controted into one of shame and anger. They were surrounded by a large group of people, and Li felt a headache coming on. She looked over to the girl again.

"As I was saying, are you okay?" The girl simply muttered, but mearly ran away into the nearby ally, tears steaking down her face. Li threw her hands up in the air, beginning to walk the other way, when a figure caught her eye. A dash of silver streaked past her, towards the direction of the girl. Li's eyes narrowed once more, and she followed the silver haired figure down the narrow ally.

Li came across the woman again, stopped in the middle of the worn-down pathway. The silver haired man was trailing behind her, a few meters behind. Li frowned slightly, and stepped foward.

"H-Hey! Leave her alone!" She raised a hand, and a small piece of dirt flew through the air, heading for the man's head.

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As both the target girl and the girl she bumped into left the scene from the crowd, the figure almost vanished from within the crowd of people, skilfully moving through the people as he made his way toward where the girl had gone off to.
In the dirt path that the girl had wandered down in between the buildings, at the moment that the girl would seem to get the attention of some boy that had also followed, the figure stepped in front of her from around another path that connected to this one. The cloaked figure stood silently in front of the girl with out a word at first, until he finally spoke, "...Xue Yi Song...?" Asking her to be sure she was his target. The moment that he would hear that it was her, he would go in to finish his job.

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She stood there, keeping herself silent at last as she noticed that she had been crying. How could she have allowed herself to shed even a single tear before the eyes of others? Of anyone . . . ? The very last thing that she wanted was for anyone to dare see a single expression of emotion upon her, no one needed to know that she felt such things as shame, guilt, and sorrow. Having all think of her as numb, truly, that was easier than others thinking her as weak. If people didn’t think of her as being strong, then they might just, just . . . just what? What would it matter if someone saw her tears now? It was obvious that she was of the Fire Nation, every bit of her appearance gave it away, her dark hair and honey colored eyes, her small frame, and her pallor skin—all of them were dead giveaways toward her heritage.

No matter where it was she could ever go, or try to go, her blood would be clear as day to anyone who set eyes upon her, especially with the war that was going on. Everyone in the world recognized those of Fire Nation blood, with what Sozin had ordered done to the Airbenders. . . . So, what did it matter if she were thought of as a strong girl anymore? Anyone and everyone would just look down upon her regardless of how it was she presented herself, wouldn’t they? The Fire Nation, it was hated, and all of it were as well. Hated, loathed, despised, seen with disgust. . . . That was what she was, she was disgusting. Her blood was the blood of murderers, power-lusting men who saw fit to try to shape the world to their own grand designs when they were but simple mortals.

Although she had never taken a life with her own hands before, there was still blood upon them, the blood of all those killed by her people. Airbenders, Earthbenders, and Waterbenders. . . .

Xue took to wiping at her eyes with the heavy silk sleeves of her robe, trying to dry her tears up so that she could continue on with clear sight. She just needed solitude—to be alone. That was what was necessary for her now; that would remedy her aching heart and soul for the time being. After regaining herself, she could lock it all away, the pain, the guilt she refused to display when her mask was properly fixed upon her face, she it could all be put away for a while yet.
Yes, I just require isolation to gather up my scattered strength, that is all. . . . she thought to herself, wiping at her face once more before a call roused her attention to behind her.

"H-Hey! Leave her alone!" The voice of a girl her age caught hold of her, and it caused Xue to quickly turn upon the heel of her toe-pinching shoes, a look of surprise overlaying her features. A soft gasp came from the girl’s throat when she realized that it was the girl she’d barreled into on the street so soon ago, and she was shouting at a boy carrying silver colored hair, a small stone was being whipped at his head by the girl.

Earthbender, she is an Earthbender. . . . Xue realized, feeling her heart leap into her throat. She had . . . she had run into an Earthbender by accident, and fled without giving a truly proper apology, had she perhaps angered her . . . ? The mere thought of it was enough to cause Xue to feel the urge to run, but before she could even make the attempt, there was a dark blur which Xue was able to see out of the corner of her eye, making her crane her head back to the side to see just what had moved in the alleyway. And to the sight before her she stood silent, a cloaked figure loomed before her, just standing there silently.

"...Xue Yi Song...?" When her full name was spoken, Xue visibly flinched backward; a look of shock etched itself upon her face. It was slipping again, her mask it was falling away from her, the cracks were getting wider the longer she was kept from gathering up her composure again. Although it ought to have been obvious she was Fire Nation, her name was something that shouldn’t have been so easily deduced, though a full crowd of people could have figured it out in time one person knowing it. . . .

It is not a good sign. Xue told herself, fully turning her body around to face this stranger who knew her name. Though confusion shined in her eyes for a moment, quickly, Xue forced her cracking mask back over her face, quickly dulling anything in those eyes of hers and revealing only an apathetic expression. “The name I am known by is ‘Ju Kwan,’ not ‘Xue Yi Song,’ while I may be of the same blood as she, I am not her. For whatever the reason you seek her, I fear that you have sought out the wrong woman, strange one.” she replied to him, her voice not skipping a beat as she gave him her alias.

She had to . . . find a way to run from this soon, from the strangers behind her and from the hooded figure before her, these people, she did not need to be around them.

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Ezra heard something in the air and spun around just in time to notice a chunk of rock flying at him. His hands flew to the pouch of water he always carried at his side, which he fumbled open, and caught he the rock in his stream of water. He noticed an intimidating man in red, who appeared to be hassling the girl he had originally run into and, still holding the stream of water in the air over his head. He lashed the rock to the ground with a quick whip of the water, and twirled it back into his pouch.

He stepped towards the scary-looking guy and the scared-looking girl, who seemed to be conversing anxiously. "Hey, is that guy bothering you?" he interjected. He'd always been one for protecting others, and could banish his shyness in an instant if need be.