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"This world is so vibrant and full of life....perfect"

0 · 309 views · located in New York, 2025

a character in “Avengers: Generation 2”, as played by guru101


This is Revelations released form

Height:{7' 5"}
Hair Color:{Black}
Eye Color:{Red}

This is his human form which he uses to move around without being noticed. He is weaker in this form.
Personality:{Revelation is to say the least ruthless. He will stop at nothing, and destroy anyone to achieve his ultimate goal. Despite his ruthlessness though he knows that violence will not solve everything and has quite the silver tongue when need be. Other wise his is an extremely goal oriented creature with a dark sense of humor and a penchant for manipulating people. }
Likes:{Fire, ice, destruction, food}
Dislikes:{Bright sunlight, Holy relics (He has a strange aversion to these things}

Weapon of Choice:{His left hand sword Messor, and his right hand sword Bellum. Each has a powerful ability}
Power 1:{Short range teleportation, Breathing Fire, Breathing Ice, Control of fire, Control of Ice,
Super strength, flight, impervious to most physical damage, amazing battle prowess, and the abilities that his blades grant him }

Bio:{Revelation is a creature from an alternate realm sent to earth on a mission. His home world is called Igni Regna. One half of his home world is a fire scorched wasteland speckled with lakes of fire and lava. The other half of his home is a frozen tundra colder than anything the mortal realms have seen. More will be added as the heroes find out more.}

So begins...

Revelation's Story