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Sin Wu

"Could you lend me a hand......maybe a leg too."

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a character in “Avatar: Traversing Fates”, as played by Sneakyrio


Sin Wu

Role: Non-Bender 2

Gender: Male
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Sin the Chain, Lucky Sin
Age: 20
Love Interest: None at the moment........or is it everyone? Never can tell.

Appearance: Sin almost always has a smarmy grin stuck on his face. Sin always appears highly pleased with himself and seems to carry that attitude around wherever he goes. His eyes seem to glint with a degree of cockiness that almost says "I know something you don't know." Sin used to be much tanner and had the look about him of an incredibly strong soldier who you did not want to mess with. Now his skin is nearly stark white and he has a sickly look to him. His shoulders are not broad and he appears to have a slightly meek frame. He has a large patch of scruff on his chin that is the product of a neglected razor. He has long sideburns that go all the way down to his jaw. They blend in seamlessly with his raggedy mop top hair. His bangs cover a lot of his face and are only swept away from his face if he addresses someone. Across the bridge of his nose and down part of his left cheek is an incredibly deep and prominent scar. His most striking feature by far is the lack of a left arm and leg. The leg was cut off half-way up his thigh and the arm just past his elbow. He lost them during the war, leaving him an amputee. Though, when he travels, he can be seen sporting an odd looking prosthetic leg and arm that he designed himself. Despite the loss of his arm and leg, he always seems to be in a good mood.

Preferred Clothing: Sin always wears the same thing. He wears a black and green Earth Nation veteran outfit that is rather tattered and stained. It appears that it has never really been washed. Though, instead of tucking the left sleeve into the black gloves or the left pant leg into his boot, he just let's them flow freely so he has easy access to put on or remove his prosthetic limbs. He also has a wide brimmed bamboo hat with a rather large hole in it. H eusually keeps the hole hovering over his right eye.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150lbs.(without prosthetic limbs) 173lbs.(with prosthetic limbs.)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey

Personality: Sin is a hard one to decipher because he’s so fluently changing all of the time. One moment he may appear to you as completely approachable and friendly and at another time he might radiate the need to be left alone. A lot of that has to do with the fact that he’s rapidly adapting to the environment and situations that he’s being placed in, the rest is more focused toward the reality that he never really had the experience of socially adjusting anywhere. Sin was always on the move and he didn’t believe in long term friendships and bonds that extended past family until he was almost twenty. He’s not an enigma he’s just gotten used to being the “foggy” guy in the room and he's never gone out of his way to change that. It’s still questionable as to whether he’s unsure of himself and where he in fact lies in all of this, if it’s his more definitive personality, or, what he’d like himself to be. The man is stubborn and biased when it comes to his own belief systems, he prefers to think that his opinions and his assumptions are resolute simply because he’s had to rely on only himself for so very long. It’s not an issue of elitism, he just knows his ideas and evaluations to be true in 90% of the situations that he’s faced. It doesn’t mean he’ll immediately cast aside an offering of ideas or leads but he’s one to always want and have the final say in expressing and acting upon them. This mule headed tactic is often involved in his social connections and old family relations as well. Sin doesn’t like to surrender himself in an argument and won’t bend to anyone’s will. History has proven the only two to successfully get him to put aside his idea of the way things should be are his sister and his father, and even that wasn't without a struggle. Sin isn't fond of peer pressure or others swaying him into doing what they think is more preferable and has even gone so far as to do the exact opposite of their wishes if he doesn’t agree with it. It's not without heavy evidence supporting another theory or standpoint that he'll relinquish his opinionated high ground.

Always the prideful creature, whether it comes to just his ideals or people that he respects he can’t see wrong in feeling the way he does about them. Sin behaves like he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread; he carries that ego in his posture as well as in the bridge of his shoulders and is so open about it that it's become very evident. He’s no stranger to what he’s done for everyone and everything and even though the aftermath has dropped this pig headedness down a great degree, it’s still there and true. He's learned to value himself as a person despite the scorn that he has for his mistakes. Sin has a knack for making a crude comment or sardonic joke in the midst of a tense or emotionally stressful situation. While some might contribute this to immaturity in many ways it’s a coping mechanism. Sin doesn’t have time to take every heavy psychological blow that’s thrown at him and instead of allowing it he’ll turn it into a joke to make it easier for himself to deal with. He does this fairly often, despite circumstance, and it’s gotten to be a regular part of his personality. It's not obvious at all or ever admitted but Sin is very insecure, not just about himself, and not about anything physical…oddly enough, but more so emotionally. He used to be a man's man who was always the stonewall of support for people. But since the war and his loss of limbs, he found he wasn't as stoic he thought he was and that he could be cracked. This gave him a sense of inner weakness. Instead of letting it weigh him down, he has used this to push himself to new lengths in order to prove to himself or the world that he can do anything. Though, on certain days, it get's to him.

Outwardly, he may appear almost vainglorious in his reactions to people and things. Inwardly, this certainly isn’t the case. Sin is genuine in what he does and says despite the fact that he tries to shroud this part of himself away. It's with cocky superiority and incandescent sarcasm that he keeps the real struggle with who he is, and his trials and tribulations well hidden. He's always been good about keeping himself calm in the face of danger or distress and is very used to facing impending doom and severe situations. Throughout his experience with them he’s learned indefinitely to treat them with a placid recognition. He’s calm, smooth talking, deliberate in everything that he does in these circumstances and in many ways it helps him carry on through them. He doesn’t lose his head as easily and he’s better about accepting the ammunition that’s thrown at him when he’s involved in them. On that same note, Sin can’t be shot down when it comes to being involved in such an issue or situation. He’s head strong, strong willed, and determined. He can’t be diverted from what he’s doing and he won’t stop with it until he’s reached his goals and the priorities he had for what he’s dealing with. It takes death or near death to coerce Sin away from something he’s actively participating in or fighting. He’ll carry out an order or a task until it’s completely finished. He's never liked leaving things hanging.

Physically Sin has shown weakness to emotional situations and the memories of his past. He doesn't sleep well, most always having nightmares and it makes him irritable, angry, and promises the inevitable mistake. Sin is heavily repressed, and while it may serve him in harder situations this is also a flaw because he's seized himself emotionally to such an extent that he can't show his true colors in the appropriate situations and buries everything to a degree that's so overwhelming, that when he's at a breaking point or facing anything that opens him up to sensitive scrutiny, he snaps. He breaks and he falls into either fits of volatile rage or horrible agonizing bouts of depression. Beyond this, Sin has a very visible crutch-type attachment to alcohol and food. He's indulgent and gluttonous with both of them. Obviously, for different reasons. He uses liquor as a coping mechanism for the physical and emotional pain of his lost limbs and food of any kind (call him a food enthusiast) as an emotional pick-me-up.

Regardless of how he feels about himself, or about something that he’s involved in, Sin is heroic and altruistic. He’ll put his life on the line to ensure the safety of another person or that they’re freed from whatever is tying them down. You could say the soldier is more cunning than he lets on, that he plays his stupid and arrogant jock routine to divert people away from the fact, but the things supporting this lack of intellect are usually replaced by the excess of street smarts and survival skills that he has in spades. While Sin certainly isn't well versed in book learning and has no academic degree he's ahead of most when it comes to simply living and being brilliant.

Oddities: An odd thing about him is that he was no social fear of showing his stumps to people and is not even remotely insecure about them.

Likes: Food....any food, Mild Alcohol, his prosthetic limbs, the memory of his sister.
Dislikes: People who complain, people who try to empathize with him, opening up to people, pity
Hobbies: Tinkering-Sin is a natural tinkerer but mainly just works on his limbs.
Pan-Handling-Technically this is his main source of income.

Fears/Phobia(s): When you've gone through the things he's gone through and seen the things he's seen. There isn't much room to be afraid.
-Alexithymia: Someone who has trouble and almost a fear of dealing with their emotions and sharing them with others.

Skills/Talents: Despite his outward attitude, Sin is deceptively brilliant and a very free thinking tactician. He's always able to see something from a different angle. His book smarts are definitely lacking, but his street smarts and battle smarts are unparalleled.

Preferred Weapon: When he had all of his limbs, it was a blade and chain, he was rather known for it and he got the nickname, "Sin the Chain", Currently the only weapon he actually uses are his prosthetic limbs. The limbs have a gripping system worked with cords in the arm and have metal plating nailed into them for extra-protection.

Fighting Style: Sin displays a very unique fighting style. His prosthetic limbs have coiled chains in them that he can fire and retract that are attached to his hand and foot. He rarely uses this technique, but when he does it offers a devastating combo. He mainly uses a spinning ground style of fighting that relies heavily on kicks and off balance movements. It was originally designed as a way to help people who had lost limbs as a physical therapy, but Sin turned into a deadly efficient fighting style. It is highly erratic and unpredictable, it can get in close range fast and finish someone off rather flashy like. It is a perfect technique against benders, seeing as they need room to bend.

Personal History:
Sin Wu was born into an upper middle class family in the Earth Kingdom. He was born in Omashu to Captain Feng Wu and his wife Yuanji Wu. He was the eldest and first born of his family. He was raised mainly by his father in an extremely militant household. Feng trained Sin from a very young age to join the Army and one day take his place as Captain to the great General Iseul Yu. Being raised in such a house hold, sin was always expected to play the good little soldier and always refer to his father as "Sir". His father put huge amounts of pressure on him to succeed and was never allowed to play with any of the other children. It also didn't help his situation that unlike his father, he did not have the talent to Earthbend. This crushed Feng when he was told by a doctor that his son couldn't earth bend.

After his father found he couldn't earth bend, he stopped paying attention to him. At first Sin saw this as a relief, but as time went on, he started to feel underestimated. When he was 8 years old, he started to train himself and push himself to his limits and passed to prove to his father that he could be as just asset to the earth nation as him. After a time, Feng started to notice his sons effort and decided to continue his training.

By this time, his mother had already given birth to a young girl named Yin. She was three years behind Sin in age. When she was 7 and Sin was 10, his father told him that he was responsible for her and that no matter what, he was to protect her. He took this responsibility very seriously, never letting her out of his sight. He shadowed her at the playground and anywhere she went. he often teased her and made fun of her, but always made sure she was happy. Due to his father always being away on military business what with the war rising with Fire Nation and his mother being a rare species of statue, always seen never heard, Sin raised Yin himself. They got along like any siblings would, but they always felt a special bond between each other and always had each others back.

The day Yin showed a talent for earth bending was the happiest day of his fathers life. He immediately started training in the art of military bending and the time Sin and Yin spent together was now few and far between. Sin was enrolled in the military academy and immediately displayed leadership qualities and skill with tactics. After only six months, Sin was put into the officer academy and graduated top of his class with flying colors. He had been in the academy for 5 years and had not seen his family for that long. He made many friends there and found his skill with the blade and chain and even got himself a nickname among the other recruits. He was called "Sin the Chain" for his skills with his weapon.

For his outstanding marks in the academy, he graduated a Sergeant. Thanks to the pull of his father, got him placed under his command. When he entered his fathers tent to report for duty and saluted him, he did not expect his father to hug him and tell him how proud he was of him. He told him that he wouldn't rather have anyone else under his command. His father also told him that his sister was in the academy and should be out in about a month, seeing as the officer school takes longer. He was immediately thrust into combat against invading Fire Nation soldiers and always put himself on the front lines. Soon his sister joined their ranks as a Corporal and the entire Wu family was under one banner fighting together for the prosperity and safety of their country. Even though the war was hell, these were some of Sin's fondest memories. His sister and him made an unstoppable team. The army dubbed them "The Landslide Siblings" since the ferocity of their onslaught was like an unstoppable landslide. After three years of fighting, Sin was promoted to Lieutenant First class and Yin was promoted to Sergeant under his direct command. Despite being a Non-Bender, no one in the army doubted Sin's ability to kick their asses.

Then, on one fateful day, their forces were to invade the personal palace of the great Fire Nation General Qiu Yi Song. The invasion was going well and their side seemed to be winning. Until a massive Earth Nation coin boulder crashed into one of the towers of Yi Song's palace. This caused the tower to fall and the coin to crash through and head towards the ground. Sin saw this happening, but Yin did not and the coin was heading right for her. He ran as fast as he could towards he, screaming her name but the clamor of the battle was too loud. By the time he got to her, the coin was about to collide with her. At the last moment, Sin pushed her out of the way, just in time for the coin to make a direct impact to his left limbs, crushing them instantly, turning his bones into dust.

The pain was so ungodly white hot, he couldn't even register it was happening. He doesn't remember much after that, but he remembers enough. he remembers his sister on her knees holding him, crying. He then remembers being splashed with something warm. He remembers looking up and seeing a spear head sticking through Yin's chest, blood spewing from her wound, mouth and nose. He then blacked out.

He woke up 1 month later in a hospice in the Earth Kingdom countryside, finding his left arm and leg completely gone. He was told that they had won the battle and that it was a miracle that he was alive. The doctors called him the luckiest man alive, giving him the nickname "Lucky Sin" by the other wounded soldiers. He asked about his sister and she was counted among the casualties at the battle. He also found out, from the pain and shame of losing his daughter and his son becoming an amputee, his father had taken his own life. All he had left in his world was his mother, who didn't know which was up and had to be reminded to eat on most days. Needless to say, he had no one left.

He was given the Jaded Onyx for his service to the military and the sacrifice he made for his country and was given an honorable discharge from the military and was regarded as a war hero. It was after his ceremony when sin began to hate the Earth Kingdom Military. He was helped by doctors to try and take him through physical therapy. He eventually befriended a woman by the name of Yang Zi, who was one of his therapists and the one designing his prosthetic leg. After eight months of therapy, he was ready for a wooden leg. He spent countless hours with Yang trying to get used to the leg. He also spent countless hours drinking due to the actual pain and the phantom pain of his missing limbs. She was also his mental therapist and he ended up telling her that he refused to be useless and tossed aside. So she came up with a plan to make his prosthetic battle ready.

They worked on his leg and eventually his arm for a little over a year. Perfecting it's actual everyday usage and combat performance. Together they developed a martial arts that they mixed the physical therapy and Earth martial style to create a new one that would maximize on his "handicap". Yang dubbed it "The Missing Foot" style in homage to Sin.

After their work was finished, Sin told Yang that he needed to leave and see the world to prove to himself that even like this, he was useful to everyone around him. She wished him luck and he set off to see more of the world and now travels it as a vagabond. He has been traveling for around 10 months.

Theme Song: Iron Man by Black Sabbath
Has he lost his mind
Can he see or is he blind?
Can he walk at all,
Or if he moves will he fall

Is he live or dead?
Has he thoughts within his head?
We'll just pass him there
Why should we even care?

He was turned to steel
In the great magnetic field
When he traveled time
For the future of mankind

Nobody wants him
He just stares at the world
Planning his vengeance
That he will soon unfold

Now the time is here
For Iron Man to spread fear
Vengeance from the grave
Kills the people he once saved

Nobody wants him
They just turn their heads
Nobody helps him
Now he has his revenge

Heavy boots of lead
Fills his victims full of dread
Running as fast as they can
Iron Man lives again!

Other: His prosthetic limbs are not automated or anything like that. He can walk because his leg is on a pivot and just needs momentum to move. He works his fake arm with his right hand. He has to adjust the grip with an odd string hook contraption built into the fore arm. His limbs also have several yards of chain rolled into them. Think of the chain like measuring tape. You have to lock it in place so it doesn't shoot back, but unlock and it comes reeling back. The platform his hand and his lower leg is on is spring loaded so it it can shoot out rather far as long as it has been cranked properly by a small crank located on the sides of his limbs. When the chain is released, he fights with hit like he would use any chain weapon, but instead of cutting, he smashes. The hand can replaced with anything as long as it can be made to screw into his arm, same goes with his leg.[/font]

So begins...

Sin Wu's Story

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Omashu.......the place where he was born. Sin had not been there in a long time. A part of him said too long, yet another said not long enough. He still had very mix thoughts on how he should actually feel about that place. But, that was neither here nor there. The fact of the matter was he had been walking from place to place, trying to span the world, and Omashu was the next stop on his list. He wouldn't worry about it....for now. Now, all he had to worry about was getting through the gate. He was currently on his crutch, with his prosthetic limbs stored neatly away in his bag. They helped a lot, but sometimes his stumps got sore. As he approached the gate, he was stopped by a guard. "Halt, what is your business in Omashu?" Sin stopped and looked the man up and down. He was well toned and his face was clean of any scars. His chest was puffed out in an authoritative manner, threatening to damage the near perfect quality of his uniform. Sin also noticed scuff marks on the mans shoes. It was apparent to him that this man was an earth bender, giving him an undeserved air of superiority, and had also never seen actual combat. He seemed like the kind of man who had been in a few fist fights and bender brawls to believe that he had seen real combat. Sin could tell by his eyes that he had never taken another person's life, he could tell because he didn't look dead inside. Sin could tell this guy got kicks out of pushing the weak around....I mean, it was his job to be an asshole.

Sin stood himself up a little straighter and looked him right in the eye, a smarmy grin spread on his face. "I'm here as an assassin for the Fire Nation to kill the king.....but don't tell anyone." Sin said, his voice overflowing sarcasm. The guard got a very disgruntled look on his face. "Heh, very funny. We have special cells reserved for guys as funny as you." The guard said in his most superior tone. The smile on his face grew. "Wow, good one. How long have you been waiting to use that one? Did you file that one under 'Snarky Amputee's'?" The guard behind the talky one snickered. The other guard spun around and glared at him. The snickering guard stopped snickering, then gave him a shrug. "Sho, he's a cripple. Let's just let him in." The guard, who's name was apparently Sho, glared for a bit at Sin, then looked away. "Tch, fine, go in." Sin just smiled at him. "Than you, kindly." He gave him a tip of his hat, and hobbled past him into the city.

Sin wandered around for a bit, trying to find a good spot to practice his craft. He hobbled through the crowds, people made way for him and gave him stares ranging from pity to disgust. He didn't really care, who were these people to him but faces in a crowd? Who cares what they thought of him? He kept trudging on until he came upon what looked like a rather busy market place. It looked different since he had last been here. He was 9 and was with his sister and mother. He remembered his sister pleading him for a peach, tugging at his clothes. He had money from his birthday which was a few days back. He had already spent most of it, and didn't have much left. He ended up buying her a peach........and she spit it up a few seconds later. He laughed at the memory of the situation. He then felt a hollow pain ring out in his chest. The pain surged down his left arm.....which was gone. He was getting phantom pains again. He needed to sit down. He saw a choice spot near the main row in between some crates. He sat himself down and pulled out a small wooden bowl. He leaned himself against one of the crates and put his head down, his hat covering his face. He then shook the bowl and occasionally said, "A copper for a veteran?" He occasionally heard jingles in the bowl, so he knew it was working.

After a few minutes, he heard some sort of commotion happening down the way a bit. He peeked over and apparently two young girls had knocked into each other. He looked away again, it was really no concern of his what happened to people in this town. Before he looked completely away, he saw a strange boy watching the two girls, almost looking like he was hiding. He found it odd, but he just continued on panhandling.