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Ran Zhen

"Sorry girl, but your coming with me...burnt or not."

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a character in “Avatar: Traversing Fates”, originally authored by Oblivian, as played by RolePlayGateway


Ran Zhen

Role: Fire Bender Outcast/Underground Hunter

Gender: Male
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Fire Demon Ran
Age: 19
Love Interest: None right now.

Appearance: A serious expression on his face almost at all times, one might wonder if he even feels any emotion with the look he gives to others. On very rare occasion, one can catch a glimpse of a different expression on his face, a hint that he is still human. But when he does show other emotions, it always seems to give off an almost sad feel to it. But it goes unnoticed to the current kind of people that he now lives and works for. Having mainly been in dark areas in his line of work, his skin is slightly lighter then his original darker coloring. When he Fire Bends, the people claim to see his eyes a reddish coloring due to the fire surrounding him, earning him his nickname. He has a slight build, showing that he has been in a number of fights and battles, but still trains more in speed then strength.

Preferred Clothing: Wearing a dark and red outfit, he's mainly seen in this when among his fellow "workers". But when in a village or city, in order to keep attention off of himself, since his clothes reassemble that of the Fire Nation, he wears a dark cloak that mainly covers his body, but can also pull a hood over his head for further concealment.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Orange

Personality: Strict and serious, he's easily considered to be very anti social. Even among his fellow "workers", no one has ever gotten close to him to really understand him well. But, if things start getting stressful or just hitting his nerve, he is capable of giving off quite a serious display of snapping. One might even say that once he snaps, he releases all the rage and despair that he's held within himself for years. But all this outer appearance of his hides a different version of himself within him. A suffer inner self that has long since accepted the fact that he is meant to not accepted among anyone. Because of this, he doesn't bother to form any bonds with people, just do his job and that's it. Even though he works hard in keeping such "useless" emotions at bay, he still finds himself to envy and despise when he sees people with such bonds with people that he has lacked for so long. In his mind set, if he is meant to suffer in such a way, no one else has the right to have a better life then him.

But if somone were to manage to break him out of this darkened state he is in, he might manage to become someone loyal.

Oddities: Normally calm, but when he snaps, on his few occasions, he pretty much goes into a berserker rage. VERY hard to calm him down.

Likes: Peacefull realxing, being with others, training
Dislikes: Annoyance, being alone, others with a better life.
Hobbies: Observing- When either on a task or just with nothing to do, he just sits back and observes the people around him.

Fears/Phobia(s): At first, anyone would say that he doesn't fear anything with the way he is, but in truth, he has one big fear that he's kept hidden from everyone around him. He has a strong fear of being left alone. One of the reasons why, even if working for The Undergrounds only ruins his life even more, he can't find it in himself to be alone once again. Not after what he went through when he was alone all those years ago.

Skills/Talents: Having been living on the streets for awhile, he has a knack in pickpocketing and other stealthy skills. Tracking and gaining information within towns is other such skills he has gained in regards to his life style.

Preferred Weapon: None, unless you count his body and Fire Bending as a weapon.

Fighting Style: Ran has a unique version of Fire Bending that mixes the smooth movements of a Water Bender and the agile and quick skills he's learned within The Underground. With combining this form of martial arts of his own along with his Fire Bending, he gives off the image of a wild flaming beast when he fights, using both swift and powerfull attacks in combination. The reason for his nickname among The Underground.

Personal History: Ran's life began in the most common form, having loving parents that cared for him as they tried to raise him well. But, when the war began, they came across a hard challenge that was seen as a treason by the Fire Nation. His father was of the Fire Nation, but his mother was of the Water Tribes. Able to Firebend, he was still taught both the strong style of Fire Bending and the flowing style of Water Bending, mixing them both into his own Fire Bending style. But his happy times with his parents wouldn't last long cause of the war and the fact his mother was a Water Bender. He was looked down by others having only his own parents to accept him for being a child of a Fire and Water Bender. But, something like this was seen as unacceptable in the eyes of the Fire Lord. So, the only logical action was taken, remove such treason sight among the Fire Nation. What came after was an event that was imprinted into Ran's mind for years to come. Their home was "visited" by Fire Nation soilders as they declared his father a traitor to the Fire Nation. His father protected him and his mother as they tried to get away as all he could see was him being outnumbered by Fire Nation soilders. His mother and him manged to get away as they attempted to try and get away by boat to escape to the Fire Nation. When they were about to get out, the soilders had managed to catch up to them as his mother tried to fend them off while he was made to leave on the boat. At the age of 9, Ran saw his parents, one by one, defend him and get overrun by Fire Nation soilders.

He was left alone, suddenly on his own within the Earth Kingdom as he started a life at a young age out on the streets. He lived with regret and guilt, feeling that it was his own fault that his parents were now gone, beliving that they were both dead now, or worse. Unsure of what to do, he started to steal off the streets to manage himself. Getting himself into such a side of the harbor town that he remained all these years, it didn't take long for the wrong crowd to notice a young Fire Bender stealing off the streets. He was brought into a recently forming crime group that would later grow and be named into "The Underground". Taking advantage of the war times, they started running black markets and "dirty" jobs in chains. Within this group, Ran trained, combining Fire Bending, the smooth movements of a Water Bender, and his newly taught skills learned among The Underground.He had gotten stronger, but he was nothing more then a tool for The Underground, never having even a friend among the ranks. With time, he went from a scared young boy that was taken in by wrong people, into a skilled "Hunter", someone sent to capture, locate, or kill a targets. His skills managed to give him the title of "Fire Demon" within The Underground for his almost emotionless expression whenever he faught someone, making people think that he wasn't even human.

Now a skilled Hunter, he is sent on missions in many locations. Recently, in an attempt for The Underground to show their siding with the Fire Nation in the war, they've been accepting to locate traitors and other wanted people for the Fire Nation within the other lands. Ran has been given the task in hunting down a young female that has left the Fire Nation and has a a bounty on her return. Little does he know that this Hunt wont be like the many he's done before.

Theme Song: (still searching)
In Battle:
The Beast - Infamous 2 Soundtrack

Other: When he's an enemy, he's a threat to watch out for. But when he's an ally, he can be sure to watch your back.[/size]

So begins...

Ran Zhen's Story

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Moving through the crowds of the market place, a black cloaked figure was going about, almost like a ghost through the crowds of people that were just having their normal lives. People either ignored the stranger or looked in either worry or confusion as to who it was underneath the cloak. As the figure walked along, he remembers what was told to him a few days ago, back at "home".
In a darkened meeting room, several figures sit among the seats of the table looking at what could be seen of one another through the shadowed hall. One finally spokes up, opening a scroll for all to see.
"Well, bros, we've done it. We received word from our Fire Nation friend"that they'll accept us among their forces if we can succeed in one task for them to prove our worth."
"One task? why does this smell fishy?" Another replied to the statement, easy to notice the tone of distrust in this "deal" they got into.
"Hey come on, you can't expect to get invited into the party without proving you can handle it. Hehehe" A third one chuckled as he gives a faint grin, leaning forward only enough to show his grinning in the dim light in the center of that table.
"Well, whether it's a lie or not, we first have to do this to find out. What is this task they want us to do as proof?" A fourth voice speaks out, sounding like the "reason" among this group of people.
The first figure speaks up once again, "Finding a certain lost Fire Nation girl that has been missing it seems. According to the details, she's a pretty important chick."
"We have to go hunting for some little brat? THAT'S their test?!" The second figure yells, feeling insulted by the challenge they are meant to do.
The fourth figure speaks up to calm him down. "Now calm down. That just shows that they lack trust in our capabilities. We'll simply show them what we can do with this simple task. That will be enough rubbing into their faces for us to do."
The second figure settles down in his chair, calming down to the fourth one's reason. "Fine...then I'm guessing we'll be sending our Demon out to bring her in?"
"No doubt! That will really show them we've got what it takes to be brought in haha." The third figure leans back as he enjoys the idea now.

The 4 figures all turn to look in the same direction, at the figure of someone sitting down by the wall of the meeting hall. Almost as if he was called to in his mind, he stood up once they all looked at him and stepped forward, speaking out. "So....this means I'll be out for a Hunt?"

The fourth figure nods, "Indeed. Your the best at it. Find this girl so we can gain the trust of the Fire Nation." Tossing him a rolled up sheet. He catches it, slowly opens it to look at the picture. "...So..this is the girl...."
In his head, he repeats what he read on the name of the girl he would have to track down, "...Xue Yi Song..."

The moment he said that name in his head, he heard a faint commotion to his side, turning to peer at it's direction, seeing two girls having bumped into one another within the crowds. As he watched, he noticed that one of them looked familiar as it took him a few seconds to realize who she was. "....I found her..." He mutters to himself as he begins to walk forward, toward the two girls. A black cloaked figure heading toward the exact location the two girls were at. He didn't really much care if someone saw him heading toward them right now. He had his target in his sights and he was only a few seconds from ending his Hunt.

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As both the target girl and the girl she bumped into left the scene from the crowd, the figure almost vanished from within the crowd of people, skilfully moving through the people as he made his way toward where the girl had gone off to.
In the dirt path that the girl had wandered down in between the buildings, at the moment that the girl would seem to get the attention of some boy that had also followed, the figure stepped in front of her from around another path that connected to this one. The cloaked figure stood silently in front of the girl with out a word at first, until he finally spoke, "...Xue Yi Song...?" Asking her to be sure she was his target. The moment that he would hear that it was her, he would go in to finish his job.

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She stood there, keeping herself silent at last as she noticed that she had been crying. How could she have allowed herself to shed even a single tear before the eyes of others? Of anyone . . . ? The very last thing that she wanted was for anyone to dare see a single expression of emotion upon her, no one needed to know that she felt such things as shame, guilt, and sorrow. Having all think of her as numb, truly, that was easier than others thinking her as weak. If people didn’t think of her as being strong, then they might just, just . . . just what? What would it matter if someone saw her tears now? It was obvious that she was of the Fire Nation, every bit of her appearance gave it away, her dark hair and honey colored eyes, her small frame, and her pallor skin—all of them were dead giveaways toward her heritage.

No matter where it was she could ever go, or try to go, her blood would be clear as day to anyone who set eyes upon her, especially with the war that was going on. Everyone in the world recognized those of Fire Nation blood, with what Sozin had ordered done to the Airbenders. . . . So, what did it matter if she were thought of as a strong girl anymore? Anyone and everyone would just look down upon her regardless of how it was she presented herself, wouldn’t they? The Fire Nation, it was hated, and all of it were as well. Hated, loathed, despised, seen with disgust. . . . That was what she was, she was disgusting. Her blood was the blood of murderers, power-lusting men who saw fit to try to shape the world to their own grand designs when they were but simple mortals.

Although she had never taken a life with her own hands before, there was still blood upon them, the blood of all those killed by her people. Airbenders, Earthbenders, and Waterbenders. . . .

Xue took to wiping at her eyes with the heavy silk sleeves of her robe, trying to dry her tears up so that she could continue on with clear sight. She just needed solitude—to be alone. That was what was necessary for her now; that would remedy her aching heart and soul for the time being. After regaining herself, she could lock it all away, the pain, the guilt she refused to display when her mask was properly fixed upon her face, she it could all be put away for a while yet.
Yes, I just require isolation to gather up my scattered strength, that is all. . . . she thought to herself, wiping at her face once more before a call roused her attention to behind her.

"H-Hey! Leave her alone!" The voice of a girl her age caught hold of her, and it caused Xue to quickly turn upon the heel of her toe-pinching shoes, a look of surprise overlaying her features. A soft gasp came from the girl’s throat when she realized that it was the girl she’d barreled into on the street so soon ago, and she was shouting at a boy carrying silver colored hair, a small stone was being whipped at his head by the girl.

Earthbender, she is an Earthbender. . . . Xue realized, feeling her heart leap into her throat. She had . . . she had run into an Earthbender by accident, and fled without giving a truly proper apology, had she perhaps angered her . . . ? The mere thought of it was enough to cause Xue to feel the urge to run, but before she could even make the attempt, there was a dark blur which Xue was able to see out of the corner of her eye, making her crane her head back to the side to see just what had moved in the alleyway. And to the sight before her she stood silent, a cloaked figure loomed before her, just standing there silently.

"...Xue Yi Song...?" When her full name was spoken, Xue visibly flinched backward; a look of shock etched itself upon her face. It was slipping again, her mask it was falling away from her, the cracks were getting wider the longer she was kept from gathering up her composure again. Although it ought to have been obvious she was Fire Nation, her name was something that shouldn’t have been so easily deduced, though a full crowd of people could have figured it out in time one person knowing it. . . .

It is not a good sign. Xue told herself, fully turning her body around to face this stranger who knew her name. Though confusion shined in her eyes for a moment, quickly, Xue forced her cracking mask back over her face, quickly dulling anything in those eyes of hers and revealing only an apathetic expression. “The name I am known by is ‘Ju Kwan,’ not ‘Xue Yi Song,’ while I may be of the same blood as she, I am not her. For whatever the reason you seek her, I fear that you have sought out the wrong woman, strange one.” she replied to him, her voice not skipping a beat as she gave him her alias.

She had to . . . find a way to run from this soon, from the strangers behind her and from the hooded figure before her, these people, she did not need to be around them.

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Ezra heard something in the air and spun around just in time to notice a chunk of rock flying at him. His hands flew to the pouch of water he always carried at his side, which he fumbled open, and caught he the rock in his stream of water. He noticed an intimidating man in red, who appeared to be hassling the girl he had originally run into and, still holding the stream of water in the air over his head. He lashed the rock to the ground with a quick whip of the water, and twirled it back into his pouch.

He stepped towards the scary-looking guy and the scared-looking girl, who seemed to be conversing anxiously. "Hey, is that guy bothering you?" he interjected. He'd always been one for protecting others, and could banish his shyness in an instant if need be.