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Kei Takashi

"One cannot always trust oneself, there could be something within you that even you don't know about..."

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a character in “Avatar: Undisclosed Desires”, as played by Zentose


Kei Takashi


”Reality is just an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” – Albert Einstein


Name: Kei Takashi

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Bender: Earth Bender


ImageHair Color, Length, and Style: Kei's hair is a thick black color, and he keeps it relatively short, despite Earth Kingdom customs. His hair reaches down a few centimeters above his neck at the longest. He keeps it in relatively good order, washing it whenever he gets the chance and letting it down, but making sure to keep it out of his eyes.

Eye Color and Shape: Kei's eyes are a deep, bright, green. He usually has his eyes slanted a bit, hiding the caps of his irises. His eyes are long and not very tall, they are edgy and not rounded.

Complexion: Kei's skin is relatively clear, he has a few scars from fights and such, the bulk of which are on his back and chest, none too severe, mainly just scars from rocks and blades. He washes up regularly, keeping himself clean, and his skin soft and free of other kinds of blemishes.

Height and Weight: 5' 10''(177.8 cm) | 156 lbs (70.7604 kg)

Body Type: Kei is pretty slim for an Earth Bender, his weight is evenly distributed, and he is not particularly well built in any regard. He is quick, but is tough as well, a rare form in Earth Benders. He is not round, nor is he particularly sharp, but rather a good balance of both. He is relatively symmetrical as well.


ImagePersonality: Kei's defining personality element, is his schizophrenia. He has hallucinations about people that are not real, yet he can speak, interact, even touch them. These hallucinations aid him in the parts of him that he doesn't listen to, whether it is the intelligent paranoid man, or the girl who sees his value, or the murder-obsessed child, they all help him with some form of his life, or hinder him by taking the hated parts of his subconscious and showing them off in personified form. He tends to not respond to people when they speak to him, seeing as he has three hallucinations that talk to him regularly. He always tries to find out if a person is real before speaking to them in public, yet sometimes he forgets. He is pretty trusting in and of himself, but he has his hallucinations to make him not too trusting, always on his toes. He is always ready for anything, not thinking anything is too farfetched to be true and always ready to counter anything. Kei will almost always go out of his way to help a wayward lower class citizen, but never someone who was given everything in life. He thinks that nobles and such deserve to get knocked down a few times, seeing their lives and too easy and lax.

Brief History: Kei was born to a poor family, his mother, Ming Takashi, worked at the local inn of their town(a small town in the northern Earth Kingdom), and his father, Hayate Takashi, was a farmer. Hayate was a cruel man, he took his frustration out on his wife and child, hitting, beating, and displaying his superiority at every turn. By the time Kei was ten years old, he had already broken more than a few bones. At the same age, Kei had two life changing events, the first, was making his first, and only, friend, Sakura.

Sakura was a girl in the village that Kei spoke to only once, she was the daughter of the Inn Owner and died when she was twelve years old, drowning in a well that she was playing in. Kei discovered her and was unable to save her, he tried to get his father to help, but Hayate ignored it. Kei returned to the well only to witness Sakura die. Two weeks later, Kei woke up with her in his bed with him. Kei was ecstatic and went to his mother, who began to cry at the news. She explained that Sakura was not there, yet Kei didn't understand, he was still young after all. He was soon alienated by the town, as he talked and played with her constantly.

The second life changing event that occurred, was Kei's ability to earth bend. Hayate hated benders, his father and brother were both earth benders, yet he was not, he was scornful, and envious. When he learned that his son was a bender, he broke Kei's arm out of hate and commanded him never to bend again, or he would break his neck instead. Needless to say, Kei disobeyed with order, with the help of Sakura. Not waiting for his arm to heal, Kei began to practice earth bending with only one arm. After a few short years, he was already a powerful earth bender, Sakura being monumentally helpful.

When Kei was 15, there was a terrible drought and his father was spending all their money and reserves of rice on saké, drinking himself into a stupor as his wife and child went hungry. One day, after a lot of saké, Hayate began to brutalize his wife more than usual, knocking her unconscious, broken and bloodied. He then proceeded to mount her and when Kei arrived he smiled and looked up at his child simply saying, "Your whore mother sure gets tight when I beat her unconscious..." He said this to excite himself more, which it did. Kei lost control of himself and saw a girl next to his father, telling him to kill him. Sakura was opposite her, telling him to ignore her, but Kei lost control of himself. He bended Hayate off of Ming and beat him to death with his bending, a final insult to his father's pride.

Kei nursed his mother back to health, hiding his father's body deep underground. Once Ming was well enough to leave, they packed up everything and moved south, to Gaoling. On the road, the girl who convinced Kei to kill Hayate, looking like a child of no more than eight years old, appeared once more, and Kei was able to put a name to her face, Hana. Kei and Ming were starving, and more than a day's journey to the next town. Hana put a clear proposition on the table, kill some fellow travelers and take their food. Kei was ready to do just that, when Sakura stopped him, appealing to his true nature and convincing him to barter, getting a small amount of food, enough to get them to the next town from the travelers, with no bloodshed. Kei learned that he couldn't be a push-over when it came to Hana, he learned that the only one he could trust was Sakura, she was his one true friend.

They arrived in Gaoling and Ming got a job in the Inn, Kei doing the same. Ming worked as a maid and Kei was manual labor. They got a single room in the Inn to stay at and made quick friends with the owners( a married couple). They accepted Kei and his mother and treated them well, Kei learned to cook and make tea there as well. The most important thing that Kei learned, however, was how to play Pai Sho. He learned how to play the game when he was 16 and was soon undefeated at it, by all but a man named Fen, a man no one else had the pleasure of meeting.

Unlike Hana, who appeared rarely, Sakura actually aged along with Kei, not staying the age she was when they met. As her age increased, so did her maturity. She wanted to get Kei want he wanted, and he was 16, and he wanted what every 16 year old boy wants, sex. She helped Kei seduce and sleep with the local noble family's daughter, the Bei Fong's. The Family was extremely angry at this, and subsequently married her off the next month. Little to Kei's knowledge, she became pregnant from their encounter and gave birth to a bastard, whom everyone thought was the child of her husband(even the husband himself).

It wasn't until Kei had just turned 17 that his secret came out. He was always careful when he spoke to Sakura, the only person who ever saw him was his mother, who often cried about it, only when Kei was not around though. Kei was playing Pai Sho with Fen and talking to him when one of the inn owners saw him, telling the people around town about Kei. He was soon labeled an outcast and something to be mocked. Fen began appearing other places, not just the Pai Sho table. Fen was paranoid, and never trusted anyone, the quality soon bled over to Kei, who ran away from Gaoling soon after the incident.

He fled to Ba Sing Se, the heart of the Earth Kingdom, with nothing but his mind and the clothes on his back. He got a job at a restaurant as a souse-chef, tea-maker, and bouncer when necessary. He was always careful when meeting new people, not wanting a repeat of what happened in Gaoling. He met a girl when he was 19, and they soon began to date one another. After a year, Kei finally told her about his hallucinations and she proceeded to break up with him and tell others about him, costing him his job and life. He spoke to her and inquired as to why she did it and all Kei heard was Kana telling him to kill her, over and over again. He heard the girl laugh at him, even though she actually didn't, she laughed and mocked him, and he broke one of her legs with earth bending before coming to his senses, and fleeing the city.

He lived in isolation in the northern mountains for a few years, training his earth bending more and more. His hatred for himself consuming him, limiting his power to bend. He grew closer and closer to Sakura, eventually falling in love with her, himself. She was the deepest version of himself, she was what he strove to be, and he loved it. Their "relationship" soon caused his bending to become powerful beyond his imagination. Being at peace with the deeper recesses of his soul allowed him to truly become neutral, ignoring the darkest parts of himself, yet still acknowledging them. He was so young, yet exceptionally talented.

When he was 23 he moved to Seedy Merchant's Pier and took a job at an inn doing a number of things, it was calming, and quiet(aside from the occasional show of force to the lower element). He had time for Pai Sho, Sakura, and training(not that he much needed it). He still resides there, protecting what's his, but mainly sticking to himself.

Theme song: Fade to Black - Sonata Arctica

Potential Interest: No one at the moment...

Other: Kei is not partial to pets, he is fine with them as long as they aren't rodents, and he doesn't use any weapons.


ImageFather: Hayate Takashi: Died 45, would be 55: Deceased:

ImageMother: Ming Takashi: 42 : Alive:

Hallucination: Sakura: Appears to be the same age as Kei(aging along with him): She isn't real: Sakura is a manifestation of Kei's inner-most desires, he wishes for companionship, and she is there, he wishes for a lover, and she is there, he wishes for anything, and she tries to supply it to the best of her abilities. She is around Kei the most, and loves him absolutely, she protects Kei, and cares for him more than any other being could ever hope to, at least Kei thinks this. Sakura complements Kei whenever he deserves it, and is always ready to help cheer him up when necessary. Their relationship is physical, and Sakura sounds and feels as if she is there, even though Kei knows he is making love to the air(he still feels the same, even a bit better than when he has relations with real woman).

ImageHallucination: Fen: Appears to be in his late 30's: He isn't real: Fen is intelligent, but paranoid. He tries to protect Kei by poking holes in whatever anyone says, he can call upon things in Kei's subconscious to aid him in proving people wrong. He is intelligent, but also overzealous, he tries to convince Kei that everyone is out to get him, even without the proper proof from his subconscious. He, similar to Sakura, tries to protect Kei, but doesn't love him like Sakura.

Hallucination: Hana: Appears around 8 years old: She isn't real: Hana has an unnatural obsession with death and blood. She enjoys talking about killing people, what it would look like, what it would feel like, how good it would be to kill. She tries to excite Kei, and entice him to kill, she usually fails, but she makes it as uncomfortable as she possibly can... She enjoys linking the feeling of killing to the feeling of sex, something that Sakura doesn't appreciate. Both Sakura and Fen dislike Hana, and try to get Kei's feelings away from Hana as much as possible.

So begins...

Kei Takashi's Story


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#, as written by Zentose

Kei Takashi

Kei wandered through the familiar black surroundings, nothing was seen but the blackness for a time. He looked about and an image phased into existence, it was Fen, playing Pai Sho with himself. The clacking of the pieces resonated throughout the area like thunder from afar. One more image phased into existence alongside Fen, Hana, she had her usual childish smile, ecstatic, as if she had received a new toy. A bloody hand print was printed on her innocent face, and she was wielding a bloody knife. She was sitting, facing a body on the floor, the unseen floor of the blackness. The body was that of a man, Kei could not make out his features, for his face had been cut off, revealing the inner workings. His eyes still seemed to have life in them as the protruding masses moved once, starring into Kei's own eyes, before the iris turned grey. The man's torso has multiple stab wounds in it, most likely from Hana, who then proceeded to continual plunge the knife into the lifeless corpse, laughing in the most innocent way imaginable. Kei wanted to look away from the scene, but his body was unable to move, his eyes stayed fixated on the corpse.

Out of the floor, an arrow of white light pierced Hana's chest, right into her heart, killing her most likely. Sakura appeared behind Kei and kissed him passionately on the mouth. He began to pull off her robes when he felt a knife enter his stomach. He looked down and saw Sakura holding a large knife, impaling him through the kidney. She kissed him one more time then started laughing...

Kei awoke before the dream ended, luckily, a dream that haunted him every night for the past two seasons. He woke up to the familiar surroundings, he enjoyed familiarity, stable surroundings and such. He hadn't opened his eyes yet, for he knew exactly what they would find. He felt two smooth legs intertwining with his own, luscious, soft, hair against his right arm, and a silk-like abdomen against his left. He felt and warmth of another body against his torso and smiled.

"Morning," he said, happily.

"And a good morning to you to," Sakura said in her silk-like voice, rolling around in the bed and planting a kiss on Kei's lips.

"Whether it is good or not has yet to be seen," Kei said, opening his eyes for the first time, her eyes blasting their blue brilliance into his own.

"Well, let's see if we can't liven it up a bit," She rolled on top of him, straddling his waist.

"I'm not really in the mood..."

"Fine..." She sounded disappointed.


"You just seem ready to go is all... Was it that dream again?"


She rolled her palms across his chest and kissed him before rolling off of him, "Fine..."

Kei got up and sighed, "Sorry..."

"It's okay," she grabbed her clothes and began to get dressed. Kei put some pants on as she did this, not bothering with a shirt. He went to the bathroom before starting his breakfast. He simply started Jook and Tea, nothing too difficult. He had a permanent residence in the Inn, which means he had only a small room with the bare essentials. There was a single room and a bathroom, the kitchen, living area, and bedroom where all the same room. It wasn't fancy, but it was all he needed. Sakura was sitting on the bed, fully clothed, and Fen was at the Pai Sho table, he already made his first move.

"Come, let's start," he said in his gruff voice, beckoning Kei over.

Kei took his food and tea and sat opposite Fen, making his own move. Sakura went into the bathroom and Fen looked into Kei's eyes.

"We need to talk," he said, slanting his eyes a bit.

"What is it now," Kei said, sighing, "Is the girl at the market a Fire Nation spy? Is one of the Inn Owners giving money to pirates? Is-"

"Listen! We need to talk about Sakura..."

"What about her?"

"You need a real girl..."


"Because it isn't healthy."

"We love each other, why do you care?"

"Because she is you!"

"So what!?"

"Boy... It isn't healthy..."

"Neither is paranoia."

"I am not paranoid, I have a healthy mistrust for everyone. And besides, you need me."

"And I need her too."

"You don't need to fuck her though."

"Why should you care?"

"Because I look out for you, in all aspects."

"Yet you want another Ba Sing Se to occur."

"You could always lie to her."

"Exactly, I would have to lie. I don't have to with Sakura, so drop it."

"Fine... I win."

Fen moved his last piece. Kei drank the last of his tea and put the dishes away. He looked at the bathroom door and knocked.

"Sakura?" He said, worried.

"What?" She responded.

"Are you okay?"

"Fen talks too loud..."

Kei sighed, "I'm sorry..."

"It's okay... I need you too..."

"Why is that?"

"Because he is right, I am you... Without you there is no me..."

Kei opened the door, she was sitting there, looking sad with tears in her eyes. He kneeled in front of her and placed his hands on her cheeks, wiping away the tears.

"I love you," he said, "And I will never leave you, if you never leave me..."

She smiled meekly before Kei kissed her on the lips.

"You need to get to work," she responded.

Kei kissed her once more then stood up, "I assume you're coming?"

"Of course, I always love testing how well you ignore me," she giggled.

Kei smirked before leaving the bathroom. He glared at Fen for a moment before seeing Hana sitting cross-legged in the corner, he quickly got ready and left his room. He went downstairs and quickly left the Inn. it was still early, but the market was crowded. It was one of the few times that the town looked safe. Kei was wandering through the crowd with Sakura. Being surrounded by people was distressing to Kei, he didn't like it, but he needed to get supplies for the rest of the day.

He looked at Sakura for no more than a second before getting out of line with the people and bumping into a girl.

"I'm sorry," He said quickly. She was wearing a mask and ornate clothes that looked brand new.